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30 Must-Have Steampunk Bedroom Decor Ideas and Accessories (2022)

steampunk bedroom

What is a steampunk bedroom look like?

If you love fantasy, science fiction, mechanical decor, and Victorian decorations, then this article is for you. Steampunk style is all about mixing these types of elements along with old-world metal decor. The result is a remarkably distinctive and really unique look. Items you might find in a steam engine including gauges, gears, portholes, and knobs are all part of steampunk.

This bedroom style takes these elements of metals and machinery and mixes them with elegant patterns and color schemes. The final look is really distinctive and absolutely fun to work with. 

Today, we are going to look at some great ideas to consider for a steampunk bedroom. We’ll go over different decor elements to use, how to style the room, and other fun ideas. Stick around to see if this unique look is something you’ll want to use when transforming your bedroom. 

Fancy Steampunk Bedroom Ideas

1. Arrange Big and Small Gears

Arrange Big and Small Gears in Bedroom Furniture
(Source: Pinterest)

A steampunk bedroom set can be a beautiful base for decorating ideas that set this tone in your room. Select a bedroom set that uses big and small metal gear fixtures. Use metals including brass and copper to help create a warm look throughout the room.

Then, layer in warm-colored bedding like brown and mahogany that complements the metal fixtures. Floral and printed patterns can help pull in the elegance too. Overall, vintage metal gear pieces can help highlight the steampunk aesthetic.

2. Victorian Steampunk Bedroom 

Victorian Steampunk Bedroom 
(Source: Houzz)

A Victorian-themed master bedroom that plays around with metal piping is a stunning setup. Complement the metal piping with solid, darker colors like red and gray.

Pull in the Victorian style through the decor pieces of the bedroom. Also, for functional pieces play up the steampunk style by opting for metal bookshelves and chairs. This will give you a nice balance of Victorian decor and steampunk. 

3. Cozy Interior Design

Cozy Steampunk Interior Design
(Source: Inhabitat)

Create a cozy steampunk by creating a fancy ceiling that illuminates your room. Use a mural, or pasted wallpaper to create this elegant aesthetic.

On the walls in the rest of your room, use metal fixtures as decor. These metal fixtures will help play up the steampunk look. Metal decor pieces, gears, and gauges call all work for wall decor. 

4. Use Steampunk Furniture 

Metal Bed Frame in Industrial Style
(Source: Impressive Interior Design)

Industrial furniture like a metal bed and metal shelving all work great for steampunk. The metal falls in line with gears and fixtures associated with steampunk.

Plus the dark hues of furniture lend well to a steampunk color scheme. Pull together this beautiful look by using dark colors including navy blue, black, grey, and brown. 

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5. Steampunk Mix Rustic Style

Steampunk Mix Rustic Style in Bedroom
(Source: Djath)

Rustic style and steampunk complement each other really well. This is because the wood in rustic decor looks great with metal gears and decor pieces.

To create this look, create a rustic wall that serves as an accent. Pair it with a beautiful wooden bed frame. Next, use black metal fixtures through beams and other furniture to highlight steampunk decor. 

6. Simple Steampunk Bedroom

Simple Bedroom Decor with Concrete Wall and Wood Furniture
(Source: houseandgardendiy)

You can be a minimalist and still have a lovely steampunk-inspired bedroom. Start by setting up a wooden platform bed in the center of the room. On the walls, incorporate large and small metal gears as decor elements.

If you have exposed piping in the room, keep it exposed so it plays in the theme. Avoid using other types of decor, but you can include a wooden nightstand or small corner table. 

7. Gothic-Inspired

Black Bedroom Furniture
(Source: Pinterest)

Love gothic style? Well then, this design idea is for you. Select a dark-colored bed that has a high headboard like true gothic style dictates. Add in a dark nightstand and dark chair.

Along with the bed, these pieces can both create a bold statement in the room. Incorporate images of gears or even a gear clock on the nightstand to help play up steampunk design. 

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8. Nautical Theme with Ship’s Wheel

Headboard Inspired from Ship’s Wheel
(Source: Pinterest)

A nautical theme works really well with steampunk because nautical decor offers plenty of gauges and gears.

This look also works great in a kid’s bedroom. Create a really modern headboard that looks like a ship’s wheel. This headboard can work really well as a bookshelf. You can use it to display gears and mechanical decor pieces.

Through the rest of the room, use a metal light fixture, metal frames for photos, and lots of wood. This will help you tie in elements consistent with steampunk. 

9. Bedroom of Captain Nemo  

Submarine Inspiration in Bedroom
(Source: Decorated Life)

Get in touch with your wild side by using submarine inspiration to create a steampunk-inspired Jules Verne bedroom heaven. For a room like this, start by using a dark wooden floor.

Next, use lots of blues and grey throughout the room. Hang up blue circular frames that look like portholes on a submarine to create a Watership effect. A stunning room like this is fabulous for putting together a child’s bedroom. 

10. Exposed Brick 

Exposed Brick Wall
(Source: Decor Facil)

Exposed brick can be a really beautiful design element because of its natural beauty. Brick in a bedroom does a fantastic job setting the stage for steampunk.

You don’t have to do much else but include industrial wall art or gears on the walls. Swap out lighting fixtures for metal pendant lighting too. This will allow you to create a cozy steampunk environment. 

11. Trunk Collection

Military Green Bedroom Interiors
(Source: unitedstyle)

Have a trunk collection in your bedroom to play up the storage element synonymous with steampunk. You can include a trunk at the end of your bed that is functional yet decorative.

Also, include a closely matching trunk that will serve as your nightstand. Using circular black-rimmed mirrors and black-rimmed frames will help accentuate this look as well. 

12. Explore the World 

Mixing Styles in Bedroom
(Source: Fantasy Decorating DIY)

Create an eclectic steampunk bedroom that uses a mix of the best metal fixtures from all around the world. For the walls, consider setting up a world map mural or wallpaper design.

Through the rest of the room, use lots of wood. You can also incorporate wooden pieces from around the world too. Just be sure not to leave out staple steampunk elements like dark wire light bulb string lighting. 

13. Old Sea Mines Repurposed Into Furniture

Old Sea Mines Repurposed Into A Chair
(Source: Lushome)

A beautiful decor piece to include in your room is a repurposed sea mine that is transformed into a chair. This creative design where you create new from the old is what steampunk is all about.

When you repurpose it, keep the grid of the chair intact and visible. This will really help to create a distinguished look in your steampunk-inspired bedroom. 

14. Add A Steampunk Chandelier

Add A Globe Chandelier
(Source: Pinterest)

A glamourous globe that has plenty of metal accents is absolutely stunning. This decor element is the perfect way to tie in steampunk lighting that stands out.

A lighting fixture like this works best as a chandelier for the whole room. However, you can also use smaller globes that you can set on your nightstand instead. 

15. Steampunk Wall Clock 

Steampunk Wall Clock Above the Bed
(Source: HGTV Photo Library)

One of the best ways to incorporate gear art in your bedroom is through a clock. Clock gear art is a great way to include steampunk in a more modern way in your room.

For a room like this that is light and airy, use a matching steampunk gear clock with light colors. Allow the gear clock to stand out by using muted bedding. For example, a blue plaid bed linen would work well. 

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16. DIY Steampunk Photo Frame

DIY Steampunk Photo Frame
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create your own steampunk decor to include in your room. For this idea, make a wooden frame, then stick small gears around it.

Some small steampunk items to include are small metal keys, small clocks, wheels, and different-sized gears. Use personalized accessories for this easy DIY project. 

17. Kraken Octopus Decorative Wall Plaque

Kraken Octopus Decorative Wall Plaque
(Source: Amazon)

A Kraken octopus decorative wall plaque is what steampunk is all about. This unique metal fixture will stand out in your steampunk room. If your room is eclectic, this can be one of many pieces you use in your room.

If you want a more minimalist room, then use this piece as well. You can hang it over your bed or bedroom office to create a really bold statement. 

Shop octopus wall plaques on etsy.com

18. Steampunk Bedding Sets

Steampunk Bedding Sets
(Source: Airbnb)

Mix and match your bedding to create a beautiful steampunk-inspired bed. Use a dark-colored, silk bed sheet and pair it with a darker shade comforter like brown.

If you have a printed comforter with gears, that can work too. Next, use colors throughout the room that compliment the dark-toned bed. Adding in an area rug and canvas art with gears and gauges printed on it can complement the bed too. 

19. Steampunk Bedroom Table

Steampunk Bedroom Table
(Source: Machine Age Lamps)

A steampunk-inspired console table near your bedside can be stunning. A table like this should be made out of a mixture of dark wood and iron. A lighter metal can be used instead too.

Incororoporte gears, gauges, and knobs on the base of the table to compliment the steampunk aesthetic. On the top, decorate using your favorite photos framed in a dark-rimmed metal plaque. 

Shop this steampunk console table on machineagelamps.com

20. Steampunk Bedroom Shelving Ideas

Steampunk Wooden Floating Shelves
(Source: Etsy)

These retro shelves lend themselves very well to steampunk decor. The frame of the shelving is metal, inspired by industrial piping.

The base of the shelves themselves uses a dark mahogany slab that helps scale up the look of the steampunk aesthetic. On either side of the shelf, incorporate knobs and gauges to help play up this cool aesthetic. 

Shop these retro hardwood shelves on etsy.com

21. Add A Steampunk Table Lamp

Add An Angry Fish Table Lamp
(Source: nikburns)

Don’t want to commit to a full-blown steampunk aesthetic in your bedroom? No worries. Pull in this cool look by using steampunk bedroom accessories scattered here and there.

A great way you can do this is by setting up a monster fish table lamp on your nightstand. A lamp like this will have a metal framing and can incorporate some sort of steampunk aesthetic. If not a gear, a whimsical nautical monster can be cool too. 

Shop other monster fish table lamps on etsy.com

22. Briefcase Bedside Table

Add A Briefcase Bedside Table
(Source: Pinterest)

A briefcase bedside table made out of leather can be a neat addition to your room. Especially if the room is going for a vintage look. If you have heavy steampunk decor throughout your room and want some simple decor pieces, try this out.

Incorporate a similar leather briefcase vintage bedside table. This table can stand great on its own, or you can dress it up. Add a gear clock, a pendant lamp, or a favorite plaque. Either way, it will complement steampunk decor nicely. 

23. Steampunk Ceiling Fan

Steampunk Ceiling Fan
(Source: Pinterest)

A classic steampunk look is swapping out your traditional ceiling fan for a fixture like this. This light furnishing lends well to the mix and match metals that steampunk is known for.

This ceiling fan and light combo can be functional or purely decorative. Either way, it will really help illuminate your bedroom fit for a steampunk aesthetic. 

24. Steampunk Hat

Decorate with A Steampunk Hat
(Source: Sweet House of Madness)

Any steampunk room can automatically be transformed into an oasis with an Alice in Wonderland hand. This bedroom decoration is not your typically theatrical hat. Instead, a hat like this is all about steampunk.

It should include little mechanical gears, lights, and switches that are synonymous with the aesthetic. Place the hat on a nightstand, dresser, or table. Just be sure it’s somewhere everyone can enjoy it. 

25. Steampunk-Inspired Boat Bed

A Wooden Boat Bed
(Source: Adverts)

A boat bed can be a fun design for any bedroom. But in a steampunk bedroom, this design fits right in. A wooden bed frame that is accentuated with metal strips can help pull together a nautical look.

Allow the bed frame to stand out by using white or grey linens. A look like this works great in a child’s bedroom or a full-blown steampunk-inspired home. 

26. Old-World Terrestrial Globe

An Old-World Terrestrial Globe
(Source: Technabob)

Globes can be such a great element of steampunk. Especially if the globe is an old-world terrestrial globe. Steampunk globes work well if they use a mixture of copper, gold, silver, and metal framing.

For a beautiful globe like this, it can be the perfect type of steampunk table decoration. Be sure to stand it along on the table when you display it. That way, all the attention is on this lovely decor piece. 

27. Steampunk Curtain Tie-Back

A Vintage Metal Curtain Tie-Back
(Source: Pinterest)

Incorporate steampunk design in the simplest ways through your bedroom. A stunning way to dress up the room is by using a curtain tie-back. The tie-back should be made out of dark metal and include steampunk charms.

These charms can include keys, circular disks, gears, and even nautical elements. To allow them to stand out, use a color that contrasts against the curtain you will use them on. 

28. Steampunk Throw Pillow

A Steampunk Throw Pillow
(Source: Amazon)

It’s all about accessories with this idea. Pull in elements of steampunk decor by using throw pillows to dress up your room.

The pillow cushion should be a solid steampunk hue like grey, dark brown, or dark gold. You can also use printed patterns including a compass print or airship design. 

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29. Octopus Door Handle

Octopus Door Handle
(Source: ZoodMall)

Steampunk goes beyond old-world, nautical elements. This aesthetic is all about playing around with fun styles too. One great idea to consider is using unique pieces throughout your room that highlight the fun of steampunk.

Setting up cool stuff like an octopus door handle can be one fun way to do this. Look at your room and consider different ways you can incorporate fun steampunk decor items with this idea. 

Shop cool octopus door handles on etsy.com

30. Hang A Wall Art Above the Bed

A Steampunk Wall Art Above the Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

Steampunk wall art can be a great way to incorporate this theme into your room without completely transforming your sleeping space. A great way to incorporate artwork is by hanging it above the bed right over your headboard.

For a more muted look, consider using wooden art that plays with steampunk elements. This can include artwork of gears, nautical elements, and other iconic steampunk artwork. Have fun with it and personalize the artwork to your liking. 

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A steampunk bedroom is such a fun design aesthetic to play around with. The concept of steampunk is old world and industrial. However, there is still plenty of room for you to add in touches of personalization.

If you love the rustic decor theme and industrial style, then this might be an anesthetic to consider. Which of these neat steampunk-inspired bedroom ideas has been your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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