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20 White and Gold Bedroom Ideas (2022) – Glamorous Decor with Gold Accents

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(Source: KUOO Architects)

We’re going to look at some luxury white and gold bedroom ideas today. Our guide will show you how to incorporate gold, maybe hints of gold, gold touches, or gold accents into various items of furniture in a white-based bedroom. We’ll also take a look at various popular colors to pair with this palette.

You may create a beautiful and elegant white and gold bedroom by using this great shade throughout your home. While some may consider gold to be an arrogant hue, when used tastefully, it may help you create a magical environment. When combined with other popular metallic tones such as silver, gold, and white, the result may be dazzling.

Lastly, we’ll look at different color options that you should consider alongside gold as well. With our extensive and in-depth list, we’re sure you’ll find an idea that you will fall in love with.

White and Gold Bedroom Ideas – Colors That Go Well with White and Gold in a Bedroom

1. Black, White, and Gold Palette

Black, White and Gold Bedroom Color Palette
(Source: Swan Architecture)

A magnificent white and gold bedroom is the perfect setup for an elegant sleeping space. You’ll want dark tones like black to dominate the room. Then add in white to give the room a little bit of brightness. When you throw in shades of gold, you can create a really elegant atmosphere.

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2. Gray, White, and Gold Color Palette

Create a block of gray in a white and gold bedroom
(Source: bculinarylab)

Create a block of gray in a white and gold bedroom, as it can keep traditional along with a modern feel. Start with a white bedroom with a gray backdrop and your favorite gold artwork on it. Just keep the gray hues surrounding your bed.

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3. All About Blue, White, and Gold

Blue, White, and Gold Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

Dip into a deep mood with these three colors. Combine them in both bedroom furniture and interiors to create a contrastive and sophisticated look in your bedroom without reducing the luxury of the room.

4. Anchor a Feminine Look

Get a feminine look by adding some blush or shades of pink details in a white and gold bedroom
(Source: Maya Visnyei)

Get a feminine look by adding some blush or shades of pink details in a white and gold bedroom. Combine a statement headboard with a shell-shaped accent pillow that nails the decoration of the room.

Shop this adorable shell pillow below:

5. Gold Dripping

green, white and gold bedroom color palette
(Source: Andrew Taran)

A beautiful gold ceiling paint can be a stunning statement piece in a room. Finding the perfect mixture of three colors green, white, and gold can help you create an elegant vibe. This look is fabulous for putting together a bedroom.

6. Brown Accent 

white and gold bedroom with brown accents
(Source: Alice Lane Interior Design)

Deep warm tones like a dark brown can really help a bedroom pop. You can use brown in the bedding or small decorative items to accentuate gold furniture and other decorative items around your bedroom.

You can also add in rich brown linens that you can dress up your bed with. Include this fabulous color on throw blankets and pillows as well.

7. Add a Shade of Purple

Add a Shade of Purple ro white and gold color palette
(Source: DLT Interiors-Debbie Travin)

A white and gold color combination is such a calming aesthetic. When you add in a touch of purple, you can create a really stunning look. Incorporate some light royal plum bedding sets to create an elegant aesthetic. For a feminine room or a master bedroom, this look works especially well.

8. Go Simple But Stylish

Go Simple But Stylish
(Source: thehouseofsilverlining)

White and gold working together can create a really stylish and elegant look. This style also lends well to a minimalist bedroom too. For an added element of charm, incorporate some light gray in the soft furnishings too.

9. In Holiday Mood

Create a fantastic winter wonderland by using plenty of white and gold in bedroom
(Source: Randi Garrett Design)

Create a fantastic winter wonderland by using plenty of white and gold. Dress up your room by using accessories and festive winter decor.

A great element is to incorporate a faux Christmas tree. Incorporate some special ornaments that help personalize the space. Using lots of twinkle lights and natural lights will help your room stay bright and welcoming.

Shop some special ornaments for your Christmas tree below:

10. Go Subtle with Gold Trims

Go Subtle with Gold Trims
(Source: Prestige Builders)

Hints of gold can create a stunning effect in an all-white bedroom. What makes this such a pretty look is the trims, as it serves as sleek gold lines on walls and furniture. Stay within a white and gold room decor theme to help amplify the look of the gold touches.

11. Incorporate Gold Mirrors with White Walls 

Incorporate Gold Mirrors with White Walls
(Source: AFT Construction)

You can create a really charming bedroom using these elements. Create a really fabulous but subdued look by sprinkling gold through the room.

Incorporate a gold mirror that stands out against a white wall. If you have lots of light that filters in, a white curtain is a nice addition. These three colors working together will create a really pretty and open aesthetic.

12. Gold and White Backdrop with Marble

Combine with Gold and White Marble on the backdrop 
(Source: Pinterest)

Give your room a touch of elegance by using luxurious white and gold bedroom decor. One fantastic way to do this is by using a marble gold backdrop. This backdrop will give your room such a dramatic feel, especially if it’s a statement piece.

To get this style to stand out, use minimal decor throughout the rest of the room. Keep within a color scheme, but use gold sparingly. You can incorporate touches of this color through your room’s hardware. You can also consider using it on throw pillows and throw blankets.

13. Geometric White and Gold Wall

Geometric White and Gold Wall
(Source: Paper Moon Painting)

A white and gold wall that is put together using geometric patterns can be a stunning decor element.

If the wall is still too subtle for you, dress it up by using some artwork. Hang up your favorite canvas print or personalized photo. This will give your bedroom a touch of personality and style that you will love.

Shop this Zara Shimmer Metallic Wallpaper below:

14. Boho Chic Style in Gold and White Palette

Boho Chic Style in Gold and White Palette
(Source: anthropologie)

When used correctly, gold can be a great element for a boho chic bedroom. Create a calm, aesthetic bedroom by bringing in some natural elements.

Highlight with a gold bed frame, bedside table, or light fixture to glam up your unique space. Complement the look by using bohemian decor and lots of white tones.

15. Golden Artwork in White Bedroom

Golden Artwork in White Bedroom
(Source: etsy)

A white color scheme is an exceptional theme for a mature room. If you find that gold is too overwhelming, use it sparingly. Incorporate muted gold on a canvas. Hang it overtop your headboard for a nice clean look. If you want to incorporate several images, you can put together a gallery wall.

Shop this white and gold canvas art below:

16. Traditional Look

traditional bedroom design white and gold
(Source: Pinterest)

A traditional interior style for a contemporary but luxurious room is classic white and gold. Using this color 50/50 can be a great way to give your room a touch of elegance.

Consider using white on linens like the curtains and bed set. When it comes to gold, incorporate it into the headboard, lamp, and any other decorative fixtures.

17. Contemporary Color Scheme 

Contemporary white bedroom with a statement golden canopy bed
(Source: Kelly Hogan)

A loud statement piece like a golden canopy bed can create a stunning look in your room. This style lends especially well to modern bedroom decor. 

Because the canopy bed can be rather loud, tone it down using white. Use white tones on the walls, the bedding, an area rug, and even window curtains. 

18. Gold Polka Dot in White Bedroom

Gold Polka Dot in White Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Transform a teenage girl’s room by using golden polka dots. Use wall stickers to create a stunning look on your walls. Cascade the polka dots by concentrating them on the top. 

As you work your way down the wall, use the gold stickers sparingly. This will create a really beautiful look. Dress up the room using lots of cute, decorative items. 

Shop gold polka dot wall decals below:

19. A Modern Look with Touches of Gold

A Modern Look with Touches of Gold
(Source: KUOO Architects)

An all-white bedroom with touches of gold can create an artistic corner in your master bedroom. To really accentuate the look, use gold sparingly. Use gold accents on your bed’s side tables and through glamorous sconces.

20. Floral Wallpapers

Create a beautiful bedroom full of lots of beauty with white and gold floral wallpapers
(Source: Reena Sotropa)

Create a beautiful bedroom full of lots of beauty with white and gold floral wallpapers. Then add white furniture to balance the room out. The result is a sophisticated bedroom with a playful and fun look at the same time.

Shop this white and gold floral wallpaper below:


It’s easy to see why gold and white can be such a charming bedroom decor color combination. Gold can help you create a really elegant space while white works to brighten up a room. 

Which of these white and gold bedroom ideas is your favorite? Be sure to share with us your thoughts in the comments section below! 


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