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21+ Best Tropical Bedroom Ideas To Let Summer In Your Area In 2022

21+ Best Tropical Bedroom Ideas To Let Summer In Your Area In 2022

One of the most beautiful bedroom decor styles to design your sleeping space is a tropical-inspired bedroom. Using tropical themes can assist you in creating a fantastic sleeping space that is reminiscent of the beach.

If you’re looking to transform your bedroom into a tropical oasis, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to look at some colorful ways to put together a tropical-style bedroom for the spring and summertime. 

In fact, you might find that our ideas are so vibrant and full of relaxation you might find yourself allowing this theme to bleed into the fall and winter season too. Let’s get started in finding your next tropical oasis!

Tropical master bedrooom design ideas

1.Grass Wall for Tropical Bedroom Ideas

Grass Wall for Tropical Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A green backdrop on your walls like a green grasscloth can be a really great way to create a beautiful tropical style in your bedroom. 

Create a fantastic look that is refreshing yet modern by using lots of shades of green. Select a calming yet inspiring bright green as the backdrop for the walls, then, complement the rest of the room using lighter shades of green. 

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2.Gorgeous Reclaimed Wood

Gorgeous Reclaimed Wood
(Source: Decoist)

Reclaimed wood as an accent wall can be such a great way to put together a tropical-inspired bedroom.

Depending on the type of shade you use in your reclaimed wood, you may need to alter the shade of green you use. 

Darker hues will call for dark green to be used throughout different canvas print artwork. Putting together a look like this will give you a timeless tropical bedroom that is stunning and straight out of a vacation magazine. 

3.Charming Stone for Tropical Bedroom

Charming Stone for Tropical Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Using stone in your bedroom like sanctuary stone or faux stone wallpaper can be a really beautiful way to bring in a natural look into your bedroom. 

By using lighter colored stones that you would find on a tropical beach, you can recreate a tropical flavor right in your sleeping space that is harmonious, relaxing, and inspiring. 

Play around with silver light sconces and light-colored fabrics to really highlight the beauty of the natural stone as well. 

If you want to incorporate floral decor you can do this by sneaking in some white tropical flowers as well as they will pair nicely with the white stone. 

4.Garden Outside 

Garden Outside 
(Source: Houzz)

An amazing design to utilize in a bedroom that has a glass wall is a simple outdoor garden that is viewable from the inside. In a bedroom like this, you can use the natural light from the outside to highlight the beauty that is inside your bedroom. 

Focus on using lots of whites, beiges, and even accents of light green throughout the room. This white light will help reflect the natural light from the outside making your room look bigger than it actually is. 

If the space allows, add in a large white area rug and even a small black platform bed to draw the attention into the room as well. 

5.Luxurious Canopy Bed Topical Bedroom

Luxurious Canopy Bed Topical Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the best ways to re-create a bedroom space so that it feels like you’re on holiday is by using a luxurious canopy bed curtain as the centerpiece of your bedroom. 

A white canopy bed curtain is reminiscent of beachside cabanas and can be a beautiful and relaxing way to fall asleep every night. 

Decorate around the room using lots of houseplants as well. You can set the plans on the nightstand or allow them to hang from the ceiling. This will create a beautiful look that is so relaxing, invigorating, and refreshing. 

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6.A Large Balcony for Master Bedroom

A Large Balcony for Master Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

If you have a large balcony in your bedroom, then it can be a great element to design around, especially if you have a big balcony with an open view. 

To create an ideal bedroom like this, pull in elements of the outdoors by using a lot of wood throughout the bedroom. You can swap out your traditional balcony doors for a big door that slides open and closed. 

When it comes to the linens you use, stick with plenty of brown and white shades in order to create a warm yet bright environment.

7.Create A Small Forest Inside Bedroom

Create A Small Forest Inside Bedroom
(Source: Decoist)

If you have a child’s bedroom that you want to dress up, then a modern tropical bedroom design scheme can be a great way to go. You can create a really nice bedroom by using a beautiful wall mural of a tropical landscape.

Mixing together vibrant colors like bright orange and deep blue can help you create an ambiance that is perfect for kids to fall asleep in. 

Not only that, but a room like this will create a serene ambiance that is absolutely inviting. You can even bring the tropical theme to life by using a nice big tropical plant in the corner of the room as well.

8.Green Leaf Bedding Sets

Green Leaf Bedding Sets
(Source: Pinterest)

Bring out the tropical theme in your bedroom by using tropical-inspired linens. A great linen type to design with is one that has great big leafy patterns on them. 

A great way to pair leafy linens with a tropical pattern is by using solid white or solid brown colors as well. 

You can also incorporate these beautiful colors through throw blankets and extra pillows too. The environment you’ll create is one that is relaxing, calming, and overly tropical.

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9.Timeless Tropical Leaf Rug Ideas

Timeless Tropical Leaf Rug Ideas
Source: DigsDigs)

You appreciate the tropical mood but aren’t quite ready to go all out with a tropical-themed bedroom. Then you can add this modest detail to help you get your feet wet in this unusual bedroom decor.

A great way to do this is by incorporating a stylish rug that takes on the shape of a monstera leaf. A leaf rug like this is not only cool, but it will provide a nice cherry feel to the atmosphere of your bedroom. 

Along with that, you can use a simple element like this to dress up a variety of bedroom types. Whether your bedroom is rustic, has a farmhouse feel to it, or is modern and traditional, a simple addition like this can transform the overall look.

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10.A big tree give your Bedroom a more Tropical feel

A big tree give your Bedroom a more Tropical feel
(Source: Home Decor Bliss)

A great way to incorporate some greenery in your room is by using a large tree that is either painted onto your walls or is displayed through the wallpaper mural. You can use a variety of trees so that the finished look fits in with your bedroom. 

Whichever tree design you go with if you pair it with different colors including a mustard color, or a grayish-blue color. You can create a nice bohemian-style bedroom that has elements of the tropics. 

Have fun putting together your large tree design, because whichever way you do it, it will be the focal point of the room.

11.Rattan Window Blinds

Rattan Window Blinds
(Source: Posh Pennies)

The tropics are all about light, breezy, and airy vibes. One of the best ways to pull off a vibe like this is by using rattan window blinds. Their brown color and outdoor appeal lend themselves well to a tropical-inspired bedroom. 

For the rest of the bedroom, decorate using lots of white and earth-toned hues. You can use white on the walls, and navy or light brown colors on the bedding. 

The end result will be a really nice and airy design scheme that feels and looks like a dream.

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12.Tropical Floral Parrots Mural 

Tropical Floral Parrots Mural 
(Source: AliExpress)

The beautiful thing about a tropical-inspired bedroom design theme is the reality that you can use lots of bright colors. This is great if you are someone who enjoys vibrancy throughout the room. 

There are many different ways to create a colorful bedroom. One is by using small decorative items around the room. Another one of the best ways is by using a tropical floral mural that is displayed on one wall in your bedroom. 

If you’d rather keep the color a little bit muted, then you can use custom paintings that are personalized around you and your love for the tropics. Either way, you’ll have a really nice pop of color that will make your bedroom stand out.

13.Summer Pastel for the Tropical Style Bedroom

Summer Pastel for the Tropical Style Bedroom
(Source: Kids Interiors)

Pastel colors work really well for a tropical design bedroom because pastel colors are all about calm, relaxation, and enjoyment. A summer pastel color scheme like this one works really well in a teenage girl’s bedroom or in a playroom. 

On one part of the wall, you can create a beautiful pastel-colored rainbow mural. Play up this pastel rainbow by incorporating other pastel elements throughout the bedroom. 

Be sure to balance out the color with plenty of white as well. White will help brighten up the room so that it appears larger than it actually is too.

14.Jungle Kids Bedroom

Jungle Kids Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have an extra room in your home, then you can transform it into a tropical playground that your children will love. 

The room will be a favorite for all the kids and the adults in the home because it is a vibrant, colorful, and overly fun space. 

Have fun creating a bedroom like this by using plenty of wall art and murals that revolve around the tropical theme. 

Bring the look to life by using lots of tropical plants around the room as well. If you’re going to use any furniture or play equipment, stick to wood and dark tones for a nice effect for the overall jungle theme of the room. 

15.Hawaiian Tropical Bedroom Ideas

Hawaiian Tropical Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A Hawaiian-inspired bedroom is such a beautiful theme to decorate around because Hawaii is the epitome of tropical vacations. Create an inspirational bedroom designed around this beautiful state by using lots of imagery consistent with the beach theme

Frame a beach mural in your bedroom and use plenty of shelves to decorate the room with as well. 

When it comes to the color palette, stick with light blue hues, different shades of color, and of course white for a look that is stunning, full of inspiration, and downright beautiful. A look like this will allow you to have paradise in your own sleeping space. 

16.Airy Tropical Bedroom with A Pallet Bed

Airy Tropical Bedroom with A Pallet Bed
(Source: Decoist)

Whether you want to create a DIY bedroom or want to put together a beautiful bedroom on a budget, decorating your room around a pallet bed can be a great way to go. 

Use several wood pallets and paint them white for a clean and vibrant finish. Then, decorate around the pallet bed using lots of white linens, wicker pots for storage, and pillows and throw blankets that have green leaves on them. 

If you want to incorporate plants throughout the room, set them on the floor or on top of wooden slabs to remain consistent with the chic design of the bedroom as well. 

17.Bamboo Furniture for Bedroom

Bamboo Furniture for Bedroom
(Source: Shelterness)

The bamboo will offer a nice touch to a tropical-inspired bedroom theme because bamboo is synonymous with the tropics. 

A great way to incorporate bamboo is by using a bamboo canopy bed and a bamboo rug that complement one another. Pair these two fixtures with a bright tropical bedding set and greenery throughout the room. 

Use furniture that is made out of wood but accentuates the bamboo in order to give your bedroom an outdoor feel. If you think that the room is getting too dark, brighten it up with shades of beige and white as well.

18.A Tropical Artwork 

A Tropical Artwork 
(Source: Curated Interior)

A canvas print with a beautiful tropical design on it can be a great centerpiece for any bedroom. Especially one that has such a simple design theme. 

To create a nice aesthetic like this one, Allow your decorated bedroom to use lots of whites. This will create a really bright aesthetic that helps focus the attention on the tropical artwork and not on the bedroom itself. The end result is a really relaxing space for you to fall asleep in.

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19.Wicker Pendant Lamp

Wicker Pendant Lamp
(Source: Pottery Barn)

Some of the best ways to pull a specific design theme into your bedroom are by using a specific type of decor element. 

In a room like this, using a tropical-style pendant lamp made out of wicker can be a really nice way to create a rustic bedroom design theme. It has undertones of the tropics and the beach to it. 

To brighten up the room, lean heavily on the use of light colors. Place tropical plants with vivid blossoms across the room if you want to add some color. However, limit them to a bare minimum to avoid becoming too distracting.

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20.Bring Forest into Your Bedroom with Tropical Curtains

Bring Forest into Your Bedroom with Tropical Curtains
(Source: DigsDigs)

Create a loud statement in your bedroom by using bright tropical forest curtains to create a tropical theme in your sleeping space. 

If you want to get into the details, you can even use a bamboo rod to hang up the curtain. A bamboo frame mirror will also be a nice design element that adds to the look. 

Mixing together these different elements will create a beautiful ambiance to the room that is inspiring and harmonious. 

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21.A Palm Tree brings You A Tropical Vibe

A Palm Tree brings You A Tropical Vibe
(Source: Pinterest)

Use a palm tree in your bedroom to really set the tone as far as tropical themes go. A large palm tree tucked into the corner of your bedroom can be such a beautiful centerpiece even though it is out of the way in your sleeping space. 

In an all-white bedroom, a palm tree in the corner can be a great addition to a reading nook, an office area, or even just a seating area. 

This nice pop of green in a sea of white would lend itself very well to people who like to design with very minimal colors and design themes.

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Put together a tropical bedroom that you are sure to fall in love with by using any one of these design themes we’ve explored. 

Which of these colorful aesthetics has been your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below! 

If you know someone who absolutely loves the tropics, be sure to share this article with them as well! 

We’ve got you covered if you’re seeking additional Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas.

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