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20 Aesthetic Tan Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Room Peaceful and Tranquil (2022)

tan bedroom ideas

A tan color theme for a bedroom is such a lovely hue to consider. This neutral tone comes in a variety of shades. Both light and dark elements of this hue can transform your bedroom. Stick with lighter shades and you can create an airy, bright, open space. If you go with darker shades, you can create a harmonious yet cozy environment.

Today, We’ve got some of our favored tan bedroom ideas to use in your sleeping space. This extensive list will look at different ways to use tan, beige, and other shades of brown. Read on to find out how you can incorporate this tone in your bedroom furniture, walls, and artwork. Let’s get started!

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Aesthetic Tan Bedroom Ideas to Set Your Mood

1. Charming Monochromatic Effect

tan bedroom ideas: Charming Monochromatic Effect
(Source: Elle)

A monochromatic bedroom complete with tan bedding and a tan end of the bed bench can be a really charming look. This decor style is very calming, relaxing, and bright.

You can complement this monochromatic theme by using shades of white through throw pillows and blankets. You can even display a wall plaque that complements the tan bedroom decor. The end result is a bedroom that is very elegant yet cozy.

2. Small But Subtle

tan and white bedroom
(Source: Elmueble)

You can create a really bright and open space by putting together a tan and white bedroom. This look works really well when you incorporate a patterned throw blanket with a forest green and tan pattern on it.

Incorporate white throughout the ceiling, cabinetry, interiors, and furniture in the room. The white will help accentuate the colors and brighten up the space. Large windows that allow natural white light to filter into the room will also help brighten your bedroom too.

3. Pair with Shades of Blue

bedroom with shades of blue
(Source: sadecor)

Light blue can be a really calming color that complements beige and desert sand tones. When you’re incorporating blue into a light-colored bedroom, you don’t want to go overboard.

Some great places to incorporate different shades are through an accent pillow, your window curtain, and even bedroom decor elements. Use navy blue to create a really mature bedroom space. Light blue can help you pull off a more childish yet inviting room. 

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4. Play with Patterns

bedroom with patterns
(Source: Amazon)

Certain patterns can lend really well to a monochromatic light brown bedroom. The different patterns you use really depend on the tone of the brown in the bedroom. For example, if you have darker shades of tan, you can use bold patterns like leopard print and even cheetah print.

Otherwise, you might want to stick with more contemporary patterns like polka dot, plaid, and stripes. Incorporate patterns throughout your carpet, and even the seating area to create a really neat look.

5. Orangish Tone of Tan

using tiles in tan bedroom
(Source: Kelly Wearstler)

Tan with a tinge of orange can be a really great look for any bedroom space. This warm tone helps you brighten up the area and gives the room a really cozy and comfortable vibe. Because this is a beachy-inspired theme, use this color on bedroom tiles, and the bedding.

Check out this design by Kelly Wearstler to help give the room an edginess that mimics this tone. 

6. Sandy Tan

tan bedroom with vaulted ceiling
(Source: The Halliday)

Sandy tan is another really calm yet stand-out color to consider in your bedroom. This tone is very mature and elegant yet calming and bright. If you have a vaulted ceiling in your bedroom, this can be a great tone to use in creating an accent wall.

On the wall, consider decorating using a small plaque or abstract artwork that complements the sandy tone. Use lots of white throughout the rest of the room to help compliment the tone of the bedroom.

Designed by The Halliday

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7. Dark Tan

dark tan bedroom
(Source: luislaplace)

You can pull together a brown and tan bedroom using a couple of simple tones and decore elements. Start by creating dark tan walls that serve as the base of the room.

The color pattern will follow a much darker tone, so you want to use dark brown on the bedding. Any furniture pieces like a bedside table will also play around with that dark brown look. This style is great for young adults or kiddos who are putting together a dorm room. 

8. Accent Furniture

bedroom with tuscan accent furniture
(Source: Praddy)

A Tuscan tan is a really unique tone because it’s warm and almost rose-like. This can be a great tone to use if you want to put together a charming feminine bedroom. Incorporate this color on accent furniture like on your bed frame, or a side table.

You can complement this vibrant color by putting together a gray and tan bedroom. Use different shades of light gray to complement the Tuscan tone. You can even incorporate In light beige tones as well. 

9. Tan Bedroom Ideas in Western Style

black and tan bedroom
(Source: Apparatus)

A black and tan bedroom can be a great way to pull off a masculine-styled sleeping space. You can create this look that has strong vibes of a cowboy aesthetic by using dark tones.

Dark brown leather, black accent bed frame, and patterned elements can all work well in a room like this. Easy ways to incorporate these dark tones are through light fixtures and other hardware in the room. If you’re putting up a gallery wall, black-framed photos are another great way to sneak in this dark tone. 

Designed by Apparatus

10. Wooden Floor

light brown herringbone wood floor in bedroom
(Source: LIS Design Studio)

Sometimes, the best way to focus the attention in your room is by dressing up the flooring. Putting together a light brown herringbone wood floor layout can be a stunning look in any master bedroom.

This wood pattern is sophisticated, clean, and absolutely beautiful. One great way to put this look together is by using two contrasting tones on the wood floor. Complement the wood by using light beige and white throughout the rest of the room. 

Designed by LIS Design Studio

11. Scandinavian Design 

Scandinavian bedroom decor
(Source: Pella Hedeby)

Scandinavian bedroom decor is really clean and simple. This design theme is a great look to consider if you are looking for some great black, white, and tan bedroom ideas. Use a dark gray as the base for the bedroom walls.

You can even incorporate a black bed frame to match the accent wall. Then, use lots of light tones to decorate the space. This contrast will create a really nice flow that helps your decor elements pop out.

Designed by Pella Hedeby

12. Tan Bedroom Ideas with Arched Brick Ceiling

tan bedroom ideas with Arched Brick Ceiling
(Source: lonny)

A really aged design is an antique-looking arch brick ceiling. You can create this look in a bedroom that has a ceiling already or you can use natural thin brick. If you use brick that is light in tone, you can create a really antiquated vibrant aesthetic.

13. Red on Bed

red and tan bedroom
(Source: Frog Goes To Market)

A red and tan bedroom can be a really unique look for an adult and child space. These colors can create a really warm tone in your bedroom when they are together. A fun way to pull off this look is by using a red checkered throw blanket on the bedding. You can even add solid red accents throughout the rest of the room’s decor as well.

14. Muted Bedroom

bedroom uses an odd khaki shade of tan
(Source: Architectural Digest)

This bedroom has a really unique look because it uses an odd khaki shade of tan. The best way to pull off this bold look Is by painting the walls with this darker shade of beige. Use abstract decor elements like horizontal metal beams as a headboard. You can even add custom decorative canvas decor above the headboard to frame the room.

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15. Warm Spring

green and tan bedroom

A green and tan bedroom can be such a lovely way to welcome in the spring season. This bedroom design style is really easy to create. You simply need to pull together beige and light distressed tones of green together.

You can use the green on the bedding and even an area rug. If you’re feeling a little more committed, you can even add a wall mural. The mural can be complete with tropical plant and flower accents.

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16. Statement Tan with Touches of Purple

romantic master bedroom
(Source: Designing Idea)

You can create a really romantic master bedroom by throwing in shades of lavender. A tan and purple bedroom can be such a charming and warm decor theme for creating a cozy space.

Incorporate purple on your upholstered furniture like your lounge chair and an end of the bed bench. Allow the warm tan to shine through the wood floor and other furniture pieces.

17. Boho Chic Style

 boho-chic style bedroom
(Source: jcdesign1.1)

You can easily create a boho-chic style space using this fantastic color palette. You can pull off this look of a pink and tan bedroom by using contrasting colors on the bedspread and wall. A really cute pink throw blanket can look great alongside an all tan bed as well.

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18. Floral Theme

floral themed bedroom
(Source: Daniel Romualdez)

A transitional bedroom that plays around with floral decor and tan tones can be a really pretty look. Pull this theme together by displaying an elegant four-poster bed in the center of your room.

Use neutral tones in the bedding, but tie in floral elements to accent pillows. You can even use a throw blanket that highlights the room’s floral elements. Matching floral decor through furniture pieces and wall art is another great way to go.

Designed by Daniel Romualdez

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19. Modern Sophisticated Meets The 80’s 

teal and tan bedroom
(Source: Jen Talbot)

If you love vintage decor, then you’re sure to be inspired by this style. Create a teal and tan bedroom complete with a vintage bed frame and matching textured pillows. Teal is such an iconic color of the 80s and it can help you pull off that retro vibe. You can incorporate teal and other decor elements into your room as well.

Designed by Jen Talbot

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20. Light Tan

modern light tan bedroom
(Source: Nikolay Limanskiy)

Stay classy by creating a modern light tan bedroom. You can pull this look together by using this calming shade of beige in the upholstery of your bed frame.

If you have large windows in the bedroom, you can also incorporate layered curtains that play around with contrasting tones of beige. You can create a really clean and sophisticated look with a color palette like this.

Designed by Nikolay Limanskiy


We hope you have found our tan bedroom ideas to be a collection of inspiration for you to transform your home. One of the best reasons tan is such a great tone to consider is how neutral it is. This shade allows you to create a really lovely space that can easily reflect your personality.

Check out 365canvas.com to see lots of personalized decorative items for your bedroom. Be sure to share with us in the comments section below which of these ideas were your favorite!

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