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21+ Gorgeous Teen Girl’s Bedroom Ideas (2022)

bedroom ideas for teenage girls

A teenage girl needs to have a space that she can use to unwind and decompress whenever she needs it. But if you’re struggling with how to decorate your daughter’s room in a stylish yet comfortable way, you’re not alone. 

We’ve discovered 22 fun teen girls’ bedroom ideas that will make her dream room a reality. The best part is that they can be adapted to fit any budget. You can use these tips as inspiration to create a custom look that works best for her. 

Best Teen Girls’ Bedroom Ideas

1. Make a Colorful Oversized Headboard

Make a Colorful Oversized Headboard
(Source: Awesome Decors)

Using a large headboard as part of your teen’s room decor is a great way to show off her style. Oversized cushioned headboards, in particular, are popular because they add more comfort to the bed, doubling as a backrest.

You also have the option of reupholstering the headboard later, which is perfect for the teen years when her style might change frequently. 

2. Use Stickers For Self-Expression

Use Stickers For Self-Expression
(Source: Amazon)

When it comes to cute wall decals that reflect someone’s personal style, the possibilities are endless. There are tons of options, from funny sayings or quotes to beautiful floral designs.

Using one big wall sticker would make a dramatic impact in your teenage girl’s room. Or, you could arrange multiple stickers for a cool effect your teen will love. 

3. Save Space with a Bunk Bed for Teen Girl

Save Space with a Bunk Bed for Teen Girl
(Source: Pinterest)

Bunk beds don’t have to be reserved for shared rooms. They can provide an amazing hangout spot or a guest bed for sleepovers.

Custom bunk beds also provide another opportunity to show off your teenager’s style – you can play around with fun bedding for the extra bunk, and colorful designs for the wood. This idea works for a wide range of budgets, too. 

4. Create a Unique Look With a Hanging Chair

Create a Unique Look With a Hanging Chair
(Source: Pinterest)

Installing a hanging chair in your teenager’s room can turn an ordinary room corner into the coolest nook for them to relax.

Hanging chairs come in many sizes and materials to match your child’s style and provide a great seating option for them or their friends. To add some depth to the room, add more decor to the area with the chair such as lights or a cute rug underneath. 

5. Teen Girls’ Bedroom Ideas With A Feminine Chandelier

Get a Feminine Look With a Chandelier
(Source: Jillian Harris)

Chandeliers used to be mainly a status symbol for wealthy families. Now, your teenage girl can use one in her bedroom for an ultra-girly, vintage look.

You can pair them with a fuzzy rug or pillows to create some seriously cozy vibes. Chandelier wall stickers are also a great option for young girls to add that feminine touch without breaking the budget.  

6. Incorporate Pink For the Ultimate Girly Room

Incorporate Pink For the Ultimate Girly Room
(Source: Obsessed4interiors

Pink will always be the hottest color for many young girls. If your teenager is a fan of pink, there are many ways to incorporate her favorite shades. Start by choosing a shade of pink that will be the inspiration for the whole look.

For example, choosing decorative items in a subtle blush shade will create sophisticated vibes, whereas a mix of hot pink and black can evoke more of a chic, glamorous vibe.  

7. A Small, Stylish Desk and Chair As Nightstand Alternatives

A Small, Stylish Desk and Chair As Nightstand Alternatives
(Source: Decorpad)

A desk and chair are the perfect addition for any teenage girl. Whether they use it for homework, journaling, or art, they will love having space to quietly focus.

You can add decorations to make the area seem like a cute office space. You can often find old stuff that is perfect for repurposing, painting, and reupholstering at garage sales or thrift shops. 

8. Upcycle Your Teen’s Bed

Upcycle Your Teen’s Bed
(Source: decocrush)

If your teenage girl has an affinity for luxury, a few simple touches can turn her bed into a dramatic focal point. Adding a sheer canopy, a vintage headboard, or fancy-looking sheets are all ways to make the bed look luxurious. For a finishing touch, add a custom throw pillow or blanket.

Custom your own pillows and throw blankets on 365canvas.com

9. Hang Twinkle Lights For a Whimsical Look

Hang Twinkle Lights For a Whimsical Look
(Source: Allie)

Twinkle lights, also known as fairy lights, look pretty in any room of the house. When you add them to a teenage girl’s room, it ties the rest of the decor together to create a feminine vibe.

There are many ways to incorporate lights. You can drape them around the top borders of the room, make a photo display with mini-clothespins, or hang them on one wall like a curtain. 

10. Place the Bed on a Podium

Place the Bed on a Podium
(Source: House n Decor )

Anyone with a small room is familiar with the constant struggle to save space. Building a wooden podium is a genius way to add more storage space to your teenage girl’s room.

You can add multiple drawers to store the overflow from her dresser, shoes, or anything else that needs a spot. Make the podium look modern with a stylish design or colors.

11. Create a Girly Study Nook

Create a Girly Study Nook
(Source: Dyke & Dean)

Your teenage girl will be (hopefully) eager to get her work done when she has her own study nook complete with custom pictures. A small, simple white desk is an inexpensive way to create a look that will go with any kind of decoration. Pair it with a cute wooden filing cabinet for extra storage space. 

Custom your own prints with pictures on 365canvas.com

12. Opt For a Sleek, Modern Study Space

Opt For a Sleek, Modern Study Space
(Source: biss)

If your teenage girl has a flair for bold, modern style, consider a minimalistic desk with an artsy pinboard hanging above it. To get the look, the desk should be simple and relatively monochromatic, which will draw attention to the pinboard.

Your teen will love decorating the pinboard any way she pleases. It will also be useful for hanging reminders and notes. 

13. Add Open Shelving to Your Teen Girl’s Study Space

Add Open Shelving to Your Teen Girl’s Study Space
(Source: Home Interior Design)

If your teen is all about functionality and convenience, look for a desk that has open shelves built into it, or pick up some cool floating shelves to hang above it.

Floating shelves are budget-friendly and simple, making anything that is stored on them look like part of the decor. Even stacks of textbooks will look stylish there and will keep your teenager from throwing her stuff on the floor. 

14. Set Up a Vanity For Your Beauty Queen

Set Up a Vanity For Your Beauty Queen
(Source: eslamoda)

If your teenager is into makeup or styling her hair, a vanity in her room is a great addition. It’s also an easy way to keep her cosmetics from cluttering up the bathroom.

To set up the ultimate beauty station, you can buy a vanity with a lighted mirror, or repurpose an old desk and use containers to organize her supplies. 

15. Use Space Under the Bed as a Closet

Use Space Under the Bed as a Closet
(Source: ms-99.top)

If your teenage girl’s room is on the small side, storing clothes under the bed is a good way to free up some space.

If she has a loft bed, this is the perfect place to convert some of the space into a closet. You can also buy storage bags that will fit under nearly any bed that has some space underneath. 

Shop this wardrobe loft bed on ms-99.top

16. Create a Hangout Spot with Sofas

Create a Hangout Spot with Sofas
(Source: Decoist)

Any teen would appreciate more space to hang out and relax in their room. Adding some fun-colored sofas and a picture to a large empty space will create a makeshift hangout zone. She can use this space to read, watch TV, or hang out with friends.

The picture on the wall can be anything from an interesting photograph to a movie poster to demonstrate her personal style. 

17. Make Use of a Small Space With Beanbag Ottomans

Make Use of a Small Space With Beanbag Chairs
(Source: Decorpad)

If your teenager has a smaller room like an attic, for example, faux fur beanbag ottomans are the perfect way to create a cozy hangout nook. Beanbag ottomans are great because they fit where chairs don’t, and your teen will love how comfortable it is.

18. Use Princess-Themed Decor

Use Princess-Themed Decor
(Source: Pinterest)

If your young girl is obsessed with Disney stuff, there are tons of creative teen girls’ bedroom ideas and options for her in terms of room decor.

She can get her princess dream room with a four-poster bed with ornate details and a luxurious armoire. Or if she wants her favorite princesses featured in the room, she can find movie posters or wall decals online. 

19. A Green Space Creates Zen Vibes for Teenage Girls

A Green Space Creates Zen Vibes for Teenage Girls
(Source: Pinterest)

Green is a color that often helps people relax. If your teenage girl loves green and nature vibes, make those part of her room’s theme.

A beautiful mint green wall color paired with real or artificial plants will create the ultimate chill zone for your child. This is also a great way to embrace her love of the outdoors.

20. Decorate With Floral Accessories

Decorate With Floral Accessories
(Source: HomeArise)

If your teenage girl loves girly, flowery prints, why not go all out with a floral room theme? A huge flower photograph, wall decals, artificial flower arrangements, and a colorful floral bedspread are just a few ways to indulge her style. Materials like tissue paper and felt can also be used to make DIY flowers for her room. 

21. Teen Girls’ Bedroom Ideas With Custom Accessories

Add Custom Accesories To Your Teen Girls' Bedroom
(Source: pullcast)

Sometimes, a personalized blanket or pillow is all you need to make a room complete. Choose a favorite photograph of your daughter and her friends to make into a blanket for her to show off in her room.

Completing the look with cute macaron pillows is a nice touch. You can also design soft pillows with lyrics from her favorite songs or quotes from beloved movies to express her style. 

Shop personalized blankets and pillows on 365canvas.com

22. Add Some Magic With Fairy Drapes

Add Some Magic With Fairy Drapes
(Source: Amazon )

Fairy drapes are the perfect way to create a wonderland that your teenage girl will love to escape to.

Hanging curtains or a bed canopy entwined with fairy light creates a cheerful ambiance in the room for her and her friends to enjoy. And if you choose subtle colors for the drapes, they will match with just about any kind of decor.


Finding the perfect way to decorate your teenage girl’s bedroom may seem overwhelming at first. There are so many decor options, and every young girl likes different things.

Browse this list of beautiful teen girls’ bedroom ideas with your daughter and let her pick out her favorite looks. Then you can incorporate one or two elements at a time, and customize them to match your teen’s personality. 

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