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20+ Gorgeous White and Green Bedroom Ideas for Your Space (2022)

Gorgeous White and Green Bedroom Ideas in 2022
(Source: Ingeniovirtual)

Creating a white and green bedroom is one of the easiest ways to transform your sleeping space. These two color tones work together to create a warm, inviting, and simply stunning design theme.

Read on to see how you can incorporate these two tones to create a variety of interior design themes. From sophisticated, to charming, to cute and inviting, we’ll help you explore it all. Let’s get started!

White and Green Bedroom Ideas

1. A Boho Concept

White and Green Bedroom with Boho Concept
(Source: Pinterest)

The neutral tones used in this bedroom create the perfect atmosphere for a cozy bedroom. This bedroom is all about using wooden wall accents to create a boho style room.

Elements that you can easily incorporate into your own space include rattan light fixtures. You can even use light pine wooden furniture and a wooden bed frame. This look works especially well in a bedroom that has a balcony or natural light.

2. Tender with Beige

White and Green Bedroom Tender with Beige
(Source: engineerinc)

The green paint color works in harmony with white and beige decor items. These calming color tones will automatically brighten up the room. Customize your room by hanging your favorite personalized wall art on top of your bed. You can even use contemporary artwork or girly themes for a nice touch of elegance.

3. Pinky Softy

Pinky Softy in White and Green Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Pink accessories such as pillows and framed prints are the easiest way to warm up your room. This room does a great job of incorporating earthy tones that compliment the pink accessories.

4. Golden Accent

Golden Accent with Green Walls and White Bedding

Combine golden features in a white and green room with brocade fabric to create a classic look. This classic look resonates with all sorts of ages.

Whether you’re a teen or a young adult, this room will serve your needs. Imagine how relaxing it must be to wake up in a harmonious space like this.

5. Creative Gray

White and Green Room Go Creative with Gray
(Source: roundecor)

In a room that uses lots of bold colors, don’t be afraid to calm it down with a creative gray accent. The gray shade brings uniqueness and novelty to the room.  Plus, it can also serve the purpose of blocking out the light. The overall look is very modern, inviting, and rather peaceful.

6. Contrast Decor

The Contrast Effect of Black and White along Green Walls
(Source: thisoldhouse)

The contrast effect of black and white along green walls can create such a modern and mysterious look. These contrasting tones do a great job of balancing out the room so that there’s calm and tranquility throughout.

7. Highlight Yellow Pieces

Highlight Yellow Pieces
(Source: thespruce)

Yellow accents such as the bed sheet or bed headboard can enhance the warm feeling in your room. If you’re going to play around with this decor idea, use it alongside pastel shades. This will help give the room a very earthy yet inviting vibe.

8. Pastel Scheme

Pastel Scheme with Sage Green
(Source: Pinterest)

Using a soft palate that incorporates sage green and white is a really elegant way to use soft tones. These calming colors make the room more comfortable. The darker shades of color help to ground the room, while the brighter shades help to open it up.

9. Elegant in French Style

Elegant in French Style

Patterned wallpaper combined with classic furniture reflects a French inspired bedroom decor. Because this look is so enchanting, it’s the perfect style to create a vintage theme for a teen’s bedroom. It gives off a really royal look that is charming, welcoming, and warm.

Use dainty floral wallpaper on your bedroom walls to help set the framework for this style. Then, incorporate white tones through the bedding and linen

10. Lost in Garden

Lost in Garden
(Source: idealhome)

Adding leaves to the bedroom helps to bring a feeling of relaxation and coolness, much like being in a garden. You can complement your floral wallpaper by using potted floral arrangements on your bedside table.

11. Shiny Minty

Shiny Minty
(Source: tidesbeachclub )

Mint green and white matched with colorful features will bring freshness to your space.

A mint green and white bedroom is the perfect for a small space too. The bright colors will make the room feel larger than it actually is. One fun way to add a colorful touch to your room is by adding throw pillows.

12. Blooming Orange

Blooming Orange
(Source: abeautifulmess)

Most people are afraid to use orange because it’s such a bold color. However in this look, orange will make your bedroom stand out. The wall art in the bedroom mixes with orange interiors such as pillow, blanket and rug to evoke a cozy atmosphere.

13. Standard For A Girl

Standard For A Girl
(Source: Pinterest)

This traditional design features a delicate touch of elegance which is perfect for a teen girl’s room. Use a traditional or modern bed frame that has hints of pastels, beige, or even gold. Use lighter tones because this will help accentuate the theme throughout the room.

14. A Touch of Sea

A Touch of Sea
(Source: stagecoachdesigns)

These beach throw pillows bring the sea closer to you. Plus, it’s a great way to create a beach vibe in your bedroom without totally committing to the theme.

Use simple bedding, like a white, aqua, or green comforter. Make sure your throw pillows incorporate patterns like a shell or starfish pattern that accentuate the beach.

15. Tropical Vibe

Tropical Vibe
(Source: Behance)

This tropical style bedroom with green leaf curtains and stripe ceiling wall art is stunning. This room creates such a charming and welcoming atmosphere. It’s also a fresh look that is perfect for youngsters, teenagers, and even young adults.

16. Refresh the Space with Blue

Refresh the Space with Blue
(Source: Houzz)

Bring a youthful vibe to your bedroom by using touches of blue and green. Brighten your room with some bold colors and patterns and breathe life into the bedroom.

If you’re putting together this look for a young kid or teenager, have fun with patterns. Using a polka-dot sheet, or a checkered comforter will give you that youthful vibe.

17. Modern Bedroom

Modern Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

This next look is the perfect mix of fun with a modern twist. If you have a teenage boy who wants to kick up their bedroom decor, this style is the way to go.

A really neat element to incorporate is decorative wall shelving. Wall shelving will offer you lots more storage space while adding to the room’s overall decor theme.

18. Stay Minimalist

Stay Minimalist
(Source: archilovers)

Plants are a cheap and easy way to keep the room minimalistic in style. Plus, when you use plants in an all-white bedroom, you can create a really simple design that stands out. A minimalist look also gives off that clean and airy feeling that makes a room so inviting.

19. Glam Up with Aesthetic

Glam Up with Aesthetic
(Source: Pinterest)

Create an aesthetic wall accent with fur and velvet pieces to give off a chic look. A really bold color palette to pull off this aesthetic is emerald green and white. These two tones work together to create a charming and luxurious vibe to the bedroom. It’s also a really great theme to use in a larger bedroom that could use a glamorous look to it.

20. Moody in Brown

Moody in Brown
(Source: Houzz)

Don’t let this bold color scare you off. Brown brings a rustic charm, full of deep and warm feeling to any space. If you have a master bedroom that you want to transform, this color might be right for you. You can easily create a really enchanting vibe that’s soothing, inviting, and simply stunning.

Final Words

With all the different options available, creating a white and green bedroom that suits your personality is easier than ever. We hope these incredible design ideas have helped inspire you.


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