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19 Awe-Inspiring Twin Nursery Ideas

nursery ideas for twins

Designing a twin babies’ room is an exciting process, as you want to get everything right for the sake of your baby boys or girls. There are many design ideas you could work with when building a twin boy and girl nursery, including gender-neutral options that can accommodate all kids. Among twin nursery ideas you should keep in mind, you want to focus on the theme, furnishing, and furniture that matches your preferences. Here are some of the decor options you can explore to create the perfect twin nurseries. 

Best Twin Nursery Ideas

1. Modern Appeal

modern design
(Source: Triplex Architecture)

For a modern design, you should opt for a clutter-free space that will give your little ones the space they need to relax. This design language ensures a clean room that is easy to maintain. The emphasis is on balance and symmetry while ensuring a contemporary appeal that includes bold prints that provide some pop of color. Make it simple without taking away the excitement. 

2. Neutral Palette

Neutral Palette for a neutral-gender twin nursery
(Source: newarrivalsinc)

If you’re not confident about trying to match different colors, you could work with a neutral palette that gives you a timeless appeal. This is one of the ways you can create a gender-neutral space that does not focus only on features that appeal to a girl or a boy. It’s the perfect space for twins who share different preferences. Besides, neutrals are easier to pull off as they work with so many other neutral palettes. 

3. Use A Pop Of Color

Use A Pop Of Color
(Source: Seth Caplan)

Also, you might want to explore a bit of creativity with a pop of color. This is the way to go if you have twin girls with a personality that requires customizing the space to match their energy. To customize the walls, you can use a canvas print, or you can introduce colors that stand out through the pillow. The colors add character in a dull space, especially if the room features a minimalist design. 

Custom canvases and throw pillows for your baby at 365canvas.com

4. Playful Details

twin baby bedroom design with Playful Details
(Source: Roots Photography)

If you’re feeling colorful and want to try something charming, you can experiment with different colors. This is among the baby bedroom ideas you can use to raise the energy levels in the space and inspire your baby to have fun. Express yourself with different pops of color on the walls, floor, and through other accessories. For this idea, you also need excellent lighting to emphasize the unique features. 

5. Vintage Vibe

vintage vibe in nursery for twins
(Source: Trevor Tondro)

For a home build to feature a vintage vibe, you don’t need to make drastic changes when designing the twin nursery. Even ideas from the old world can help you create an elegant space your twins will love and enjoy. Explore earthy tones and browns, with a few pops of color and texture all around the room. A carpet featuring creative patterns can be an integral piece to complete the setup. 

6. Nature Theme

boho twin nursery
(Source: Momma Mills Blog)

Nature is refreshing, and this is an idea you could bring into the twin’s nursery. There are different ways to embrace the boho theme, including highlighting earthy features. To bring out the woodland, you can add some plants to the room. Also, have as much natural lighting as possible to create that outdoor feel in the room. Complete the setup with matching colors that depict a natural environment. 

Designed by Momma Mills Blog.

7. Cute Scalloped Wall

DIY twin nursery: Cute Scalloped Wall
(Source: @thetaylorstyle_)

If you’re looking for a DIY project you can build and have fun, this is an idea you can work on that requires only paint. It’s an easy project that will suit a twin boy and girl nursery. Start with the walls, and you can use a neutral green tone. This can pair with brown and white in other parts of the bedroom. Also, you can hang a few pictures on one of the walls to make it lively. 

8. Corner Cribs

place the cribs at the corner of the babies' room
(Source: Project Nursery)

For a home with a small room, you need to be creative with how you place the cribs. The use of space, in this case, is an important factor when designing the nursery. The corner is a good place to build the cribs, keeping them at the furthest point from the door if you plan to use the rest of the space for other things. This is a good area, especially near a window that floods the room with natural lighting. 

9. Geometric Wall

twin nursery ideas: geometric decor
(Source: wattpad)

Another thing to consider when building a twin nursery is to go with geometric decor options. This is one of the easiest baby room ideas for twins that will transform the room and ensure maximum utilization of the available space. On the walls, you can add a painting or wallpaper featuring geometric features to complement the theme. This is also applicable on the floor with a striped carpet or rug. 

10. Add Built-In Storage

Add Built-In Storage
(Source: Brit + Co)

You also want to keep in mind organization will make the space usable and an excellent space for the babies. When designing the nursery, you should consider integrating a safe for storage. You can use this to store essentials and avoid cluttering the room with items. Build shelves on the wall and display their favorite toys. 

Turn your babies’ photos into decorative items to display on their shelves at 365canvas.com

11. Place Cribs Back-to-Back

Place Cribs Back-to-Back
(Source: Pinterest)

A different approach you could work with includes placing two cribs in one room. When you arrange the cribs in this pattern, you make it easy to care for both babies. Also, it ensures better use of space and ensures you can have a dedicated area for the babies. You can add other features like an indoor plant to break the monotony. 

12. Animal Theme

Animal Theme
(Source: classyclutter)

How about displaying some photos or art print above cribs? This space is recommended as you want to walk in and get greeted with beautiful photos that your babies would also love. For the ideas, you can go with art pieces that feature your pet or other animals you love. 

Decorate the room of your twin baby with animal art prints at etsy.com

13. Add An Extra Chair

Add An Extra Chair between cribs
(Source: @mak.swnsn)

Decide if you need the nursery chair. There are different things to look at when choosing a nursery chair, including an armrest, which should be padded for seating comfort. Keep in mind things like lumbar support if you want to use the chair when breastfeeding, and it should also include a locking mechanism. To complete the setup, add decorative elements like a matching blanket and a pillow for more comfort. 

Shop leather armchairs at amazon.com and baby throw pillows and blankets at 365canvas.com

14. Make The Most Of Your Attic

twin nursery ideas: Make The Most Of Your Attic
(Source: theivorylane)

The attic is among the best places to set up a twin nursery. This space gives you an airy area of the room where you can customize a beautiful sleeping area for your babies. Create a dreamy environment with calming colors, and add an area rug for warmth and comfort when walking in the room. 

Shop this beautiful rug at wayfair.com

15. Dramatic Scheme

Dramatic Scheme in twin babies's room
(Source: @xxtinee)

Mix and match to achieve a unique profile if you want to design for twin baby boys. In this case, a monochrome scheme featuring black and white would work the best if you don’t want to play around with other complex colors. It’s a versatile color scheme that you can easily apply when decorating a twin nursery. 

16. Twin Nursery Ideas with Fabric Ceiling 

nursery ideas for twin: Fabric Ceiling
(Source: DecorPad)

Another interior design option you should experiment with is fabric ceiling. The ceiling is one of the most important parts of interior design, as you can use this space to create a stylish design for your space. Be creative with hanging fabric that complements a unique design language. 

17. Get Hip with Modern Elements

(Source: Jessica.A.Cardullo)

Build an acrylic crib that expresses a contemporary theme. One of the ideas you could implement is to add a neon name sign on one of the walls. Choose a color that blends with the room’s décor to maintain a consistent appeal. 

Shop this Harlow Acrylic 3-in-1 Crib at shop.projectnursery.com

18. Changing Table Between Cribs

Add a changing table between the cribs
(Source: Ali Guarino)

Add a changing table between the cribs. This could be used as a diaper changing station, a dresser, or storage for baby essentials. The setup is easy to create as you only need to move an existing storage unit to the space between the cribs. It’s a functional and aesthetic addition to the room. 

19. Personalize It

(Source: canal3dmaquetariadigital)

There are many ideas if you want to personalize a twin nursery, including the use of wall art and babies’ prints. Also, you can go with initials or a decor piece that expresses your personality. While doing these changes, also keep in mind what the babies would love in their space. 

Get personalized wall arts for your twin babies’ room at 365canvas.com


Customizing a baby’s room is an exciting process that will require your creativity. If you’re looking for twin nursery ideas, these suggestions are a good place to start. These can be DIY projects you can complete without using many resources. 


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