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25+ Small Bedroom Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Sleeping Space

small bedroom storage ideas

If you have a small bedroom and lots of stuff, then chances are you have dealt with the stubborn frustration of figuring out creative ways to store away your belongings and organize your room. Today, we’ve racked up some of the best small bedroom storage ideas that will help transform your small space into a beautiful oasis that is organized, tidy, and simply beautiful.

From obvious storage setups to hidden compartments, we will take a look at this year’s most clever organizational hacks that also double up as beautiful decor elements. Let’s dive into some of the best ways to design your small space!

1. Use The Back of The Closet Door

Use The Back of The Closet Door for Storage
Source: houselogic)

One of the best ways to use bedroom space wisely for organizational purposes is to use the area behind the door. Installing shelves or hanging baskets behind the closet door is a great way to store small and common items.

This organizing idea gives you the ability to quickly reach for your items without having to dig through your entire closet. You can find all types of behind-the-door storage setups that match the color scheme and design of your bedroom. 

2.Jewelry Canvas Storage in Your Bedroom

Jewelry Canvas Storage in Your Bedroom
Source: womansday)

A very neat organization technique for storing all jewelry is the canvas, which can also double as a jewelry organizer.

This unique organization system has a dual role because it can be hung on the wall as a piece of art while providing functional elements to hide storage space.

If you have a lot of jewelry, you can use a few jewelry canvases to hang in your bedroom. You can also use different canvases to distinguish the different types of jewelry you own.

3.Downsize Your Bedroom Furniture Ideas 

Downsize Your Bedroom Furniture Ideas 
(Source: amazon)

Transform your child’s bedroom into a storage oasis by getting rid of traditional storage pieces like cabinets and armoires. Instead, consider using a step-up bed that has pull-out cabinets underneath it.

Kids love this functional, almost tiny furniture style because it is easy for them to use, it is fun to use, and it’s really great design-wise. You can also decorate around the bed by setting up shelves that your kid can store different items in too. 

4.Hidden Storage Installed Inside The Wall

Hidden Storage Installed Inside The Wall
(Source: ombiaombia)

This creative storage idea gives a new meaning to hidden storage compartments. A headboard with a hidden storage compartment in it can be a really great way to utilize space that would otherwise remain blank.

What makes this an amazing organizational hack is a fact that you can easily reach in and grab what you need all the while allowing it to remain out of sight.

If you have a minimalistic themed bedroom, or just want to declutter in general. This can be a great design theme to go with. 

5.Small Bedroom Storage Ideas with A Minimal Hanging Nightstand From A Cutting Table

Make A Minimal Hanging Nightstand From A Cutting Table
(Source: linktr)

A really nice and simple design idea that provides a really beautiful aesthetic as well is this easy-to-make hanging nightstand.

This hanging nightstand matches really well with a rustic or farmhouse design theme. It uses a beautiful wooden slab that is hung up with a farmhouse twine.

A little decor element like this can go a long way as far as creating a really peaceful and calming environment.

This nightstand is rather unique, it’s perfect for displaying small pictures and plants, or little items on top of it. 

6.Small Bedroom Storage As A Room Divider

Small Bedroom Storage As A Room Divider
(Source: Ikea)

You can use a small storage shelf as a sort of bedroom divider that separates your bedroom into two different parts.

This storage shelf can also serve as a sort of wardrobe. It allows you to use storage boxes to store away smaller articles of clothing like socks and undershirts.

A storage shelf like this is best set up at the foot of your bed right next to your footboard. If you live in a small apartment or even a small dorm, then this can be a great storage idea to implement. 

7.Use Smart Wardrobe Organizers in Your Small Bedroom

Use Smart Wardrobe Organizers in Your Small Bedroom
(Source: Ikea)

Wardrobe organizers that are installed directly in your closet can be a great way to organize all your clothing and accessories. There are different wardrobes that offer functions including racks for hanging, and shelving for storage boxes.

Wardrobe design ideas like this one work especially well in small walk-in closets. They allow you to utilize the space efficiently so that you can maximize your storage capacity. 

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8.DIY Unique Clothes Rack

DIY Unique Clothes Rack
(Source: Pinterest)

This unique DIY clothes rack incorporates elements of nature by allowing you to pull in a long wooden branch and repurpose it as a hanging rack that is strung up by rope for your clothes.

When you pair a rustic design element like this with a leaning ladder shelf, you can create a really nice vibe that lends itself well to a boho-chic-designed bedroom.

Depending on the color scheme you want to go with, you may want to leave the branch in its natural element, or you can spray paint it white for a really neat look. 

9.Small Bedroom Under-Bed Storage Ideas

Small Bedroom Under-Bed Storage Ideas
(Source: Ikea)

If you have a small bedroom, then one of the best ways to utilize your storage space is by using a bed frame that has drawers underneath it.

These doors can be especially helpful as blanket and pillow storage units. You can get creative and even repurpose one of the drawers as a shelf so that you can store books in it, almost like a mini-library.

Because this works really well in smaller bedrooms, it’s best to use a bed frame that comes in white as this will allow your bedroom to appear larger than it actually is. 

10.Nature-Friendly Bench for Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Nature-Friendly Storage Bench 
(Source: livabl)

This nature-friendly storage wooden bench that goes at the foot of your bed works really well with a rustic design themed bedroom.

The seating on a bench like this is made out of wood and so it lends itself really well to a natural design theme, a farmhouse theme, and even a rustic design bedroom.

If you are on a budget, you can create a seating bench simply by repainting and repurposing a large piece of reclaimed wood.

And because it is a natural piece, you do not have to worry about the edges being perfectly straight or the top being perfectly flat. 

11.Small Bedroom Storage Ideas with A Wall-Mount Vanity

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas with A Wall-Mount Vanity
(Source: crescendoaospoucos)

A wall-mounted vanity with a small circular hanging mirror can be a really nice addition to any bedroom.

Plus it works really well as a nightstand alternative for women who are not completely sold on a traditional nightstand.

This cute little setup works really well as a place to store important items like jewelry, books, and even your phone and wallet.

Simplicity is best with a wall-mounted vanity like this, so keep it decluttered for the most part and you’ll have a really nice addition to the room.

12.Window Seat Shares The Function of Shoe Storage

Window Seat Shares The Function of Shoe Storage
(Source: ralfschmitz)

In a small master bedroom, the lack of space can be very limiting when it comes to considering different ways to use the bedroom space.

One of the best ways to create storage in the master bedroom is by doing so next to a window. You can create a really nice reading spot by putting together a bench beside the window complete with comfortable cushions and pillows.

Next to the bench, you can set up a vertical shelving storage unit that can serve as a really good shoe storage solution. This is especially great if you want to put your shoes on display in your bedroom. 

13.Storage For Your Small Bedroom Without A Closet

Storage For Your Small Bedroom Without A Closet
Source: okchicas)

Having a small bedroom with no closet can be a little bit frustrating, especially if you are already limited on space.

If you have an industrial-style room or are living in an apartment where space is rather limited, one of the best closet alternatives is having a metal clothes rack that is set up in a corner of your bedroom.

This clothing rack can completely replace your dresser. It can offer you the benefits of hanging your clothes, folding and storing them away in drawers on the bottom.

14.Small Bedroom Storage Ideas with Some Boxes at the Corner

Install A Corner Bedroom Storage
(Source: extraspace)

A new way to create storage in your bedroom and maximize your organizational capacity is by setting up a storage area in a corner of your bedroom wall.

This storage area can incorporate a variety of elements including hanging shelves and small drawers that are mounted. This small corner is ideal for organizing small personal effects and decorative stuff like photographs, jewelry, and even small house plants.

You don’t want this look to be cluttered so using a couple of shelves and drawers should be all you need in order to put this look together. 

15.Small Bedroom Storage Ideas with Natural Rattan

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas with Natural Rattan

(Source: amazon)

Natural rattan storage pieces including wicker baskets, Boho-inspired ottomans, and other natural themed elements can be a really great way to put together a peaceful bedroom that maximizes storage.

By setting up your wicker baskets at the end of the bed, you can create a functional way to store away extra pillows, blankets, and linens.

Because wicker can be such a loud statement piece, it’s best to pair your different wicker storage elements with a bedroom theme that uses lots of white.

16.Girl Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Girl Small Bedroom Shelving Ideas
(Source: vivadecora)

A tree bookcase set up in a little girl’s room is a really modern way to help put together a visually appealing storage setup. What’s great about a tree bookcase is that you can use it for more than just books.

Use it to display favorite toys, pictures, dolls, and any other items your child loves. The best part is, this modern organizational theme is so versatile you can use it even in your son’s bedroom as well.

Children love how functional, interactive, and visually appealing this organizational setup is. Plus it makes cleaning up such a breeze as well. 

17.Metal Overdoor Organizer

Metal Overdoor Organizer
(Source: Wayfair)

One of the best bedroom organizational units to use is metal over the door organizer.

These organizers easily hang over your bedroom door and allow you to have plenty of room to store away small items like outfit accessories, jewelry, shoes, and even purses.

These over-the-door organizers come in a variety of options, styles, and storage capabilities. You should be able to find one that fits the theme of your bedroom perfectly.

18.Small Bedroom Storage Ideas with Built-in Cabinet

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas with Built-in Cabinet
(Source: realhomes)

Take advantage of every nook in your small bedroom by considering a built-in storage cabinet. This built-in design works really well in an attic bedroom because of the unique shape.

You can utilize every nook and cranny of storage in an attic because the storage molds into the awkward edges of the room.

Plus you will have plenty of space leftover in the room for other necessary items like a nightstand, or even a desk. 

19.Sleep In A Cupboard, Why Not?

Setup the Bed In A Cupboard
(Source: myscandinavianhome)

You can convert your sleeping space so that you have a bed that is hidden inside of what would appear to be a closet.

When you convert your bedroom to a bed that is out of sight, you will be left with plenty of space that you can use for other purposes.

A unique concept like this that incorporates bed-in closet ideas is especially popular for individuals who work from home.

Converting your bedroom in this manner allows you to have a separate office space that you can decorate however you see the best fit with a faux closet that conceals your actual bed. 

20.Storage Around The Bed for Teenagers

Storage Around The Bed for Teenagers
(Source: cuckooland)

One of the small bedroom storage ideas is a four-poster bed that incorporates poster bookshelves as opposed to bedposts. This idea can fit both teenage boys or girls’ small bedrooms.

These shelving units are great for displaying books, personal items, plants, and any other elements that are important to you.

Depending on the shelving unit you use, you can even incorporate fabric storage boxes to store away personal clothing accessories.

21.Small Bedroom Storage Ideas with A Lounge Corner Bed

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas with A Lounge Corner Bed
(Source: pbteen)

A lounge corner bed with an L-shaped storage section is a great look to have in a small bedroom.

Not only does the aesthetic look really nice, but storage on the side of a platform bed is one of the best storage hacks. It allows you to maximize the small bedroom space you have available. 

22.Create A Ceiling Storage for Your Small Bedroom  

Create A Ceiling Storage for Your Small Bedroom  
(Source: Pinterest)

Ceiling storage can be very underrated especially since ceiling storage is often synonymous with kitchen and living room storage.

What makes the storage idea one of the best concepts to use in a bedroom is the fact that it lends itself really well to bedrooms that also double up as home office spaces.

You can set up the bookshelf above your desk or have your ceiling-mounted drawers installed alongside one wall. For a smart look, you can even use abstract design and muted colors for a very sophisticated finish. 

23.Small Bedroom Storage Ideas with A Hidden Bed    

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas with A Hidden Bed
(Source: Wayfair)

A Murphy bed is a great space-saving hack for anyone who is especially limited in sleeping space.

This fold-away bed can be hidden out of view to reveal a really nice desktop space. It’s perfect for allowing you to get all your work done. What makes this bed such a neat storage idea is that it allows your room to become a multitasking space.

24.Use The Space Under The Desk

Use The Space Under The Desk
(Source: tuacasa)

Use the space under the desk can be a great place to use as a storage location. Besides, a small chest of drawers is ideal to keep all your belongings that don’t fit elsewhere in the room.

If you don’t have a desk, custom the TV stand so that you have one worked just as well too. As a rule of thumb, be sure that the color of the chest matches the rest of the color scheme in your bedroom. 

25.Small Bedroom Storage Behind The Bed

Small Bedroom Storage Behind The Bed
(Source: runwaychef)

You can create a really nice mini storage in your small bedroom by utilizing these containers behind the headboard. This creative storage works really well in a young adult’s bedroom.

You can incorporate anything in the shelving. For example, books, glasses, keys or your wallet can be snuggly stored away here at the end of every night.

To help frame the storage area behind your headboard, you can decorate some nice pictures above the bed as well.

Now that you’ve got a couple more tricks up your sleeve with how to bring elements of the organization into your small bedroom. We hope you’ve found some inspiring tips worth trying out.

Let us know in the comments section below which of these small bedroom storage ideas were favorite!

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