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23+ Small Bedroom Ideas For Extra Room Space In 2022

23+ Small Bedroom Ideas For Extra Room Space In 2022

In our list of the finest small bedroom ideas, we’ll look at some clever storage options as well as methods to design a small master bedroom. Even though your bedroom is small, you can still turn it into a resting place with plenty of storage. 

You don’t have to have a tiny, cramped space just because you have a small room. Read on to see how our innovative storage ideas can help you transform your small bedroom.

We are sure you’ll find an idea or two that you will absolutely fall in love with. 

Small Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

1.A storage bed for small bedroom ideas

A storage bed for small bedroom ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re looking at saving space in a kid’s bedroom, this idea is for you. Creating a smart storage bed is a great way for your little ones to store away their belongings.

Opt for storage options like cubbies instead of drawers. This will allow your child to easily pull out their clothes, baskets, and books.

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2.Create Partition wall design ideas

Create Partition wall design ideas
Create Partition wall design ideas
(Source: Dezeen)

One of the best small bedroom design ideas is creating a partition to break up the space. You can use a variety of partition styles and types. One of the best is a partition that also serves as an accent piece.

How to Build a Partition wall for a small bedroom

3.Smart Over-bed cabinet system

Smart Over-bed cabinet system
(Source: Pinterest)

A really neat way to create a modern small bedroom is by installing a cabinet system.

Incorporate a cabinet system over the bed in order to save on space. You can also use a cabinet system to style a bedroom office as well. 

4.Minimalist small bedroom decor ideas

Minimalist small bedroom decor ideas
(Source: Good Housekeeping)

One of the best ways to style a small bedroom is by using minimalist decor.

To pull off this look, use simple furniture, light tones, and white walls that serve as your accent piece. A room like this is bright and airy, and it creates a really relaxing vibe.

  1. A large window for a tiny room
A large window for a tiny room
(Source: Notapaperhouse)

Having a sky window in a small bedroom can really help brighten up the space. If you have a room in the attic that has a small window, this is a look you should consider trying out.

Freshen up the bedroom by incorporating a small table to display some of your favorite plants as well. 

6.Small shelves for bedroom

Small shelves for bedroom
(Source: Contemporits)

Wall-mounted floating shelves are such a great way to create space in a tight room.

One of the best places to incorporate this shelving is by your bedside. The shelves will serve as a nightstand, but will also help to frame your bed nicely period.

7.Functional wall clothes rail for small room

Functional wall clothes rail for small room
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a small closet by installing a Wall clothes rail. This clothing rail puts your belongings on full display. But it’s also great because you don’t have to rely on a closet that takes up unnecessary space in an already small room.

Allow your clothes to be part of the aesthetic by color coordinating them too. 

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8.Small bedroom lighting ideas

Small bedroom lighting ideas
(Source: HGTV Canada)

Consider playing around with space-savvy lighting solutions to create the room of your dreams.

If you have what feels like a cramped bedroom, brighten it up with lots of lighting. Incorporate a swing arm sconce or wall-mounted light fixture for a really stunning look.

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9.Decorating with a beautiful canvas

Decorating with a beautiful canvas

Even in small spaces, you can still create an accent wall using some great small bedroom decorating ideas.

One of the best ideas to consider is a personalized canvas period. A personalized canvas will give your room a nice personality.

Shop Beautiful canvas on 365canvas

10.Open space with glass wall

Open space with glass wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Natural light in a cramped space is one of the best small bedroom design ideas.

Natural light from the outdoors will help brighten up your bedroom space and make the room feel larger than it actually is. Having an all-glass wall is a great way to accomplish this look. 

11.Mirror ideas for the small primary bedroom

Mirror ideas for the small primary bedroom
(Source: istock)

Another great way to make your room feel larger than it may actually be is by using mirrors.

A large mirror wardrobe can help reflect the light and make the room feel bigger. Plus, it creates such a nice look throughout the room as well.

12.Small floating desk for bedroom

Small floating desk for bedroom
(Source: Ideal Home)

A perfect solution for a bedroom that doubles up as office space is a small floating desk.

Even in a very small bedroom, you can still set up the study area with this DIY project. 

How to make a floating desk

13.Murphy bed design ideas

Murphy bed design ideas
(Source: Indonesia Design)

A Murphy bed is a great solution for tiny apartment space. If you’re also looking for ways of saving space in general, this is an idea to consider.

You can choose Murphy beds to find a beautiful style that fits the aesthetic of your room. 

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14.Small plants for bedroom

Small plants for bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Indoor plants can do a fantastic job of making your room feel a lot larger. Plus house plants will help energize the air in your room so it feels fresher and more relaxing.

Consider hanging potted plants throughout your bedroom. When you hang them, you won’t need to rely on tabletop space for placement.  

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15.Nesting tables to save space

Nesting tables to save space
(Source: Decoist)

One of the cutest ideas for small bedroom side tables is nesting tables. Nesting tables offer a really neat look because of their stacked style.

If you need additional countertop space, you can easily remove a table and use it as you see fit. 

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16.Small bedroom ideas with dreamy daybeds 

Small bedroom ideas with dreamy daybeds 
(Source: Curated Interior)

A really lovely look to consider is a dream daybed with built-in drawers. There are a variety of day bed options you can choose from.

Some of the best are the beds that also incorporate a shelving unit as well.

How to DIY Daybed with storage drawers

17.Smart recessed lighting for a tiny room

Smart recessed lighting for a tiny room
(Source: home-designing)

One of the best small room ideas plays around with unique lighting. Recessed lighting like this can help give your room a really neat aesthetic.

Plus it can help brighten up the room and make it feel brighter and more open too. 

How to Install Recessed lighting

18.Loft bed designs for small bedroom ideas

Loft bed designs for small bedroom ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A really functional layout for a small bedroom is a loft bed design. This type of design allows you to incorporate a desk, closet, and even a mini office in your bedroom.

This is a really neat and functional way to use the space in a small bedroom wisely. 

19.Small area rugs

Small area rugs
(Source: Houzz)

Even in a cramped bedroom, you can still decorate the space to make it feel cozy and inviting.

Light carpets used in exposed areas of the flooring can help you achieve this look. You can create a really simple style by using textured carpets for more personality. 

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20.Swing chair for small bedroom ideas

Swing chair for small bedroom ideas
(Source: SECEM)

Even in a small bedroom, you can still create a cozy reading nook. Incorporate a hanging chair for a really relaxing seating area.

Using light colors or see-through the material can help you to keep the space bright and open.

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21.Transform your headboard into a bookcase

Transform your headboard into a bookcase
(Source: The Nordroom)

If you have a small sleeping space, you can still incorporate lots of storage compartments.

One of the best small master bedroom ideas is transforming the headboard into a bookcase. Here, you can hang up your favorite positions as well as your commonly used items.

22.Small attic bedroom sloping ceilings

Small attic bedroom sloping ceilings
(Source: Dwell)

This bedroom style is perfect for any attic renovation. It creates a really cozy and modern room by keeping things nice and simple.

Incorporate a simple white floating bed and a light-colored night table if you need counter space. For the rest of the room, let the natural wood speak for itself. 

23.Acrylic furniture ideas

Acrylic furniture ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Acrylic furniture is really great for small bedroom furniture decor. Not only is it lightweight and affordable, but it’s also really unique and inconspicuous.

An acrylic small nightstand is perfect if you need some corner space but don’t want a piece of furniture that stands out.

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While it may be hard to believe at first,  there are plenty of ideas for decorating a small space. We hope our list has inspired you with different ways to create storage in your small bedroom.

Let us know which of the small bedroom ideas has helped you the most in transforming your bedroom. If you know someone who has a small bedroom and can benefit from unique storage hacks, be sure to share this article with them! 

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