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21 Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas To Add A Perfect Nordic Look To Your Bedroom (2022)

Scandinavian bedroom

The Scandinavian bedroom features an eye-pleasing design that’s stunning, elegant, and minimalistic, creating an effortless aesthetic that is charming. 

While a minimally designed bedroom may seem cold for some people, when styled the Scandinavian way with accessories, it can infuse a coziness that infuses warmth into the bedroom. 

The Nordic bedroom style from countries like Norway is simple, airy, and peaceful. It features neutral hues like shades of blues, soft grays, mauves, and milky whites, and the aesthetic approach creates a soothing atmosphere. Explore these bedroom ideas to inspire your setup. 

How To Style A Scandi Bedroom

1. Minimal Scandinavian Bedroom

Minimal Scandinavian Bedroom
(Source: Homey Oh My)

Through the Scandi style approach, you can highlight different staples, including wooden floors, artwork, natural wood accents, and an intriguing ceiling fixture. 

All the different elements create a peaceful bedroom free from clutter. The simple look adorned in all-white is something you can embrace if you want to experience perfection without displaying much. 

In this case, simplicity in expression brings out a sophistication that welcomes you with glee every time you walk into the bedroom. 

2. The Beautiful Fireplace in Scandinavian Bedrooms

The Beautiful Fireplace in Scandinavian Bedrooms
(Source: Pinterest)

There are many ways you can create a cozy Swedish fireplace. First, you should create a gallery wall to complement your design, and on this, you can have anything, from black and white song lyrics on canvas print to a custom photo canvas gift. 

As for the fireplace, a spot in the corner would be an ideal location, and it should feature hues that blend with the rest of your room’s colors. 

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3. Amazing Scandinavian Bedroom with Open View

Amazing Scandinavian Bedroom with Open View
(Source: Hundred Mile)

There are many ways to create an open view, including using sheer curtains, installing glass walls, and letting in natural light. 

A typical Scandinavian-themed bedroom leaves plenty of space between furniture, giving your room an airy vibe that prevents a cluttered or cramped feel. 

Overall, you will have a gorgeous view and an inviting atmosphere, which inspires a level of coziness that adds the peace you need.

4. Modern Rustic Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas

Modern Rustic Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

If you want to achieve a rustic effect on a Scandinavian theme, you need wood, which is a common accent that brings out the rustic feel effectively. Also, wooden furniture that blends with other wooden fixtures is recommended. You can add a personalized canvas print to go along with the overall theme of the style. 

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5. Nordic Pendant Light 

Nordic Pendant Light 
(Source: AliExpress)

You can use light fixtures as decorating accents in the Scandinavian style. Lighting creates a focal point and can help you achieve a unique design if you pick creative lighting fixtures.

Good lighting is extra important as it can help you set the mood in your room. A softly glowing pendant light is an example of using lighting to add style to your space.

6. Scandinavian Cottage Bedroom Ideas

Scandinavian Cottage Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re inspired to explore a farmhouse-style bedroom, you can infuse cottage bedroom ideas using different elements, including cotton rug and wooden bedroom fixtures. 

While Scandinavian décor is generally minimalist, it does not mean you cannot add some warmth, personality, and touches of different decorating themes besides a white tone. 

A cottage vibe still maintains a limited color palette, highlights clean lines, and ensures airiness, which is typical of the Scandi style.  

7. Mustard in a Scandi Bedroom

Mustard Color in a Scandi Bedroom
(Source: MyDomaine)

The Scandinavian style features soft shades, but you can still throw in some colorful elements. Small pops of bright color like mustard yellow or cheery yellow can add life and interest to your room. 

You can have these popping shades on your wooden cabinet, but limit the hot hues to one or two accents as you want to avoid creating a busy environment, which goes against the general idea of embracing a Scandinavian style. 

8. Distressed Wood Makes A Scandinavian Vibe

Distressed Wood Makes A Scandinavian Vibe
(Source: ArtStation)

Wood is a staple when it comes to the Scandi decor language. You can apply the material to make a fantastic wooden wall, especially near a large window where you can have generous lighting. Distressed wood is a good choice if you want to make your floor achieve a rustic feel.

9. Scandinavian Masculine Bedroom

Scandinavian Masculine Bedroom
(Source: That Scandinavian Feeling)

If you want to create a men’s bedroom that is also appealing to the ladies, there are many ways you can make the space cozy and masculine. 

A pendant light and light gray accents can do the trick, helping you achieve both effects. This is easier to create in the Scandi style as it includes limited color, lack of fuss, simple lines, and no-frills. The style can work in about anyone’s bedroom and can be easy to create. 

10. Pastel Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas

Pastel Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

To create a girl’s bedroom, you can go with the common color, pink and gray, or add a custom picture on the wall. 

While many people use white for a Scandinavian style, it’s not the only option you can use. Other hues you can use include pale gray, which is equally soft and can create an airy style. For the perfect counterpoint to cool palettes, you can use warm metals. 

11. Black and White Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas

Black and White Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Vosgesparis)

Black and white is also a good choice if you want to create a charming space. It works perfectly in a loft bedroom and can help you create an overall feel of peaceful harmony. 

If you have a mirrored closet, they create a sense of space. These are colors you can also use in your small office, especially by hanging some photographs. 

12. Big Graphic Art with Tape

Big Graphic Art with Tape
(Source: Pinterest)

A typical Scandinavian Bedroom is cute and cozy with many Scandi staples, including natural wood accents, an intriguing ceiling fixture, etc. in the master bedroom. If you want to be creative, you can make graphic art with tape, or add a black accent wall. For the accent wall, you can use wallpaper if you don’t fancy painting the surface. 

13. Scandinavian Kids Designs with Wallpaper 

Scandinavian Kids Designs with Wallpaper 
(Source: Think Noir Wallpaper)

While the typical Scandinavian style features white painted walls and other cool tones, you can explore creative ideas in the kid’s bedroom. 

A wallpaper can fit perfectly and complement the typical metal bed you would have in this bedroom. To keep a modern style, go for simple black and white tones, which give you an easy way to create a peaceful atmosphere.

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14. Light Blue Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas

Light Blue Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Small Design Ideas)

Blue and white is a color combination you can use to create a glorious Scandi bedroom. It works delightfully well to create a room that shows off the impact of blue accents in a white bedroom, creating an overall relaxing vibe. 

The geometric wallpaper in this setup is perfect. You can also use bold print on your bedding to add some unusual design cues. The secret is picking quiet tones of blue and avoiding anything too bright. 

15. Canopy Scandi Bed Ideas

 Canopy Scandi Bed Ideas
(Source: Shelterness)

Canopy beds are not a popular design in the Scandinavian style. However, if the lines are clean and simple. This new Scandinavian bed design can fit into every decorating style. The wooden bed canopy completes the setup and flows into the setup seamlessly. It’s about exploring your creativity and trying out new ideas. 

16. Tropical Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas

Tropical Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

If you want to create a peaceful place, you can explore a natural theme that can infuse a fresh atmosphere into your bedroom. 

The tropical theme does not need unnecessary furnishings, no rugs breaking up the expanse of your wooden floor, and no window treatments blocking out light. 

You also avoid clutter and fussy knickknacks. The idea is to offer plenty of personality and comfort in your bedroom. 

17. Brass Sconces 

Brass Sconces
(Source: CB2)

To go along with your wooden Scandinavian bedroom furniture, you can add brass scones. For lighting on your accent wall, scones are a brilliant idea. 

Many people prefer to place them above the nightstand for targeted lighting. Try out different locations in the bedroom to find the perfect spot, which depends on your layout and style. 

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18.Scandinavian Drawers Ideas

Scandinavian Drawers Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Chests of drawers give you a great way to reclaim corners and display artwork in a Nordic-style bedroom. 

If you’re implementing Scandi décor on a budget, you can combine your favorite trinkets or jewelry with a statement artwork to add character to corners. 

A wooden chest of drawers matching other furniture in the room will provide a smooth flow. It’s an affordable décor choice if you want to add functionality and character to the bedroom. 

19. Chic Scandi Style 

Chic Scandi Style 
(Source: Pinterest)

There are many ways to create a relaxing Scandi bedroom. To complement your colors and add some texture to the bedroom, you can go with a round pattern rug. 

Adding a vintage touch could also help eliminate the clutter to give you the perfect design. You can try out ideas like dark blue accents with plenty of natural lights and greenery. Also, vibrant wallpaper and a soft run can create a calm space. 

20. Small Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas

Small Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re working with a small space, it’s advisable to consider simple modern interior furniture. You can use twin beds and side tables, which you can use as nightstands. 

A brick wall can set the tone, and the design language can be reflected through a fur rug, which adds warmth. A large window is an opportunity to play around with ideas to make the space feel more spacious. 

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21. A Scandi Attic Bedroom 

A Scandi Attic Bedroom 
(Source: The Nordroom)

Exposed wood ceilings are perfect for the Scandi bedroom and can be easy to work with if you want to create a cozy and calm space. The vaulted ceiling gives you the space to create a bedroom in the attic

Don’t change the natural color of the wood, but add other touches using this as your reference. For the sitting area, you can add a wood side table to add warmth to the space. 


Use these Scandinavian bedroom ideas to find inspiration to decorate your bedroom to feature the Nordic style. You can find many more ways to add touches to your bedroom that can make it cozy. Take inspiration from these style ideas to build the bedroom of your dreams. 

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