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21+ Small Nursery Ideas for Your Baby’s Tiny Room

21+ Small Nursery Ideas for Your Baby’s Tiny Room

If you are looking for small nursery organization ideas to spice up your baby’s tiny room, you are at the right place. 

Here, you’ll learn how to make the best out of the small space you have, using the floor space and the walls. Then, whatever you choose, make sure it serves multiple purposes, is durable, and safe for your newborn. 

Finally, ensure you use every available space wisely – behind the doors, under the cribs, and even inside the closets. 

Here are 21 mind-blowing baby room organization tips for your tiny house. 

Small Space: Small Nursery Ideas

1.Extra space storage with pegboard ideas

Extra space storage with pegboard ideas
(Source: Extra Space Storage)

If you are looking for ways to utilize a small nursery effectively, there’s no better way to do so than to maximize wall space. This is where a pegboard comes in. 

A pegboard is a small piece of nursery furniture you can use to organize baby creams, tissues, wipes, diapers, and more. Fixing it on your wall is a DIY project requiring no special skills. 

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2.DIY Diaper baby changing table 

DIY Diaper baby changing table 
(Source: Raja Homewares)

Using a DIY diaper baby changing table is one of the nursery ideas for small rooms you can implement right away. 

The Rattan changing table takes up a small space but will come in handy when changing your baby’s diapers. It’s a cute, functional table with shelves you can use to hold other baby items. 

Shop Rattan changing table on rajahomewares

3.Small nursery shelving ideas

Small nursery shelving ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

As already mentioned, utilizing the vertical space is the best way to keep small items safely while at the same time ensuring the room is well organized. 

Ledge shelves are the best furniture for saving space. You can fit them on any wall and store decor, books, or other baby play items.

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4.Install baby clothing rack

Install baby clothing rack
(Source: The Greenspring Home)

For baby clothes storage ideas, you can use baby clothing racks. If you have a small bedroom, these racks will help you keep everything out of the way. 

The racks are a stylish storage option that will help you to free up floor space while at the same time making it easier for you to reach the clothes when you need them. 

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5.Tree branch shelves for small nursery ideas

Tree branch shelves for small nursery ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Just as the name suggests, a tree branch shelf looks like a tree with branches. This shelf is used for hanging baby essentials like bibs, diaper caddies, toys, teddy bears, etc. This inspiring, gorgeous tree branch shelf is excellent for decorating a tiny baby’s room.

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6.Small hamper for baby shower 

Small hamper for baby shower 
(Source: Pinterest)

The baby hamper is a cute basket you can place anywhere in your baby’s room to provide a good nursery clothes storage place. 

You can have more than one basket depending on the number of clothes you want to store. These baskets are great for separating dirty clothes from clean ones, making it easy for you to take your baby clothes to the laundry.

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7. The baby organization with smart diaper systems

The baby organization with smart diaper systems
(Source: Pinterest)

The rolling cart is among the best storage places for small spaces. It has a small profile but provides a ton of space for organization and storage, and you can move it easily. 

It’s the best kitchen cart nursery organizer on the market today. You can use it to store baby creams, lotions, blankets, diaper caddies, and all other baby items you want to keep close. 

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8.Combine Large dresser and closet ideas

Combine Large dresser and closet ideas
(Source: My Mess Organized)

Whether you live in a tiny house, an apartment, or share your bedroom with your baby, an open closet is a good idea for keeping everything organized. It will help you maximize every square foot of your baby’s bedroom. Its small nursery layout means it doesn’t take much space. 

In addition, the closet is customizable; you can add bins, dividers, or hooks to ensure everything has a place. 

9.Narrow table for small baby’s room ideas

Narrow table for small baby’s room ideas
(Source: Overstock)

This dresser and changing table topper set is ideal for a tiny baby’s room. You can use the tabletop to keep items you regularly use. 

The table has drawers to keep items like rolled baby blankets, lotions, extra pacifiers, bibs, baby toys, and more. It’s the best solution for saving space and money.

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10.Choose a crib to fit your small space

Choose a crib to fit your small space
(Source: Pinterest)

Tiny baby cribs are mini nursery ideas for newborn babies. You can have one for your baby if they are not old enough to sleep in a separate room. 

Downsize the crib to ensure it fits comfortably in the space close to your bed so you can reach your baby faster. Tiny baby cribs from Wayfair are sturdy, attractive, and durable.  

Shop Baby crib on Wayfair

11.Brilliant crib with storage drawer

Brilliant crib with storage drawer
(Source: Foter.com)

One of the most fabulous babies’ nurseries decorating ideas is to buy a crib with storage drawers. The drawers will help you organize and maximize the space in your baby’s room. The Wayfair crib for small space is designed with the user in mind. 

It has a large drawer at the bottom and three small drawers on the side, providing enough storage space for all baby accessories, one of the best small nursery ideas. 

Shop Crib with storage on Wayfair

12.Twin nursery ideas for small room

Twin nursery ideas for small room
(Source: Nursery Design Studio)

With a modern twin nursery, you’ll only be limited by your creativity. If space is your concern, choose minimalist styles to ensure you can accommodate as many items as you can while at the same time decorating your baby’s room. 

For example, you can use a combination of cribs, shelves, tables, etc., to optimize the space you have. 

Explore more Guides to designing a twin nursery 

13.Use the blank of door space

Use the blank of door space
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have more items and are looking for more storage space, why not utilize the back of your doors. Whether it’s the main door or the cabinet door, it can provide excellent storage space. 

You can hang baskets or bins behind the door or even create shelves. A small nursery-organized door solution is a creative idea to save space.

14.DIY closet storage crates for small nursery ideas

DIY closet storage crates for small nursery ideas
(Source: Table and Health)

A tiny small baby’s room decor is a matter of creativity. When your baby’s bedroom is tiny, every space counts. For example, if you have some space at the corner, you can hang closet storage crates using ropes. 

This is an easy way of ensuring everything is tucked away safely to leave more room for other activities. The crates can hold anything, from baby diapers to baby clothes and toys to other baby playthings.

How to hang closet storage crates with rope

15.Use the extra space under the crib

Use the extra space under the crib
(Source: Araldica Vini)

Are you looking for some exciting baby storage ideas for a small room? If so, check under the crib. 

Buy some storage boxes and push them under the crib. You can use the boxes to keep baby clothes, diapers, pillow, and blankets, plus other items you’d want to have access to easily. 

16.Brighten up a small space with a large window

Brighten up a small space with a large window
(Source: domino)

Hough a large window doesn’t increase the size of your baby girl’s room, it will make the room bigger. 

So, when considering a small baby nursery design, make sure a large window is among your considerations. Apart from making the room look larger, the window will also enhance natural lighting. 

17.Horizontal stripes

Horizontal stripes
(Source: Decorpad)

Just like using a large window make a small room look bigger, the same applies to painting. When you choose the right colors to paint the wall, for example, using blue horizontal stripes, your tiny bay room will look larger. 

In addition, there are many other small nursery wall painting ideas that will decorate your narrow space and make it appear bigger. 

18.Install more hooks

Install more hooks
(Source: Pinterest)

Wall hooks are another excellent way of utilizing small spaces. Choose attractive and strong hooks to make your bay’s room look elegant. 

Hooks work best for hanging baby nursery items and are a great idea to utilize vertical space. 

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19.Small nursery ideas with all-white color

Small nursery ideas with all-white color
(Source: Pinterest)

A white color scheme will not only make your baby boy’s room elegant but will also give it that royal look. It helps you maximize your tiny space while at the same time making the room welcoming. 

In addition, making everything white in the room makes it appear larger and brighter even in dim light. 

20.Hanging crib for small newborn’s room

Hanging crib for small newborn’s room
(Source: Pinterest)

If you don’t have enough floor space, a hanging crib can be a great idea. A hanging crib for a small room doesn’t cost much but will go a long way in helping you effectively utilize the small space you have. 

In addition, once you hand the crib, you can use the space below it to keep other baby items. 

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21.Fun wall lamps 

Fun wall lamps 
(Source: Pinterest)

Wall lamps are a cheap way of decorating your baby’s room’s walls. The lights can also keep the baby entertained when you are busy. 

Combine this with a rocking chair, and your baby will be kept busy for a long time. You can use blinking lights of different colors for more fun.

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There you have it. The above 21 small nursery ideas can help keep your baby’s room looking great even if you are operating on a budget. 

Fixing the pieces of furniture is a DIY project that doesn’t require you to hire an expert. The only tiny small baby room decor ideas that can require an expert are panting and fixing lights. 

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