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25 Toddlers’ Bedroom Ideas Your Little One Will Love

toddlers bedroom ideas

If you have a little toddler who is graduating from a crib into a big kid bed, then it’s time to reimagine their bedroom. This special age of 1 to 3 years old is the perfect time to create a whimsical and magical sleeping space for them. Today, we’re going to take a look at how you can transform your kid’s sleeping space into a bedroom that your little one will absolutely love. Our extensive list of toddlers’ bedroom ideas will help inspire you as your child moves to the next chapter of their life. Read on to find the perfect way to transform your toddler’s sleeping space. We’re sure you will find an idea that both you and your little one will love.

Toddlers’ Bedroom Decorating Ideas

1. Rainbow Theme

toddler's room ideas: Rainbow Theme
(Source: bosem)

A colorful bedroom is a great way to decorate your toddler’s sleeping space. One of the best elements for decorating was this theme is by using a rainbow as the basis of the decor style.

An earthy-toned rainbow like this style can create a really calming and relaxing space. Incorporate a rainbow tapestry, throw pillow, and wall art to achieve this look.

2. Statement Lighting

bedroom ideas for toddlers: Statement Lighting
(Source: House of Hawkes)

Skip a statement wall and opt for a statement lighting fixture Instead. This floral pendant light can create a really magical feel in your bedroom. If you have a nursery, this is a great design element to incorporate. Your little baby will love looking at the fixture and admiring its beauty.

You can shop this Pale, l’originelle pendant light on georgesstore.fr

3. Create A Play Area

Create A Play Area in a bedroom for two toddlers
(Source: berberlin)

If you have a shared bedroom for your two toddlers, then incorporate a toy station it can be magical. This will allow your little ones to have the opportunity to use their bedroom for more than just sleeping.

Allow the toy station to be in one corner of the room so that it is neat and clutter-free. A style like this works well for young toddlers and of course, twin siblings.

4. Use Every Nook and Cranny

toddler's room decor ideas: Use Every Nook and Cranny
(Source: Annie Schlechter)

You can give every nook and cranny of your child’s bedroom a beautiful aesthetic. A really neat way to do this is by creating a built-in wall shelf that is complemented by wallpaper throughout the room. This shelf will give you enough storage space for all your child’s toys.

Plus the look is a very stylish one that lends well to interior design styles for a little kid’s bedroom. 

5. Neon’s Message

toddler's bedroom decoration: Neon’s Message
(Source: EO)

Are really cute aesthetic for a little toddler’s room is one that displays all the mementos of childhood. A neon love sign, string lighting, and an ice cream mirror can all help you pull together this cute look.

To allow these elements to pop, consider painting an accent wall black and then displaying it on them. A look like this works really well for older toddlers and little kids who are budding into “big kid status.”

6. Design A Montessori Bedroom

Design A Montessori Bedroom
(Source: Lovevery)

If you are going to give your two-year-old a bedroom, then this style is definitely for them. Incorporate a Montessori bed that is low to the ground. This will keep them safe at night all while giving them a sense of independence. Other additions to include are a storage bin for all their toys and a colorful rug to help Inspire their senses. 

7. Pom Pom Accessories

Add Pom Pom Accessories for a cute toddler's bedroom
(Source: Rafa-kids)

Pom Pom accessories are an absolutely cute decor element and they totally belong in a toddler’s bedroom. Because of how fun this look can be, it can help you to pair it with a little bit more mature tones like black, beige, and white. A style like this works really well for older toddlers who want to gain a sense of independence and maturity as well. 

8. Scandinavian Room

Scandinavian Room for toddler kids
(Source: decouvrirlendroitdudecor)

If you want to put together a gender-neutral bedroom then this style is one to opt for. A look like this works really well in a small bedroom because you’re not going to be using a lot of furniture pieces.

Opt for lots of light tones including beige and white. These tones will allow you to open up the room as well. Utilize wall space for storage and floor baskets for storing daily used objects as well. 

9. Dinosaur Lovers

toddlers' bedroom ideas: Dinosaur Lovers
(Source: LadyLemonade)

If your little toddler is a dinosaur lover, then transform their bedroom into a dinosaur dreamland. Start by incorporating a dinosaur green strip that serves as an accent wall. This lime green tone offers a nice pop of color that will welcome your child as well. Incorporate dinosaur artwork and other themed pieces to create a fabulous bedroom aesthetic. 

10. Setup A Seating Area

toddlers' bedroom ideas: Setup A Seating Area
(Source: Hometalk)

Setting up a seating area for your three-year-old is a design element your toddler will absolutely love. This little seating area will allow them to feel like a big kid all while serving as a cute aesthetic.

Put this space together by using their favorite bean bag chair along with a small table. Add in a side table or bookshelf as well if you have the space. 

Shop this Big Joe Mitten Bean Bag Chair on walmart.com

11. High-Contrast

(Source: pottery barn kids)

There are so many different paint ideas to go with when you’re designing a toddler boy’s bedroom. A really classic tone to go with is this navy blue. Use this navy blue as an accent color incorporated on one wall.

For the rest of the room, use lots of white to help open up the space. This look is very mature yet absolutely charming for a little boy. 

12. Simple But Stylish

Simple But Stylish
(Source: Pinterest)

This simple yet stylish look deviates from the traditional toddler bedroom style. Despite this, it’s still a look at your little one will love. Incorporate a canopy floor bed that sort of dangles in the room.

If you add in lots of indoor plants then you can create a really neat jungle vibe. Dark green and gray are the go-to colors for a style like this. 

13. Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings
(Source: Gedpro)

If you’re not sure how to accessorize your toddler’s room, then consider using wall hangings. Wall hangings like a colorful garland, alphabet decoration, or other designs can all create a vibrant look in the room.

You can match up the color scheme of the bedroom with your garland or you can use a pop of color or neutral tones. Either way, this will help you create a really nice child-inspired theme in the room.

Shop Alphabet wall hangings on etsy.com

14. Use Bunk Beds

Use Bunk Beds
(Source: Oliver furniture)

Whether you have a small bedroom or want to create more floor space, you may want to consider using bunk beds. A bunk bed is perfect for a toddler or preschooler who shares the room with their sibling.

Find a bunk bed that complements the aesthetic of the bedroom. Or, use a spunky bed setup and match the rest of the room to it.

Shop these bunk beds on oliverfurniture.com

15. Great Painting 

Great Painting
(Source: MOOUI)

A really cool way to design your child’s bedroom is by incorporating an accent wall that doubles up as a colorful mural. You can paint the mural on yourself if you have that artistic touch. Or, you can use a cling on the mural as well. Use a mural that complements your little ones’ personal interests to create a room they will love. 

16. Decorated Daybed

Decorated Daybed
(Source: Pinterest)

Incorporating a daybed in your toddler’s space will allow them to use their bedroom for more than just sleeping. Cozy up with your little one in their daybed as they share with you some of their favorite stories.

This design element will also give your child an automatic reading nook for them to use as well. This comfortable space is a must-have in every little child’s room. 

17. Go Bold

toddlers' bedroom ideas: Go Bold
(Source: live loud girl)

You can create a really cool space by using a bold color in the bedroom. In this style, a rusty maroon allows the bedroom to pop. Use bold color on the walls and on the bedding. If it’s a dark tone, be sure to use lots of white to help brighten up the space as well. 

18. Toddler’s Space In Adult’s Space

Toddler’s Space In Adult’s Space
(Source: Ikea)

If you share a bedroom with your toddler, then there are so many fabulous ways to dress up the space. In this look, the design used is one that lends well to an adult bedroom and a toddler’s bedroom. Stick with cute little patterns and soft colors that both you and your little one will love. For a sense of cohesion, you can even use the same style of bedding sets.

Shop this look on ikea.com

19. Kid-Friendly Wall Decor

Kid-Friendly Wall Decor
(Source: Kids Interiors)

Incorporating lots of kid-friendly artwork in your toddler’s bedroom will allow them to have space that is personalized and inspiring. Incorporate personalized wall art that decorates their name or their interests.

Other elements to include can be a canvas with a motivational quote or a framed image of their favorite artwork.

Shop personalized wall arts on 365canvas.com

20. Magnetic Wallpaper 

toddlers' bedroom ideas with a Magnetic Wallpaper
(Source: Sian Zeng)

You can totally transform your little one’s bedroom by using a beautiful magnetic wallpaper theme. Pick a pattern that speaks to your little one’s personality.

Your child can even be part of the process of helping you pick out their favorite style. Even with the simplest of wallpaper designs, you can totally transform a bedroom.

Shop this beautiful magnetic wallpaper on sianzeng.com

21. Add A Swing Chair

Add A Swing Chair
(Source: Hanging-Chairs) 

A chair that is hanging from the ceiling can be a fun addition to any child’s bedroom. Your little toddler will love to cozy in it as it swings. This unique fixture can also serve as a great reading nook for them to relax in. Your little one will absolutely enjoy this furniture piece especially if it’s in a corner by a window. There, they can sit and dream the day away.

22. Pop of Color

Add a Pop of Color
(Source: A Crafted Passion)

If you want to decorate with a more traditional vibe, then keep things simple but add in bursts of color. When you add a pop of color, you transform the space into a lovely room that your child will love. This gives them an area to relax and lounge around in. you can incorporate pops of color through the window curtain, a rug, and of course wall art. 

23. Customizable Bed

Customizable Bed
(Source: latoupie)

A customizable bed can be a really cool substitute for a traditional toddler bed. This type of bed has several mattresses that overlap one another. You can swap out the mattresses if you want to lower the bed too. Use blankets that help complement the theme of the room. For example, if the room has blue walls, then complement it with blue bedding. 

Customize a decorative throw blanket for your toddler kid’s bed on 365canvas.com

24. Sweet Dream

pink toddlers' bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

You can create a marvelous pretty pink bedroom for your little toddler girl. A room like this will give the aesthetic worthy of being a princess. Incorporate lots of pink throughout the space, white, and of course all things glittery gold. Have fun with floral murals and chandelier light fixtures as well. The possibilities with this pretty bedroom are simply endless.

25. Pillow Says

(Source: Classy Clutter)

Create the ultimate zone for relaxation and play with this inspired bedroom. Incorporate a teepee that your little one can cuddle up into when they want to read. Help personalize the space by including a custom pillow cushion that has a motivational quote on it. Incorporate lots of reading books, toys, and other elements to help create a really charming space.

Personalize a cute throw pillow for your toddler kid’s area on 365canvas.com


Toddler’s bedroom ideas are absolutely endless. There are so many ways you can dress up a toddler’s sleeping space. The best way however is to complement the space so that it matches their personality and their interests.

We hope our list of the most wonderful ideas for dressing up a toddler’s room has helped inspire you. If you have a little toddler at home, which of these ideas have been your favorite? Be sure to share with us your thoughts in the comments section below. Here’s to happy decorating!

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