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Under-Bed Storage Ideas: 21 Creative Solutions To Maximize Your Under-Bed Space (2022)

Under-Bed Storage Solutions

If you’re looking for some great bedroom storage solutions, then you can maximize the space under your bed. No matter the type of bed you have, there’s always room underneath it that could be used as additional storage.

Today, we’re going to look at different storage solution options and under-bed storage ideas that will totally transform your bedroom. We will share with you different styles you can use to maximize this space and personalize it in a way that fits your needs. These ideas will help keep your room organized and tidy. Better yet, these ideas don’t take up a lot of space and are perfect for creating a clutter-free environment. 

Best Under-Bed Storage Ideas

1. Fabric Lidded Storage Bin

Fabric Lidded Storage Bin
(Source: The Container Store)

A fabric box that slides under your bed is a great way to store your belongings. You can find a box in a variety of designs and styles in order to match your bedroom aesthetic. This convenient storage style is a great way to keep your belongings protected and dust-free.

Shop this fabric box on containerstore.com

2. Metal Locker

metal locker with wheels
(Source: ke-99top)

If you have a metal frame bed, then a metal locker that slides underneath it can be a great storage compartment. A metal locker with wheels will easily slide in and out so that you can grab what you need in a hurry. 

Shop this metal locker in ke-99.top

3. Under-Bed Bookshelf

under-bed book storage
(Source: estudiomatmata)

Having a shelf underneath your bed can be a great way for under-bed book storage. Use colorful book covers to create a really decorative look. This is one of the great under-bed storage ideas if you are limited on space as well.

Designed by Estudio Matmata

4. Pull-Out Tray

a platformbed with a pull-out tray underneath
(Source: Floyd Home)

Even if you have a platform bed you can still optimizer it for storage. Consider setting up a platform pull-out tray underneath it. This can be a great place to store away belongings like a laptop or books. Plus, it is conveniently out of sight so your room stays clutter-free. 

Shop this tray on floydhome.com

5. DIY Round Units

DIY round storage units
(Source: The Budget Decorator)

Installing a DIY round unit underneath your bed can be an innovative space saver. This cheap and easy project is a great way to store away awkward and long objects like posters, umbrellas, and other rolled-up belongings. 

Get the tutorial on the budgetdecorator.com

6. Rolling Shoes Rack

Rolling Shoes Rack under bed
(Source: Urban Outfitters)

Rolling drawers underneath your bed are one of the best ways to organize your room. These drawers also work great as shoe organizers. You can put away your shoes in a neat and tidy way without having to worry about taking up too much space.

Shop this Yamazaki Rolling Shoe Rack on potterybarn.com

7. Wooden Cupboard

a wooden cupboard underneath a bed
(Source: AD Magazin)

Setting up a wooden cupboard underneath your bed can be a smart place for storing away your belongings. This storage idea is really decorative but also clever because it’s a neat way to hide away all your stuff without dealing with clutter.  

8. PEVA Storage Bag

PEVA Storage Bag
(Source: The Container Store)

Storing away your belongings in vacuum bags and then putting them into a Peva storage bag is a great long-term storage solution. You can take thick belongings like blankets and pack them down into smaller sizes for easier storage. 

Shop this PEVA Under Bed Storage Bag on containerstore.com

9. Use Chest of Drawers

dorm room storage: Use Chest of Drawers under bed
(Source: Maddie MadelineSelman)

If you have a dorm room or a small space, then a chest of drawers like a dresser can be a great space saver. Having drawers in unique places like underneath your bed and in corners can be another way to maximize the space in your room. 

10. Utilize Two Levels

using open shelving for storing
(Source: overstock)

If you don’t want to deal with rolling storage or want a nice clean look, then you can use open shelving instead. Open shelving underneath your bed is a great way to store shoes and other belongings. You don’t have to deal with rolling things in and out and you don’t need to sacrifice a lot of space either. 

Shop this Yak About It Bi Level Shoe Storage Organizer on overstock.com

11. Wooden Box

Wooden Box Underneath A Bed
(Source: Get Laid Beds)

A wooden box such as crates underneath your bed can be a fantastic storage solution. This is a great place to store things like a bedspread, an extra pillow, and other bedding items. This aesthetic works really well in a farmhouse-themed bedroom as well. 

Shop these storage boxes on getlaidbeds.co.uk

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12. Smart Storage with Lid and Poppers 

Smart Storage with Lid and Poppers 
(Source: Ikea)

Stylish and clean storage options like storage with lid and poppers a great for a minimalist-themed bedroom. This storage style is really sleek, inconspicuous, and minimal. This is a great way to store linens, clothes, and even books. 

Shop this Vardoe bed storage on ikea.com

13. Woven Baskets

under-bed storage baskets
(Source: Pinterest)

A really cute way to store away belongings is by using under-bed storage baskets. Storage baskets like woven baskets and wicker baskets are a really delicate way to clean up the room. This style is especially appealing for shabby chic or boho-themed bedrooms. 

Shop woven baskets on etsy.com

14. Raised Bed with Storage Underneath

Raised Bed with Storage Underneath
(Source: casasugar)

If you have a raised bed, you have lots of opportunities to store things underneath it. One of the best ideas is using pallets as a way to create shelving. These pallets are great under-bed storage for shoes, clothes, books, and other things. 

15. Hidden Closet

Hidden Closet under bed
(Source: Dielle)

If you can incorporate a hidden closet in your bedroom, this can be a great way to maximize space. Use furniture and storage underneath your bed to create this hidden closet. Store away your clothes and shoes inconspicuously with this innovative style. 

16. Shelving and Drawers

bed frame storage with shelving and drawers
(Source: Shelving and Drawers)

If you have a large bed frame, you can incorporate storage within the frame. Consider setting up two large storage drawers for you to store away bulky items. You can incorporate smaller cubbies for smaller items as well. 

17. Functional and Storable

(Source: Elle Decoration)

Setting up stairs on a kid’s bed is a great way to incorporate built-in storage. You can use the space underneath the stairs as makeshift cubbies. This is a great place to store away toys and children’s clothes. 

18. Practical Storage 

use a nightstand as a practical storage solution
(Source: Ikea)

If you have a small living space, then it makes sense to use a nightstand as a practical storage solution. Incorporating a roll-out nightstand is an efficient way to keep all your belongings tidy and organized.

Shop this Fredvang under-bed storage on ikea.com

19. Under-Bed Storage Ideas with Wheels

Under Bed Storage with Wheels
(Source: ke-99)

A metal tray or container that has wheels and stores underneath your bed is a simple and effective storage solution. This tray can be a great way to store belongings that you commonly used throughout your day. 

Shop this Gracie Oaks galvanized metal tray on ke-99.top

20. Leather Storage Bed

Leather Storage Bed
(Source: Room&Board)

A leather storage bed is a really fabulous way to keep your room organized. A leather drawer serves as a great shoe storage solution too. It can also be a great place to store delicate clothes like ties and dress shirts as well. 

Shop this Wyatt leather storage bed on roomandboard.com

21. Custom Under-Bed Storage Boxes

Under-Bed Custom Storage Boxes
(Source: instagram_imogenalexandra)

Custom storage boxes that go underneath your bed are a great way to organize your child’s toys. A cute plastic under-bed storage bin is perfect for Lego storage, doll storage, and other toy storage that your little one might need. Plus it will help keep the room nice and tidy. 


For many bedrooms, under-bed storage ideas are really underrated. People often overlook the different ways they can maximize this space for their storage needs. We hope our list of storage ideas has helped inspire you. Be sure to share with us in the comments section below which of these ideas were your favorite and why. 

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