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36+ Vintage Bedroom Ideas to Transform Your Sleeping Space

vintage bedroom ideas

One of the best decor themes to consider in today’s modern age is a vintage design theme. Vintage bedroom decor schemes pay homage to the past, especially during the 1940s and onward. Plus, they can bring together a really beautiful and dated look to your sleeping space.

To put together a vintage bedroom, you might be surprised at all the different elements you can use and how you can even incorporate furniture and decor pieces that you already have.

Today, we are going to take a look at different ways to create this aesthetic bedroom that is full of calming, relaxing, and warm vibes. Our ideas will take a retro and classical approach to vintage design and inspire you to find methods you can use in your own bedroom. Let’s get started!

1.Paint the Furniture

Paint the Bed Frame
(Source: nehomemag)

You can revamp the overall look of your bedroom by painting the furniture.

Some great furniture pieces to paint include a chest of drawers, the bedframe, and even a desk if you have one in your bedroom. A great way to paint the furniture is by using retro colors that pull you back in time.

Hues like mustard yellow, crimson orange, and mahogany are great to start with. They create a very warm feeling that lends well to a vintage-themed bedroom.

2.Grunge Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Grunge-Style Bedroom
(Source: bruwho.tumblr)

The grunge scene is back in style, and with this Tumblr-inspired vintage sleeping space, you’re kiddos are sure to fall in love with this retro look.

Using a collage of different images consistent with a mix of hipster, rebel, and indie posters and artwork, you can create a really great teenage girl’s room.

One of the best ways to pay homage to the past is by using the artwork of artists and bands who dominated over the past decades. This look of organized chaos is consistent with a grunge vibe so there really is no way to go wrong. 

3.Add Floral Vintage Accessories

Add Floral Accessories in Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A vintage look does not have to be all gloomy hues and 70’s nostalgia artwork. One of the best ways to pay homage to the past is by using 1940’s inspired floral bedding and linens throughout the room.

Accentuate your bedroom using this beautiful pattern and you’ll create a very feminine space that also lends itself very well to the past.

Accentuate the room using floral pattern pillows, blankets, and even some beautiful floral drawings that you can hang up around the room.

4.Use the Old Color Palette

Use the Old Color Palette in Bedroom
(Source:  planete-deco)

Go with a really old color palette that uses lots of earthy tones to pull together a tranquil atmosphere for you to fall asleep in.

A great way to pull this look together is by using earth tones on the wall. Consider a rich one like a deep crimson or a strong red.

And then, pull in a metal bed that has an accent end of the bed bench. This will be the focal point of the room for you to decorate around.

Incorporate fun elements like a round pillow and aged throw blankets to really highlight the vintage theme throughout your bedroom.

5.Artsy Vintage Bedroom with Red 

Artsy Bedroom with Red 
(Source: architecturaldigest)

Red is such a fixture in a retro-inspired vintage-themed bedroom. You can use this hue in a variety of ways.

One of the best ways is to include it throughout the light fixtures in the room.

Whether it is a red chandelier or a red farmhouse lamp, this hue will pop out whenever you turn on the lights and it will allow the room to have a warmer hue to it.

Another great way to use red is by incorporating it on a large-scale artwork piece that you hang on an accent wall of the room.

Scattering this bold color throughout the room will help you create a fabulous retro-inspired bedroom as well.

6.Color Combination Ideas in Vintage Bedroom 

Using Bold Colors in Bedroom
(Source: houseandgarden)

Using bold colors is often a highlighting piece of early interior design themes.

A vintage bedroom that uses bright yellow, blue, and red all work together to create a really cool-looking space that has personality, age, and a lot of comfortable vibes all working together.

Consider using pops of color in the bedding, and even throughout the wall to pull off a look like this.

Of course, you should incorporate these loud colors throughout throw blankets and vivid pillows too. Help balance out all the hues by using plenty of white or beige throughout the bedroom as well.

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7.Sophisticated Mix of Furniture and Accessories

Sophisticated Mix of Furniture and Accessories in Bedroom
(Source: delikatissen)

You can pull together a really beautiful dated bedroom by mixing together the right type of accessories and furniture.

One of the best looks like this relies heavily on Nordic-style decorations. This can include vintage items like a decorative swan, an older style mirror, and plenty of light and beige hues.

You can display these unique accessories on a floating shelf or other tabletops. Be sure to add elements of your own personal style by using desktop plaques that display some of your most prized images as well.

8.Install A Vintage Ceiling Fan in Your Bedroom

Install A Retro Ceiling Fan in Your Bedroom
(Source: casadevalentina)

Put a new spin, pun intended, on your bedroom fan by replacing it with a vintage ceiling fan.

A beautiful vintage ceiling fan like this is reminiscent of the turn of industrial design with its retro oval blades and brown wooden construction.

This can be a great starting place for someone who wants to play around with a vintage-inspired sleeping space but is not yet ready to take the leap.

Once you have this ceiling fan in place, accentuate your bedroom using other pieces of furniture that match along with it.

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9.Decorate Bedroom with Vintage Ceramic Items 

Decorate Bedroom with Ceramic Items
(Source: Pinterest)

Ceramic and porcelain decor items are a hallmark of the 1950s. If you want to create a beautiful bedroom from the past, then consider using plenty of these decor items throughout your sleeping space.

If you have a seating area in your bedroom complete with a tea table, then this can be a great place to display your ceramic items.

You can style this seating space with a porcelain teacup or with a decorative mug. Otherwise, setting them up on a desk or a shelf can be a great alternative too. 

10.Place An Vintage Chair Beside Your Bed

Place A Wooden Chair Beside Your Bed
(Source: durosweden) 

One of the most common design elements in a vintage sleeping space is a wooden chair that is set up beside the bed.

A chair like this can be a great accent piece to use if you need to have a space where you can lay down your clothes in the evening.

It can also offer functional use by allowing guests to sit down with you in your bedroom as well. The overall look is one of the best alternatives for a nightstand. I

f you are going to incorporate a dated wooden chair in your bedroom, then it’s best to complement it with other retro design pieces like an oil lamp or a radio clock.

11.Vintage Fireplace As A Decorative Nook

Faux Fireplace As A Decorative Nook
(Source: houseandgarden)

If you have a fireplace in your bedroom, then you can design around it by using it as the base point of your bedroom’s lounge area. Set up a beautiful seating space so that you can sit around and enjoy the fire.

In your design, be sure to incorporate lots of personalized small decorative items that show who you are as well. To keep consistent with the vintage theme, these decorative items can be eclectic, dated, and of course, vintage.

If you do not have a real fireplace to decorate around, you can always set up a faux fireplace instead. This will give the room plenty of warm feels which will add to the cozy vibe.

12.Vintage Bedroom in Steampunk Style for Men

Vintage Bedroom in Steampunk Style for Men
(Source: elhombre)

One of the latest trends in the old-world bedroom design theme is the steampunk decor style.

Steampunk is described as a design that pulls together machinery, industrial elements, and darker hues in order to create a room full of elegance and style. This unique theme is great for putting together a men’s bedroom or a bachelor pad.

Because it’s based on a gothic Victorian design theme, to put together this room you will want to use lots of silver and metal throughout the room.

A great way to do this is by incorporating a leather and metal suitcase into your sleeping space. A unique fixture like this can serve as your end of the foot bench or even a nightstand.

13.Bring Christmas Atmosphere In Your Vintage Bedroom 

Bring Christmas Atmosphere In Your Vintage Bedroom 
(Source: tidbitsandtwine)

Get into the holiday season with a beautiful vintage Christmas designs theme. To put this gorgeous look together, you will want to search around for the most dated Christmas items you can find.

Take those items and pair them with some modern holiday decor and you’ll have a beautiful bedroom to put together.

A look like this can work really well in a twin bedroom and you can accentuate the space by using cute reindeer pillows, and plenty of red end green through the linens can throw blankets.

You can even put a cupboard in between the twin beds for you to store and display some beautiful festive items on as well.

14.Show Your Hobbies in Old-Fashioned Look

Wall-Mounted Storage Board to Store Chess
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a classic appeal with this old-fashioned bedroom look. This can be a great way to showcase some classic hobbies including chess, checkers, and any other early-era board games.

A room like this can use plenty of wicker storage baskets to decorate with. You can even use a wicker storage bench to help you store away additional linens and pillows you do not need.

15.Add A Mannequin in Vintage White Bedroom

Add A Mannequin in Vintage White Bedroom
(Source: oldfarmhouse)

A beautiful element to incorporate into any woman’s bedroom is a mannequin. Mannequins are great for displaying clothing in a practical way, and even better when you want to use them for decor purposes.

A look like this will work really well if you use plenty of white throughout the room and then incorporate darker elements using black furniture.

16.Vintage Finds in Attic Bedroom

Vintage Attic Bedroom
(Source: inpayne)

If your bedroom is in the attic, you can use this unique space to create a marvelous bedroom that pays homage to the early days. A vaulted ceiling can be a great addition to a vintage bedroom because of the overall look it gives you.

Because attics are typically smaller sized, find a bedroom set that will fit in a small bedroom without taking up too much space.

Get creative with lighting fixtures and consider a couple of table lamps that will not only brighten up the room but will draw out that vintage look too. Have fun playing around with dark hues including brown, dark green, and even hints of gold.

17.Run Wild 

Place Decorative Wood Slices on Your Bedroom Floor
(Source: Pinterest)

Vintage design themes don’t always mean styles from the past. One great advantage of this design theme to consider is this one because it pulls out slices of the outdoors and incorporates them into your bedroom’s design scheme.

If you want to go all out, you can give your floor treatment a little bit of DIY love by placing slices of wood around the floor. These wooden slices can serve as coasters for you to display potted plants throughout the room.

18.Vintage Bedroom Full of Plants and Retro Paintings

Vintage Bedroom Full of Plants and Retro Paintings
(Source: domino)

Decorate your room using lots of plants and retro paintings or different pieces of art to create a very beautiful vintage theme set up.

The main rule behind a room like this is you want to use plenty of colors that pop. Start by painting your walls and nice pastel blue. This will help any artwork on your wall stand out.

Of course, anything with the vintage filter on it can help you highlight the retro look that you are going for. When it comes to the house plants, have fun with them and use lots of tropical plants displayed in glass vases.

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19.Design a Sitting Area with a Vintage Look

Design a Sitting Area with a Vintage Look in Master Bedroom
(Source: janelockhart)

 If you have a large bedroom and want to pull together a stunning vintage luxury look, then you can easily go for it with this design idea.

A great way to do this is by creating a sitting area next to your king-size bed. Ascent of chairs and even a table in your master bedroom can be a really comfortable way to enjoy the room outside of sleeping.

While this look mimics an overly traditional bedroom, you can use different styles of seating in order to pull in that vintage design theme.

Consider upholstered furniture that was popular in the 40s and 50s and uses that to design the seating in your room.

20.Antique Stuff Everywhere

Antique Stuff Everywhere in Bedroom
(Source: katia-lexx.livejournal)

Have fun with this beautiful eclectic look by using different types of antique elements.

It does not matter if the elements do not go in the room either, because they are all different, they can work together harmoniously to create a beautiful space.

Consider using items like an old lantern, vintage lamp, and even a variety of different photos and images to create a very vibrant London-themed bedroom.

Of course, don’t forget a bold green as the accent wall to help make everything stand out.

21.Vintage Furniture Tucked Into Your Bedroom Corner

Dresser Tucked Into Your Bedroom Corner
(Source: socialsurvival.tumblr)

You do not have to commit to the whole vintage theme right away throughout your bedroom. You can start small by using a vintage dresser that is tucked into the corner of your bedroom.

This dresser can be repainted or reworked so that it lends itself well to your room, but overall, you want to allow the age of the dresser to stand out. Get decorative by placing different decorative elements on top of the dresser.

For example, use a beautiful canvas with vintage vibes, and a desktop plaque with personalized images on them. You can hang these on the wall above the dresser or stand them right against the top of it.

22.Vintage Bedroom Ideas with Shabby Chic Furniture

Bedroom Ideas with A Shabby Chic Mirror
(Source: dorisleslieblau)

Shabby chic bedrooms, especially ones that play around with the distressed look will always lend themselves well to a bedroom that is aiming for a vintage theme.

One of the best ways to put together a distressed look is by focusing on interior pieces that are naturally or painted to look distressed.

For example, using a distressed full-length mirror in part of your bedroom where it can stand out can be a great way to create a focal piece that complements other vintage furniture pieces in your room.

As with all shabby chic decor themes, make sure that you use plenty of white, muted hints of wood, and lots of frills and laces throughout the room. 

23.Home Office in Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Home Office in Your Private Space
(Source: planete-deco)

You can create a beautiful home office right in your bedroom space to reflect a retro-style work area.

Use furniture that complements the existing furnishings in your space to complete the design. For example, if you have an upholstered bed, then you may want to use an upholstered seat as your desk chair.

If wood is the main theme in your room, then consider a wooden desk and chair set that will add to the overall charm of the room.

24.English-Cottage-Inspired Vintage Bedroom Ideas 

English-Cottage-Inspired Bedroom Ideas 
(Source: meandreegs)

Young girls and women all over will absolutely love this English cottage-inspired pink vintage design theme.

This beautiful look is almost a mix between a farmhouse bedroom theme and a cottage-style bedroom theme. The main focal point of this room is that you use a lot of floral wallpaper and of course items that are consistent with the shades of pink.

Use peonies, light pink roses, and solid shades of pink to pull together this marvelous room. The end result is a lovely space that is as adorable as it is relaxing.

25.Mix and Match Vintage Patterns on Your Bedroom’s Interiors

Mix and Match Patterns on Your Bedroom’s Interiors
(Source: stylebyemilyhenderson)

A great-looking theme in any teenage bedroom is a mix and match of vintage patterns. You can use these great patterns on the bedding and curtains in order to put them on full display.

Don’t be afraid to mix together patterns like plaid and floral on your bedding either. The key is to make sure that you are staying within the same color palette in order to help everything flow smoothly.

You can draw inspiration for your bedroom from different retro TV shows like that 70s Show. You can also come up with your own scheme by mixing the patterns and with other popular design themes like a bohemian style or rustic look too. 

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26.Vintage Bedroom Furniture Designed in A Glamorous Style 

Antique Furniture in Bedroom
(Source: schweitzerlinen)

Incorporating beautiful vintage furniture throughout your room can be a great way to create a cozy retro feel. A fun vintage Paris-themed bedroom can be a great way to pull a look like this together.

Consider using gold as the color of choice that flows throughout the room. You can use gold in antique bed frames and benches as well as gold light fixtures.

Try and be sure not to go overboard with this color, instead, use it in muted ways throughout the room in order to pull together this stunning look.

27.Vintage Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Minimalist Bedroom
(Source: planete-deco)

Even in a minimalist bedroom, you can pull together a really nice vintage design theme. Start by using a simple metal frame bed and pairing it with an all-white wedding.

Beside your bed, incorporate a wooden dresser that can also serve as a nightstand. Keep your decorations very muted but intentional.

For example, you can use a retro alarm clock beside your bed and a nice house plant by the window. These simple elements can really stand out in a minimalistic bedroom like this.

28.Mid-Century Meets Vintage Bedroom Style

Mid-Century Meets Vintage Bedroom Style
(Source: francesloom)

Have fun mixing together design themes from a mid-century bedroom and a vintage-style bedroom. Start by placing a vintage rug in the center of your bedroom for all your furniture pieces to sit upon.

Then, accentuate the floor by adding in a fur rug on either side of your bed. The rest of the room can rely heavily on modern designs themes that incorporate mid-century elements.

For example, use a modern light fixture with square crystals in order to play up the mid-century look. When it comes to artwork, consider hanging up an art canvas of a mid-century statue right above your headboard.

29.Vintage Country Bedroom Ideas

Country-Themed Bedroom Ideas
(Source: vanderhornarchitects)

You can certainly have fun with a country-themed bedroom that also has overtones of the vintage design theme.

A great place to start is by using a canopy bed that uses very dated fabric around it. You can also incorporate vintage elements through the furniture. Consider a vintage love seat at the foot of your bed.

If you can, try and pair the upholstery with the fabric already and play on your canopy bed. Your overall look will be a really charming mix between retro themes and country vibes.

30.Add A Vintage Vanity in Your Bedroom

Add A Vanity in Your Bedroom
(Source: casavogue)

Having a beautiful vanity in your bedroom can be a really nice statement piece. But when you have a vintage vanity, you can really set the tone of the bedroom.

An old wooden vanity with old-fashioned elegance can really set the stage for a beautiful bedroom.

Vanity tables are one of the past most popular furniture pieces because they serve as the dressing table for you to get ready with.

Pull this element into your bedroom and you’ll certainly have a corner that is reminiscent of the past.

31.Repurpose the Old Doors to Make A New Headboard

Repurpose the Old Doors to Make A New Headboard
(Source: clemaroundthecorner)

Whether you are on a budget, want to do a really fun DIY project, or just want to let your creative side shine, this look might be for you.

One of the best ways to put together a beautiful room with vintage undertones is by repurposing old doors so that you can use them as the headboard of your bed.

Using distressed or aged all doors can lend themselves really well to a chic or rustic bedroom design theme. Although this is a simple element, it can make a really loud statement in your bedroom.

32.Install A Crystal Chandelier in Vintage Bedroom

Install A Crystal Chandelier in Vintage Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Chandeliers are one of the highlighting focal points of any vintage bedroom. You can put together a really cozy bedroom by using a beautiful glass chandelier that drapes down from the ceiling.

Redwood is such a strong interior material that pairs really well with a light fixture like this. Many bedrooms designed in this manner will be super cozy, have overtones of the vintage design theme, and will overall be a glamorous space.

33.Decorate Your Bedside Table with Old Items

Decorate Your Bedside Table with Old Items
(Source: katieconsiders)

If you have a recessed area beside your bed, this can be a great place to set a small retro table for you to decorate with old items.

Some fun old items to consider include a landline telephone, a retro radio, and a retro lamp.

You can keep the rest of the room looking very modern and updated in order to contrast your retro table. Your overall look will be a very beautiful one that is unique yet stunning.

34.Car-Themed Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Vintage Car-Themed Bedroom Ideas
(Source: 2thesunnyside)

If you have a little boy, then what better way to decorate and design his room than by using vintage automotive accessories? You can use street signs as wall decorations to hang up above the bed.

As a general rule, the older the road sign, the better. When it comes to the furniture, you can get creative and used storage dressers that look like tool storage compartments.

On the bed, be sure to use plenty of dark hues or bright red and yellow that are consistent with some of the most popular race cars. Of course, throw blankets and throw pillows that accentuate this are a must too.

35.Bring In Subtle Texture and Vintage Feel

Bring In Subtle Texture on Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Textures can be a really great way to pull a specific theme out in your bedroom. Create textured walls by using trim and molding to help you style a design theme that you like.

Some of the best places to put trim on include your door, the door frame, and any other areas of the wall that you want to add wall decor to.

If you do not want to fully commit, you can make just one wall decorated with trim while the other stays a modern style or in a solid color.

36.Vintage Art Prints in Bedroom

Art Prints in Bedding and Above Bed
(Source: francesschultz)

Showcase your collection of vintage artwork or custom artwork by creating a gallery wall.

There are different ways you can put together this gallery wall, but staying consistent with a grid of aged gold frames or the same size canvas can be a great way to go.

Put together this beautiful gallery wall right on top of your headboard. In order to keep the attention on the wall and not on the bed, use plenty of white bedding because it is muted and not distracting.

It’s easy to see why decorating a vintage bedroom can be such a popular design theme to go with. We hope that our extensive list of different design themes you can use has inspired you to put together a vintage-inspired room that you will love as well.

What decor ideas on our list have stood out to you? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with someone you think will fall in love with a vintage bedroom as well! 

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