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20+ Glamour White And Gold Bedroom Ideas To Brighten Up Your Sleeping Quarters in 2021

Glamour White And Gold Bedroom Ideas To Brighten Up Your Sleeping Quarters in 2021
(Source: Kelly Hogan)

We’re going to look at some Fantastic White and Gold Bedroom Ideas today. Our guide will show you how to incorporate gold into various items of furniture. We’ll also take a look at some various popular bedroom colors to think about. 

You may create beautiful golden and white bedroom ideas by using this great shade throughout your home. While some may consider gold to be an arrogant hue, when used tastefully, it may help you create a magical environment. When combined with other popular metallic tones such as silver, gold, and white, the result may be dazzling.

Lastly, we’ll look at different color options that you should consider alongside gold as well. With our extensive and in-depth list, we’re sure you’ll find an idea that you will fall in love with. 

1.Use Dark Brown to Accent Golden Bedroom 

Use Dark Brown to Accent Golden Bedroom 
(Source: Ultimate Home Ideas)

Deep warm tones like a dark brown can really help a bedroom pop. You can use brown to accentuate gold furniture and other decorative items around your bedroom. A great way to use brown is through a large brown rug. 

You can also add in rich brown linens that you can dress up your bed with. Include this fabulous color on throw blankets and personalized throw pillows as well. 

2.Pink White And Gold Bedroom 

Pink White And Gold Bedroom 
(Source: Computechsale.com)

You can create a really charming little girl’s bedroom using these elements. Create a really fabulous but subdued look by sprinkling gold through the room. 

Incorporate a mirror that stands out against a white wall. If you have lots of light that filters in, a pink curtain is a nice addition. These three colors working together will create a really pretty and open aesthetic. 

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3.A Shade of Purple 

A Shade of Purple 
(Source: Pinterest)

A white and gold color combination is such a calming aesthetic. When you add in a touch of purple, you can create a really stunning look. Incorporate some light royal plum bedding sets to create an elegant aesthetic. 

A gold-colored throw blanket works to compliment the purple really well. For a feminine room or a master bedroom, this look works especially well. 

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4.Minimalist White and Gold Bedroom Ideas

Minimalist White and Gold Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

White and gold working together can create a really adorable feminine look. This style also lends really well to a minimalist bedroom too. You can create this style by using solid pink, bedding, or even a metallic pattern bed set

Hang up golden accents like flowers or butterflies to help tie together the look. For an added element of charm, incorporate these colors in the room’s hardware too. 

5.Elegant White and Gold Christmas Bedroom Designs

Elegant White and Gold Christmas Bedroom Designs
(Source: Randi Garrett Design)

Create a fantastic winter wonderland by using plenty of white and gold. Dress up your room by using accessories and festive winter decor. 

A great element is to incorporate a faux Christmas tree. Incorporate custom ornaments that help personalize the space. Using lots of twinkle lights and natural lights will help your room stay bright and welcoming. 

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6.Large Gold Mirror Ideas

Large Gold Mirror Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A large gold mirror can have a stunning effect in an all-white bedroom. What makes this such a pretty look is the mirror, as it serves as a statement piece. You can help bolster the look of this style by playing with the right colors. 

Stay within a white and gold room decor theme to help amplify the look of the mirror. Use lighter shades of bright color that will help amplify the rusty of the mirror. 

7.Combine Gold and Marble 

Combine Gold and Marble 
(Source: Pinterest)

Give your room a touch of elegance by using luxurious white and gold bedroom decor. One fantastic way to do this is by using a marble gold backdrop. This backdrop will give your room such a dramatic feel, especially if it’s a statement piece. 

To get this style to stand out, use minimal decor throughout the rest of the room. Keep within a color scheme, but use gold sparingly. You can incorporate touches of this color through your room’s hardware. You can also consider using it on throw pillows and throw blankets.  

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8.Beautiful Geometric White and Gold Wall 

Beautiful Geometric White and Gold Wall 
(Source: Roomdsign.com)

A white and gold wall that is put together using geometric shapes can be a stunning decor element. Allow this wall art to stand out by using a bold color. 

If the wall is still too subtle for you, dress it up by using some artwork. Hang up your favorite canvas print or personalized photo. This will give your bedroom a touch of personality and style that you will love. 

9.Romantic Golden Bedroom

Romantic Golden Bedroom
(Source: Home Design Lover)

You can create a really glamorous master bedroom by playing around with this color. You can have a lot of fun by using goldenrod, and light shades throughout the room. While this color can be overbearing, white can help you brighten and balance out the space. 

Use white bedding sets to offset any loud golden curtains and paint you use. Pull together the look using a fabulous chandelier. The end result is a really beautiful, yet elegant space fit for a queen.  

10.Pretty Gold and White Tapestry Ideas 

Pretty Gold and White Tapestry Ideas 
(Source: Pinterest)

When used correctly, gold can be a great element for a boho chic bedroom. Create a calm, aesthetic bedroom by using some mandalas wall art. 

A really neat idea is incorporating a mandala tapestry. Highlight the unique design by using string lighting overtop the tapestry. Complement the look by using bohemian decor and lots of white tones. 

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11.Golden Artwork in White Bedroom

Golden Artwork in White Bedroom
(Source: Decorpad)

A white color scheme is an exceptional theme for a mature room. If you find that gold is too overwhelming, use it sparingly. Incorporate muted gold on a personalized picture. Hang the picture overtop your headboard for a nice clean look. 

If you want to incorporate several images, you can put together a gallery wall. Combine Dreamy Green in this Bedroom

12.Combine Dreamy Green in White and Gold Bedroom

Combine Dreamy Green in White and Gold Bedroom
(Source: House Beautiful)

Create a beautiful bedroom full of lots of greenery and beauty. Finding the perfect mixture of three colors like green, and gold can help you create a stunning room. Use the green to create a bold statement throughout the room. 

The luxurious color can help compliment the green. If you find that the room is too overbearing, then use white to balance the room out. 

13.Traditional White and Golden Bedroom Design

Traditional White and Golden Bedroom Design
(Source: Home Design Lover)

A traditional interior style for a contemporary but luxurious room is classic white and gold. Using this color 50/50 can be a great way to give your room a touch of elegance.

Consider using white on linens like the curtains and bed set. When it comes to gold, incorporate it in the headboard, lamp, and any other decorative fixtures. 

14.Bring Nature Into Your White and Gold Sleeping Space

Bring Nature Into Your White and Gold Sleeping Space
(Source: Home Decor Bliss)

You can create an absolutely relaxing bedroom by pulling in some greenery. Greenery can help you create a breath of fresh air in the bedroom. 

When you mix greenery with some dark yellow, you can create an environment for inspiration. Utilize gold wire vases to set your plants in. Also, use canvas artwork to help dress up the walls. 

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15.Bedroom Designs in Black, White, and Gold for Men

Bedroom Designs in Black, White, and Gold for Men

(Source: Pinterest )

A magnificent golden and white bedroom is the perfect setup for a masculine sleeping space. You’ll want dark tones like black and grey to dominate the room. Then add in white to give the room a little bit of brightness. 

When you throw in shades of gold, you can create a really elegant atmosphere. Incorporate luxurious yellow through a custom picture, throw blanket, or throw pillows. 

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16.Dramatic Metallic Gold Ceiling Ideas

Dramatic Metallic Gold Ceiling Ideas
(Source: DigsDigs)

A beautiful gold leaf ceiling can be an absolutely stunning statement piece in a room. If your bedroom has lots of windows or even a sitting area, then this neat look will brighten the space. 

Make sure to paint your walls white, and hang up a personalized large canvas that emphasizes your personal style. This look is fabulous for putting together a white and gold master bedroom. 

17.Contemporary Color Scheme 

Contemporary Color Scheme 
(Source: Kelly Hogan)

A loud statement piece like a golden canopy bed can create a stunning look in your room. This style lends especially well to modern gold bedroom decor. 

Because the canopy bed can be rather loud, tone it down using white. Use white tones on the walls, the bedding, an area rug, and even window curtains. 

18.Gold Polka Dot in White Bedroom

Gold Polka Dot in White Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Transform a teenage girl’s room by using golden polka dots. Use wall stickers to create a stunning look on your walls. Cascade the polka dots by concentrating them on the top. 

As you work your way down the wall, use the gold stickers sparingly. This will create a really beautiful look. Dress up the room using lots of cute, decorative items. 

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18.Modern Interior Design Ideas

Modern Interior Design Ideas
(Source: Curated Interior)

An all-white bedroom with touches of gold can create a fabulous master bedroom. To really accentuate the look, use gold sparingly. Use gold accents on your bed’s nightstand and through a glamorous chandelier. 

Throughout the rest of the room, use lots of white tones. A white tufted headboard will blend really well with a brilliant white bed set. 

20.White and Gold Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

White and Gold Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas
(Source: Decorpad)

A fun way to create a luxurious master bedroom is by using dark yellow accent design pieces. A large area rug is a great way to set the tone in the room. 

Compliment the golden rug by hanging up your favorite personalized picture. This look lends well to rooms that already have golden tones to them through wooden flooring. 

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It’s easy to see why gold and white can be such a charming bedroom decor color combination. Gold can help you create a really elegant space while white works to brighten up a room. 

Which of these white and gold bedroom ideas is your favorite? Be sure to share with us your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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