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21+ Toddler Boy’s Room Ideas Your Little Boy Will Love 

Our extensive list of toddler boy’s room ideas is sure to give you inspiration for some out-of-this-world design styles.

It can get quickly overwhelming when you start thinking about what should be in a toddler’s room. Just like when you are decorating a toddler girl’s room, there are so many different options, colors, and design styles to go with when it comes to a toddler’s bedroom. Today, we’re going to take a look at some adventurous and fun bedroom decor styles that your little boy will love.

From your little boy’s favorite cartoon characters to their favorite sport, our list of some fantastic toddler boy’s room styles is sure to inspire you. Read on to see which ideas you will fall in love with. 

Modern Boy’s Bedroom Ideas for Toddlers

1.Dinosaur Customized Roman Shades

Dinosaur Customized Roman Shades
(Source: Anvige Home Textile)

An easy way to add charm to your toddler’s room is by incorporating customized Roman shades. This design element can be inspired by the theme of the bedroom.

For example, if the room has dinosaur decor, then a dinosaur-themed shade is the way to go.  

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2.Toddler Boy’s Room Ideas with Natural vibes

Toddler Boy’s Room Ideas with Natural vibes
(Source: Pinterest)

A mountain mural is a great way to incorporate a natural aesthetic into a toddler boy’s bedroom. To help complement this look, incorporate a little play tent as well.

Other accents like string lighting and indoor plants can really make a bedroom like this come alive. 

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3.Create Colorful lanterns

Create Colorful lanterns
(Source: Light a Lantern)

Colorful hanging lanterns can be such a great addition to a baby’s nursery decor.

Use bold colors like yellow, green, and orange to give the space a very vibrant look. Whether you have a toddler boy or are opting for a gender-neutral room, this is a great style to go with. 

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4.Twin baby boy’s room ideas

Twin baby boy’s room ideas
(Source: Oh Happy Play)

You can keep things light and airy yet still cool enough for your toddler boy with this coastal vibe.

A bedroom like this will play around with lots of light tones. To keep things boyish, you can incorporate white car floor beds for an element of fun. Add pops of color through the bedding, and through-wall art as well. 

5.Vintage Toddler boy’s room ideas

Vintage Toddler boy’s room ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

This traditional-style bedroom has a great mixture of modern and vintage flair. Incorporate traditional bedroom furniture like a wooden bed and wooden chest in your toddler boy’s space.

Then add in some charming vintage toy pieces to help decorate the room. You’ll have a really colorful yet dated space that your little one will enjoy. 

6.Four-poster bed for a little boy

Four-poster bed for a little boy
(Source: Cuckooland)

A toddler boy’s bedroom that plays around with a neutral color palette can be so charming. To pull together this look, focus on minimized Decour. Use light-colored decor elements alongside a light color pastel scheme.

A four-poster bed in the center of the room with lots of string lights is another design element to consider. 

7.Small toddler boy’s room storage system

Small toddler boy's room storage system
(Source: Pinterest)

Storage bins are a brilliant way to save space in a small bedroom. If your toddler boy has lots of toys or personal belongings, then this decor theme is right for you. Allow the color white to be the main feature of the storage bins in your boy’s room.

White can help you maintain a monochromatic clean look. Then, complement it was darker tones through graphic wall art and storage compartments. 

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8.Toddler boy’s room theme ideas

Toddler boy’s room theme ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A car-themed bedroom can be a great way to style up your little boy’s sleeping space. A room like this is easy to put together if you focus on themed furniture.

For example, you can set up a car bed with a matching racetrack mural. A look like this lens really well to a playroom as well. 

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9.Sports themed baby’s room 

Sports themed baby’s room
(Source: Ariyona Interior)

A sports-themed bedroom is a great decor style for any toddler boy’s room. You can look at different types of sports themes for inspiration.

For example, baseball and basketball themes will incorporate lots of red, white, and blue tones to them. A really fun decor accessory to incorporate is a large ball mural with your child’s initials inside of it. 

10.Install hanging chair

Install hanging chair
(Source: Project Nursery)

Every little boy should have a bedroom that has a fun playtime vibe to it. One of the bus toddler boy’s bedroom ideas is incorporating a hanging chair.

This hanging chair is a great place for them to sit and play with their toys or read their favorite book. Plus, it’s such a neat Furniture piece that works in any room. 

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11.Create a modern attic toddler boy’s room

Create a modern attic toddler boy’s room
(Source: bosem.in)

Attics are great places to convert into bedrooms. But they’re also limited on the amount of space they can offer. To create a really beautiful space-saving aesthetic for your little boy, consider playing around with a gray color.

Gray walls and gray furniture will help brighten up the space. If you have a skylight, this too can help give the room a more open feel. 

12.Bed Tent for little boy’s bedroom

Bed Tent for little boy’s bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A bed tent in a little boy’s bedroom is a great furniture piece that breeds inspiration and fun.

What’s great about this bed is that you can completely create it all on your own. The best part is, this is a great activity that your little one can help work on with you as well! 

How to make a tent bed

13. Creative Spiderman pendant lamp

Creative Spiderman pendant lamp
(Source: Pinterest)

A Spiderman pendant lamp or light is the perfect way to incorporate your child’s favorite cartoon character.

This aesthetic is not only one of the neatest addition in terms of toddler boys’ bedroom ideas, but it’s also a really funny addition to their sleeping space. You can complement this unique pendant light by incorporating a Spiderman mural as well. 

14.Painting Ideas for a toddler boy’s room

Painting Ideas for a toddler boy's room
(Source: The Family Handyman)

Part of the challenge with decorating a bedroom is picking the right wall paint. An easy way to combat this is by creating a fun wall mural. A design style like construction zones and tracks for cars and truck toys can be a great way to start.

By creating a mural that incorporates these elements you can create a really sporty and fun style that can even work really well if you’re trying to create a play space. 

15.Hanging Cute pictures for your toddler’s bedroom

Hanging Cute pictures for your toddler’s bedroom
(Source: 365canvas.com)

Personalized canvas artwork and other cute pictures are essential when you are considering a baby boy’s room decor ideas. If your little one is really young, play around with light colors like pastel, yellow, and green.

These tones will all lend well to creating a bright and airy space that is cozy and relaxing. One of the best ways to incorporate pictures is by using personalized ones. 

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16.Shared room ideas for Toddler

Shared room ideas for Toddler
(Source: Pinterest)

Honeycomb-style beds are perfect if you’re in need of toddler boy and girl shared room ideas. What makes this look so unique is the fact that you can personalize the room so that it fits the needs of your toddler ones.

For example, on one side of the room, you can have girly decorative effects while the other side can play around with more boyish tones.

To keep things really neutral and even-toned, you can stick to one neutral pastel color like olive or gray. This will also allow the honeycomb style to stand out. 

17.Toddler Floating bed ideas

Toddler Floating bed ideas
(Source: Decoholic)

Kids floating bed designs are really neat because they will give your little one a sense of magic and wonder. Not only that, but a floating bed is perfect if you are in need of saving space in the room.

The bottom of the bed can be used as a place to store away bins, baskets, toys, and clothes. Plus you can even use the top of the bed to store away additional items as well. 

18.A stunning jungle bedroom

A stunning jungle bedroom
(Source: The Scottish Sun)

An animal-themed bedroom is a way to go if you have a toddler one who loves the outdoors. You can create a mural that has all the animals of the jungle as the focal point of the room.

Incorporate real-life house plans to give off that aesthetic of the outdoors. Use lots of greens, yellows, and brown tones throughout the room as well. Together, these different elements will create a wildlife lover’s dream. 

19.Toddler boy’s room ideas with children’s road game rug

Toddler boy’s room ideas with children’s road game rug
(Source: Pinterest)

Area rugs can do a great job of bringing a room to life. A play rug that offers a road or track design for your little one to use their cars and trucks on is a perfect way to engage your toddler’s mind.

This is another way to get your child moving and playing around the way they would in an outdoor playground. If you have a large space, you can use several different types of play rugs together. This way, you can have different play areas throughout the room. 

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20.Black and white theme

Black and white theme
(Source: Pinterest)

Even in a little boy’s room, you can still create a unique space using charming boho toddler boy bedroom ideas. Use plenty of playful patterns to help you create a really calming space.

Then incorporate vibrant colors that will keep your little one engaged. A tent-style bed, a rocking chair, and house plants are all different elements to consider with this look. 

21.Deep space toddler bedding 

Deep space toddler bedding 
(Source: Pinterest)

A space-themed bedroom is an absolute dream for any little boy. This is also one of the best toddler boy bedroom ideas if your little one loves exploration, the planets, and all things out of this world.

The best way to pull this look together is by using a space-themed bedding and pillow set. Use lots of white, navy blue, and yellow throughout the rest of the room as well. 

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It’s easy to see why decorating your toddler boys’ room often ends up being a lot harder than you think it will be. We hope our expensive list of toddler boy’s room ideas has helped give you some inspiration. 

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below which of these design elements have been your favorite and why. Know someone who has a little boy and is in need of a room makeover? Be sure to share this article with them as well! 

25 Toddlers’ Bedroom Ideas Your Little One Will Love
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