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25 Shabby Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas to Transform Your Sleeping Space

a white shabby chic bedroom

A shabby chic bedroom is such a lovely design to decorate a room with. This charming and darling decor is perfect for a young girl’s room or young adult’s room. What makes this look so wonderful is the fact that it creates such a romantic, cozy environment.

Another great reason to consider this decor theme is that it lends really well to other decor themes. Pair it with rustic, farmhouse, and modern design themes in order to create a unique aesthetic bedroom.

In today’s article, we are going to take a look at some of the best ways to decorate with shabby chic. Stick around to see what ideas you will fall in love with!

1. White Shabby Chic Bedroom

White Shabby Chic Bedroom
(Source: Homify)

Shabby chic is such a beautiful interior design theme for young girls because it’s of its feminine decor. Pull together this gorgeous look by using a bedroom set that has lots of beige and white. A distressed set can work really well too. Pair this set with cotton bedding that has hints of frills to create a really serene atmosphere. 

2. Princess Theme in Kids Bedroom

Princess Theme in Kids Bedroom
(Source: Decoist)

Create an adorable pink shabby chic bedroom that has lovely hints of pink throughout. Incorporate pink in the walls, on throw blankets, and on throw pillows. Don’t go overboard with the pink.

Instead, balance it out with an equal amount of white through the bedding and carpet as well. Want to add more girly appeal? Use hints of floral and quaint girly canvas artwork as well. 

3. Use Blank Frames To Create A Shabby Chic-Style Wall Decor

Use Blank Frames To Create A Shabby Chic-Style Wall Decor
(Source: Pinterest)

Shabby chick decorating on a budget is possible by repurposing old frames. Spray paint your old picture frames with a distressed white for the iconic shabby chic look. What’s neat about this idea is that you don’t have to actually use the frames.

Instead, you can display these blank frames for a very rustic aesthetic. Don’t feel constrained to just frames either. Repurpose old window shutters too for that iconic shabby chic look.

4. Shabby Chic Style Meets Vintage Bedroom Theme 

Vintage green bedframe with an antique nightstand
(Source: betsyspeert)

A shabby chic room with vintage elements is a beautiful look. Especially if you like the frills of chic decor paired with vintage decor. To create a look like this, you will want to contrast the bright hues of traditional shabby chic.

Incorporate a vintage olive green bed frame and nightstand as well. This will help create a bold statement in the room. Accent the wall with matching vintage artwork as well.

5. Add Some Natural Elements

Hanging Plants
(Source: minhacasa)

Create a relaxing boho shabby chic bedroom using potted plants. Macrame hanging plant holders are a great way to display your plant connection. The greenery in the plants along with the macrame is a beautiful combination. They will really help hone in the natural aesthetic shabby chic is known for. 

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6. Antique Shabby Chic Interiors

Antique Shabby Chic Bedroom Interiors
(Source: Pinterest)

This pair of floor candelabra is inspired by the Gothic style and it’s stunning for creating French shabby chic decor. A rustic ceiling lends well to these types of decor elements too.

On either side of your bed, display an antique candle holder as well to play up gothic style. Balance out the gothic style with drapery over your headboard. Together, these rustic design elements create a really stunning room.

7. Combine With Industrial Style

White Bedroom with Factory Window
(Source: Blog CasaOmnia)

Industrial and shabby chic can work great together if you have an open studio apartment space. Swap out traditional lighting for bulb string lights and pendant light fixtures, leave your large factory windows bare too.

Instead, use a gray curtain on a portion of the room to help separate the open studio. One part of the room can be for your bed, while the other part can be your lounge area.

8. Cottage Shabby Chic Bedroom

Cottage Shabby Chic Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

Distressed wood accent through furniture and walls are iconic shabby chic elements. This look really lends itself well to country-style bedroom decor. Use lots of distressed gray and sandy tones for this look. Also, incorporate a cottage-style bench at the foot of your bed so that you can create that at-home feel.

9. Arch Architecture

Bedroom with arch architecture, a pastel green pair of chic nightstand and backdrop
(Source: Decoist)

This stunning design is inspired by Moroccan architecture and Mediterranean bedroom ideas. Having an arc in your bedroom can be a great way to add maturity to the space.

Because of this, using an arch is one of the best shabby chic bedroom ideas for adults. If you don’t have a master bedroom with an arc in it, no worries. You can add an arc by painting it directly onto your wall 

10. Eclectic Chic Bedroom

Pink Eclectic Chic Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Eclectic style and shabby chic can go really well together. Especially if you are dressing up in a girl’s bedroom. For a look like this, use lots of light girly colors like lavender, and blush pink throughout the room.

You can even include a nice light blue end of the bed bench as well. Drape sheer curtains throughout the room including closet doors. This will help accentuate traditional elements of shabby chic decor. 

11. Holiday Spirit

A wreath above the bed
(Source: Pinterest)

Get in the holiday spirit by pairing your farmhouse shabby chic bedroom with some quaint Christmas decor. You can pull together this beautiful look by setting up a light wreath above your bed’s headboard.

Include other elements of Christmas decor throughout the room as well. Just be sure that you stay away from bold Christmas decor with loud color. Use Charming little pieces that hint at the holiday instead.

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12. Black and White Shabby Chic Bedroom

White Bedroom with Black Furniture
(Source: Sebring Design Build)

You can use a black and white color scheme to create a mature shabby chic-styled bedroom. Incorporate white curtains on a metal black canopy bed. Also included in a black shabby chic dresser in the corner of the room as well.

For the rest of the room, use white linens and upholstery to balance out the black. This will help you dial into the black and white aesthetic too. 

13. French Country Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas with a Ruffled Pendant Light

Bedroom with a Ruffled Pendant Light
(Source: Town and Country Living)

French country shabby chic is such a quaint and charming decor theme. Use a black wire-framed bed because this gives the aesthetic of French decor. Transform it into a shabby chic bed by dressing it up with lots of light-colored throw pillows and blankets.

Stick with neutral tones to create this beautiful look. Also, swap out your boring old light fixture for a furry shabby chic bedroom light instead.

14. Shabby Chic Blue Accents

Bed with Floral Accent Pillows
(Source: Decoist)

Accent your room with blue floral patterns. This blue color theme will help give you a really classic and country take on shabby chic. Use it on pillows and artwork. In order to allow the blue to pop out, used lots of light throughout the room as well.

This means white curtains and linens on the bed and even a rug. You can add in a distressed look by using a mirrored nightstand as well. 

15. Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas with Painted Furniture

Bedroom with Green Painted Dresser
(Source: Small Design Ideas)

Painted furniture like a distressed bedside table or cabinet can be great for shabby chic decor. Painting these furniture pieces and then going over them to create a distressed look is quintessential to shabby chic.

You can play with neutral tones when using painted furniture. If you prefer, you can go with a pop of color too if you want to be a little bold. Have fun with this design idea to create a look all your own.

16. Go Minimalist 

A Blue Shabby Chic Artwork Above the Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a pretty simple bedroom by sticking with a restrained palette. A minimalist boho chic bedroom will usually play around with one or two colors. Elements of shabby chic will often be found in ruffles on pillows and blankets.

You can even include a quaint boho rug. Take it a step further include delicately pattern floral print for this beautiful design as well. 

17. New Takes on Old Doors 

Repurpose old doors to hold a new headboard
(Source: Catherine Lee)

Use old doors to help you frame the headboard of your bed. Pairing these reclaimed doors with beach colors use like aqua and teal can be really calming too.

Plus this is a perfect palette if you want to create a shabby chic beach bedroom. Vintage distress doors are perfect for creating a rustic chic bedroom as well.

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18. Victorian Wooden Bed Frame

Teal Wooden Chic Bed Frame
(Source: Sierra Living Concepts)

This look is exceptionally beautiful because it uses a bold take on Victorian decor elements. Taking Victorian shabby chic furniture and painting it a bold distressed color can be stunning.

Furniture like this will really help you create a bold statement in the room. Balance out the personality in the room by using modern light fixtures as well. Also, incorporating modern artwork will help tone down the vibrancy of the room.

19. Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas with A Daybed

Place A Chaise Lounge At The Corner Of Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

If you have the space, consider incorporating a daybed in your bedroom. This seating arrangement not only is great for relaxing in, but it can serve as a functional space too.

Use your chaise lounge chair to place your belongings on or lay your clothes out for the next day. When it comes to the color scheme, keep it light. Stick with lots of white and beige to help compliment the shabby chic aesthetic in your bed.

20. Small Storage for Small Shabby Chic Bedroom

Mini Dresser Below the Window Sill
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a modern shabby chic bedroom by using cute furniture pieces. A small dresser with a distressed coat of paint can work wonders in a child’s room.

Set this piece in the corner of the room where everyone can easily see it. This will allow it to be a statement piece in the room too. Keep the surface bare, or add some sweet personalized photos in cute frames. 

21. Romantic Beaded Chandelier 

Beaded Chandelier in Bedroom
(Source: Town N Country Living)

Romantic shabby chic bedrooms have some sort of delicate design element to them. One of the sweetest delicate design elements is a beaded chandelier. Using clear crystal beads can help you create a really nice charm for the room.

If you have a lot of natural light that comes into the room, use the light to your advantage. Natural light can really allow the room to sparkle, creating a really cute atmosphere. 

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22. Shabby Chic Vanity

A White Shabby Chic Vanity Set
(Source: Pretty in Pink)

You don’t have to transform your bedroom with shabby chic decor. Instead, incorporate a beautiful shabby chic vanity that gives your room a beautiful personality instead.

A vanity that is painted in a distressed style can be calming and charming. Use any jewelry to help accentuate the beauty of your vanity. Lastly, be sure to set aside a corner where you can display some of your favorite photos as well. 

23. Add A Little Glam in Shabby Chic Bedroom

Crystal Table Lamp
(Source: Pinterest)

Delicate accessories are the perfect way to add cute touches of shabby chic to your bedroom. One such bedroom accessory is a cute table lamp with dangling crystals.

You can set these sweet table lamps at your bedside nightstand or at a dresser. Use them for decorative purposes. You can also use them to case a warm glow in your room. 

24. Chic Armoire with Mirrors

Mirrored Armoire in front of Bed
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a small bedroom, use mirrored doors to help make your room look bigger. You can incorporate mirrored doors on your closet door or the door leading into your room.

If you have an armoire, you can also use mirrored doors on the front cabinet. Help accentuate the brightness of the mirrored look by using lots of distressed light colors. 

25. Personalized Animal Interior

Single bed with a personalized pillow
(Source: shabbyvictorianslumbers)

Personalize your sleeping space with custom pillows, blankets, and decor items that are unique to you.

If you are looking for decor stuff for dog lovers, customizing a pillow is the way to go. Incorporate a pillow with a print of your furry friend to cuddle up with. You can also create a personalized canvas with images of your pet too. 

Decorating with shabby chic decor is such a beautiful aesthetic to work with. We hope our list of beautiful shabby chic bedroom ideas has helped inspire you as well.

Which ideas on our list are you most excited to play around with? Be sure to share with us in the comments section below!

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