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35+ Beautiful White Bedroom Ideas to Brighten Up Your Sleeping Area (2021)

white bedroom ideas

A white bedroom can be one of the most relaxing, calming, and inviting design trends. The most wonderful part is that decorating your sleeping space using an all-white design plan can work for all types of individuals whether they are infants, young children, or older adults.

Today, we’re going to share with you some amazing bedroom furnishing design ideas that will transform your sleeping space into a clean and bright bedroom. This pure bedroom color is simply dazzling, so buckle up, ‘cause it’s time to fall in love!

Best White Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas

1. Modern White Bedroom Ideas

Modern White Bedroom Ideas
(Source: sarahelliottphotography.squarespace)

Adding upholstery is a contemporary way to decorate your master bedroom suite. You can add touches of upholstery through the bed frame or through a bench at the foot of your bed.

Maintain the theme but add a striking color in at least one piece of furniture that uses upholstery. Doing this will allow you to draw attention to that aspect of the room. 

2. Pillow Showcase 

pillow showcase in bedroom
(Source: AD Germany)

Get decorative in your light-colored bedroom design by adding your favorite pillows that are cute and personalized. Your collection can give clues to who you are as an individual.

For example, personalized pillows with a significant other’s name or image can clue in guests as to who the special people in your life are. If you love to travel, pillows with hints of certain cultural decor can also be a cute way to personalize your space.

3. A Large Arch Window Design Make a Spacious Look

A Large Arch Window Design Make a Spacious Look for a Whitewashed Bedroom
(Source: mydomaine)

A large arch window in a bedroom is a beautiful way to bring in natural light that reflects off of your white-themed bedroom allowing it to shine brighter than it already is.

Decorating an arch window with potted plants and doing away with any curtains can help you create a serene and calm environment. Place storage bins at the edge of where the arc windows start for beautiful, yet practical touches of organization.

4. Set up a Cozy Private Alcove Bed in Small Space

Set up a Cozy Private Alcove Bed in Small Space
(Source: missmv)

A little alcove bed in a small nook of your home can be a cute way to create a Tumblr-inspired reading and napping nook. If the space is big enough, you can also set up a swing chair that is perfect for hiding out in and reading during long lazy days.

Use string lighting to help brighten up space because small nooks like this will usually be dark. Add in some potted peppermint to help freshen up space as well.

5. Rustic White Bedroom Ideas

Rustic White Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

This design idea depends on the color of the wood, but by adding elements of distressed wood through the bed frame and furniture, you should be able to pull together a rustic look.

Use a striped throw blanket or grey comforter to help pull together the rest of the design. Lastly, while distressed wood furniture can be a dark tone, using it on top of a rug can maintain the whitewash theme. 

6. Boho White Bedroom Style

Boho White Bedroom Style for Free-Spirit Adults
(Source: visionbedding)

Free-spirited adults who really want to get in touch with their wild side all while maintaining an elegant color scheme should consider this stunning design idea.

Using a swing bed adhered to by beige rope, and white wood furniture, you can create zen and relaxing boho design idea that is simply captivating.

Add an element of the outdoors through a fur throw blanket, and incorporate elements of elegance through a personal collection of purses or dresses that are used as decor accessories.

7. Beach Color Inspiration

Beach Color Inspired in White Bedroom
(Source: stylendesigns)

A coastal theme bedroom is incredibly calming and peaceful because of all the beautiful hues of blue that are used in the design process of this theme.

Light blue can be especially powerful because it amplifies the brightness that already exists in the room through the white decor. You can incorporate elements of light blue through the nautical bedding seen here.

Be sure to overlap the blue bedding with linens as well. Canvas paintings with elements of light blue are another great way to incorporate this coastal theme.

8. Gorgeous White Scandinavian Bedroom Design

Gorgeous White Scandinavian Bedroom Design
(Source: homedit)

If you have a little one, then you can create a stunning Scandinavian-inspired master bedroom. Start by using a blank bed frame that does away with any major headboard or footboard. Pair your bed with a hanging crib that is also minimalist in design.

Use bookshelves to display personal items including awards, plaques, and photographs, you can incorporate color, but try to stay consistent with this color theme.

9. French Vintage

White French Vintage Bedroom
(Source: lushome)

Pull together a beautiful French vintage bedroom using a classic Venetian style bed frame that has decorative molding on the headboard and footboard. For a touch of elegance, use a white floral backdrop to create a nostalgic European turn of the century feel.

Furniture with beautiful curlicues and curves is a must with this design. Top it off by using different tones of white, especially beige as this can help accentuate this elegant French vintage theme.

10. Shabby Chic Style

Familiar White Shabby Chic Bedroom Style
(Source: roomester)

Use elements of shabby chic and the outdoors to create a beautiful environment. Wooden elements from the outdoors like wooden decor twigs spray painted dark gray or black can create a nice contrast to the all-white decor.

Repurposing natural elements is an economical way to help decorate your room. Another way to add elements of black is by incorporating the color through metal lighting fixtures and even a black metal bed frame

11. All White Bedroom Set

all white bedroom
(Source: Your Space Furniture)

Upholstery is one of the most elegant ways to decorate a bedroom. Complement a bed frame with a tall headboard and a matching bench at the foot of the bed.

In the furniture pieces and other accessories in the room consider incorporating pretty elements of white velvet. This will create a serene ambiance in the room.

12. Creamy Princess Bedroom

Creamy Princess Bedroom
(Source: Overstock)

Ladies will love this queen-inspired bedroom design that is riddled with all things royalty, elegance, and class.

This bedroom is what girls dream of with the off-white color tones and elegant styled cream furniture, this room will be the most relaxing environment in the home. Keep things open and airy by using a sleek off-the-white bench at the end of the bed.

Keep the bed frame simple yet elegant by tucking in the bedspread and by incorporating sleek pillows. Let the headboard do all the talking and pick a bold tufted headboard that exudes elegance.

13. Contrastive Look

A Touch of Contrast on White Background
(Source: juliettesinteriors)

This idea is about incorporating elements of black and white into space. Molding along the walls can create a really nice elegant base look.

Add in a bold black bed frame that is painted with a high gloss and dress it up using floral-themed bedding.

You can even incorporate elements of gold for a more glamorous look. This loud splash of black should be contained to the bedding alone so that the rest of the room it’s dedicated to white to help brighten up the space.

14. Antique Silver  

silver bed frame and nightstands
(Source: frenchbedroomcompany)

This charming white room is so feminine and beautiful because of its use of smaller size furniture pieces. The bed is accentuated by a beautiful bed frame that utilizes the headboard and footrest that use elements of vintage-inspired designs.

Pair the bed with delicate side tables. These nightstand tables are where you can display some of your most favorite personal items including pictures, plaques, and other design accessories.

15. Dark Blue Accent

white bedroom with blue bedding
(Source: lovelylife)

Dark blue is a fantastic color to pair with white because it gives off a mature yet relaxing environment. Incorporate elements of this beautiful color by using dark blue bedding that has tassels on the end.

Match your blue throw pillow with similarly colored decorative pillows for a charming look. Blue and white combined together can create a nice atmosphere making it a great design theme for a sleeping space.

16. Statement Ceiling   

Gray statement ceiling in white bedroom
(Source: Homes To Love)

Use this wonderful paint color to create a statement ceiling by painting the ceiling over the room with gray.

The ceiling can serve as an accent part of your room’s design and will certainly draw attention to guests. Because gray is such a simple color, this gray and white color scheme can work great in minimalist bedrooms.

17. Workspace From A Practical Headboard 

Workspace From Practical Headboard
(Source: planete-deco)

If you work from home, then you absolutely have to have a functional office space. This office space makes use of a bedroom piece that’s already in place. Give your bed frame headboard double duty by allowing it to serve as your desk as well.

Make sure the desktop is wide enough that it can fit not only your work computer, if you use one, but any personalized picture frames, desktop plaques, or other decorative accessories that are meaningful to you. 

18. Christmas Holiday Inspiration

Christmas Holiday Decor for bedroom
(Source: We Heart It)

The holidays are one of the best reasons to decorate and accessorize your bedroom. Transform your sleeping space into a festive area by utilizing string lighting that goes across the top of your headboard.

Hang a stunning wreath over your bed as well. Incorporate lots of elements that related to Christmas or winter. Some great ways are to use a customized throw blanket and pillows, and Christmas signages that are decorated on a Christmas tree.

19. Luxurious Fluffy Bedroom for Young Girls

Luxurious Fluffy Bedroom for Young Girls
(Source: Roohome)

Shades of pink and rose gold are the perfect color to use if you want to put together a luxurious, glamorous, and feminine sleeping space. To put this gorgeous room together make sure you have plenty of elements that utilize the color white as this will be your base color.

Incorporate light pink through the bedding, and personalized pillows. You can even use a pink fur throw blanket and carpet to highlight this gorgeous color.

20. Japanese Inspired Wooden Bedstead for Couples

Japanese Inspired Wooden Bedstead for Couples
(Source: Pinterest)

A large Japanese-inspired platform bed made out of hardwood pieces and topped with a foam or gel mattress can be an incredibly comfortable and inviting centerpiece for any bedroom.

This large bed frame will allow you to have space around the mattress where you can set items that serve decorative purposes. You can also set items like your cell phone or water bottle too.

This functional aspect of this Japanese platform bed serves a practical purpose all while maintaining a unique aesthetic.

21. Colorful Bedspread with Pops of Color

Colorful Bedspread in White Bedroom with Pops of Color
(Source: Pinterest)

In an all-white room, you can add a splash of color by using a beautiful comforter. Bedding that uses geometric colorful shapes can be a unique focal point for the room. You can also use colorful pillows to accentuate the splash of color.

If you’re going to pull this look off, incorporate pops of color only in the bedding and not in other areas of the room. Using too much color will take away from the base white color scheme that you’re aiming for.

22. Window Curtain Matches the Bedding 

(Source: The Mama Notes)

Use a tone sur tone approach in your decor theme by stacking together a similar tone. When you do this, you can create a look that is unique yet unified. Start by selecting a nice color that complements the white scheme. In spite of different patterns in your bedding or in your pillows, match the color in your curtains as well.

23. Add Wood Furniture

Mix White and Wood Furniture in Bedroom
(Source: tricklecreekhomes)

The color white and wood go so well together that there’s even a design aesthetic named after it, the farmhouse look. When you mix these two elements together, incorporating natural decor items like potted plants can help pull everything together.

You can swap out your bedroom door for a sliding barn door at a surprisingly affordable price too if you think you will be dedicated to this look.

24. Add A Makeup Vanity

Makeup Vanity in White Bedroom
(Source: Belle Escape)

Incorporate a makeup vanity set into your bedroom for a stunning and classic aesthetic. To create an almost vintage look, use off-white paint if you are pulling together a DIY with an old vanity.

If you are using a new vanity, then search for one with lots of curlicues, curves, and drawers. After all, you want your makeup vanity to be as functional as it is beautiful.

25. Pipe Single Bed with Industrial Charm

Pipe Single Bed with Industrial Charm
(Source: Pinterest)

If you need to create a sleeping space for siblings or twins, then you might want to consider using a twin metal steel bed to keep in line with a beautiful white design theme.

These metal beds will fit nicely into a rustic design theme too. You can even incorporate wooden art as a way to play up this lovely theme.

Keep the bedding color a solid white and play with the darker tones like navy blue on the area rug for a really nice, calming environment. 

26. White Bedroom Table Lamp Ideas

White Bedroom Table Lamp Ideas
(Source: mydomaine)

A beautiful bedside table in a clean, white, and beige bedroom can be an exceptional way to create a functional focal point in the room.

You can use a wooden nightstand so long as it complements the overall aesthetic in the room. Use your nightstand as a place to set up functional pieces like a decorative light as well as personal pieces like family photos. 

27. Basket Sconces 

rattan wall sconce beside bed
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Basket sconces can fit really well in a rattan-designed bedroom. Basket rattan sconces, especially light-colored ones, can help illuminate bright areas during the evening hours. This light color scheme would complement a white-themed bedroom very well.

If you have a larger-sized room, you can use larger-sized sconces, but for smaller rooms, it’s best to stick with smaller sizes. Don’t be afraid to match the sconces to other rattan elements in the room!

28. Candles Chandelier

Candles Chandelier in bedroom
(Source: MyDomaine)

You can use ceiling lights to create a distinctive and pretty aesthetic in your sleeping space. One of the best ways to do this is through the use of faux chandeliers.

There are so many different types of chandeliers you can choose from and it all depends on the design of your room.

If you have a very charming and elegant room with lots of feminine tones and elegant aspects, then you might want to use an artificial chandelier that is laced with crystals. For a more muted tone, a simple metal chandelier might be the best way to go. 

29. Floral Bench

green floral bech at the end of bed
(Source: MADE)

A floral bench is an absolutely stunning addition to a white bedroom. You can use your bench as a sitting area for when you are getting dressed. If you need something more functional, then you can use a floral storage bench where you can keep unsightly items like bed linens and extra pillows nicely hidden. 

30. White Bedroom Ideas with a Touch of Leather 

White Bedroom Ideas with a Touch of Leather
(Source: article)

Accessories that utilize the color brown can be a great way to add an element of maturity to a white-on-white bedroom. Utilize faux leather brown through a sitting bench at the foot of your bed or through vintage leather pillows that you accessorize with.

Because brown can be an overpowering color, use it sparingly and try not to go overboard. This is a color where less usually equals more. 

32. Add A Mandala Round Rug

Mandala Round Rug
(Source: seatribe)

A braided circle rug on a hardwood floor can be a great way to create a bohemian-inspired bedroom.

Braided rugs come in all styles but smaller circle braided rugs are especially appealing because you can place them in any area of the room and it will create the feeling that the room is bigger than it actually is.

In an all-white bedroom, utilized tan and light-colored braided rugs for a really warm and inviting feel. 

33. Place a Crib

white crib in bedroom
(Source: Pacifier Kids)

To create this aesthetic you really don’t need to do much. All you need to do is focus on light-colored accessories and furniture.

Start by using a light-colored crib and add in an upholstered sitting chair for kids and other adults who might spend time in the nursery. Decorate using other elements of white and you should be good to go. 

34. Chest of Drawers Used as a TV Stand

Chest of Drawers Used as a TV Stand
(Source: article)

A dresser that’s used for storage can also be a perfect cabinet to set up a TV on. Create this functional look by settling on a dresser that has plenty of drawers for you to store away all your belongings.

This will keep you from needing to use another chest in the room, thus allowing you to keep from having a cluttered sleeping space. Settle on a white dresser with green potted plants and accented drawer handles for an appealing look. 

35. Set Up A High Bookshelf

A High Bookshelf for White Bedroom
(Source: planete-deco)

A high bookcase in the bedroom can create an inviting and warm look all while giving off the illusion that the room is much larger than it actually is.

For an added touch of elegance, you can incorporate a library ladder that serves more as a decorative purpose than a functional purpose.

This furnishing is especially perfect for book lovers because it allows you to keep all your favorite reads visible and within reach. 

36. Place a Reading Chair

Place a Reading Chair in White Bedroom
(Source: bloglovin)

Having a comfy seating arrangement in your sleeping space will allow you to spend more time in there and for reasons not limited to just sleeping.

Pick a  comfortable reading chair that has a lot of cushions and stick with one that complements the aesthetic of your bedroom. Off-white chairs and cream-colored upholstery can often be a great way to go.

37. Floor-to-Ceiling Rectangular Mirror

Floor-to-Ceiling Rectangular Mirror
(Source: Behance)

An oversized floor-to-ceiling mirror can be a beautiful addition to any bedroom. Not only will it make the room feel a lot larger because of the reflection, but it can reflect off the light that already exists giving your bedroom a brighter and whiter appeal.

Consider a gold-framed mirror that matches any gold-framed light fixtures. Soon enough, this beautiful fixture will be the most essential part of your bedroom. 

38. Sturdy Ceiling Fan with Drum Shade

Sturdy Ceiling Fan with Drum Shade
(Source: birchlane)

A contemporary look for a masculine-themed bedroom is a sturdy ceiling fan that has a drum shade. Not only does this light fixture create a bedroom worthy of a high fashion photoshoot, but it’s really relaxing, calming, and muted all while being incredibly beautiful.

Compliment the room by accessorizing with potted plants, a dark throw blanket, and even a dark oversized canvas painting.

39. Design a Faux Fireplace Instead of a Bedside Table

Design a Faux Fireplace Instead of a Bedside Table
(Source: apartmenttherapy)

A fireless fire pit can be a great addition to a bedroom because it allows you to hang and display personalized gift items like an anniversary gift, a specially customized mug, decorative desktop plaque, a personalized canvas, and any other decor stuff that exceeds the decorative value and is instead embedded in sentimental value.

This faux fireplace can be the perfect area of your room to display those items that mean the most to you. 


When creating a white bedroom, remember that there is no such thing as too much white. And while it is seemingly a universal color, there are always different methods by which you can incorporate your own personal touches into this beautiful design scheme.

Whether it’s through a pop of color, an infusion of a secondary color, or through artwork. Let us know in the comments section below which one of these design themes is your favorite! 


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