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21+ Yellow Bedroom Ideas To Brighten Up Your Sleeping Space.

 If you are looking for a fantastic way to brighten up your sleeping space, then you may want to consider a yellow bedroom design. 

Yellow is a fantastic color to use in your sleeping space because it is invigorating, refreshing, and simply lively.  Yellow is the color of sunlight, a cheerful day, and is reminiscent of beautiful warm weather. 

With all that it brings, why wouldn’t you want to transform your bedroom with this happy color? Today, we have got some fantastic ideas on how to bring this sunshine color into your home. Check it out!

1.Yellow Bedroom With Green Color  

Bedroom With Green Color
(Source: kabarin)

Create a bright bedroom using colors that pop including buttery yellow, and cool green. Contrast these two colors in different aspects of the room. 

For example, you can create a study corner that is warm and inviting with a yellow-toned desk and match it to a bed set that is set in bright green. This energetic environment is perfect for studying for an upcoming exam and even better for getting a full night’s rest.

2.Pastel Yellow Primary Bedroom 

Pastel Primary Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Pale yellow is a fantastic way to cool down a room all while maintaining the warmth necessary for a cozy sleeping space. Utilize this color by incorporating it in the bedding, extra throw pillows, and through decorative wall art or canvas paintings. 

A pale yellow room is suitable for older kids as well as couples who are looking to create an ideal sleeping space that will drive them off into their dreams in no time.

3.Mixing Contemporary Style with Yellow Romantic Bedroom

Mixing Contemporary Style with Romantic Bedroom
(Source: Loverly)

A dark yellow, almost a burnt mustard yellow, can be a classic color to go with if you want to create an environment full of romance, comfort, and relaxation. To style this unique color, incorporate it in the curtains, the bedding, and even the wall paint. 

Look for a dull yellow upholstered bed frame and a couple of throw pillows to complement it. Couples who are looking for a nice pop of color will certainly enjoy this yellow-themed bedroom.

4.Yellow Items of Furniture to Accent Dark Walls

Yellow Items of Furniture to Accent Dark Walls
(Source: Nimvo)

Use grey as a way to complement and cool down what can be such a bright color. Grey and yellow mixed together can make for a gorgeous combination so don’t miss out on this great theme. 

Use these two tones on the bedding, personalized canvas prints, and even bedroom accessories like a nightstand lamp and even your bed frame. If you want to incorporate a little more creative detail, you can even add an accent wall with an intricate geometrical design for an added element of flair.

5.French Country Bedroom with White and Yellow

French Country Bedroom with White and Yellow
(Source: Lush Decor)

A little bit of yellow can go such a long way with this beautiful bedroom design idea. Incorporate a bit of yellow through a classic quilt or floral bedding in your all-white bedroom. Pair the floral bedding with a light yellow sheer curtain

This burst of yellow will give a fresh feeling to your bedroom. If you need a little bit more of the color, you can add it to the curtains as well. Using yellow in this element works best with a shabby chic or bohemian-themed bedroom. When you use it sparingly and intentionally, the color yellow can do so much good in your sleeping area.

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6.Mustard Yellow Bedroom Ideas

Mustard Bedroom Ideas
(Source: the nordroom)

Yellow is such a bright color but it does not have to be, you can avoid bright colors like yellow and instead use darker shades of the hue for a more contemporary look. 

A dark mustard yellow that looks like it has twinges of orange to it can be a great color scheme to use in a country-style themed bedroom. 

Balance out this bold color by incorporating lots of white tones as well in order to brighten up the room. Lastly, add finishing touches of potted plants to bring in some natural elements into the room. 

7.Yellow and Blue are Gorgeous Color Concept

Yellow and Blue are Gorgeous Color Concept
(Source: Decoist)

A nautical-themed bedroom can be so relaxing, calming, and inviting. But if blue is too much for you, incorporate elements of yellow in order to brighten things up a bit. 

This pleasing color can be complemented with a blue rug with an anchor design or a blue bedding set. Incorporate yellow into furniture pieces of the room through a yellow cabinet, a yellow tabletop, or even as an accent wall that is framed with molding.

8.Combine Dark Chocolate Brown and Yellow

Combine Dark Chocolate Brown and Yellow
(Source: Pinterest)

If you prefer a more traditional bedroom that utilizes earthy tones, cozy furniture, and other comfortable elements, yellow can work just as well. Pair your yellow bedding with a dark wooden bed frame to really let this color pop. 

Make sure the yellow you use on the bedding is a little more on the lighter side so that it does not come off too bold. 

Accent the bedding using yellow curtains along with white curtains. A yellow room like this with personalized elements like custom images will create a warm, comfortable vibe that you are sure to love. 

9.Bright Yellow Bedroom Brings New Vibes

Bright  Bedroom Brings New Vibes
(Source: Pinterest)

This cheery bedroom is an easy to put together DIY design inspired by the blooms of summertime. The 3D wall art of flower decals can be a fantastic way to decorate up any girl’s room. 

Don’t be shy about using this bold yellow sporadically throughout the room. Establish the base color of the room as yellow then decorated around this by using a white bedroom set with white bedding and bright yellow accent pillows. 

Be sure that any other furniture you use is also white. You can even add in a light yellow shaggy rug for a bit more warmth if you want it. 

10.An Unique Bedroom with Yellow Pattern

An Unique Bedroom with Pattern
(Source: Pinterest)

Whether it’s the unique architecture of your room or your love of abstract art, this next design idea is one that plays around with plenty of geometrical shapes as well as this bold beautiful color. 

Start by using a cool headboard that fits in with a geometric design scheme. If you don’t have one, you can use bright yellow, white, and tan wooden slabs to serve as the headboard. Next, is a white bedding set that is accented by various yellow and orange throw pillows. 

Tie the rest of the room together by using bright abstract lighting fixtures that reign down on either side of your bed. 

11.A Princess Bedroom with A Yellow Canopy

A Princess Bedroom with A Yellow Canopy
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a little lady who’s got lots of feminine flairs and an eye for detail, then this fairytale-inspired bedroom can be such a fun and elegant way to go. Swap out yellow for the striking shade of goldenrod to create an atmosphere of elegance. 

If you have a canopy bed, along with sheer curtains, hang up fairy lights to help add to the allure. Because this bedroom is supposed to be bold in design, do not shy away from using this strong color. 

Whether it’s for accessories, nightstand accessories, or canvas paintings, incorporate yellow anywhere you can.

12.Open Sleeping Space with Light Effects

Open Sleeping Space with Light Effects
(Source: Decoist)

If you have an open sleeping space, then use the natural sunlight that filters in through the glasses of your window panes to create a great space that is bright, airy, and simply stunning. 

Allow the light to reflect off of your bed and the white flooring to create a calm and cool environment. Because of this sleek look, try to incorporate the outdoor natural elements by decorating using potted plants and earthy tones.

Keep the yellow painted muted by aiming for an earthy yellow that blends well with the outdoor environment. 

13.The Black and Yellow Accent Pieces

The Black and Yellow Accent Pieces
(Source: Pinterest)

Black and yellow are a great color combination because they balance each other out. You can use the color black in various furniture pieces including side tables, bed frames, and even dressers. 

Use yellow in the bedding, throw pillows, throw blankets, and other decorative items in order to balance out the color scheme. 

This mature design style adds an element of fun because of the bold color. This makes it a good design choice to go with for teenage rooms and rooms for young couples. Have fun with this bright design theme. 

14.Yellow and Gray Bedroom Ideas

 Gray Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Decoist)

Yellow and gray are a beautiful color combination because they help balance each other out to create a  relaxing bedroom environment. This beautiful design can be done in several ways.

You can paint the walls gray and incorporate elements of yellow in the bedding, curtains, and furniture pieces. You can also combine yellow and gray through creative artistic pieces like picture frames and personalized canvas artwork

15.Vintage Yellow Bedroom Ideas

Vintage Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a relaxing room through this transformative process that gives your old room a whole new makeover. This retro design room takes elegant pieces and blends them with contemporary styles all while keeping the feel of vintage and stunning design

Incorporate furniture elements like a shabby chic aged desk and a black metal bed frame. Compliment the vintage furniture with bits of yellow floral wallpaper accented around the windows. Speaking of windows, be sure to use plenty of sheer curtains in order to let the sunshine in to help further brighten up the room. 

16.Combine Red and Yellow to Create A Impressive Bedroom

Combine Red to Create A Impressive Bedroom
(Source: Decoist)

If you are looking to design a children’s bedroom, yellow and red are fantastic colors to go with. You can start by using a yellow bunk bed (or several if you need to) and pair them with bright red bedding. 

If you have a larger room and you want to add more warmth, you can even add in a red rug or smaller-sized circular red rugs for your kids to play on. This pretty awesome look is one that children, both boys, and girls, are sure to love! Be sure to have fun with this design scheme. 

17.Use The Yellow Color to Highlight Your Bedroom

Use The Yellow Color to Highlight Your Bedroom
(Source: Roohome)

If you love the color yellow but are afraid to incorporate it into your bedroom, then you can introduce it on a smaller scale in order to get a good feel for it. One of the best ways to do this is by decorating using a modern industrial bedroom theme. 

This means using lots of grey and white hues. Next, introduce hints of light yellow through a subtle yellow nightstand or dresser. You can even incorporate some light yellow in the bedding as well. 

18.An Eclectic Bedroom with A Yellow Paneled Bed 

An Eclectic Bedroom with A Paneled Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

A yellow paneled bed can be a really neat aesthetic if you are looking for some great yellow master bedroom ideas. This wonderful room design uses lots of darker, goldenrod, and mustard yellow hues which you will want to incorporate into the panels of your bed. 

Allow your headrest panes to rise all the way to the ceiling of your room for a neat look. On either side of your bed, pair together some custom or abstract artwork. You can also add some neat light fixtures as well. 

19.Cool Yellow Bedroom with A Modern Corner

Cool Bedroom with A Modern Corner
(Source: DecorPad)

If you work from home, then you likely need a great workspace to get all your work done. One of the best ways to transform your bedroom into the ideal work area is by using the color yellow and its complementing tones. 

You can do this by incorporating a white table where you can store your computer and other important files. Set your table against a yellow accent wall so that you can stay invigorated and awake while you work. 

You can also incorporate plenty of yellow filing cabinets where you can store away all your belongings after a long day’s work. 

20. A Minimalist Bedroom with A Yellow Wall 

A Minimalist Bedroom with A Wall
(Source: MagicBricks)

If you are a minimalist, you are sure to love the color yellow as well because it can really brighten up your sleeping space. 

To create this simple look, all you need is one yellow bedroom wall. Against this yellow backdrop is where you will set up your bed and nightstands. This simple design works great for a small bedroom because it really opens the area up.

21.Create A Fresh Sleeping Space with Plants

Create A Fresh Sleeping Space with Plants
(Source: Pinterest)

Contrasting the bright yellow with green and blue hues can be a great way to pull together a room if you are a nature lover. 

If you have a bedroom with a funky ceiling design, or you have a room in the attic, then you can brighten up space and make it appear bigger by using a yellow accent wall as the base that will draw attention to your space. 

Decorate using a low platform bed that uses darker tones like dark teal to play up a natural appeal. Decorate using lots of hanging plants and potted plants to really bring a fresh feeling to your room.

Yellow can be a really bright and overbearing color for some, but our list of yellow bedroom ideas offers some unique ways to sneak this color into your bedroom no matter your design preferences. 

We hope you have found inspiration in our extensive list. If you know someone who loves the color yellow, be sure to share this list with them too!

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