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26+ Cool Teal Bedroom Ideas to Try out This Season

teal bedroom

If you are looking to put together a teal bedroom, then you have come to the right place. This stunning blue-green hue is one of the best when it comes to creating a calming and relaxing environment.

Today, we’re going to look at all the ways you can use this beautiful shade in your sleeping space. Whether you are looking for something plain, or decor that is full of color and vibrancy, we’ve got some grade ideas for you to explore.

Not only that, but we will also take a look at what colors go with teal to help you drum up inspiration in working with colors you already have in place.

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Stunning Teal Bedroom Ideas

1. Dark Teal Bedroom Ideas

Dark Teal Bedroom
(Source: quintessenceblog)

An all teal bedroom exudes luxury and can be a beautiful decor theme to help you reach a night of deep sleep. To create this dark teal bedroom, start by painting the room with a deep teal color.

If your room has ample space, you can accentuate the teal using wall moldings. If the theme is too dark for you, you can brighten it up just a bit by using bright-colored bedding.

2. Teal and Pink Bedroom Color Scheme for Girl’s Bedroom

Teal and Pink Color Scheme for Girl Bedroom
(Source: divinesavages)

Teal and pink can create such a beautiful look when used together. To create this modern look, start by using turquoise or dark teal upholstered furniture and incorporate elements of blush pink throughout the room.

For a feminine touch, you can also add a lovely peacock wallpaper. Use blush pink in the pillows, the bedding, or any decorative elements to create a beautiful teal and blush bedroom.

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3. This is for Botanic Specimen Lovers

This is for Botanic Specimen Lovers
(Source: bhg)

Create a wall gallery using a variety of your favorite pictures and artwork. Hang up your gallery wall behind a beautiful teal backdrop.

When you hang up the photos, aim to use frames in order to display them. The frames will help make the images stand out against the contrasting teal.

If you are a specimen lover or have a specific collection, this can be a great way to use shadowboxes to display leaf specimens, your prized collection, and any other relics that show off your interests.

4. Coastal Themed for Teal Bedroom

Coastal Themed for Teal Bedroom
(Source: sugarsbeach)

Create a nautical call coastal themed bedroom design with teal decor for the bedroom. Use a coastal-themed blue bedspread and accompany it with coastal design elements like a decorative starfish, decorative seashells, and other coastal elements.

You can use different shades of teal, but light teal typically is best to play around with this here. You can brighten up this light shade by using plenty of whites as well.

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5. Tropical Breath Decor Ideas

Tropical Breath Decor Ideas
(Source: hearthomemag)

You can create a tropical oasis by using teal and orange. Start with an orange backdrop and the teal others in your room. The part of your room that is painted orange will serve as the focal point where you will display your bed.

Put a nightstand on either side of your bed and decorate it using a decorative mug or small vase with house plans. You can use other ceramic vases around the room if you want to display other flowers.

For a bold statement, you can place a decorative or a real palm tree in the corner of your room for a nice tropical effect.

6. Teal Accent Wall in Bedroom

Teal Bedroom Accent Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a focal point in your sleeping space using teal. Paint one part of the room this color and leave the rest of the room white.

This design theme works great in small rooms that are limited in space. If you are a minimalist, you are sure to love this theme because you will be using limited furniture. 

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7. Classic Indian Botanical Inspiration

Classic Indian Botanical Inspiration
(Source: serenaandlily)

An Indian botanical-themed bedroom it’s such a great decor idea to go with because it is colorful, lively, and simply relaxing.

Red will be the dominant color in this room and teal will act more as a supporting color. Start by painting the entire room a very light teal.

Then, use a coastal red bedding set or blanket quilt to dress up your bed. If you were going to use a bedside table, add in teal coastal elements like a starfish and decorative seashells.

8. Boys Shared Teal Bedroom Ideas

Boys Shared Teal Bedroom Ideas
(Source: pbteen)

If you have twin boys, then a teal shared bedroom is a fun and decorative approach to setting up their sleeping space. You do not have to match the bed set to the bed set.

Instead, use a navy blue bed set on one of your son’s beds and a lighter shade of teal on the other. If you use the same pattern, this can create cohesion.

On each side of the room, your kids can accessorize using elements of value to them. For example, they can hang up trophies, awards, or special artwork. 

9. Abstract Brass Fixtures

Abstract Brass Fixtures
(Source: washingtonpost)

Abstract brass fixtures go really well with a teal bedroom design because the colors work so well together. Whether it is artwork, picture frames, or any other brass fixtures that use blue pieces, you can decorate however you like without having to follow much of a design style with them.

10. Teal and Yellow Bedroom

Teal and Mustard Bedroom Ideas
(Source: yourhomeislovely.blogspot)

Mustard yellow and teal is another great color combination for a bedroom design that works especially great for women. Incorporating yellow will help you create a chic bedroom that is easy and comfortable to lounge around in.

Create this beautiful design by using an upholstered bed made out of a light shade of yellow. Use teal and brown bedroom furniture and accessories to help tie the room together.

11. Vibrant French Color Scheme

Vibrant French Color Scheme
(Source: laredoute)

Using lots of bright colors like hot pink, bright yellow, and bright teal can create a very fun and vibrant French color theme.

The best way to put this look together is by using a white bed set and incorporating the vibrant colors through extra throw pillows and throw blankets.

If you want to include some floral arrangement, brightly colored roses can do just that.

12. Traditional English Country Boudoir

Traditional English Country Boudoir
(Source: hunker)

For a more elegant appeal, you can create a traditional English country boudoir design aesthetic using teal.

Incorporate teal in drapery that goes over the top of your bed. If you have a light pink upholstered sofa, you can include this in your room as well.

To get a little bit more creative with this theme, you can use a suitcase stand as a side table for your upholstered chair sitting area. Using lots of rose gold and copper elements can work in this design theme as well.

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13. Dramatic Combination of Teal and Black Bedroom

Dramatic Combination of Teal, Black and White Bedroom
(Source: frenchbedroomcompany)

Incorporating a little bit of teal and black in a white bedroom design color scheme can be a great way to add a little bit of color to the room.

Play around with gold fixtures in the hardware of your teal bedroom furniture and create a personalized space by hanging artwork and photos that have meaning to you.

If you want to get comfortable in your room without messing up the bedspread, a nice teal throw blanket is the perfect addition as well. 

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14. Teal Patterns Among Pinky Background

Teal Patterns Among Pink Background
(Source: houseofturquoise)

Sprinkling teal patterned accessories around a pinky bedroom is a trendy and beautiful design aesthetic that is here to stay.

This millennial pink interior design trend is perfect for teenage girls and young adults. Incorporate teal in throw pillows, throw blankets, a side chair, curtains, and other decorative items.

15. Teal Bedroom Interiors with Separator Ideas

Teal Bedroom Separator Ideas
(Source: best-stroy)

If you have a large bedroom and want a room divider to create a sleeping area and a seating area, then this design aesthetic might work for you.

Incorporate colors such as chocolate brown and beige along with your teal tone to help put this turquoise and chocolate bedroom together.

To create a brown and teal bedroom, use darker tones like brown and teal on the bed and ceiling curtains that balance out the light in the room.

16. Eclectic Teal Bedroom Ideas

Eclectic Teal Bedroom Ideas
(Source: modsy) 

An eclectic teal bedroom that uses a beautiful Aegean teal color scheme can be a very relaxing setting no matter what design thing you prefer.

This design aesthetic is one of the most popular this season so pulling this off means you are ahead of the game. Create this calming room by using a light-colored boho carpet underneath your bed. Use a soft teal to decorate your bedding in the light teal bedroom

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17. Masculine Brown and Teal Bedroom

Masculine Brown and Teal Bedroom
(Source: pufikhomes)

Bedroom design aesthetics geared towards men can be tricky, but if the man in your life loves the color teal, then this design might be for him.

Utilize plenty of leather in this design theme by incorporating a leather chair, leather headboard with a teal sitting ottoman.

Use darker tones like brown and teal on the bed and get stylish with brown or teal ceiling curtains that balance out the light in the room.

18. Keep It Clean, Bright, and Simple

Keep It Clean, Bright and Simple
(Source: glidden)

If you like a bright, clean, and simple look, teal is certainly a color to go with. You can use a glossy upholstered arched headboard and pair it with plenty of light neutral bedding.

If you have space, you can also include an ottoman that goes along with the light color theme. Incorporate light teal walls, a soft cream carpet, and teal throw pillows, you’ll have an airy and comfortable sleeping space. 

19. Don’t Throw the Old and Damaged Doors

Don’t Throw the Old and Damaged Doors
(Source: elmueble)

Create a beautiful rustic decor idea with this neat DIY headboard alternative. To put this look together, reuse old and damaged wood doors and spray paint them teal.

Add a distressed look by running sandpaper over the teal paint once it has dried. Put the rustic doors behind your bed to create this really nice rustic focal point.  

20. Add Some Metallic Furniture in Teal Bedroom

Add Some Metallic Furniture in Teal Bedroom
(Source: idealhome)

Metallic furniture like a silver nightstand, silver lamp, or even a silver bedside table can help you make your room pop. Silver elements look great in a teal bedroom so don’t be afraid to use them throughout.

If you have space, you can even install a silver-inspired chandelier and adorn it under a pretty silver molding. Have fun with this bright teal and silver bedroom!

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21. Nature Friendly

Nature Friendly
(Source: anitayokota)

If you are a nature lover and love a boho-chic design, teal is a great color to use. Create a tantalizing teal environment by creating a teal wall that will serve as your primary backdrop.

Here you will hang up wicker plants, flowers, or other houseplants you like. You can also incorporate a bohemian style throw blanket or rug to pull off the natural look. 

22. Jewellery Pattern Rug Brings Energetic Vibe

Jewelry Pattern Rug Brings Energetic Vibe
(Source: flor)

Have fun in your teal master bedroom by using a jewelry pattern rug as the main feature item. A blue and teal rug will compliment teal bedding really well and both will work to serve as the focal point in the room.

Because you don’t want to go overboard, design the other elements of the room in a different color scheme like dark gray to help keep the attention drawn to the teal bedding. Don’t be afraid to get funky with a textured accent wall and eclectic nightstand either. All elements make a pleasant look for the teal and gray bedroom.

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23. Mix Some Wood Interiors in Your Teal Bedroom

Mix Some Wood Interiors in Your Teal Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Teal goes beautifully well with wooden interiors because this pastel tone helps wooden elements pop out a little bit more. When you use teal and wood together, you will automatically be going towards a rustic theme bedroom.

Incorporate teal alongside a wooden backdrop in your room or sneak the color in through your bedding and pillows. If you find that the room is a little dark, you can use some bright colors as well to help balance things out.

24. A Touch of Glossy Teal

A Touch of Glossy Teal
(Source: houseofturquoise)

If you have a fun purple headboard along with a lavender-themed room, you can still use teal to help bring a vibrant focal point to the room. Incorporate teal through a glossy teal table lamp that stands out.

Although this is a touch of teal in your room, it can make a world of a difference as far as an attention-grabbing element goes.

25. Reflection from a Wardrobe Makes the Room Look Larger

Reflection from a Wardrobe Makes the Room Look Larger
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a modest-sized bedroom room and want to make it appear bigger, then using a mirror can be a great way to do this as the mirror’s reflection can make the room seem bigger than it is.

If you need extra storage, then using a mirrored armoire can be a great starting point. Paint the bedroom using a marbled teal for a touch of luxury, and don’t be afraid to play around with plenty of dark teal tones to put this room together.

26. Add a Black Bedside Cabinet

Add a Black Bedside Cabinet
(Source: mydomaine)

If you have plenty of essential items and special ornaments that you need to store in your room but are lacking the space to do so, then setting up a personal bedside cabinet can be a decorative way to keep all your items safe while maintaining a nice and tidy bedroom.

The black bedside cabinet is inconspicuous and will often be in the foreground which is great if you do not want it to stand out. Instead, use plenty of teal accessories in other parts of the room in order to have them serve as the focal points.


A teal bedroom can be such an inspirational space because the color is lively, energetic, and calming. Whether you love teal or are just looking for a drastic bedroom design, we hope you have found inspiration in our list of the most fabulous teal-colored bedroom design ideas this season.

Be sure to let us know in the comments section what some of your favorite ideas from our list were. If you know someone in need of a dramatic change, be sure to share this article with them!

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