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22+ Yellow and Gray Bedroom Ideas to Upgrade Your Sleeping Space (2022)

yellow and gray bedroom ideas
(Source: Behance)

A yellow and gray bedroom is a unique room featuring a seamless blend of the two colors, creating elegance and sophistication. A yellow-gray combination is an ideal color for bedrooms since it creates a cheerful atmosphere. Trust yellow to remind you of the sun and good ol’ gray to cool down your bedroom’s decor. If you aren’t an interior design expert, worry not. This article will inspire you with amazing ideas to upgrade your sleeping space into a glamorous haven.

So, How Do You Decorate Your Bedroom with Yellow and Gray?

1. Polka Dots

yellow and gray bedroom interior design with Polka Dots
(Source: Sally Denning)

Polka dots are a fun and playful way to incorporate bright elements into your interior, creating an inviting look. And no, they are not childish; you can be incorporate them in a catchy and stylish way into your bedroom.

Personalized items with polka dots you can include in your room include pillows, bed linen, curtains, or lamps. Also, you can incorporate a polka dot mural for an edgy bedroom look.

Designed by Sally Denning

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2. Cool Mickey Mouse

Cool Mickey Mouse decor in bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a cool Mickey Mouse interior for your kid’s bedroom and feature an incredible LED light. Such lights liven up any room, including an adult bedroom, making it appear more spacious.

Cool lights will liven up the interior design of your bedroom, creating an attractive space where you enjoy spending time. Make sure to incorporate unique light fixtures for added elegance.

3. Add Fluted Wood

Fluted Wooden Headboard
(Source: simplesdecoracao)

Fluted wood is a necessary addition that will help you create the perfect backdrop behind your bed. It is a unique addition that creates a new feel to your master bedroom.

Fluted wood panels are long-lasting, as they go for a long time without getting discolored or breaking apart. The fluted wall panel is the focal point of that master bedroom. Therefore the furniture and beddings should be simple.

4. Open Space

bedroom and home office integrated
(Source: Houzz)

If you want a home office and lack the space to establish it, your bedroom is ideal for creating one. A spacious bedroom can accommodate a sizeable spot where you can squeeze in furniture like a chair and desk.

With this space, you can work or study comfortably from the comfort of your bedroom. You can also re-purpose an unused walk-in closet to achieve an incredible home office.

5. A Fan of KAWS

Bedroom design with KAWS theme
(Source: chichipan)

Every bedroom needs some essential and functional furniture like a bed, dresser, and a nightstand. But, it is also important to include some accessories that reflect your taste and style in your bedroom’s design.

You can create a unique teenage bedroom following a black theme and accessorize it with beautiful impact lighting. Large artwork is also ideal for a teenager KAWS fan, where you can feature items like acrylic paintings or sculptures

6. Add Teal and Turquoise

Add Teal and Turquoise
(Source: Home by Marie)

Your bedroom is a place where you relax after a long and arduous day, so it needs to be calming and relaxing. The right color scheme is important, so you should choose the one you’re most comfortable with.

For instance, a teal and turquoise-colored bedroom is a unique way to implement a pop of color in your bedroom. These colors are peaceful and will give your bedroom calming coral vibes.

7. Embroidered Fabric

Embroidered Curtain and Headboard
(Source: William Waldron)

Using embroidered fabric is one of the easiest ways to achieve impressive home decor. You can stylishly incorporate embroidered fabric into your bedroom, starting with a grain sack upholstered headboard.

Match the headboard with other furniture in the room for a coordinated look. Also, you can include a bold window treatment by incorporating intense-colored fabric on the window panels. Purple and pale yellow are ideal fabrics for a neutral-colored bedroom.

8. Combine Textures

Combine Textures
(Source: WsXHL)

When designing your bedroom, take some time to consider the theme or style to incorporate. Most individuals know the type of furniture, room color, and accessories to include, ignoring texture.

The texture is an important design element that completes your room’s appearance. To incorporate texture, start buying pieces that appeal most to you and gradually incorporate them in the bedroom decor. You can layer leather with other textures for an edgy look.

9. Aerospace Theme

space-themed bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Outer space is fascinating to kids and adults alike, so why not incorporate it into your bedroom’s decor? An aerospace theme is a fun and flexible way to incorporate the wonder of outer space in bedroom decor.

Achieve this theme by including a solar-system wallpaper on the wall, making it the focal point. Another inspiration to achieve this look is a nightstand decor with astronaut figurines and space-themed throw pillows.

10. Exposed Brick

Exposed Brick
(Source: Designing Idea)

Exposed brick is a unique and elegant design to spruce your bedroom decor. You need a clever balance to complement an exposed brick wall. Otherwise, your room will be plain.

Gray is a good color for a brick wall, and you can complement it with a beautiful lilac curtain. Also, a gray bedroom matches beautifully to gray bedding with yellow accents. Include a black bedside table, creating classy vibes.

11. Paint Your Walls

Paint Your Walls
(Source: style-files)

The color of your walls is a key determinant of the decor you will create in a bedroom. You can highlight your bedroom walls by putting your imagination to work.

There are plenty of wall paint inspirations to choose from, so your walls don’t have to be depressing. Implement yellow and gray bedroom paint ideas in your decor for a vibrant and appealing look. These ideas include wall patterns like honeycomb and random rectangles.

12. Modern Masculine Appeal

luxury men's bedroom
(Source: REthority)

A few main themes crop up when you venture into designing a luxury men’s bedroom. Such themes mainly revolve around neutral colors like gray, considered as manly. Going for plain solid colors can be tricky; you need to balance the neutral hues well.

One perfectly blended array of hues is a gray, white, and gold bedroom. These colors create a beautiful yet laid-back masculine bedroom. 

13. Seaside Escape

beach-inspired bedroom decor
(Source: Red Papaya Blog)

The allure of the beach and the ocean is undeniable, and unfortunately, not everyone lives by the seaside. On the positive side, you can invite the beach into your bedroom through beach-inspired bedroom decor.

The decor doesn’t have to be complicated and with real ocean motifs. You need yellow bed ideas to remind you of the beach sun. Tone down the yellow with light gray walls to complete the look.

14. Elegant Velvet

Add velvet element to a yellow and gray bedroom
(Source: planete-deco)

Most people agree that velvet is a sumptuous and tasteful fabric reserved for individuals with exquisite taste. Indeed, velvet adds a touch of elegance and luxury to any feature, including bedroom decor.

Consider a deep-blue velvet sofa, complete with velvet pillows to incorporate this fabric into a room. The ideal backdrop for this setting is a navy blue wall, creating a beautiful contrast.

15. Display Some Pink Items

Display Some Pink Items
(Source: Artesanos Design Collection)

Every bedroom needs accessories to warm up the space, whether big or small. Yellow and gray bedroom accessories include houseplants, toss pillows, impact lighting, and artwork.

Houseplants refresh the room by purifying the air, and artwork displays your taste in creative works. You can include artwork like a canvas painting on your bedside table to create a striking look.

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16. Dark and Contrastive Look

Dark and Contrastive Look
(Source: Jonas Berg)

Nothing works well together like a beautiful dark and contrastive look, creating a cohesive bedroom. Choose neutral-hued walls and complement them with dark-toned accessories to achieve this look.

You can stick to the minimalist theme or occasionally throw in a pop of bright colors. For instance, choose bright comforters that go with gray walls for a beautiful contrastive look.

Designed by Stadshem

17. Combine Patterns

Combine Patterns
(Source: Christopher Elliott Design)

Shake up the design of your bedroom to create a masterpiece by combining various patterns in your bedroom, starting with wall art. Do not overindulge in the patterns, as it can ruin the stunning design you intend to achieve.

Instead, choose patterns that contrast well with the neutral walls and blankets, starting with patterned pillows. You can also place a beautifully patterned bench in your room for added functionality.

Designed by Christopher Elliott Design

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18. Golden Wall

yellow and gray bedroom ideas with a Golden Wall
(Source: Elle Decor)

Do you dislike a room coated with wallpaper from one end to the next? You aren’t alone, but luckily, an accent wallpaper will come to your bedroom decor aid.

An accent wall only requires you to display it in one part of the wall, creating a focal point. The most optimal place to put a golden wall is behind your bed or on a wall directly facing the bedroom’s entrance.

19. Kid-Friendly

Kid-Friendly Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Utilize your creativity to create a kids’ friendly bedroom that your children won’t outgrow. Many people opt for the supposed gender shades of blue and pink for their kid’s bedrooms, which they outgrow fast.

A good tint palette that will stick around for a while without seemingly alluding to any gender is mustard yellow. The tinge is a perfect choice your kids can live with away into their teenage years.

20. Bright and Airy Attic

attic bedroom with yellow bedding
(Source: Pinterest)

The attic is one forgotten room that often serves as storage for items you no longer use. However, you can liven up this room and make it bright and airy for functional use.

Create some room in the attic and add a bed, complete with comfortable bedding. Spruce it up with meaningful items like an area rug. Complete the design with gray pictures hanging on the wall above the bed. 

21. Layered Curtains

Layered Curtains
(Source: curtainsland)

Layered curtains are modern, unique, and stylish soft furnishings that make the most out of your bedroom. The layers are ideal because they feature two prominent colors, creating a beautiful contrast.

The curtains make room for you to match them with other bedroom features like the area rug. You can also match them with various accessories, including bed stuff like throw pillows.

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22. Yellow and Gray Bedroom Ideas with A Statement Bed

Statement Bed
(Source: Denis Krasikov)

A statement bed is achieved by including unique accents in your bedroom’s design. Accents can be window treatments, pillows, accent walls, lighting, plants, or artwork.

Incorporate an accent wall that accentuates your bed frame by having it behind the headboard. Don’t forget to add some accent pillows to the bedroom furniture to complete the signature style.

Designed by Cartelle Design

23. Add A Silver Table Lamp

Add A Silver Table Lamp
(Source: Ideal Home)

Your bedroom needs good lighting to create the perfect mood and ambiance that you will enjoy. A silver table lamp is a necessary accessory in a yellow and silver bedroom. The lamp also provides good lighting that you can use for bedtime reading.

There are plenty of table lamps available; choose a unique one that suits your taste and complements your bedroom’s theme. 


There you go; you now have the inspiration to transform your sleeping space into a yellow and gray bedroom. Designing such a bedroom is easy; all you need is to choose the idea that appeals most to you. Turn that inspiration into reality, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. 


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