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Teen Boys’ Bedroom Ideas – 30 Ways to Design a Cool and Timeless Room for Teenage Guys

bedroom ideas for teenage boys

It can be difficult to find cool teen boys’ bedroom ideas that will make them happy with their sleeping space for years. Teenage boys can be hard to please when it comes to picking out decor that suits their style.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of genius ways to style and organize the bedroom for every budget. No matter how masculine, modern, sporty, or natural your teenager wants his room, you’ll be able to find great ideas for all tastes here. 

Best Teenage Boys’ Room Decor Ideas

1. Modern Style

Modern-Style Teen Boy Bedroom
(Source: Biljana Turanjanin Pujo)

Some of the best teen boy’s bedroom designs combine a neutral-colored bedspread and walls with a bright pop of color somewhere else in the room.

For example, you can use shades of grey for the bed and walls, and a funky patterned pillow or unique lighting to highlight his contemporary taste. This is also a good way to provide a relaxing atmosphere for your teenager.

Custom throw pillows or blankets at 365canvas.com to decorate as accent details in your bedroom

2. Vintage Glamor Look

Vintage Glamor Look
(Source: livingwellplanningwell)

Combine vintage elements like rustic wood, and industrial accents like shiny metals to create a one-of-a-kind glamorous teen boys’ bedroom design. For example, a luxurious dark wooden bed and a metal table would go perfectly with an industrial chandelier or lamp for a rustic glam feel.

If you like antique hunting, search for a steel army-style armoire for your teen’s wardrobe. The rustic-style items balance out the harsh look of the glam furniture to create a homier feel. 

3. Industrial Mixed with Mid-Modern Style

Industrial Mixed with Mid-Modern Style
(Source: machomoda)

If you love the smooth, metallic look of the industrial style and are also a fan of mid-century modern, why not mix the two together?

This can be as simple as a wooden bed frame paired with a staircase that leads to a working space platform. The motif is easier to create than you might think. 

4. Why Not Go with an Unspecified Style?

Unspecified Style
(Source: Decoist)

If your teenage boy likes a mix of styles or doesn’t have any specific taste in decor, then there’s nothing wrong with combining different looks.

Experiment with a unique arrangement of modern accent chairs, beds, ceiling lights, canvas prints, desktop plaques, and so much more. Having an assorted variety of styles on display can often make the room seem cozy and inviting. 

5. Travel-Themed Decor For a Teen Boy’s Bedroom

Travel-Themed Decor
(Source: Pinterest)

If your teenage boy is into traveling or learning about different cultures, incorporate this motif into his bedroom theme.

This United Kingdom-inspired theme, for example, uses red and blue items to go with the flag, along with a world map that covers a whole wall.

The bedding is stylishly integrated into the theme. You can display a matching suitcase and rug to complete the look.

Shop Union Jack rugs at etsy.com

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6. Monochrome Design for Teenage Boys’ Room

(Source: Pinterest)

If your teenager prefers a no-fuss, minimalist look, a monochromatic look makes perfect sense for his space. Because this timeless look will never get old, including when he’s transitioning from a teenager to an adult.

Plus, if he wants to change his bedroom theme later, it will be easy to add to this simple design. A black and white color scheme works particularly well with this style.  

7. Sports-Themed Bedroom

Sports-Themed Bedroom
(Source: HomyBUZZ)

If your teenager is a sports enthusiast, he may love to see his room decorated with his favorite hobby. Decorative stuff for an athletic teen can be found easily online or at local stores.

This soccer-themed room is a great example of fun decor in a mature, simple style. In addition, the large canvas prints draw the eye immediately upon entering the room.  

8. Celestial-Inspired Room Design

Celestial-Inspired Teenage Guys Room Design
(Source: blog.westelm)

Teenagers who are interested in astrology or any other cosmic field will love this decor style. Hanging artificial planets from your ceiling is a great way to show off your love for the subject and impress friends.

This unique celestial theme can include many other accessories such as wall stickers, posters, or prints. 

Shop sun and planets model at etsy.com

9. Car-Themed Bedroom for Teenage Guys

Car-Themed Teen Boy Bedroom Decor
(Source: homedesignlover)

It’s common for teen boys from 13-years old and up to be car enthusiasts. Many people mistakenly believe that car beds are only for the younger car fans – but this awesome red car bed dispels that theory definitively.

In fact, the bed represents your teenager’s passion and totally completes the whole look, without the need for many other decor items. 

10. Create A Playstation in His Bedroom

Setup A Playstation in His Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Teen gamers will absolutely love this bedroom style. Even the smallest space will look amazing with these green LED floating shelves.

In this case, add in a gaming chair for the computer and some video game-inspired posters and your teen will have the perfect setting to relax and play his favorite games. He may never want to leave his room!

11. Bedroom Ideas for Skateboard Lovers

Bedroom Ideas for Skateboard Lovers
(Source: matchness)

This idea is ideal for teen boys who are skateboarders or skateboard collectors. Instead of throwing out your old or damaged skateboards, why not memorialize them by hanging them up?

You can leave them in their original state if you love the design, or for a fun project, paint them however you’d like to add to your custom decor.  

12. Room Decor for Hockey Fans

Hockey Themed Bedroom
(Source: afreshcoatyuma.squarespace)

If your teen is a die-hard hockey enthusiast, he’ll love this room design. These stunning hockey sticks act as a centerpiece for the theme and go well with any other decorations.

Teens who play hockey will especially appreciate shelves to display their hard-earned medals and statues. A hockey-themed throw pillow is a great finishing touch. 

13. Bedroom Ideas for A Rock Star Guy

Rock Star Bedroom
(Source: newlywoodwards)

If your teenager has a rock star personality, he’ll go wild for this oversized letter “Rock Star” sign to hang above his headboard.

Likewise, an electric guitar or any other instrument propped up at an angle adds to the charm of the room design. If you’re painting the room, any color will work well with this rocking motif. 

14. Gigantic Star Wars Decoration for Teen Boys

Gigantic Star Wars Decoration
(Source: idealhome)

Use the force to help your son channel his inner Star Wars superfan with this remarkable room design. Look for huge Star Wars decor that will fill a whole wall and command your attention as soon as you enter the room.

Using removable wallpaper will allow him to change the style if his tastes change at any time. 

Shop Star Wars wall murals at etsy.com

15. Baseball Room Designs for Teenage Boys

Baseball Room Designs for Teenage Boys
(Source: roomstogokids)

If your child loves to play baseball, fill his room with baseball accessories like a giant baseball on the headboard, or a baseball table lamp for his nightstand.

A basket full of baseballs will complete the look of the room and will keep the balls handy whenever he needs them. This room even has a baseball bat bed frame, ball pouf, and a baseball glove chair. 

Shop baseball table lamps and glove chairs at amazon.com

16. Reduce Clutter with Over-the-Bed Storage 

(Source: decoideas)

If your teenage boy has a smaller room, try to make the furniture multifunctional. For example, a decorative built-in bookshelf over the bed can double as a headboard.

For example, his bed can be transformed into a sleeping box with a platform that contains drawers for additional storage. This design is sure to save space and make it easy for your son to organize his things. 

17. Turn Your Teen Boy’s Room Into a Work-Out Space

Turn Your Teen Boy’s Room Into a Work-Out Space
(Source: Pinterest)

If your teenager spends a lot of time at the gym, ask him if he’d like his own home gym setup. This is perfect if he already has equipment that’s taking up space in the garage or the basement.

Without a doubt, this grey color scheme looks perfect in this teen boy’s room. Additionally, the art ranges from posters to increase his motivation and tastefully coordinated art.  

18. Get A Chalkboard Screen in His Bedroom

bedroom ideas for teen boys with chalkboard wallpaper
(Source: Houzz)

Chalkboard paint has a ton of different uses and is recommended for any age. If your teenage boy loves to draw, try adding an area of chalkboard paint to a wall in his room.

You can even find chalkboard wallpaper online for an easier application. He’ll love doodling on the wall with different-colored chalk, or sketching out his math homework before he writes it down. 

19. Mickey Mouse in Teenage Man’s Cave

Mickey Mouse decor in teen boys' room
(Source: behance)

Additionally, Mickey Mouse is not just for younger children. Disney’s charm is suitable for any age – teenagers and adults included. If your child is one of them, try adding a standout decor piece like this giant, cool Mickey Mouse decal.

The rest of the room is simplistic in style, which also creates a more mature effect. 

20. Teenage Boy Bedroom with Wooden Interior

Teenage Boy Bedroom with Wooden Interior
(Source: ikea)

A simplistic, yet unique wood theme is perfect for a teen boy’s room. Wooden furniture gives off a rustic vibe that’s also warm and inviting. This example showcases an L-shaped bed, wooden storage shelves, and adjustable sconces.

One of the best things about wood is that it goes well with almost any color, so you can paint the room with more neutral colors or choose to go bold.

21. Library Bedroom

Library Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

The library-style trend is quickly becoming a popular trend and for good reason. This look is perfect for teenagers who love to read, and who love a stunning, vintage vibe.  

22. Nautical-Themed Attic

Nautical Themed Attic
(Source: bhg)

It’s easier than you think to put together a nautical vibe in a small space such as an attic with minimal decorations. Red and navy blue accents placed strategically around a room with a white background are enough to evoke a maritime feel.

For instance, this bedroom displays hanging oars to complete the look. 

23. Classic Teen Boy Bedroom

Classic Teen Boy Bedroom
(Source: cdn.decoist)

Dark colors are traditionally viewed as more masculine and therefore are commonly used in teenage boys’ bedrooms.

This stylish room has a shelf that doubles as a headboard with plenty of space for books, speakers, games, and whatever else he needs to store. It also helps keep things off of the floor and looking a lot neater. 

24. Teenage Boy’s Room with a Dartboard

Teenage Boy’s Room with a Dartboard
(Source: lifeonsummerhill)

Adding a dartboard to your son’s room will give him something to keep busy with other than television or his phone. Throwing darts at a target can be a way for him to blow off steam, unwind after a long day, or can be a fun indoor game when his friends come over.

Moreover, if he’s into DIY, he can even make his own cheap colorful dartboard.

25. Add a Camouflage Bedding Set

Add a Camouflage Bedding Set
(Source: home-designing)

If your teenage boy is into camo, find some cool camouflage bedding to reflect his style. This classic military-style pattern brings a sense of discipline into the room while giving off a hint of wildness.

However, if you want to go in a different direction, you can choose a hunter’s camouflage pattern and combine it with other hunting-style decors.

26. Make the Perfect Workspace with Built-In Storage

Make the Perfect Workspace with Built-In Storage
(Source: mydomaine)

Adding storage under the bed is one of the best ways to make the most of small bedroom space.

In particular, this awesome wooden floor bed platform features built-in shelves and a retractable desk for a multifunctional area. This will allow him to have his own mini office and stay organized, too. 

27. Captain America’s Shield Ceiling Light

Captain America’s Shield Ceiling Light
(Source: interior-deluxe)

If your teenage boy is a Marvel movie fan, he will love this awesome shield light that hangs on the ceiling. With a standout piece like that, he won’t need a lot of other decors to complete the look.

In this bedroom, a red-striped rug under the light and a blue-striped blanket on the bed tie the concept together, for instance.

Shop this Captain LED Ceiling Light at lumuloxdecor.com

28. Shared Room Ideas for Teenage Boys

(Source: Saskatoon Appliance)

If your teenage boys share a room, a cool twin bunk bed set is the perfect way to save space. This bunk bed goes against the traditional style, with the bottom bunk facing in a different direction.

This also allows the bottom bunk to act as a seating area during the day. A brother-shared room won’t cramp their style with a room like this. 

29. Combine Bedroom with Study Space

(Source: Autonomous)

Adding a study area to your teen boy’s room brings a great deal of versatility to space. In this stylish room, one-third of the room contains a desk and floating shelving.

In this bedroom, LED light installation is also a useful way to make focusing on homework easier for him. A comfortable desk chair and a quality computer will complete this high-tech area.

30. Add Space to Show Off His Trophies

Add Space to Show Off His Trophies
(Source: Houzz)

If your teenage boy has a collection of hard-earned trophies, there are many creative ways to display them in his room. Installing an attractive trophy shelf is a great way to show off his trophies without adding more clutter to the room.

Add some sports memorabilia like a cardboard cutout or bedding to complete the look. 


By and large, any of these teen boys’ bedroom ideas can be customized and shaped to fit your teen’s personality. You can choose one of these looks to recreate or choose a few of his favorite elements from the list to combine.

No matter what you decide, involve your child and have fun creating a wonderfully modern teen boy’s room together. 


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