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25+ Amazing Ideas For A Small Master Bedroom Decoration

Small Master Bedroom Decoration

If you have a small sleeping space, then you’re probably always on the hunt for different ways to maximize the limited space that you have.  Our fantastic list of small master bedroom ideas will help you narrow down some amazing decor ideas to help you brighten up your space and create a beautiful environment that you will love.

From attic bedrooms to bedrooms without closets, let’s take a look at how to improve tiny spaces and turn them into beautiful retreats for you to turn into at the end of the night. 

1. Romantic Small Master Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Romantic Small Master Bedroom Ideas for Couples
(Source: homify)

Even if you have a small size master bedroom, you can still find great bedroom sets that are elegant, cozy, and can provide you with a beautiful sleeping space full of inspiration and relaxation.

When shopping around for bedroom sets, earthy tones like this light brown can help make the room feel warm and inviting. balance out the dark hue by adding in white bed pillows, white curtains, and a light-colored rug.

If your room already has hardwood flooring, then can be a fantastic and easy look to pull off. 

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2.Modern Small Master Bedroom Ideas

Modern Small Master Bedroom Ideas
(Source: pinterest)

Creatively using light fixtures and wall molding can allow you to put together a beautiful modern inspired bedroom. Pull this look off using a mixture of black and white decor.

Black and white canvas artwork can provide a very mature and contemporary feel to the room too. Accents of silver and gray can also help draw attention to certain parts of the room as well.

3.Contrastive Petite Black

Contrastive Petite Black in Bedroom
(Source: cocolapinedesign)

Black throughout the room can create a really contemporary, modern, and inviting feel to your room. You can incorporate elements of black through statement pillows, a table lamp, and other furniture that offers practical use in your room.

Canvas paintings or art prints framed in black are another way to sneak in elements of this bold color into your sleeping space.

4.Simple Small Master Bedroom Ideas

Simple Small Master Bedroom Ideas
(Source: montanaprairietales)

Small sleeping space is the ideal area for a minimalist. Remodel your bedroom by taking out all the things that you do not need and using sleek storage boxes to put away items that you still want.

Replace eclectic miss-matched pillow set with a light-colored bed set. If you’re going to use a personalized pillow, then stay within the color scheme of your bed set.

Although minimalist decor ideas use very little in terms of “stuff,” there’s plenty of creativity to be had when designing with this theme

5.Rustic Small Master Bedroom Ideas 

Rustic Small Master Bedroom Ideas
(Source: thediymommy)

A rustic design idea is an incredibly inviting and warm design theme. You can pull off this aesthetic by decorating using rustic and natural elements.

Use a shag or fiber rug in a light tan shade and compliment your white or beige bedding with a darker-toned throw blanket. You can even add a bench at the end of your bed for a relaxing retreat away from the noise in the rest of your home.

6.Small Master Bedroom Ideas with TV

Small Master Bedroom Ideas with TV
(Source: littledekonings)

Just because you have a smaller layout in your sleeping space, does not mean you have to miss out on neat additions like a television. Consider treating your television like any other element of the bedroom that needs to be put on display.

You can decorate around the television on the same wall by using picture frames and special images you like. As a rule of thumb, if you are going to hang up artwork around the television, make sure to hang up equal amounts on either side.

7.Female Vintage

Female Vintage Style in Bedroom
(Source: upcyclist)

This delicate vintage theme may seem retro an old fashion, but it remains to be one of the cutest most feminine decor ideas that just so happens to work fantastically well in a smaller-sized bedroom.

Pull this look together using a beautiful petite chandelier and if you need more lighting you can incorporate vintage or floral lamps on either side of the bed. Have fun with lots of light colors but don’t be afraid to go bold with darker colored furniture.

8.Give Your Small Master Bedroom a Shabby Chic Look

Give Your Small Master Bedroom a Shabby Chic Look
(Source: futuristarchitecture)

Shabby chic remains to be one of the truest elements of femininity. You can pull this charming look together using different bohemian and chic style pieces. Look for elements that have feminine touches such as lace, floral embroidery, and ruffles.

Stick with light, calm, and neutral colors including white or gray. You can use darker tones as well so long as they are really subdued. Overall, a shabby chick is meant to be light, airy, and delicate. 

9.Sand Covers Your Small Master Bedroom

Sand Covers Your Small Master Bedroom
(Source: pinterest)

Create a relaxing environment akin to a sandy beach by utilizing sandy colors including beige, white, tan, and light brown. Bright and light colors are incredibly relaxing and will create an environment you will want to retreat to after a long day.

White is the dominant color in this room so be sure to use a base of white-colored bedding with a beige knitted throw blanket. And of course, don’t forget lots of white fluffy pillows.

10.Design a Small Master Bedroom with Chocolate Brown 

Design a Small Master Bedroom with Chocolate Brown
(Source: bocadolobo)

Much like the aphrodisiac, styling using a rich and dark chocolate brown color is the perfect way to create a sweet yet luxurious romantic space. Start by using a dark brown rug centered in the middle of the room.

Decorate your bed using similar colored bedding complete with a comforter and lots of pillows. To balance out the brown, incorporate elements of white in decorative pillows for a nice touch of harmonious balance. 

11.Built-in Bookcase

Built-in Bookcase behind the bed
(Source: pinterest)

A bedroom with built-in shelves can be a great way to practically and stylishly store away your stuff without having them clutter up your space. Place items on the shelves in a way that is decorative yet sensible.

Bedtime novels can go on lower shelves while awards and decorative items can go on higher shelves. Place your bed in a layout that allows the built-in bookcases to be stylish as well. 

12.Small Master Bedroom Ideas with White Wardrobe

Small Master Bedroom Ideas with White Wardrobe
(Source: dwell)

If your room is missing a closet then incorporating a wardrobe is a functional way to fit your clothing and other personal belongings in the room without having it take too much space.

There are so many different wardrobe designs for you to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits your room the way it is now.

If you want to totally remodel your room, then you can use a white wardrobe and other white elements as a way to brighten up space and make it look bigger than it actually is. 

13.Keep the Neutral Tones for A Small Master Bedroom

Keep the Neutral Tones for A Small Master Bedroom
(Source: therecipeproject)

Neutral tones, especially gray Hughes are a wonderful way to create a restful, graceful, and even luxurious sleeping space. Start with a bed that uses a dark gray headboard and footboard.

Accent the bed on either side with a modern design scheme using gray side tables or side drawers. Here you can place personal belongings like your rings and necklace pendants or books that you read right before bed.

Dark walls and high curtains are other elements that tie the room together too. 

14.Floor-to-Ceiling Wooden Stripes for Small Master Bedroom Design 

Floor-to-Ceiling Wooden Stripes for Small Master Bedroom Design
(Source: pinterest)

Floor-to-ceiling stripes are such a great way to create abstract art in the interior of your home. You can match the sophistication level of the decor to your liking.

For example, a more modern and mature bedroom design like this one uses stripes made out of wood that start at the back of the bed and taper off into the ceiling. Another design you can use is floor-to-ceiling stripes as an accent wall.

Either way, this simple geometrical design can create some stunning results, even for smaller-sized rooms. 

15.Small Master Bedroom Ideas with Green

Small Master Bedroom Ideas with Green
(Source: overstock) 

Designing with the color green can be a great way to incorporate a natural and earthy tone into your sleeping space. Start with a base color of white on your walls and on your bedding.

Next, incorporate a pop of green by using either a green comforter and matching green pillowcases or by using a dark green rug matched with potted plants that decorate the room.

Green tends to be a strong color so use it thoughtfully and do not go overboard. 

16.Remodel Your Narrow Master Bedroom with Blue Moon Inspiration 

Remodel Your Narrow Master Bedroom with Blue Moon Inspiration
(Source: decoholic)

Space Blue Moon is such a unique color and if used correctly, it can really open up a small space. Much like this bedroom design, this color works great as an accent wall in an attic master room that has unique features like wooden beams or round windows.

If you don’t have round windows, you can install a smoke mirror above your bed headrest to serve as a really nice centerpiece. Because this color can be so strong, make sure to incorporate elements of white to balance it out. 

17.Traditional Style Is Never Out of Fashion

Traditional Style Bedroom Is Never Out of Fashion
(Source: houzz)

Traditional design aesthetics are an absolute classic and will always be popular and timeless. This naturally relaxing look creates such a calm environment and you can pull it off too using simple earthy tones matched with blinding white bedding.

Choose a dark-colored bed made out of either mahogany or oak to be the centerpiece of the room and then design with lighter earthy tones around it. 

18.King-Sized Bed in A Tiny Master Bedroom

King-Sized Bed in A Tiny Master Bedroom
(Source: etsy)

Just because you have a smaller size sleeping space does not mean you can’t have the joy of a king-size bed. Start by using bedding and linen that is white. This will help make the room appear bigger regardless of the limited space.

Use a white background and if you are going to use an accent wall, consider a minimal design like a medium-sized canvas print or framed image. Decorate sparingly with other elements in the room and you can pull off a really nice, calming space.

19.Small Master Bedroom Mirror Ideas

Small Master Bedroom Mirror Ideas
(Source: homedesigning)

A full-length mirror in your room can be a great way to give the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is. Stick with a classic or contemporary mirror that has a light-colored border like white or silver.

The mirror does not have to be mounted, instead, it can be leaning against the wall. Be sure it is in a space where you can actually see yourself and use it.

20.Bring in Beautiful Nature Breath 

Bring in Beautiful Nature Breath
(Source: jellinadetmar)

Beautiful artwork, photographs, and other personalized pictures that highlight the beauty of nature are a really nice way to breathe in a breath of fresh air every time you go to bed.

Pull together a natural-looking bedroom by incorporating elements of wood, actual potted plants, and bedding and linen that uses earthy tones.

If you have a master bedroom in the attic, then the accent wall can be a dark color like midnight blue that helps pull everything together.

21.Play with Colors to Get High Style on a Budget

Play with Colors to Get High Style on a Budget
(Source: pinterest)

You can still pull off a unique bedroom makeover using some cheap DIY ideas, and the right color paint. Give your bed a headboard by painting it right on using a darker tone like a green olive.

Next, match this painted on the headboard with a similar colored rug. If you don’t have a similar color rug, you can use any light-toned rug that covers up the flooring.

Mismatched elements that go together can create a unique space resulting in a beautiful high-style design on a budget. 

22.Upholstered Headboard

Upholstered Headboard
(Source: pinterest)

A cushy and tufted headboard can be such an appealing aspect of any room. Not only do these headboards look really pretty, but they make the bed such an inviting space to hang out in.

If you’re going to use a dark-colored headboard and footboard, pair it with light bedding and light linens to help open up space.

23.Charming Boho Style in Tiny Master Bedroom

Charming Boho Style in Tiny Master Bedroom
(Source: pinterest)

If you love color then a charming boho-style room filled with eclectic objects, colorful design schemes, and woven linens galore might be the perfect design for you. Start by covering your queen size bed in a mismatch of colorful linens and decorative pillows.

Add to the room framed artwork and images that are meaningful to you. A dark-colored threaded rug can also be a nice add-in as well. Don’t forget to use personal elements like jewelry and clothing as a way to decorate your room in a practical way too. 

24.A Simple Seating Area at the Foot of Your Bed

A Wooden Simple Seating Area at the Foot of Your Bed
(Souce: mydomain)

Sometimes simple design elements are best and a simple bench at the foot of your bed is all you need for a beautiful bedroom suite. Consider using lots of white from the paint to the linens in the room.

Accent the white with reclaimed wood or dark black metal light fixtures. These simple touches can create a really sophisticated look in even the simplest of bedrooms. 

25.An Ideal Storage Interior in Small Master Bedroom

Walk in Closet Design for Small Bedroom
(Source: pinterest)

When you optimize the storage space you already have, you’ll find that there are likely more ways to keep your stuff organized and in order than you originally thought.

If you want to put your belongings on display, then you can organize them in a stylish manner using glass coverings and pull-out drawers. Highlight your most favorite belongings the next time you want to reorganize your walk-in closet. 

We hope our list of amazing small master bedroom ideas has helped you find inspiration in crafting your own warm and inviting space. Be sure to let us know in the comments section below what your favorite design theme is and why.

If you know someone who is looking to remodel their tiny bedroom, be sure to share our amazing list of design ideas with them as well! 

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