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25+ Sage Green Bedroom Ideas That Will Transform Your Bedroom (2022)

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Creating a sage green bedroom is one of the easiest ways to put together a calming space. This natural tone lends well to make any bedroom feel more calming, relaxing, and overall inviting. Today, we’ll take a look at all the different ways side by side with the original green bedroom, you can use this stunning color to create the bedroom of your dreams. Read on to see how easy it is to put together a picture-perfect sleeping space that you and your family will love. Let’s get started!

Trendy Styles That Go Well With Sage Green Bedroom Ideas

1. Star Lights Up This Room

(Source: 365Canvas)

A really unique decor idea is a personalized star map that serves as your bedroom’s wall art. A dark-themed star map goes really well with this calming color scheme. On the walls of the room, use solid tones to help accentuate the bedroom so that all the attention is directed onto the personalized wall art.

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2. Sage Green For Boy’s Bedroom

(Source: Pinterest)

With this next bedroom decor theme, you can create a really cool, calm, and moody ambiance. This design theme is perfect for putting together a boy’s bedroom. Keep this tone on the walls and use lighter shades on bedroom furniture, linens, and other decor items. This will allow you to create a contrasting but cool look. 

3. Sage Green For Girl’s Bedroom

(Source: Modsy)

Sage green is a charming color for a girl’s bedroom. Girls love an elegant style and this color is perfect for a girl to make her bedroom feel cozy and lovely. Use lots of light shades to help brighten up the space and pull together that warm and inviting appeal. Using lots of white and touches of black will help you create a look that’s simply stunning. 

4. New Touch of Greeny

(Source: Etsy)

Delicate accents like a sage green curtain that is drawn by a pearl curtain holder are such a unique look. This is a charming way to add a touch of elegance to any bedroom. It’s especially a great style for a teen girl’s room or a young adult’s sleeping space. Adding in lovely lavender plants can be a really nice accent too. Play around with this look and have fun with all the styles you can pull off with these soft curtains. 

Shop this sage greeny style curtain at etsy.com.

5. Modern and Greeny

(Source: Norhan)

Give your bedroom some modern flair by adding a bold touch of sage green linen and wall paint. You can look for inspo for a room like this from popular designers such as Norhan. This look is so elegant, mature, yet warm and inviting. It’s a great decor style to incorporate in a bedroom that has big windows and lots and lots of natural light. 

6. Calm and Greeny

(Source: Arbor & Co)

Paint the walls of your bedroom in a calm and cozy sage green to create a really inviting atmosphere. A really fun way to style up this room is by incorporating live potted plants that you set up in the corner. You’ll want the plants to be much darker than the wall paint itself. This will allow you to have a nice contrasting color pallet. Overall, this look is a really great way to create a calming atmosphere.  

7. Comfort and Greeny

(Source: Etsy)

This next look is all about comfort and creating a space that you will love. Use warm bedding that has light shades of sage green to pull off a look like this. Behind your bed, or in the corner of your room, incorporate a large indoor plant. This will give your bedroom a really calming feel to it. Add in elements of warmth to the room by using natural wood furniture and decor artifacts as well.

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8. Boho and Greeny

(Source: Pinterest)

Go for a Boho style by using lots of warm natural tones along your sage green bedroom decor. Incorporating elements of rattan is a really easy way to do this. Thes calming color tones will complement each other really to create a really warm environment. If your room has access to natural light, this can be an especially beautiful look to put together.

9. Vintage and Greeny

(Source: Pinterest)

The different shades of sage green wall color could affect the mood of the interior space. Using varying tones can help you create a formal, vintage-style feel to your space. This will help bring a young, energetic feeling to your bedroom. When you’re adding in wall art, use lots of aged tones that help accentuate this look. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using picture frames that accentuate that aged look. 

10. Wood and Greeny

(Source: Scottage_doer_upper)

Sage green has such a charming way of lending well to a rustic-themed bedroom. Using wooden tones like pine and rattan throughout your room can bring a really charming, inviting, and warm atmosphere into your bedroom. Incorporate wood elements through the furniture. Throughout the rest of the room, use light tones to help brighten up the space. White bedding and linens will help you accomplish this. 

11. Plants and Greeny

(Source: Pinterest)

Transform your bedroom into a sort of mini greenhouse. Incorporate plants along the foot of your bed, and the walls of your bedroom. Throw in a sage green accent wall, and you’ll have a bedroom suited for relaxation. This is one of the best ways to create a really charming and inviting atmosphere. Plus, you’ll have a nice space that will leave you feeling connected to nature.

12. Scandinavian and Greeny

(Source: Pinterest)

Transform your bedroom into a Scandinavian oasis with this unique style. Use a very muted sage green on the wall paint and then in the bedroom decor to accentuate the room. Lots of white tones and spurts of dark brown will help pull this look together too. It’s a really great way to create a sophisticated and upscale bedroom that looks effortless. 

13. Simple and Greeny

(Source: Pinterest)

Small spaces can benefit from this lovely color, especially if you don’t have enough space, to begin with. Swap out a large nightstand for a petite bedside table and a sconce for some lighting. You can create a really elegant, charming, and effortless look like this. If you can, you can also incorporate hints of gold to make the bedroom stand out. These tones will all work together to create a really relaxing sleeping space. 

14. Sage Green and Brilliant White

(Source: Pinterest)

Create a really brilliant and sharp look in your bedroom with this unique color combination. Combining a blinding white with soft sage green is the perfect backdrop for a wellness-inspired and minimalist-themed bedroom. These tones together will help make your bedroom more elegant, calming, and gender neutral. It’s a perfect look for a mature theme, and also a great style for a teenage room too. 

15. Sage Green and Mauve Pink

(Source: Pinterest)

Sage green and pink create an effortlessly charming bedroom design theme. This look is the perfect inspiration for putting together a cute teenage girl or young adult’s bedroom. The easiest way to incorporate this look is by incorporating the colors through the bedding. Accent wall decor is another great way to sneak in these tones. If you have a bedside table, plop down a nice vase of similarly colored flowers for a subtle touch of cuteness. 

16. Sage Green and Navy Blue

(Source: Pinterest)

Another elegant style for a bedroom is a sage green and navy blue color combination. You’ll want to incorporate navy as the main wall color. Incorporate tones of sage green through the bedding, wall decor, and other accessories. For a touchup charm, incorporate a potted tropical plant to help tie the room together. These elements help create a really mature and sophisticated bedroom.

17. Sage Green and Cream

(Source: Ranch on a Pie)

Sage green is an earth tone, so it naturally looks incredible when paired with other neutral colors. Imagine spending a weekend morning here, curled up with coffee and your favorite book. You’ll feel refreshed as you spend time in this room and reenergized. You can pull this look together by using a rustic shade on the accent wall. Then add in lots of neutral lighter tones through the bedding and furniture.

18. Sage Green and Gray

(Source: Pinterest)

If you love a cool-toned room with soft, gentle, and eye-pleasing elements, then consider this color scheme. Combining shades of gray and sage green is essential for adding warmth to this cool color mix. It’s also a really great way to make your bedroom appear larger than it actually is. Because of this, this is the perfect style to use for smaller-sized bedrooms. Have fun with this look and be sure to add your own personal touch of style too.  

19. Sage Green and Black

(Source: Pinterest)

Go traditional with a look like this. The sage green adds personality to the black color scheme, making a practical feature look like a work of art. This bedroom has all the inspiration of a classical bedroom that is elegant, sophisticated, and upscale. Because this room can easily get dark, be sure to use lots of white tones too. This will help brighten up the space without much effort.

20. Sage Green and Mustard Yellow

(Source: HGTV)

Don’t worry about going bold with your bedroom. This look inspires you to do just that. Use a painted mustard yellow backsplash and add in muted pop of color while enhancing the bedroom’s style boho feel. A bold accent chair that incorporates sage green is a nice way to play up the bright pops of color. You’ll have a really fun bedroom that’s beckoning you to spend time in.

21. Sage and Hunter Greeny

(Source: Getty images)

Hunter green has a really unique look to it because it’s a mix of aqua and sage green. This tone-on-tone design theme is a great way to create a fun, yet mature and sophisticated bedroom. Incorporate hints of natural elements like rattan and pine to help tie this room together as well. The end result is simply magical, don’t you think! 

22. Inspired By Nature

(Source: Pinterest)

This look is incredibly soothing. It’s especially so if you have a room that has high ceilings or enables you to use plenty of natural light. You can create a really cool space that’s inspired by nature by implementing tones like sky blue. The colors will play off of one another, creating a really elegant and charming atmosphere. Overall, this look is simply stunning and one of the best ways to unwind. 

23. Contrast By Greeny

(Source: bialasiewicz)

Pure green is a very strong color and can be tricky to apply successfully, especially to large surfaces in the bedroom. Sage green is light enough so that it won’t dominate the room but has enough richness to allow it to stand out in the bedroom, making it ideal for walls. You can even limit the color to the walls only. Use it in the wall paneling in a master bedroom and create a nice contrast by using lots of white.  

24. Sage Green Accents

(Source: Pinterest)

Sage green accents are perfect for putting together a room that feels warm, inviting, and vibrant. Use sage green walls to set the tone of the room. You can paint all the walls or create one accent wall. With any shade, whether it be curtains or lamps, use wooden tones or natural textures. This will help play up that sage green accent too. Overall, you’ll have a really nice room that is both elegant and cozy.

25. Sense of Greeny

(Source: Pinterest)

Try out a shade of sage in the bedroom, relaxing enough to be comfortable and have a bit of a masculine feel as well. Don’t feel compelled to add lots of elements either. In a space like this, modern and simple accents can make a world of a difference. If you’re incorporating wall art, you use light wooden frames to help appeal to that sense of greenery. 

26. Artistic Greeny Style

(Source: 365Canvas)

Create a really stunning room by using elegant accents like a compelling work of art like a personalized star map. This room conveys an upscale and mature theme that is perfect for any young adult wanting to kick up their bedroom decor. Bold tones like maroon are a great way to accentuate the tones used here. Pair your accents properly and you can create a really extravagant and welcoming sleeping space.

Shop this custom spectacular star map below:

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The Endnote

Putting together a sage green bedroom does not have to be a hassle. Which of these beautiful design styles do you love? Be sure to share with us in the comments section below. 

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