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24+ Brilliant Small Walk-in Closet Ideas for Your Bedroom

small walk in closet ideas

If your bedroom has a small walk-in closet, then you likely know the hassle of organizing it and storing all your items away. If you do not use your small walk-in closet intentionally, then it won’t be long before the area becomes a cluttered mess. Today, we are going to take a look at some fantastic small walk-in closet ideas that will not only help you organize your space (and your life) but will allow you to play with design schemes that actually make your closet space appear larger than it actually is.

Stick around to find a great storage system that will help you transform the small space in your bedroom into an oasis that neatly houses all your clothes and bedroom items. 

1.Storage Organized by Type and Color

Storage Organized by Type and Color
(Source: realsimple)

This Tumblr-inspired bedroom focuses on storage and organization as the main way to design and layout your closet space.

Some great storage tactics include organizing your clothes by color. This will help you quickly find articles you commonly use. You can also organize your shoes in this method as well.

Keep common items within arm’s reach and store away less frequently used clothing and accessories in the lower or higher parts of the closet. 

2.Very Small Walk-in Closet Organization Hacks

Very Small Walk-in Closet Organization Hacks
(Source: savespendsplurge)

If you have a small space and can’t sacrifice any more room to store precious items like jewelry and necklaces, then you can create a simple storage space behind the mirror.

You can either purchase the unit that already has the storage space intact, or you can create a custom unit through a simple renovation of your room.

Either way, you’ll have a fabulous and hidden compartment to store some of your most valuable possessions.

3.Open Small Walk-in Closet Ideas

Open Small Walk-in Closet Ideas
(Source: chloedominik)

If you have a small bedroom, then you can incorporate your closet space as part of your bedroom in order to give your sleeping space a more open feel.  You can pull this look off by removing any closet doors.

Leaving your closet without doors will help open up the space making a small bedroom appear much larger. Use unique shelving, drawers, and storage boxes to store away unsightly items while keeping the appeal and the aesthetic of the room looking nice.

4.Take Full Advantage of Vertical Space

Take Full Advantage of Vertical Space
(Source: theeverygirl)

Vertical space is often neglected when it comes to closet design. But if you have extra bedroom items like pillows, blankets, and extra bedding, storing them in an open vertical space will allow them to get out of the way all while being placed in a safe space.

By placing items like these on a shelve that is built on top of your everyday items, you can have easy access to them whenever you need them while at the same time having them remain out of the way. 

5.Men’s Small Walk-in Closet Ideas

Men’s Small Walk-in Closet Ideas
(Source: design-milk)

If you want to dress up a men’s closet apartment, then one of the most trendy design methods that are modern yet masculine is this closet design idea. Pull this look off by focusing on a dark color palette.

This means you will be using lots of dark woods, storage boxes, grey, and even black. If you can swap out your closet space for black shelving, this will be a great place to start.

Next, add in silver or black hangers to use for your clothes. If you need to store things away in boxes, bold grey fabric boxes are great for keeping accessories up high or down low. 

6.Small Walk-in Closet Ideas with Window 

Small Walk-in Closet Ideas with Window
(Source: delightfull)

If your closet has a window, then this interior design idea is perfect for you. Closets can be small spaces that are hard to put together, but with a window, the natural light automatically helps brighten up what can often be a dark room.

Help pull together the aesthetics of this room by using light fixtures that mold into the ceiling. Next, you will want to line both sides of the closet with white shelving that will allow you to have plenty of storage and hanging space.

If your closet allows, you can have one area that is a “his” section and the other being a “her’s” section.

7.Use A Spiral Clothes Rack for the Corner of Your Small Walk-in Closet

Use A Spiral Clothes Rack for the Corner of Your Small Walk-in Closet
(Source: hgtv)

If you are low on space, then a spiral clothing rack can be a great solution. Spiral clothing racks allow you to turn around your hanging clothes a full 360 degrees.

This unique method of storing your clothing is an awesome space saver if you are limited in closet space, but it’s such a fun way to maximize the very limited space you’re dealing with too.

Depending on how you set it up and how high your ceiling is, you can stack two or three spiral clothes racks on top of each other for a nice vertical display of your clothes.

Lastly, surround your spiral rack with plenty of storage space to put away shoes, purses, and any other personal effects. 

8. Black Ceiling

Black Small Walk-in Closet Ceiling
(Source: interiorzine)

Paint can make a huge difference in your closet. Depending on the paint color you use, you can brighten up space or make it look modern and contemporary.

One popular hue to paint a closet with is black. When you pair black with bright white lighting, you can create a really beautiful storage area to house all your clothing in.

Consider using high racks and low racks to store away hanging clothing and be sure to have plenty of drawers and storage for boxes and smaller personal items. 

9.Mirrors Help Small Spaces Look Bigger

Mirrors Help Small Spaces Look Bigger
(Source: planete-deco)

Mirrors are a fantastic way to make any space appear larger than it actually is and walk-in closets are no exception to this rule.

To make your closet appear larger than it actually is, installs a long narrow, rectangular mirror inside of your closet or at the entrance of your bedroom closet.

This simple tactic will allow the light to reflect from your bedroom making your closet space appear larger than it actually is. If you have a window in the closet, light reflecting off the mirror can also help you achieve the illusion of a larger space.

10.Minimalist Small Walk-in Closet Ideas

Minimalist Small Walk-in Closet Ideas
(Source: raumplus)

A smoke door or smoke glass walls that house your closet is a really neat way to use the space in your room. If you don’t have glass walls, you can create them using a simple translucent glass cling that achieves this look.

Cut the cling onto the appropriate length square and adhere it to the glass walls. This easy design is simple yet creates a really cool aesthetic, especially for bedrooms that have a minimalistic design theme 

11.Small Walk-in Box in Your Bedroom

Small Walk-in Box in Your Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A small walk-in closet with a sliding door can be such a private space especially if you have a small master bedroom.

What better way to design this private space than with a contemporary style that uses lots of storage elements made of glass, black shelving, and intentionally placed lighting.

This sleek and contemporary interior design theme works really well for a modern bedroom that utilizes a black and white color design. 

12.Pull-out Iron Board Drawer for Small Walk-in Closet Ideas

Pull-out Iron Board Drawer for Small Walk-in Closet Ideas
(Source: amazon)

Some of the best closets are the ones that have functional elements that limit the use of unnecessary storage.

Consider creating a closet space that has a built-in accessory like a pull-out iron board drawer. This pull-out drawer is useful for storing necessary items like a clothing iron as well as smaller odds and ends.

Of course, it’s also helpful to store bulky items like an ironing board. By intentionally storing items in this manner, you are using your space wisely and decluttering your home at the same time. 

13.Using Vertical Corner Shelves

Using Vertical Corner Shelves
(Source: vivadecora)

Vertical shelves are a great way to save on space in a small-sized bedroom. Plus if you create vertical shelves using white shelving and lots of glass, you can create a really beautiful and contemporary-styled closet space.

For an added touch of elegance, you can use LED lighting to help brighten up the area as well. Using lighting inside glass shelves can illuminate special accessories like designer bags and your favorite shoes.

This contemporary style closet works great because it is versatile and works in all types of bedroom themes. 

14.Shoes and Bags Shelving for Small Walk-in Closet Ideas

Shoes and Bags Shelving for Small Walk-in Closet Ideas
(Source: heliconia)

Every woman loves to display her most prized accessories, shoes and bags included. One of the best ways to do this is by creating shelving that is specific for shoes to be displayed and bags to be perched upon.

With a shoe shelf, you can typically build the shelf as high as the bedroom closet will allow you to go. With purses and bags, it’s best to keep them stored on a high shelf so that they are displayed in a horizontal arrangement.

It not only allows you to see your purses right away, but it creates a really pretty aesthetic as well. 

15.Industrial Small Walk-in Closet Ideas

Industrial Small Walk-in Closet Ideas
(Source: planete-deco)

A small walk-in closet pairs really nicely with an industrial theme, this is why this next idea is perfect for smaller-sized bedrooms that can give up a small section as closet space.

Pull this look together by using industrial-style shelving units that are displayed in an open manner. If you do need to cover up shelves, do so using glass covers that way you can still see the contents inside.

This unit really eliminates drawers and instead focuses on allowing you to see all your prized possessions on display. This unique closet space also creates a really neat design theme too.

16.Loft Beds Allow the Maximization of Usable Space

Loft Beds Allow the Maximization of Usable Space
(Source: homedit)

Loft beds are a really unique way to utilize space, especially in a small bedroom. The best part about using the bottom floor space of a bunk bed is that you get a large area to work with for storing your clothes and accessories.

If you want to keep your closet out of view, you can easily do this by using a curtain that closes off the closet space.

When it comes to the color scheme, you will typically want to play around with light colors including white and beige in order to help open up the area.


17.Aesthetic Abstract Small Walk-in Closet Ideas

Aesthetic Abstract Small Walk-in Closet Ideas
(Source: domino)

Eclectic closet space can work well in a small bedroom especially if you utilize artwork, color, and hardware to help space appear larger than it actually is. You can do this by installing a ceiling accent wall complete with gold touches.

This will give the room an air of elegance and style. If you have a window in the room or can utilize bright lighting, then you can complement the gold touches with a dark forest green.

This unique design theme works great in all sorts of bedrooms, especially contemporary, modern, and eclectic themes. 

18.Less-Is-More Style

single sided small walk in closet
(Source: jennikayne)

This next design idea takes on the less is more approach and is perfect for minimalists who are looking for a clean and simple way to organize their closet space.

Do this by allowing one wall to serve as the housing unit for all your clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags. The single-sided layout is perfect for creating a really clean dimension that declutters all while allowing you to keep hold of your most favorite items.

While this is not the smallest type of closet design theme out there, it is certainly one that works well in small size bedrooms.

19.Small Walk-in Closet Flooring Ideas

Small Walk-in Closet Flooring Ideas
(Source: ikea)

Flooring in a walk-in closet can often be ignored, but having the right flooring can make a great difference in the overall appeal of your closet.

Besides using wood to cover the floor of your closet, you can also use other textures including fluffy rugs, ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, carpet, and other resilient types of flooring.

Typically, it’s best to stick with light colors when deciding on how to style the floor. In smaller closets, light-colored flooring will help open up and brighten up space.

20.Add a Small Chair

Add a Small Chair in Small Walk-in Closet
(Source: elmueble)

If you can sacrifice the space, it can be really cool to add a small or mini chair into your closet as well. A small chair will allow you to try on shoes, or store common items that you use on a daily basis.

Best of all, incorporating a small chair for seating can create a really nice aesthetic to the overall look of your closet. To keep in line with the theme of your closet, stick with a chair that uses upholstered fabric that compliments the color scheme.

A white-colored fabric or light-colored patterned chair works great for a closet with white shelves while a fabric with darker hues pairs well with a darker-themed closet.

21.Narrow Small Walk-in Closet Lighting Ideas

Narrow Small Walk-in Closet Lighting Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

LED ceiling lights are never out of style. For this reason, they are a popular item to use when putting together a narrow walk-in closet.

You can install LED lighting on the shelves, the ceiling, and even the walls of your closet. Doing so will help brighten up space, making it appear larger than it actually is.

You can set the colors of the lighting to any hue you want, but typically if your closet’s colors are cool, then you want to use cooler lighting. The same goes for darker closets. With darker colors, stick with warmer lighting. 

22.Add Some Woven Baskets Instead of Storage Boxes

Add Some Woven Baskets Instead of Storage Boxes
(Source: simplifiedbee)

For a really cheap and DIY closet makeover, swap out your storage boxes for some woven baskets instead. Woven baskets can create a really charming atmosphere in your closet space.

Plus, it’s a really cheap way to give your bedroom a nice makeover if you are on a budget. With woven baskets, you typically want to stick with a light hue theme so incorporate lots of white, beige, and even tan throughout the design of your closet. 

23.Add A Small Vanity Inside 

Small Walk-in Closet Ideas with Vanity
(Source: tuacasa)

Much like a small chair in your closet, incorporating a small vanity or a small dressing table can be a really great way to help organize your closet space, especially when it comes to smaller items like cosmetics, jewelry, and hair accessories.

A small vanity does not have to be overwhelming. It can be as simple as a small desk with an oversized mirror. Typically mirrors help spaces look larger so it’s best to incorporate a vanity that has a decent size mirror attached to it.

Vanities create a really elegant design and they pair really well with a light color scheme. Classic pallets to go with include white with touches of gold. 

24.Add a Chest of Drawers 

Add a Chest of Drawers in a Small Walk-in Closet
(Source: merricksart)

If you have a large number of items like pillowcases, bedspreads, and other bedding that need to be stored, then a chest of drawers can act as a really great storage place for all these extra bedroom accessories.

What makes this a great storage element to go with is the fact that the drawers will keep these often unsightly and unused items out of sight until you are ready to pull them out. 

We hope that our extensive list of different small walk-in closet ideas will help you map out different storage systems and decor themes that will help you with the organization of your closet. Which of these ideas do you find works best in your bedroom?

Let us know in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share this article with someone who’s ready to start organizing their walk-in wardrobe!


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