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23+ Toddler Girl Room Ideas To Transform Your Little One’s Space (2022)

toddler girl room ideas

One of the best bedrooms to put together is a toddler girl’s sleeping space. These types of rooms are just so fun to decorate because of all the neat colors you can play around with. Today, we’ve got some great toddler girl room ideas that you will absolutely fall in love with. Or fantastic decor ideas will show you how to create a whimsical environment for your little one ages 1 to 3 years old. You can create a really stunning space for your little girl that is both vibrant and cute yet incredibly affordable. Read on to see which of these great looks can work in your little one’s space.

Pretty Toddler Girl Bedroom Themes and Inspiration

1. Classic Black and White

toddler girl room ideas: Classic Black and White
(Source: Pinterest)

Contrasting colors like a classic black and white scheme is one of the best toddler girls’ bedroom painting ideas. You can add elements of femininity by sprinkling in light tones of pink throughout the room. You can do this through bed sheets, wall decor, and other decorative accessories. 

2. Beachy Air In Minimalist Style

toddler girl room ideas: Beachy Air In Minimalist Style
(Source: facilisimo)

A light and airy beachy space is one of the best bedroom themes for little girls. The interior design of this style is made up of light colors like white and gray. You can accentuate the walls by using white on white shiplap. Using simple color schemes with neat texts like this can help you create a really vibrant bedroom.  

3. Fun and Colorful Toddler Girl Room Ideas

toddler girl room ideas: Fun and Colorful 
(Source: Sugar and Cloth)

This DIY toddler girl room decor relies heavily on different colors. You can use an array of colorful decor elements in order to put together this room. Consider creating an accent wall composed of striped colorful lines. Match the accent wall with an equally colorful carpet. Use lots of white as well to help balance out the room. 

3. Chill-Out Zone

toddler girl room ideas: Chill-Out Zone
(Source: The Pink Dream)

Using a corner, a chalkboard easel, and some creativity, you can create the perfect setting for a tea party. Your three-year-old girl will love this little area that serves as the perfect play area set up. Use lots of white tones and decorative fixtures to create an elegant space.

5. Shared Bedroom In Neutral Tones

toddler girl room ideas: Shared Bedroom In Neutral Tones
(Source: whitepicketfarmhouse)

This next design works great for baby boy and toddler girl room ideas. A really great way to dress up this room is by using fun artwork. You can use dark tones and one side and light girly shades on the other.

6. Combined With Playroom

toddler girl room ideas: Combined With Playroom
(Source: Architectural Digest)

Combine the playroom and bedroom to create the ultimate space for your little one. This is one of the best pink toddler room ideas if you’ve got furniture pieces that can serve as a storage unit. Use lots of light pink throughout the room to create a really cute aesthetic.

7. Keep It Clean With White

toddler girl room ideas: Keep It Clean With White
(Source: Stage+Style+Stras)

If you’re looking for twin toddler girl bedroom ideas, then this style is for you. This look works especially well if you have a small room. Use lots of white throughout the space to make it feel more open. Canvas wall art with lots of white tones can help you accomplish this. 

8. Toddler Girl Room Ideas With Artistic Ceiling

toddler girl room ideas: Artistic Ceiling
(Source: Pinterest)

Give your child’s room a ceiling treatment for a really stunning statement piece. This style is perfect for creating princess rooms for toddlers. If you have high ceilings, then incorporating a drop down chandelier can accentuate this style. Use lots of royal hues like gold, silver, and white. 

9. Style In Pastel Tones

Style In Pastel Tones
(Source: Velveteen Babies)

Pastel tones are absolutely charming for a toddler girl’s bedroom. You can use pastels in all types of bedroom decor. Incorporate these charming shades on throw pillows, a bedroom rug, and modern wall decor. For a really neat look, you can pull the room together by using a particular shade that serves as the theme.

Custom throw pillows for your toddler girl on 365canvas.com.

10. Animal Decor

Animal Decor
(Source: Lili in wonderland)

Animal decor is another great idea for toddler girl room wall decor. You can use an array of animal heads, paw prints, and animal patterns to create this darling look. Hanging stuffed animal heads on the wall is another way to make this theme come alive.

Shop animal heads for your toddler girl bedroom decoration on etsy.com.

11. Cover Her Sleeping Quarter

Cover Her Sleeping Quarter
(Source: Pinterest)

Using a sheer curtain, create a room divider around your little girl’s bed. This will help you create a really neat design that also separates the space. Inside of the sleeping space, install shelves for books, wall art, and other decor items. This will create a space your little one is sure to love. 

12. Glamorous Look

Glamorous Look with a canopy over an extendable bed, a flower pot wall fixture, and stars on a corner of the room
(Source: yourstrulyaenny)

Even for a one year old, you can still create a glamorous bedroom. You can do this by setting up a canopy over an extendable bed. Use twinkle lights around the canopy to brighten up the space. Incorporate a flower pot wall fixture for a nice touch of cuteness as well. Polka dots or stars on a corner of the room can help create a sense of magic in the space as well. 

Shop this Ext bed frame with slatted bed base on ikea.com.

13. Sweet Peach

Sweet Peachy tones in toddler girls' room
(Source: IG_hudsonandharlow)

This beautiful Boho style bedroom plays around with lots of peachy and light rose tones. Incorporate fun elements like a shell cushion and a Boho-style wardrobe in this type of room. This charming room will be an oasis of relaxation for your little one.

Love this look? You can shop for it here!

14. Add Pom Pom Accessories

Add Pom Pom Accessories
(Source: HMHome)

Pom pom accessories are such a cute element to incorporate in a little girls room. You can create pom pom garlands or find a favorite set to display as wall decor. Pom pom baskets are another fun way to create cute storage in the room as well.

Shop Pom Pom baskets and Pom Pom garlands on etsy.com.

15. Indoor Camping

toddler girls' room ideas: installing an indoor teepee
(Source: Lesley Unruh)

If you’re putting together a princess themed room, installing an indoor teepee can be such a cute addition. This will give your child a sense of outdoor play as they explore their imagination. Used lots of light tones including white, but of course, incorporate pops of color as well.

16. DIY House Shelves

DIY House Shelves
(Source: theeverco.co)

If you are on a budget, you can still create a charming little girl’s room. This fun project is a great way to create shelving in the room. Put together a wood framed house shelf that is big enough for your little one to utilize on their own.

Check out this tutorial to create your own shelving. 

17. Cozy Space

Cozy Sleeping Space with fairy lights
(Source: miracleflowers)

You can really pull together a charming space by using the simplest of items. For example, incorporating cute bedding items is a great way to start in a little girl’s bedroom. fixtures including string and copper lighting are a fun way to add an element of magic to the space as well.

Shop other cute bedding items on 365canvas.com.

18. Add A Montessori Floor Bed

Add A Montessori Floor Bed
(Source: Sprout Modern Kids Furniture)

A Montessori floor bed for toddler girl rooms is a really safe sleeping option to consider. These types of beds are low to the ground and allow your child to safely get in and out of bed. Plus, this bed offers a really fun look for any little girl sleeping space.

You can shop this floor bedframe on sprout-kids.com. 

19. Purple Theme

Purple Themed bedroom for toddler girls
(Source: Architectural Digest)

A purple theme bedroom can be such a bold and pretty style to go with. Purple bedroom ideas for toddlers are filled with whimsical pattern decor elements. Consider incorporating a butterfly printed accent chair that goes along with a bold zebra rug. These types of bold statements throughout the room can really lend well with purple accents. 

Shop zebra carpets on etsy.com.

20. Play With Patterns

Play With Patterns
(Source: Casa de Valentina)

Playing around with different patterns and colors can be a fun way to put together a colorful space. Patterns on the bedding, bedspread and other linens are a great place to start. A pattern throw pillow can also be a fun way to play around with different styles too.

Check out these neat personalized throw blankets if you want a touch of personalization. 

21. Combine Arches 

Combine Arches in toddler girls' bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Arches in a bedroom will always symbolize warmth and elegance. This is no different for a toddler bedroom as well. Using arches in interior design is all dependent on your personal preference. Typically, however, you may want to include this design style on your bedroom window or even doorway.

22. Eclectic Style

toddler girls' bedroom ideas: Eclectic Style
(Source: Pinterest)

An eclectic style bedroom can be the perfect scene for a two year old girl. Mix together different elements of sleek, stylish decor with fun and playful design elements. You can play around with lots of different tones but stick with one base neutral tone. For this room, the hue light blue helps to tie everything together. 

23. Magical Forest Sleeping Nook

Magical Forest Sleeping Nook
(Source: Coliena Rentmeester)

You can create a fairy tale sleeping space for your little one with this stunning bedroom design idea. Incorporate vintage does core elements that have accents of the outdoors. Installing a faux tree complete with full lamps can also help you create a really outdoorsy vibe.

You can check out some of these neat tree branch canopy beds. Use lots of fairy lights and copper string lighting to create a magical effect as well.

Check out some of these neat tree branch canopy beds on ww-99.top.

24. Red Accents

toddler girls' bedroom ideas: Red Accents
(Source: bloesem)

Red accent can be a fantastic color for putting together a toddler‘s bedroom. Create an accent wall with a large Danese Milano Uno La Mela Large Red Apple Poster. This apple wall art canvas can serve as the room’s statement piece. You can even add in a birdcage chandelier to help create a really unique look as well. Lots of white throughout the room will really help the red color pop out.

Shop more wall arts to hang in your toddler girls’ bedroom from 365canvas.com.


We hope our extensive list of toddler girl room ideas has helped inspire you. There are a variety of bedroom decor styles that you can use to accommodate your little toddler. Having a healthy amount of color, charm, and space will help you put together a room your child will love.

Which of these fantastic toddler bedroom ideas was your favorite? Be sure to share with us in the comments section below. Know someone who has a darling toddler girl? Be sure to share this article with them as well.

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