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20+ Small Closet Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space In 2022

20+ Small Closet  Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space In 2022

Closet space is one of the areas of your home that can frustrate you in organizing, especially if it is a cramped space. You need small closet ideas that will help you organize your space to prevent it from looking like the aftermath of an avalanche. 

This article will inspire you with organizing solutions to fix your messy and small closet on a budget. Also, you will learn how to use DIY to achieve a neat finish and express your style in your bedroom. 

Read more to get inspiration from the following closet organization ideas.

Small Closet Organization Ideas

The following are small closet organization ideas to transform your cramped space into a neat one:

1.Small closet ideas with a clothing rack

Small closet ideas with a clothing rack
(Source: Pinterest)

Save your already cramped tiny closet by having a clothing rack to supplement the storage space. 

A clothing rack is also ideal if your bedroom lacks a closet, a freestanding clothing rack will come in handy to store your clothes. 

An organized clothing rack is the perfect accessory for saving space in your bedroom closet. 

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2.Small closet shoe storage ideas

Small closet shoe storage ideas
(Source: Reader’s Digest)

Shoe drawers are necessary for your bedroom to organize your favorite pairs. An easy way to do this is by using clear drawers to store the shoes. 

Besides keeping the shoes organized, the closet also enables you to find them easier when in a hurry. Clear drawers are convenient and cheap storage ideas.

Read more Shoe storage options to maximize your small space

3.Get more storage under clothing

Get more storage under clothing
(Source: Pinterest)

Not everyone can afford to live in a big house with enviably large walk-in closets

Consider complementing your small closet with a shoe rack under your hanging clothes if you need extra storage space. You can also place a small dresser in the same space and use it as closet storage for jewelry.

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4.Hide Seasonal items under the bed

Hide Seasonal items under the bed
(Source: Extra Petite)

Are you having trouble finding any other functional space within your room to use as storage space for your clothes? 

What about under your bed? You can convert the space under your bed into a DIY small closet to hide seasonal items like suitcases.

5.Install System modular shelves

Install System modular shelves
(Source: Scandinavian design)

System modular shelves are another great way to organize your small closet. 

A modular shelving system is ideal for men’s small closet ideas, as they make additional space for important items. 

Use the shelves to display attractive items in the open or as a décor item. 

6.Small Walk-in closet design ideas

Small Walk-in closet design ideas
(Source: Better Homes and Gardens)

One of the organization’s tips to help bring order to your small walk-in closet is to have various storage types. 

You can also add rods perpendicular to the main rod to easily access hard-to-reach corners in your small space closet.

7.Install lighting to maximize your small closet

Install lighting to maximize your small closet
(Source: Pinterest)

It isn’t easy to find certain items in a tiny closet, especially when you need them urgently. 

One way to ease looking for such items is to install recessed lights in your closet. The lights are modern and convenient, and they don’t take up much of any vertical space. 

8.Functional coat rack ideas

Functional coat rack ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Hangers are convenient for storing light items like pants and shirts since they hang flat against each other. 

However, you need functional coat racks to organize bulkier items like coats outside the closet. You can keep it in your bedroom’s corner to look organized even when exposed.

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9.Barn door small closet ideas

Barn door small closet ideas
(Source: Houzz)

Another clever storage idea is to have a sliding door in your closet, so you don’t have to walk from one side to another to look for specific items. 

Sliding doors are easy DIY projects and are fantastic space-savers, especially in small corners where two doors will only slam into each other when opening them.

10.Custom Small closet shelves 

Custom Small closet shelves 
(Source: Pinterest)

Do you have a small room with limited closet shelves? If so, you need to neatly organize the shelves to achieve an orderly look in your small master bedroom. 

An effective way to do this is by using shelf dividers to keep clothing stacks from falling to the floor.

How to DIY custom closet shelves

11.Small Wardrobe frame to save your space

Small Wardrobe frame to save your space
(Source: Pinterest)

Wardrobe frames are fantastic master closet ideas to organize and personalize your space. You can add wicker baskets to the small wardrobe to store clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other necessities. 

Storage baskets effectively hold and conceal many items, preventing your closet from looking cluttered.

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12.Hanging up another bar

Hanging up another bar
(Source: Pinterest)

If you lack storage to hold your purses, you can designate a space for hanging them in your small bedroom. Shower hooks come in handy to hang the items on the hanger rod. 

You can also organize your shelf system using a sliding organizer in your closet to hang your belts and scarves.

13.DIY closet storage with mesh baskets

DIY closet storage with mesh baskets
(Source: Woman’s Day)

Do you want a storage system where items are organized and easy to find? Mesh baskets are small open closet ideas perfect for your storage needs. 

Place them in the corner of your closet and use them to store items in whatever order you like.

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14.Small closet ideas with curtains

Small closet ideas with curtains
(Source: Pinterest)

You can switch sliding or louvered closet doors with a less bulky option, curtains. Not only are they more appealing, they instantly make a room appear lighter. 

They are also the perfect accessory for creating a private space to hide awkward items that you don’t want anyone to see.

15.Maximize small closet with sliding storage racks

Maximize small closet with sliding storage racks
(Source: lushome)

Sliding storage racks are one of the contemporary design ideas to uplift your closet organization game to the next level. 

The racks add function and style to your room, and they are easily accessible. Besides, they are ideal for tucking away your clothes from plain view.

16.Narrow small walk-in closet ideas

Narrow small walk-in closet ideas
(Source: The Happy House- Porch)

If you have a limited walk-in closet, you should keep it organized to find your items easily. Implement organization tips like closet dividers to help you keep items in order. 

Closet dividers ensure that you don’t waste time looking for items in an already cramped space.

17.Creative closet ideas for small spaces

Creative closet ideas for small spaces
(Source: DecorMatters)

Before you start organizing your small closet, clear up plenty of space by getting rid of unnecessary items. 

Work with a sizeable chunk of items that give you space to organize them neatly without appearing cramped up. This will help you strategically place your items in your small closet, where you will easily find them when necessary.

18.Pocket hanging jewelry organizer ideas

Pocket hanging jewelry organizer ideas
(Source: The Container Store)

Organizing your girls’ room has never been easier, all thanks to a convenient pocket hanging organizer. 

The organizer will help you store all your jewelry in one convenient place. That way, you don’t misplace or lose your precious ornaments in your small master closet.

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19.Small nursery closet ideas

Small nursery closet ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Your little one needs all the comfort you can provide, including a spacious room. The perfect solution to freeing up space in the room is to organize the items in the room. 

One way to make a room more spacious is to place mini baskets behind the door.

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20.A functional hamper

A functional hamper
(Source: Good Housekeeping)

Finally, one of the small corner closet ideas you’ll love is a functional hamper in your room. 

Hampers are unique and attractive, and you can tuck them in a small corner to store your clothes. 

One hamper that should stand out in your room is wicker-design inspired for added elegance. 


You don’t need to stress yourself anymore about organizing your small closet. Make the most out of that cramped-up space with the above small closet ideas. 

The ideas will help you free up space and find your items more easily despite them being in a limited area.

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