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27+ Hottest Walk-in Closet Ideas for Your Bedroom (2022)

walk in closet ideas
(Source: Artimitro Interiors)

Walk-in closets can be fabulous spaces to decorate, especially if they are large and have plenty of room and storage options for you to work with. Today, we are going to look at some of the most trending walk-in closet ideas to decorate your closet with.

Whether you have a small closet, a large one, one with lots of windows, or one without, we’ve got a great list that will help you find just what you are looking for. Let’s take a look!

Best Walk-in Closet Design and Decor Ideas

1. Design A Center Island

Walk-in Closet Ideas with Island
(Source: Amazon)

If you have a walk-in closet with built-in shelving that is accentuated with glass, then one of the best ideas to incorporate in your closet space is a center Island.

Having a big center island will allow you to put on display your most prized possessions, whether it be a purse, a pair of shoes, or your most favorite jewelry.

You can decorate the center island with a nice vase of roses and accentuate it with a beautiful glass chandelier as well. Lighting is key in a room like this so be sure to use plenty of bright lights to highlight the center space. 

2. Vertical Accent Wall 

Walk-in Closet Ideas with Vertical Accent Wall
(Source: iwardrobes)

A vertical accent wall can help fill up wall space if there is too much blandness going on with your closet. Your accent wall can be anything from old personalized photographs or a collection of your favorite artwork.

You can even add a bit of a twist by displaying images of yourself wearing your most favorite pieces. Whichever way you design your vertical accent wall, incorporating one will add a really nice touch to any closet space. 

Shop personalized photographs on 365canvas

3. Shades of Pink for Girls

Pink furnishing in walk-in closet
(Source: dailymail)

Whether you are a little girl or a grown woman, the color pink is such a lovely shade that it is a no-brainer for incorporating it into a girly closet space.

To create this beautiful look, you will want to play with all different shades of pink. Add touches of blush pink to the carpets and accent pieces around the room.

Hints of pastel pink can be used in the curtains or the lighting, and of course rose gold is a perfect touch to any hardware, furniture, or even lighting fixtures that you use in the closet as well. 

4. Fancy Walk-in Closet with On-Trend Teal

Fancy Walk-in Closet Ideas with On-Trend Teal
(Source: lifeaccordingtojamie)

This Aegean teal is such an inspiration to look for any walk-in closet design, especially one that’s really large and has lots of natural lighting that comes in.

To create this really cool and calm closet space, simply paint the surface of all exposed wood and storage shelves this beautiful glossy color. 

Pairing this beautiful teal with gold hardware is another great design tip to consider. The dark hue will allow you to draw inspiration every time you walk into a closet to put together an outfit for the day.

5. Use White

Use White Furniture in Walk-in Closet
(Source: thepinkmillennial)

White is always a great way to help open up a small space and using white interiors in a closet is a great way to style the room so that it appears larger than it actually is.

Put this look together by using plenty of custom shelves that fit your unique closet space. You can combine as many or as few shelves as you need to create a nice-looking closet.

Because white can be such a mute color, consider organizing your closet space by color codes to help your accessories pop out. 

6. Black Interiors Can Fit Your Kid’s Walk-in Closet

Black Interiors Can Fit Your Kid's Walk-in Closet
(Source: hgtv)

Black interior for a child’s walk-in closet, especially a boy’s walk-in closet can be a great way to help put together a storage space.

Because children’s clothing can be so small, utilize plenty of racks because you will be able to fit in more racks to hang items than you would in an adult closet.

If space allows, you can also pull the furniture into the walk-in closet. Storage furniture will allow you to pack away small items like socks, underwear, and other frequently used articles. 

7. Single-Sided Walk-in Closet Ideas for Small Rooms

Single-Sided Walk-in Closet Ideas for Small Bedrooms
(Source: amazon)

If you live in an apartment, then chances are you probably have a one-sided type of closet to store all your belongings in. When trying to dress up a small space like this, one of the best small walk-in closet ideas is to utilize plenty of storage and drawers.

Allow your drawers to go all the way up to the ceiling so that you can maximize all the empty space available. Because the small space can be unsightly, it’s a good idea to also have a door or curtain in place to conceal the closet area. 

8. His and Hers Walk-in Closet

His and Hers Walk-in Closet Ideas
(Source: idfdesign)

One of the best closet ideas to use in a master bedroom is a couple’s closet that incorporates a “his” and “hers” space.

Putting together a shared closet space like this can be a really fun way to connect with your significant other. Not only are your belongings in the same area, but a large closet space allows you to see everything laid out.

During the mornings, having a shared space like this can be helpful for connecting with one another as you can help each other choose your outfits for the day. 

9. Behind Bed Walk-in Closet  

Behind Bed Walk-in Closet Ideas
(Source: vitkovskaya)

In some rooms, a room divider can be set up right behind the bed separating the closet space from the rest of the bedroom.

One of the best ways to create a functional yet divided space like this is by intentionally using wall molding. Use wall molding as a way to highlight the room divider and indicate where the bedroom stops and the closet starts.

Often, it can be helpful to use two different color tones so that the bedroom is one color scheme, and the molding where the closet starts is another.

In this style, using a contrasting black and white can be a really neat and unique way to highlight a behind-the-bed walk-in closet.

10. Open Walk-in Closet Ideas

Open Walk-in Closet Ideas
(Source: ikea)

If you have lots of storage bins, then bring in baskets to help you organize your closet space. Woven baskets can be really helpful in decluttering your closet all while giving your closet a visually appealing look.

For items that you rarely use, store them away in baskets up on the top of your shelving but ensure the baskets are still visible so that you can use them as decorative items as well.

On lower shelving, use baskets to store routinely used items like linens, pillowcases, and other heavily used items.

11. Keep It A Clean Look

Keep It A Clean Look in Walk-in Closet
(Source: onekindesign)

For a very simple and refined look, try out this cleanly style walk-in closet design theme. This look utilizes lots of drawers that will store and hide away all your accessories, shoes, purses, and clothes.

In some closets that encourage using your clothing and other items as decorative pieces. However, this look requires everything to be hidden away for a clean and tidy aesthetic.

If you have a vaulted ceiling in the closet space that brings in natural light, this simple and clean look might be a theme you want to try out. 

12. Walk-in Closet Accessories Decorated on A Chair Built-In Island

Walk-in Closet Accessories Decorated on A Chair Built-In Island
(Source: hellolovelystudio)

For a large walk-in closet that is almost the size of a small bedroom, you can incorporate a built-in island that also has a seating bench. This island can be used for practical and decorative purposes.

For example, display personal items like photo plaques, special personalized mugs, special handbags, and other accessories that you value.

Depending on the lighting, you may even want to consider setting up a pendant lighting fixture for an added touch of elegance.

Shop photo plaques and mugs on 365canvas, also pendant lights on Etsy

13. Walk-in Closet Corner Ideas 

Walk-in Closet Corner Ideas with rotating 360° organizer
(Source: closetenvydesigns)

You can intentionally utilize the space you have available in your closet so that you can create more areas for storing away your prized possessions.

One of the best storage and space-saving solutions is a rotating 360° organizer. This rotating organizer will allow you to have quick access to all of your popular items like shoes and handbags.

Besides, the best part is you can easily store away your belongings without cluttering up space. If you are limited on space, this organizer might be the perfect solution for you. 

14. Rectangular Walk-in Closet Shelving Ideas

Rectangular Walk-in Closet Shelving Ideas
(Source:  homify)

One of the best bedroom walk-in closet ideas is a closet that has built-in shelving that goes all the way up to the ceiling. With shelving this high, you can incorporate a decorative and functional ladder to help you reach those hard to get to spaces.

Also, one of the best parts of high shelving is the fact that you can use backlight shelving fixtures that help illuminate the contents on the shelf. This look is one of elegance and sophistication and works great for individuals who want to put their items on display.  

15. Incoporate A Makeup Vanity

Walk-in Closet Ideas with Vanity
(Source: arkpad)

If your walk-in closet can allow you space, incorporating a makeup vanity can be a great way to effectively utilize your closet space. If so, incorporating the vanity is one of the most contemporary ways to dress up a walk-in closet.

Not only that but when you have to get ready for the day, being surrounded by all your clothing can give you an added dose of inspiration when you’re picking out your outfit for the day. Ladies, this is certainly a design theme worth looking into.

16. Setup A Charming Nook In Your Walk-in Closet

Setup A Charming Nook In Your Walk-in Closet
(Source: bykoket)

A charming room of any sort in your bedroom closet can be an appealing addition to the storage space. What makes this look so beautiful is the fact that it is oozing with elegance without much effort.

You can pull this look together by using plenty of accessories that utilize gold, vintage sconces, amazing art, and an elegant consul. If you have a desk to decorate on, you can also incorporate a vase of roses for an added touch-up femininity too. 

17. Store with Drawers

Walk-in Closet Ideas with Drawers
(Source: hellobeautiful)

Drawers are one of the best ways to put together a walk-in closet. This is because drawers allow you to put things away in a nice and tidy manner.

If you have windows in your closet, then you can highlight the incoming natural light with a simple valance that matches the drawer and cabinet scheme in the closet.

Use drawers to store away small prized possessions like jewelry and photos. You can even use locked drawers to store away special items that you want to protect. 

18. Walk-in Closet Bench Ideas

A long bench in a walk-in closet
(Source: wattpad)

Having a bench in your closet can be a great way to incorporate functional seating in what essentially can become your dressing room.

A long bench that stretches across to the center of your closet space will allow you to get ready in the morning with comfort and ease. It can also be helpful to place a bench in order to lay down clothing that you want to wear the next day.

When picking out a bench, aim for upholstered material that complements the current theme of your closet’s design. 

19. Place A Fur Accent Chair

Place A Fur Accent Chair in Walk-in Closet
(Source: caffelattehome)

A single chair made out of faux fur can be a charming addition to your closet space because it allows you to have a decorative and functional element to work with. Pick out a beautiful faux fur chair that matches the interior decor of your closet space.

For a white closet, a light grey chair can be a great accent to go with. While for a white closet, you might want to aim for the same colored chair depending on the theme of the room and other colors you use.

If you want a more muted single chair, you can use a generic upholstered one and then pair it with a nice fur pillow to add a textured look to it. 

20. Seating Island

(Source: Etsy)

Low seating round ottomans can be great additions to walk-in closets, especially if you have large closet space.

Faux leather ottomans in dark shades like brown can work great in any type of closet decor but blend really well in closets that utilize a lot of dark wood.

You can use a round ottoman for practical purposes like sitting on them as you get dressed or you can lay clothing options on the ottoman as you get your day started. 

Shop a similar large leather ottoman on 1stdibs

21. Men’s Walk-in Closet

Men’s Walk-in Closet Ideas
(Source: architecturaldigest)

A checkered rug in a closet is a really stylish addition to consider adding. If you are renovating your closet, then you can incorporate this pattern using tile flooring.

If you won’t be doing a full-blown renovation, you can incorporate this look by using a checkered carpet that is centered in the middle of the room.

One of the best types of closets to use this look in is a men’s closet as the checkered style appeals really well to a men’s room. 

22. Marble Floor Design That Matches the Ceiling

Marble Floor Design That Matches the Ceiling
(Source: organized-home)

Marble flooring can create such a unique and appealing aesthetic. Large stone tiles in a large closet space can also help with creating a really nice and open-air feeling too.

Marble comes in all types of styles and colors, but in closet space, marble covering is often a go-to decor theme because of the luxurious beauty it provides.

If you want to really dazzle with your closet space, consider incorporating mirrors in your closet that will help to reflect the brightness of the marble. 

23. Walk-in Closet with Glass

Walk-in Closet Ideas with Glass Doors
(Source: holike)

Glass sliding doors in a closet are an awesome idea because they are so practical and incredibly beautiful.

Closets that use glass sliding doors also help to transform your closet space into a really modern theme which always lends itself well to the overall look of your bedroom.

Not only that, but glass sliding doors are a great idea to incorporate as part of your closet because it allows your personal belongings like clothing, shoes, and purses to become part of your bedroom decor. 

24. Embossed Ceiling Textures

Huge Walk-in Closet Ideas with Embossed Ceiling Textures
(Source: californiacloset)

If you have a rather large walk-in closet then you can easily turn it into a mark of luxury by incorporating a chandelier that hangs from an embossed ceiling.

Depending on the height of your closet ceiling, you can have a large hanging chandelier or a stunning light fixture that accents the rest of the decor in your closet.

Typically, if the hardware in your closet is gold or silver, you want your light fixtures hardware to match it as well. 

Shop similar chandeliers on Etsy

25. Walk-in Closet Mirrored Ceiling Ideas

Walk-in Closet Mirrored Ceiling Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Mirrors of all sizes will automatically make any space look a lot bigger than it is. This certainly goes for your closet space as well.

If you have a rather small or medium-sized closet, then incorporating mirrors throughout it, especially through a ceiling mirror, can be a great way to help make the space look large.

Also, incorporating mirrors in different parts of your closet can also give you a second eye for fashion as you can look at your outfit choices from different angles when you get dressed in the morning. 

26. Wood Panels In Herringbone Arrangement

Wooden Floor in Walk-in Closet
(Source: archinect)

For a unique closet like an L-shape closet that is long and narrow, you will want to use lots of shelving to help you display and store away your belongings.

One of the best types of shelving to use is wood paneling with backlighting. Because this type of style allows you to display your most favorite fashion accessories in a beautiful and tactful way.

Pair your closet design with a beautiful herringbone flooring for a stunning look as the flooring will be able to play off of the walls. 

27. DIY Master Closet By Bringing In Boxes

DIY Master Closet By Bringing In Boxes
(Source: rainonatinroof)

Remodel your walk-in closet while on a budget using this cheap boho-inspired storage idea. By bringing in decorative boxes to use as fabric storage drawers, you can give your closet a great makeover that perfectly captures the personality of the bedroom.

For little children, use boxes that have fun cartoon characters and have bold colors on them. For a more mature look, you can use solid-colored boxes like white, black, and gray, for instance.

28. A Fabric Curtain or Drape Can Be A Walk-in Closet Door 

A Fabric Curtain or Drape Can Be A Walk-in Closet Door 
(Source: hgtv)

If your bedroom leads directly into your walk-in closet, or if you have separated a portion of your room to be the closet, then you can add a visible partition by incorporating a drape or a curtain into your room.

Using a curtain works as a perfect door alternative because this option will allow you to cover up the closet when you want it out of sight. Conversely, if you want the closet to be part of the bedroom decor theme, you can open up the curtain to unveil it too. 

29. Add An Impressive Zebra Rug

Add An Impressive Zebra Rug
(Source: Pinterest)

A zebra print rug for other animal print rugs can be such an elegant and beautiful addition to any walk-in closet or dressing room. Therefore, adding this bold element will give your closet such a great personality and element of personalization.

Also, if you are someone who loves animal print, this will compliment your style really well too. For an all-white bedroom, complement the look with a beautiful zebra rug. 

Shop these zebra print rugs on Etsy


These walk-in closet ideas will help you transform your dressing room into one with a great storage system that is just radiating common-sense organization.

We hope our eclectic decor and design closet room design ideas have helped you find inspiration in styling up your closet. Be sure to let us know in the comments section below which of these ideas are your most favorite!

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