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48+ Wall Decor Ideas for Boosting Your Spaces

Wall Decor Ideas

If you need to boost up the energy of your space, then chances are you are in need of some refreshing, modern, and energizing wall decor ideas that are easy yet powerful.

In our extensive list of the best design ideas that will boost up the energy of your walls, we will take a look at how to play around with different hues, color pallets, and wall accessories to not only spruce up your decor but to allow your personal style to shine through.

Our extensive list is sure to give you a push in the right direction so that you can transform your blank wall space in an easy way that brings out your inspiration for a trendy and inviting vibe to your home. Let’s take a look at some of the trending aesthetics and DIY ideas that will give your space an invigorating lift. 

Styles to Help Transform Your Blank Wall 

1.Rustic Wall Decoration Ideas

Rustic Wall Decoration Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Rustic wall decor designs use a lot of dark, neutral, earthy colors with old-style accessories. This style requires lots of wooden accents that can be highlighted in furniture aesthetics and decor items around the living room.

Textures like canvas, and cotton are essential to the rustic theme. If you already have a country-style or farmhouse-style home then this popular aesthetic can be incorporated easily. 

2.Modern Wall Decor Ideas Brings You A New Vibe

Modern Wall Decor Ideas Brings You A New Vibe
(Source: Pinterest)

A modern design idea is a great way to bring a calming, cool presence into your space. Modern design ideas play around with earthy tones and darker hues that blend to give off a grand look of luxury.

While designs can include anything from dark canvas to concrete wall designs to muted wallpaper the best use of this trendy style is one that also incorporates personalized artwork and accessories.

3.Industrial Wall Decor Ideas

Industrial Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Vincent and Barn )

And industrial wall design is a perfect way to bring an urban look into your space. Industrial design themes play around with different metal fixtures, factory-style accessories, and other city living elements.

If your home has a brick wall, this can be a great way to build the industrial look-up. Use the brick wall as a focal point to decorate and tie the space together. 

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4.Eclectic Wall Decor Style is highly personal in character

Eclectic Wall Decor Style is highly personal in character
(Source: Pinterest )

An eclectic wall design is perfect for individuals who want to play around with different themes, colors, and even textures.

Eclectic wall decor uses a variety of color schemes and accessories from different cultures. You can even play around with your favorite time period as well and use that era as a launch point to decorating the space.

5.Contemporary Style Wall Decor Ideas

Contemporary Style Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Architecture Art Designs)

Contemporary style wall design is a beautiful aesthetic because it takes a traditional, classic design style and brings it to life. Contemporary decor themes, abstract art, and colorful paintings are a classical ways to decorate.

As with any decoration style, don’t forget to add personalized elements to the room so that you can really make the space intimate. 

6.Mid-century modern in The 1950s- 1960s

Mid-century modern in The 1950s- 1960s
(Source: Pinterest)

Designing your home’s space in a specific time period can be a great way to bring your walls to life. A mid-century modern theme is a trending design option that plays around with the retro look all while maintaining the function of your wall’s space.

Don’t be afraid to play around with bold colors and unique vintage artwork. You can even merge your own photographs by framing them in vintage frames. Gold, silver, and even brown are great frame colors to decorate with because of their neutrality and flexibility to blend with other accessories. 

7.Vintage Decor Ideas Make Your Walls Unique

Vintage Decor Ideas Make Your Walls Unique
(Source: Pinterest)

Vintage decor is an exciting way to breathe new life into your space. Playing around with vintage decor means you are going to be using a lot of retroes, vintage accessories.

This means you can’t be afraid of playing around with little old-style design ideas. If you pair your vintage accessories with a few florals, then you can have some really beautiful wall decor that really plays into the vintage theme.

8.Shabby Chic Style is The Perfect Wall Decor Ideas

Shabby Chic Style is The Perfect Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Feshsdg- WordPress.com)

Shabby chic style is becoming a classic design idea that isn’t going anywhere soon because it’s so pretty with the right mixture of modern and antique.

With a shabby chic theme, you can create a flashback into the past through floral wallpapers, lace, and vintage room accessories. Shabby chic works in any space but is particularly perfect for a little girl’s bedroom or even a play area. 

Wall Colors Help You Express Your Character  

9.Warm Colors that Warm Up Your Wall 

Warm Colors that Warm Up Your Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Yellow is quickly becoming the color of the season and it is no surprise why. This bright pop of color creates a cozy feeling perfect for any comfortable environment.

You can use this color indoors or if you have a space that leads to an outdoor patio, a yellow wall design can complement the natural brightness of the outdoors.

To really warm up space, you can incorporate similar colors like red and orange that really fire up the warmth your guests will feel once they enter the space. 

10.Cool Color Schemes for Decorating Your Wall

Cool Color Schemes for Decorating Your Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Much like the herb lavender, the color purple can create a relaxing environment that is perfect for smoothing out any bumps you have had on a rough day.

You have to tread carefully however because the purple color is a bit loud so you want to make sure you use it wisely. You can select a specific wall space to paint purple and then decorate lightly with similar hues like green and blue.

11.Wall Decor Ideas in Neutral Colors

Wall Decor Ideas in Neutral Colors
(Source: Pinterest)

A neutral wall color scheme requires you to play around with light colors like beige, white, and ivory. This charming color scheme creates a relaxing environment that is restful and delicate.

Best of all, if you have a small space, this color scheme can really brighten up your walls allowing your space to appear bigger than it is.

If you are going to add color, do so using potted flower arrangements that you can swap out whenever you feel the need. 

12.Deep Marine Color Wall Decor Ideas

Deep Marine Color Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Ideal Home)

 If you are feeling inspired, then a deep marine color on your walls is a great way to tap into a relaxing but vibrant aesthetic.

This deep marine color is a mixture of deep blue and is the perfect base for other aquatic colors like teal. If you want a nautical or coastal design theme, then this color can be a great base color to focus on in your design plan.

13.Black and White Color for Your Wall Decor 

Black and White Color for Your Wall Decor
(Source: Pinterest)

Black and white stripes are a timeless classic color scheme simply because this design is easy, effortless, and blends well with all types of while decor accessories.

Typically, the wider the stripes, the more sophisticated the wall design is. You can use black and white wall stripes to create an inviting space or a relaxing environment that all of your guests are sure to love. 

14.Blue and White Color

Blue and White Color
(Source: Plant Care- Omysa)

A blue and white color scheme is also another fun color combination to play around with. Both are soft and delicate making this the perfect classic color scheme for your dining room.

If you have blue and white china this color scheme is the perfect way to complement accessories you already own as well. One of the best ways to utilize this color scheme is through blue and white floral wallpaper. 

15.Beautiful Pink Wall Decor Ideas

Beautiful Pink Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Digital Wissen)

Pink is an absolutely glamorous color that makes for a pretty wall decor design idea. Not only is pink a color that is pretty and glamorous, but soft pink use can create a happy environment that is warm, cozy, and inviting.

Lighter shades of pink are also very subtle and not overbearing so playing around with different pink hues in your wall art is a great design tactic.

16.Teal Color

Teal Color
(Source: Pinterest)

Teal is a unique color because it is bold and vibrant, yet sophisticated and mature. This elegant color can pay homage to a retro time period all while remaining neutral and modern.

Pair your teal-colored wall design with contemporary or abstract art or even lively photo and art galleries of frames tinted with gold. Don’t shy away from how you mix and match because teal is meant to be played around with. 

Amazing Ways To Decorate A Blank Wall

17.A Wall Mural Creates A Feeling  of Intimacy

A Wall Mural Creates A Feeling  of Intimacy
(Source: AliExpress)

An all-white mural is the perfect way to create an intimate, romantic atmosphere all while fostering a calm and relaxing space.

You can create a wall mural through an actual mural painting or you can decorate using white floral wallpaper designs. Because wall murals are so big, these Decor ideas are best left for spaces in your home that have a big wall.

For an elegant touch, don’t be afraid to throw in tints of gold and silver too. 

18.Draw Straight On Your Wall

Draw Straight On Your Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

A unique decor idea is one where you draw straight on your wall. This design idea allows you to play around with different paint color options, and you can even tap into your creative space and create an abstract figure.

If you are lacking in skill but still want to draw straight on your wall, stencils are a great way to create beautiful artwork that is polished yet stunning. 

19.A 3D Wall Sculpture Wall Decor Ideas

19.A 3D Wall Sculpture Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: AliExpress)

A 3-D wall sculpture is a beautiful way to accessorize your walls with unique artwork. 3-D sculpture wall ideas are plentiful in that you can find A 3-D sculpture that suits your current design theme.

The number one rule for playing around with wall sculptures is complementing the style you already have in place so you shouldn’t feel the need to start from scratch. 

20.Fun Sconces

Fun Sconces
(Source: Pinterest)

Decorating your home with a sconce allows you to play around with different fixture styles and fun colors.

This popular design idea allows you to utilize different styled sconces to create a modern aesthetic that is not only visually appealing but practical.

You can use this fixture to highlight other artwork like funny signs or displays or simply use it as an anchor for a nice look in your space. 

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21.Hang Art Mirrors

Hang Art Mirrors
(Source: Pinterest)

Hanging art mirrors are a fun way to play around with practicality and art. While mirrors serve the practical purpose of giving you your reflection, because they reflect light, an art mirror is a great way to design your space as well.

Depending on your wall size, you will need to settle for bigger or smaller mirror fragments. Choose a wall that reflects the natural light automatically when you are installing your wall mirrors.

Another great place to hang art mirrors is by your front door so that you can catch a glimpse of yourself before you go out. 

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22.Make A Natural Wall Decor

Make A Natural Wall Decor
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most soothing color schemes is green because the natural appeal creates a relaxing and inviting aesthetic.

Natural textures like stone can create unique accents on your walls and potted plants or even a faux garden can help accentuate the appeal of natural wall decor. Play around with green hues for a natural and calming design theme. 

Hang A Basket Gallery Wall
(Source: Sunlit Spaces)

A unique, wholesome design idea can be achieved by hanging a basket on your wall. This simple design idea creates a very cozy aesthetic that pairs well with other natural design themes.

Materials that you can incorporate in other accessories include twine, greenery, and even straw and reclaimed wood. 

24.A Personalized Map Wall Decor Ideas

A Personalized Map Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: 365Canvas.com)

One of the season’s most trending wall design ideas is a personalized map that designates where you have been or where you are from.

A custom map wall art design makes your wall art more interactive for your guests. You can also do a customized design by using a world map and dotting it with pins of places you visit or memorable locations. 

25.Incorporate A TV and Shiplap Wall Decor Ideas

incorporate A TV and Shiplap Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Your necessary tech accessories like a TV can easily be part of your wall design. By using shiplap as the base of your wall design, you can create an entertainment system that doubles up as a beautiful design aesthetic.

Neutral-hued shiplap creates a modern and relaxing atmosphere that is sure to enhance the times you gather around the television. 

26.Mount Your Old Bikes On The Wall

Mount Your Old Bikes On The Wall
(Source: Pinterest )

An eye-catching design idea that is fun and almost practical is mounting your old bike on the wall. It does not even have to be an old bike.

If you live in an urban area, your mountain bike can also serve as practical storage space if you use your bike routinely. This unique wall art creates a distinct focal point in your wall space design that is too neat to ignore.

Framed Vintage Scarf Gallery
(Source: Pinterest)

Vintage scarves can be a cool collectible item and if you have some on hand, then they can be an even cooler wall art design idea.

A framed vintage scarf gallery allows you to display beautiful color schemes and pattern designs.

Because vintage scarves will typically have a burst of color already when you frame them you might want to focus on neutral framed colors like black, white, or even silver. 

28.Set A Timeline By Hanging Aesthetic Clock

Set A Timeline By Hanging Aesthetic Clock
(Source: Ideal Home )

A functional yet gorgeous wall design style is a hanging aesthetic clock. Aesthetic clocks are gorgeous because there are so many to choose from so you are sure to find the perfect match for your home.

Some of the best color schemes to go with include neutral and wooden design pallets that fit well into rustic or farmhouse-themed homes.

29.Beaded Wall Hanging

Beaded Wall Hanging
(Source: Oh Joy!)

If you want to add an element of glam into your living space, then hanging beaded wall art can be a great accessory to incorporate.

The variety of beautiful beads available allow you to mix and match color schemes and tailor them to the theme you already have going.

30.Chalkboard Wall Decor Ideas

Chalkboard Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Chalkboard wall decor themes are fantastic because they serve a practical purpose as well as an aesthetically pleasing purpose.

You can use a chalkboard wall to store important information like reminders and deadlines. They can also be a fun way to display schedules.

If you have young kids then this can be a great way to play around with their own creativity as well. The possibilities are endless with chalkboard wall designs.

31.Your Book Collection

Your Book Collection
(Source: Pinterest)

If you love reading, then using your books as decor items that you display is one of the best ways to create practical yet visually pleasing wall art.

You can use a variety of bookshelves but floating bookshelves and modern bookshelves are best because they also play into the aesthetics of your wall design.

Don’t be afraid to play around with the color scheme of the book jackets so that you can create an arrangement that is colorful yet functional.

32.Wooden Stick Shape Hanging Wall Decor Ideas

Wooden Stick Shape Hanging Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Shelterness)

Wooden sticks are a beautiful way to give your space and natural makeover that is simple, yet elegant.

This decor idea is a nice theme for nature lovers because you can literally go outdoors and collect twigs to create artwork worth hanging. Play around with different-sized wooden sticks and different neutral colors that you can spray paint those sticks with.

33.Your Favorite Collection Display

Your Favorite Collection Display
(Source: OnlineFriday MY)

If you have a uniquely personal collection, then displaying that collection and your accessories like wall art is one of the best ways to share your interests with your guests.

Whether it’s an album display, a collection of diplomas and awards, or even your favorite artistic masterpiece, creating a wall gallery is a wonderful way to decorate and personalize your space.

34.Pretty Floating Shelf

Pretty Floating Shelf
(Source: Pinterest)

Floating shelves are the perfect way to design a space that serves as a work area. Whether you want to display a desktop plaque or a photo frame of your favorite family memory, a pretty floating shelf can help you do that.

You can use any color shelf, but it’s best to complement the color scheme that you already have in the room.

35.Create A Great Wall With Cups and Shelves

Create A Great Wall With Cups and Shelves
(Source: Next Luxury)

If you have a kitchen with lots of accessories, then a simple way to decorate that is also practical is creating a great wall with cups and shelves.

This unique decoration style mixes aesthetic and functionality so that you maximize the space in your room all while creating a visually appealing design theme.

36.Ocean Creatures Wall Decor Ideas

Ocean Creatures Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the most popular design themes is a Mediterranean-style wall decor style. You can easily pull off this stunning wall design idea by mixing together different images of sea creatures and by playing around with a white and blue color scheme.

Incorporate images of the sea, the beach, starfish, octopi, and seahorses to create an interesting yet personalized wall design that pays homage to the Mediterranean and all its beauty. 

37.Baby Nursery Wall Decor Ideas

Baby Nursery Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Decorating a space for a child or a nursery can be a fun and adorable project. One of the most popular design themes to decorate with is a cute animal theme.

You can stick to loud colors, or you can design with a more modern touch by using framed animal cartoons. By using big frames, you can create a wall gallery that is as eye-catching to your baby as it is to your adult guests.

38.Impressive Landscape Artwork Wall Decor Ideas

Impressive Landscape Artwork Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: theprintemporium.com)

Landscape artwork can be a beautiful way to put together different images that create one bigger image.

Landscape images are also a nice way to create a visually appealing wall design that takes your guests on an adventure. The aesthetic can be very whimsical and inspiring making the area a lot more inviting and relaxing to spend time in.

39.Make A Romantic Atmosphere

Make A Romantic Atmosphere
(Source: Gearden.com)

For any couple looking to create a romantic atmosphere in their space, one of the best ways to do this is by using personalized canvas art.

Artwork that is symbolic of your relationship is a great way to display your love. This means using images of your favorite place, locations, and even moments to design your space.

Romantic photos like these are a great way to play around with black and white images as well.

40.Use Exposed Brick to Accents Your Wall

Use Exposed Brick to Accents Your Wall
(Source: Huntershillart.com) 

Exposed brick is a great way to bring in a little bit of the outdoors into your home. The overall look of a brick wall is one that is comforting, warm, and inviting, so play up this theme using designs, accessories, and artwork that does the same.

When you are decorating, you need to keep in mind that the brick wall is the focal point, so don’t go overboard, but at the same time, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone as well. 

41.Christmas Theme Wall Decor Ideas

Christmas Theme Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Gearden.com)

One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is by decorating for the season. Use family ornaments, garlands, twinkling fairy lights, and any other design accessories that bring about the holiday spirit.

You want to keep the color scheme in mind and stick with gold, reds, and greens, so think about artwork, canvases, and other accessories that use these colors. 

42.Sports Theme Wall Decor Ideas

Sports Theme Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Houzz)

One of the best wall themes for kids, especially a teenager’s space is anything sports-centered. Paint the walls using the primary colors of your favorite sports team and decorate using paraphernalia for that sports team.

You can even use framed jerseys or uniforms of famed players on that team. This great design idea is one of the best ways to inspire young, athletic minds.

43.Autumn Season Wall Decor Ideas

Autumn Season Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest

Seasonal decor is one of the best ways to personalize an empty space and the autumn season is no exception.

With this seasonal design idea, you can use a variety of colors that can create a comfortable, warm hue. Art with fall leaves and pumpkins is another great way to recreate the cozy culture of fall time. 

Arrange A Family Gallery Wall
(Source: Sebring Design Build)

A family gallery wall is a great way to personalize an empty hallway. When you are creating a family gallery wall, you can utilize canvas print art or printed-out photos that are displayed behind a glass frame.

If you stick to black and white frames, you can create a really powerful aesthetic. The colors in the photos are usually all that is needed for a pop of color. 

45. Leather Headboard  Wall Decor Ideas

Leather Headboard  Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Chic Concept)

A leather headboard is an elegant and classic way to make a statement in a master bedroom. This wall decor can be a great eye-catcher because leather design accessories have been such an understatement in the past couple of years.

To create a rich aesthetic, it’s best to stick to dark-colored leathers. You can complement the headboard with additional darker art pieces around the room. 

46.Funny Quote Wall Decor Ideas

Funny Quote Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Amazon)

A bathroom can be a great space to design using wall decor items that revolve around funny inspirational quotes or humor heavy quotes.

Utilize different sized signage that alludes to bathroom activity for a funny approach to your bathroom wall’s decor. You can even use signage that includes bathroom-appropriate phrases and words. 

47.Bulletin Board Wall Decor Ideas

Bulletin Board Wall Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A bulletin board is a fun way to decorate a dorm room or other adolescent space.

By playing around with your favorite photos, postcards, and newspaper snippets, you can create a unique look that is perfectly customized to your wall space.

For an added burst of color, you can decorate using fun and frilly border designs or fairy lights.

48.A Wall Calendar Ideas

A Wall Calendar Ideas
(Source: Square Signs)

If you have an office space, you can use what you already have to create a unique wall design. A carefully placed wall calendar can serve as a great functional piece as well as an aesthetic piece.

Using accessories like colored sticky notes, and bright pens can be a fun way to add a pop of color to your calendar for a visually appealing look. 

We hope our extensive list of inspirational and personalized wall decor ideas will allow you to breathe new life into your space.

Let us know in the comments section below what some of your favorite design styles listed above are. Don’t forget to mention what some of your favorite personalization methods are!

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