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20+ Vaulted Ceiling Ideas For Master Bedroom In 2022

Amazing Master Bedroom with Vaulted Ceiling Ideas In 2021
(Source: Architectural Digest)

Vaulted ceilings are not a common feature for bedrooms as it’s a bit of a luxury. However, a Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom offers you more space with the added height, which allows you to create a more luxurious room. 

If you’re looking for Unique Bedroom Ceiling Ideas that can make a luxurious space, this is a master bedroom treat that will always deliver excellent results. 

Having this cathedral ceiling in your bedroom can make it feel airy and bright, spacious, and increase visual interest. 

The soaring ceiling allows easy integration of large windows, which let in natural light. Also, the ceiling offers the opportunity to decorate the bedroom with a chandelier that blends with your design scheme. 

What are Vaulted Bedroom Ceilings?

What is a vaulted ceiling? In architectural terms, this is a self-supporting arch beneath a roof and above walls. 

Typically, this type of ceiling extends upward from the bedroom’s walls to a center, resulting in a more spacious overhead. This cathedral ceiling design creates an airy space and allows you to integrate windows into the ceiling. 

It can work perfectly if you want contemporary aesthetic architecture to transform your bedroom. Here are some of the top master bedroom vaulted ceiling ideas you can try out. 

Master Bedroom: Vaulted Ceiling Design Ideas

1.Dome Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

Dome Vaulted Ceiling Ideas
(Source: Home Awakening)

If you’re looking for a minimalist look that also stands out, the dome vaulted ceiling is an idea you can trust to transform your bedroom. This beehive vault came before the gothic era of cathedrals, and most of the early designs can be found in Cyprus, Crete, and North Iraq. 

These are good ideas if you want to create a spacious bedroom. In addition, you can customize your bedroom to feel bigger if you want more space to integrate bigger windows. 

2.Pitched Brick Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

Pitched Brick Vaulted Ceiling Ideas
(Source: Onekindesign)

The pitched brick-vaulted ceilings evolved from the beehive and domed vaults from around 3000 BC around Mesopotamia. This vaulted ceiling works perfectly in a cozy mountain bedroom. 

It’s an effect you can implement in an already completed bedroom if you want to add some interesting elements to your bedroom. If installed correctly, the ceiling can capture contemporary elements while preserving the traditional look. 

3.Barrel Vaulted Ceiling in Master Bedroom

Barrel Vaulted Ceiling in Master Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Resembling a barrel cut, this is a simplistic design that can be made with fired bricks. The design is imposing when applied with knowledge of how to use space. These ceiling ideas were first found in Babylon and were built by Sumerian architects with fired bricks and clay mortar. 

Barrel vault ceilings were featured from Assyria to ancient Egypt and also highlighted throughout pre-Islamic Persia and the ancient Roman Empire. 

4.Groin Vault Ceiling

Groin Vault Ceiling
(Source: Pinterest)

Groin vault ceilings ushered in a distinct transition in vault design and symbolized the evolution of architectural ingenuity. In addition, The ceiling is created with two semicircular barrel vaults of the same diameter, which are made to intersect. 

These ceilings were used in Caracalla Baths in Rome. You can integrate the design in your primary bedroom in different styles if you want to keep everything a bit contemporary. 

5.Stunning Rib Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

Stunning Rib Vaulted Ceiling Ideas
(Source: dailymail.co.uk)

Rib vaults are an excellent creation and were revolutionary in their impressive visage of the design and the complexity of constructing the ceilings. 

At first sight, it appears difficult to join the ribs to the dome, however, this was accomplished by arranging the ribs diagonally and using them as centers. If you want to create a classic atmosphere in your area, this is one of the rustic vaulted ceiling ideas you may use. 

6.Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

Cathedral Ceiling Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Flickr)

If you have a large master bedroom, fan vaults are among the unique bedroom designs you can embrace to transform your space. 

The vault uses a single curve for all the ribs, which is aided by a four-centered arch where the lower portion formed a part of a conoid and the upper was expanded to a radius across the vault. This results in intricate ribs that spread like fans or a peacock tail. 

7.Rustic Wood Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

Rustic Wood Vaulted Ceiling Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the ways to express a rustic bedroom design is through a wood vaulted ceiling. This is an option you can use if you want to implement a country-style timber-clad ceiling. 

To complete the setup, you can build a beautiful fireplace. In addition, you can layer soft textiles to make the space a comfortable nest that always invites you to relax and rest. 

8.Painted Wood Beams Ideas

Painted Wood Beams Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

To create this DIY bedroom design, you can quickly learn how to paint a vaulted ceiling through online tutorials. For a bright interior, you can paint bright tones like white, which makes the room feel more spacious if you have good lighting.

 This one blends seamlessly with different themes and can fit into a modern bedroom theme. The ceiling offers a perfect opportunity to hang your favorite chandelier. 

9.Combine Vaulted Ceiling and Stone Fireplace

Combine Vaulted Ceiling and Stone Fireplace
(Source: Pinterest)

While designing a contemporary bedroom, you can make different parts complement each other. 

One of the options for fireplace design ideas is to include a functional fireplace, which sets the tone for the inclusion of a vaulted ceiling. The ceiling arch can be centered following the positioning of the fireplace, creating a smooth transition from the floor to the ceiling. 

10.Half Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

Half Vaulted Ceiling Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Houzz)

Installing a vaulted ceiling does not mean discarding all other ideas. You can work on this project to create a cozy master bedroom without ignoring other design elements. One of the suggestions is partially vaults, which means combining different ceiling designs in one. 

Some suggestions to consider include installing a ceiling fan and a skylight. These features can make the bedroom feel more comfortable through good lighting and a spacious arrangement. 

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11.Vaulted Ceiling Design with Glass Wall

Vaulted Ceiling Design with Glass Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the benefits of a vaulted ceiling is that you can customize the space to offer more natural lighting. For a modern style, you don’t need to integrate lighting options on the ceiling, as you can use one of the walls to bring in a flood of light. 

A glass wall running from the floor to the ceiling will bathe your room in natural light during the day. This is a good idea if the glass wall also opens into a balcony. 

12.Install Recessed Lighting

Install Recessed Lighting
(Source: Pinterest)

Lighting is a major consideration when customizing a master bedroom. Besides, integrating options for natural lighting, you can also install vaulted ceiling lights in the primary bedroom. 

Recessed lighting makes the room feel modern and is a functional addition if you want to achieve the aesthetic benefits of a good design. If your bedroom has a seating area and carpet flooring, this transformation will create a comfortable space. 

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13.Skylight for Vaulted Ceiling Ideas

Skylight for Vaulted Ceiling Ideas
(Source: Home Stratosphere)

Still, on bedroom lighting ideas, a skylight integration on a vaulted ceiling will transform your space and bring that outdoor feel. This idea works perfectly in an attic bedroom. 

Even on a low vaulted ceiling, you can integrate a skylight, which floods the room with natural light during the day. It’s a functional addition for energy savings and can also offer aesthetic benefits as it creates a comfortable space. 

14.Modern Bedroom with Shiplap Ceiling

Modern Bedroom with Shiplap Ceiling
(Source: HGTV Photo Library)

Using shiplap on a ceiling will elevate the whole bedroom. When finished excellently, a vaulted shiplap ceiling looks eye-catching and gorgeous. It’s a good choice for your farmhouse master bedroom. 

To complete the aesthetic, you can feature some blue elements like a large canvas print or pillows on white bedsheets. You can find tips online if you want to work on a project to transform your bedroom. 

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15.Install Crown Molding 

Install Crown Molding 
(Source: Autodesk Forums)

Because the ceiling is angled, you can install a crown sweep angle on the vaulted ceiling. This tray ceiling trim adds a bit of complexity. But while implementing more angles to the room, ensure it does not feel too much. 

Simple elements can elevate your style and make the bedroom a more comfortable space for you. Personalize the bedroom with design elements that highlight your personality. 

16.Hanging Pendant light 

Hanging Pendant light 
(Source: Decorpad)

For a modern vaulted ceiling, you need a good light source. A pendant light can serve as a light source and also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. For a monochromatic bedroom, a glass pendant that hangs from the ceiling will illuminate the bedroom. 

You can also use a drum pendant light to illuminate your primary bedroom. This does not need to be a single light source as you can suspend two flanking the headrest on both sides. 

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17.Breadboard Panels on Vaulted Ceiling

Breadboard Panels on Vaulted Ceiling
(Source: Pinterest)

There are different materials you can use to customize a master bedroom ceiling. For a vaulted ceiling, a great method to customize the space is to install beadboard panels. 

This is one of the inexpensive rustic ceiling ideas that you can implement fast because it does not necessitate tearing the room apart. If you already have an arched ceiling, it becomes easier to install the panels. 

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18.Corrugated Metal Vaults

Corrugated Metal Vaults
(Source: Livinator)

For people who love an industrial vaulted ceiling design, corrugated metal vaults can offer the perfect setup. This is a modern design you can play with to create all kinds of flowy patterns. 

It’s an opportunity to express your artistic side. The metal vaults allow you to create flowing lines, which can lead the eye to a focal point in the bedroom. 

19.Make Loft Bed with a Vaulted Ceiling

Make Loft Bed with a Vaulted Ceiling
(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re looking for ideas to customize a boy’s bedroom, you can make a loft bed with a vaulted ceiling. 

In addition to the integration, you can also add a custom photo gallery to complete the traditional bedroom style. This allows you to maximize the use of space, especially if you want the room to accommodate more than one occupant. 

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20.Dreamy Vaulted Ceiling

Dreamy Vaulted Ceiling
(Source: Pinterest)

There are many interior solutions you can explore if you’re looking for how to decorate a vaulted ceiling bedroom. This includes using string lights, which create a romantic space. This type of lighting is perfect if you’re looking for customization ideas that would fit the holiday season. 

The temporary decorations give you the freedom to try out different mods for the ceiling before you decide what works perfectly for you. Regardless of your choices, decorating your bedroom ceiling is an opportunity to express yourself. 

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It’s easy to customize your bedroom to feature the elements you would like highlighted. If you’re looking for vaulted ceiling ideas for your bedroom, consider the following suggestions.

Find ideas for customization options that can complement your décor options and your bedroom design. Some of the ideas are DIY-friendly if you are on a small budget. 

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