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21+ Small Kid’s Bedroom Ideas You Will Love In 2022

21+ Small Kid’s Bedroom Ideas You Will Love In 2022

Designing a small kid’s bedroom on a budget is no easy task. When it comes to their room design, those little beings might be difficult to satisfy. Many parents can’t afford large homes, which adds to the stress of decorating their small children’s rooms.

If you have been asking yourself, “How can I make the most of a child’s bedroom?” You are in the right place because you will learn small kids’ bedroom ideas to express your personal taste in room design. 

This article shows you easy ways to achieve a spacious DIY bedroom design using these small bedroom ideas.

Small Bedroom Ideas For Kids

1.Minimalist small kid’s bedroom ideas

Minimalist small kid’s bedroom ideas
(Source: Karma Stream)

A very small bedroom layout needs to appear more charming and appealing to your little one. Therefore, you need to brighten it up with bright colors that make the room appear bigger. 

A Scandinavian minimalist style is the best to adopt in such a room, creating a clean and versatile look.

2.Double bed for small space

Double bed for small space
(Source: Design Trends)

You don’t have to worry about limited space in your kids’ room, thanks to this special hack. Ladder shelves come in handy on the wall, as they don’t take up much space as shelves placed on floors. 

You can also create an organic small bedroom for kids with innovative bunk beds attached to the wall.

3.Use Neutral colors 

Use Neutral colors 
(Source: Extra Space Storage)

Neutral color schemes are ideal to adopt in your kids’ bedroom because they help you adapt to any theme. Your kid’s tastes may change as they grow. 

Therefore, you need creative ideas for small children’s rooms. Brighter shades are ideal for toddlers, and you can easily change them as they grow.

4.Combine Shelves and bed 

Combine Shelves and bed 
(Source: Decoist)

Combining shelves and the bed is another innovative kid’s small bedroom idea. This hack is important for saving space when your child’s room is considerably tiny. 

The unique shelves are built into the wall together with a raised bed, giving the illusion of a bigger room.

5.Creative floating desk for small kid’s room

Creative floating desk for small kid’s room
(Source: Pottery Barn Kids)

Most parents agree that their kids need some motivation to do their homework. A creative floating desk could be the inspiration that your kids need to finish their schoolwork on time. 

Ensure that it is a well-organized desk so that your children wouldn’t misplace their study items.

Shop Wall house desk on Potterybarnkids

6.Small shared bedroom ideas for kids

Small shared bedroom ideas for kids
(Source: HGTV)

Making your kids share a room is hard when you have to make both of them happy with the room’s design. If they have similar tastes, it is easy to design a small room layout. 

To achieve a unified look, you can match the beds, linens, dressers, and lamps.

Explore more Shared kid’s room design ideas on HGTV

7.Accent wall with pretty canvas

Accent wall with pretty canvas
(Source: Pinterest)

You need a creative small kid’s bedroom décor for your children’s room. You can include an accent wall with a pretty canvas to brighten neutral-colored walls. 

Complete the décor with personalized pictures that your child loves. Add an area rug near the bed for your child’s extra comfort.

Shop Cute canvas for kids on 365canvas

8.Small kid’s bedroom ideas with clever storage

Small kid’s bedroom ideas with clever storage
(Source: Country Living Magazine)

A cluttered room is what you would want to avoid in a child’s room since they can make it messier. You need the best toy organizer ideas to bring order into the room. 

Eliminate clutter by creating a reading mountain stacked with books in one corner of the kid’s bedroom.

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9.Tiny children’s bedroom with large window

Tiny children’s bedroom with large window
(Source: Real Homes)

Make the most of your child’s tiny room by enhancing the window aesthetics. Window treatments for children’s space should introduce a pop of color to the room, making it appear warmer. 

Also, maximize space by limiting bulky wardrobes and drawers, opting instead for baskets and clothes rails attached to the walls.

10.Cozy nook in a small attic room

Cozy nook in a small attic room
(Source: Kids Interiors)

A small attic room is the perfect kid’s area to play and spend time in. An attic should be a cozy space decorated with the right accessories. 

For instance, you can include colorful fixtures to add depth to that elusive space under the roof.

How to create an attic kid’s room 

11.Small kid’s bedroom ideas with loft bed

Small kid’s bedroom ideas with loft bed
(Source: Pinterest)

Loft beds are ideal children’s beds for small spaces. Not only are they convenient to accommodate more than one child in a room, but they also take up less space than separate beds. 

Complement the furniture with functional accessories like toys for the kids to play with within the room.

12.Bunk bed for small room

Bunk bed for small room
(Source: Country Living Magazine)

Bunk beds occupy vertical space. Therefore, they don’t consume as much space as they would if they were placed horizontally. 

Such beds are the ideal twin bedroom ideas for small rooms. They help you create extra space to place wardrobes or chest drawers to store kids’ items.

13.Small Kid’s bedroom paint ideas

Small Kid’s bedroom paint ideas
(Source: Square Signs)

Most kids like a fun room, hence the need to include interactive décor items in their bedrooms. Wall décor is one of the room’s aspects you can utilize to create a playful appeal. 

For instance, you can add a maze game wallpaper in a boy’s bedroom as part of the décor.

14.Under-bed toy storage

Under-bed toy storage
(Source: Pinterest)

It is possible to achieve a cute small bedroom for children if you eliminate clutter. One way to eliminate it is to be fun and creative with your storage options. 

For example, you can utilize the space under your child’s bed to fix pullout drawers for use as extra storage spaces.

Shop Toy storage under the bed on diehl-franconia 

15.A high rise bed

A high rise bed
(Source: Pinterest)

You can free up space in a kid’s room using a high-rise bed. The bed complements a small bedroom layout with a desk placed under the bed. 

The bed could also have an inbuilt wardrobe next to the desk, creating more floor space in the rest of the room.

Shop High raise bed on cuckooland

16.Small playroom for kids

Small playroom for kids
(Source: Decoist)

Struggling to keep kids entertained in a small space? Here is a small bedroom solution for you. 

For instance, you can incorporate a climbing wall to keep your kids active. If you have a space-savvy child, you can also place their favorite space toys on a floating shelf in the room.

17.Small kid’s bedroom ideas with toy wall shelves

Small kid’s bedroom ideas with toy wall shelves
(Source: Keep Toddlers Busy)

Stand out with your room décor skills by being creative with the shelves in your kid’s room. You can get inspiration from various internet sources on unique toy wall shelves. 

A train wall shelf is a perfect accessory to add character and functionality to the room. 

Shop Kid wall shelves on target

18.Create a fun chalkboard for your kids 

Create a fun chalkboard for your kids
(Source: Petit & Small)

Why struggle with expensive room décor items when you can include an inexpensive chalkboard in a small kid’s room? 

Aside from being unique, chalkboards are fun and interactive elements for your children to enjoy. Your children can explore their creative side by drawing and painting on the chalkboard walls.

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19.Small toddler’s bedroom with pretty lighting ideas

Small toddler’s bedroom with pretty lighting ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Make sure you incorporate multiple bedroom lighting ideas to help the kids do different activities. 

For instance, your child’s study desk needs dedicated task lighting to help them do homework. You can also add flair to the room with wall stickers that portray the moonlight for the nursery.

Shop Moonlight on rivilife

20.Expand tiny kid’s space with stripe ceiling

Expand tiny kid’s space with stripe ceiling
(Source: Decoist)

Make a tiny bedroom appear bigger with a colorful circus tent-inspired ceiling. Such a ceiling is unique and stunning, making it possible for your kids to love it. 

You need to get inspiration on the best wall paint ideas to complement the ceiling without overwhelming the room.

How to paint stripes on a ceiling

21.Small kid’s bedroom ideas with hidden closet

Small kid’s bedroom ideas with hidden closet
(Source: My Baby Doo)

Most parents struggle with how to make the most of a small bedroom. This shouldn’t be the case, as there are many small closet ideas to save extra space. 

These ideas help you find smart solutions to your storage problems, hence making their kids’ bedrooms appear less messy.


The above are useful small kids’ bedroom ideas to help you design your children’s rooms. The ideas inspire you to make the most out of a small room. 

Use the hacks to creatively store items and arrange the room, freeing up extra space in the process. Your children will appreciate the extra floor space and use it for activities like playing or studying.

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