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29+ Rustic Bedroom Ideas to Create a Cozy Sleeping Space

rustic bedroom ideas

You can create a really beautiful rustic bedroom using elements that you probably already have. A great thing about creating a rustic style bedroom is that you can also use old items too when you are putting together a rustic space.

Vintage items, distressed items, and well-loved furniture pieces lend themselves really well to a rustic-inspired bedroom. You can always repaint them and breathe new life into them so that you can use them in a new and inspiring way.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the best ways to create a rustic-inspired bedroom that you will fall in love with. The best part? There are so many different ways you can put together this style.

Let’s get started and explore all the different options for an aesthetic bedroom you have available to you.

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1.Rustic Bedroom Ideas with Exposed Ceiling 

Rustic Bedroom Ideas with Exposed Ceiling 
(Source: dwellbeautiful)

You can create a really beautiful vintage-inspired bedroom using a limewashed wall that is paired with different wooden elements.

A look like this can create a stunning rustic feel with hints of vintage tones. If you have exposed wood in your ceiling, Play up this natural element by using plenty of warm hues through the bedding and furniture.

Linens with earthy tones can really pair well with the wood accents. If you have windows in the room, accentuate the natural light outdoors by using plenty of white curtains.

2.Floor-to-Ceiling Wood  

Floor-to-Ceiling Wood in Bedroom
(Source: diyncrafts)

You can create a really warm and cozy sleeping space by using floor-to-ceiling wood in your bedroom.

You can be consistent with the color of wood you use, or you can use a gradient of different stained wood. If you are going to use dark-toned wood, then try and incorporate it on the floor or the ceiling.

Light-stained or natural wood looks great on the walls and ceilings too. Just keep in mind that using too much dark wood in the interior of any space can make it look darker than it actually is.

If you really want to create a rustic theme, consider a wooden platform bed as well. Dress the bed up using gray linens and satin pillows for a nice touch of luxury too.

3.Chic White Rustic Bedroom

Chic White Rustic Bedroom
(Source: loghome)

A shabby chic design that has farmhouse undertones and lots of wooden design elements lend itself really well to a rustic bedroom design theme.

A shabby chic yet rustic style room like this is rather simple to create. Your main goal will be to incorporate lots of design pieces that have reclaimed wood.

Whether you are installing the reclaimed wood on the wall or using furniture made out of this material, this wood will do a great job standing out in the scheme of your bedroom.

Other elements you can incorporate include a barn door, a half-moon bench at the end of your bed, and linens with lots of frills. 

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4.Boho-Inspired Rustic Bedroom

Boho-Inspired Rustic Bedroom
(Source: jjonesdesignco)

If you love the outdoors and the boho-chic vibe, then consider this boho-inspired rustic design theme for your bedroom.

Use plenty of boho-chic design elements including a variety of pillows, blankets, and other linens that follow a nice color scheme. If you have a queen bed, you can center it upon a nice vintage area rug underneath it.

Incorporate elements of the outdoors by using potted plants throughout the room too. In true boho fashion, you can even hang the plants from the ceiling to bring in a natural vibe.

5.Keep It Simple   

Minimalist Bedroom
(Source: mirandaschroeder)

You can create a stunning minimalistic inspired rustic design theme by using very few elements in your bedroom.

Stick with classic furniture and pair it with a simple design bed with a black headboard wall accent. To pull in elements of a rustic design theme, use a brown upholstered or brown stained bed frame.

This will draw in the iconic element that rustic design themes are known for. Your end result will be a beautiful room that is inviting, cozy, and warm. 

6.Primitive-Looking Rustic Bedroom

Primitive-Looking Wall in Rustic Bedroom
(Source: clemaroundthecorner)

Get primitive with this old fashion designed bedroom. Exposed scraggly stone on your walls can create such an old-fashioned feel to your room. You don’t have to do much with the exposed stone. Let the natural stone stand out and design around it.

Depending on the color of the exposed stone, use bedroom colors that complement it. This means light linens for light stone and darker linens for darker stone. The end result is a really beautiful natural-looking bedroom that stands out.

7.Exposed-Stone Window Frame

Exposed-Stone Window Frame
(Source: boutique-retreats)

If you have a house made out of stone that’s been framed with drywall, a really neat design theme to consider is having an exposed stone window frame. A simple look like this can give your bedroom a really nice rustic cottage feel.

When you pair the exposed stone with beige curtains, you can create a really serene environment as well. If you don’t have exposed stone in your window frame, a little craftsmanship using thin slabs of stone can help you pull off this look.

Frame the window with light wood to give it a nice overall vibe. Top this beautiful look with potted flowers like red geraniums on the window sill for a nice touch of beauty.

8.Rustic Oar Headboard for Your Primitive Bedroom

Rustic Oar Headboard for Your Primitive Bedroom
(Source: houzz)

A really colorful way to pull rustic vibes into your sleeping space is by creating a beach-themed headboard using rustic oars.

This rustic design theme pays homage to coastal-inspired bedrooms and can be a really great way to decorate a teenage beach theme bedroom.

Besides this focal point, you can use colorful throw pillows to dress up your bed as well.

9.Modern Rustic Bedroom in Scandinavian Style

Modern Rustic Bedroom in Scandinavian Style
(Source: thenordroom)

A really nice modern design theme is a Hygge style-inspired bedroom.

This Scandinavian theme bedroom uses lots of neutral tones including white, grays, taupes, and blues in order to create a serene and peaceful bedroom that is free of clutter.

This beautiful design theme is very simple but relies heavily on using unique pieces like a chunky knit blanket and beautiful storage components to keep the space clutter-free.

If you want to use wood, consider incorporating it through the ceiling fan, the flooring, and even the framing of doors and windows. 

10.Rustic Western Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Rustic Western Bedroom Decoration Ideas
(Source: hayseedhome)

Pull together a beautiful rustic western-inspired bedroom using a design scheme like this one. Combine different western elements like antique-style dressers and bed frames.

If you want to create a Gypsy nook, add in a Western-style turquoise dresser that stands out in the room.

You can create a loud statement piece by hanging a cow skull above the dresser or above your bed headrest. This can serve as an accent piece for your unique bedroom.

Don’t forget to incorporate other decor elements that have a western vibe to them such as a vintage throw blanket and lots of earthy tones throw pillows. 

11.DIY Repurpose the Old Doors On A Budget

DIY Repurpose the Old Doors On A Budget
(Source: stefanoscata)

Rustic designs themes depend on using old elements to put together a stunning bedroom. A really great way you can do this is by reusing old doors and painting them so that they can offer a shabby chic rustic feel to the room.

There are a variety of ways you can repurpose old doors and use them for both functional purposes and for decorative purposes.

If you re-paint the doors with a distressed white, then consider other elements in the room like a lamp or a floor bed that complement the doors. Overall, use cool hues to help brighten up the look of the room. 

12.Sleep In A Forest

Log Cabin Bedroom
(Source: mountainliving)

Get cozy in a room if that has the feels of sleeping out under the stars in the forest. If you have a log cabin, then one of the best bedroom ideas to use is one similar to this.

This look uses lots of wooden accents in order to pull together the cozy environment for you to relax in. Lots of tribal pattern bedspreads and linens pair really well to the distressed look of a log cabin.

If you want to incorporate a more modern twist, you can do that through the light fixtures by setting up a ceiling fan with lights.

13.Add Metal Storage in Rustic Boy’s Bedroom

Add Metal Storage in Rustic Boy’s Bedroom
(Source: houzz)

Give your teen boy their own storage area by repurposing personal lockers into storage units that they can use in their bedroom. By painting these lockers a bold blue, they can fit right into your kid’s bedroom.

With the backdrop of wood walls, this look pulls together elements of boyhood with the rustic bedroom design theme. This is a great design concept to use for teenage boys or even college kids.

For the rest of the room, you can rely heavily on framed sports paraphernalia and mute but solid-colored linens to tie the rest of the room together. 

14.Rustic Bedroom Floor Covered with Natural Stones

Rustic Bedroom Floor Covered with Natural Stones
(Source: natursteine)

A really neat type of floor treatment is using natural stone for flooring. There are different types of natural stones that you can use for your floors, but one of the best is a brick cobblestone design.

The cool look will create a very rustic and old-century vibe throughout your room. If you commit to decorating your floors like this, then it is a must that you use other antique decor items to decorate the rest of your room as well.

You can keep the rustic vibe design going through the bed linens by using a nice bright bedding set that accentuates the vintage pieces throughout the room.

15.Romantic Rustic Bedroom for Couples

Romantic Rustic Bedroom for Couples
(Source: houseandgarden)

If you want to create a beautifully intimate setting for a couple’s bedroom, then a chick design theme like this can be a great way to go.

One of the best ways to put together this look is by using a four-poster bed or a canopy bed that has curtains throughout it. White curtains and linens should be the way to go with this look.

If you have exposed wood in the ceiling, or if you have a cathedral-style ceiling, then a glass chandelier is also a nice addition. Complement the peacefulness of the room by setting up a lounge chair in the corner near the bed as well.

16.Embrace The Landscape

Wooden Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a master bedroom with glass walls or a balcony that overlooks the outdoors, then you can create a beautiful mountain retreat in your sleeping space.

Take elements that are visible through your bedroom view and incorporate them in your room as well. For example, if your bedroom overlooks beautiful mountains, then use plenty of dark green hues and wooden accents throughout your bedroom.

Having a wooden framed bed, a wooden dresser, and brown upholstered lounge chairs can help you tie together a calming and relaxing oasis.

17.Keep It Organic

Neutral Bedroom
(Source: houseandhome)

Another great design style popularized by a rustic design theme is a bedroom that incorporates plenty of natural and organic elements.

For example, you can repurpose a tree branch and use it as a decor item in your bedroom. Get creative by using slabs of wood as a bedside table or an end of the bed bench as well.

If you love DIY projects, then this can be a great design theme to work with. When it comes to linens, use plenty of bright and neutral tones to highlight the outdoors.

18.Deer Skulls for Men’s Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Deer Skulls for Men’s Rustic Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You can pull together a really nice masculine theme bedroom by using deer skulls as wall decor. Whether or not the man in your life is a hunter, these deer skulls can give a really nice masculine touch to the room.

If you are not quite sold on the mounted deer heads, or if you want other elements to complement them, then using framed images of the outdoors can be a great addition.

Decorate around the room using popular outdoor items like snowshoes and rafting oars to help you define the theme as well.

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19.Creative Lighting Fixtures

Creative Lighting Fixtures
(Source: planete-deco)

A really neat way to play up the rustic design theme of your bedroom is by using a unique light fixture that hangs right above your bed. Use a variety of different hanging lights to create this really unique look.

You can use a variety of different bulbs styles and types in order to match the existing look in your room. Using mismatched bulbs works really well because this rustic design depends on working with what you have to create something beautiful

20.Rustic Sanctuary-Inspired Bedroom Ideas

Rustic Sanctuary-Inspired Bedroom Ideas
(Source: sanctuaryhomedecor)

You can create a beautiful rustic sanctuary by combining different elements and textures together.  Doing so will allow you to play up dark-toned fall colors to create a really beautiful bedroom.

One really nice look you can create happens when you combine different shades of wood with a dark blue. You can pull this off by using a dark blue bed frame that is paired with a nice cream upholstered headboard.

Then, incorporate different elements of fall colors by using a wool pillow, cozy bedding, warm-toned lampshades, and a nice rug that highlights your dark blue bed.

21.Glimmer of Light In Rustic Attic Bedroom

Rattan Lantern at the end of Bed
(Source: flickr)

If your bedroom is tucked away in the attic, then you can use what little light you have entering to create a really beautiful bedroom.

A look like this works really well if you have a bedroom in a small cabin. Start by playing up the natural wood throughout the room by using a small lamp or lantern as the light source.

Then, complement the dark wood in the room by using nice bright bedding on your platform bed. If you have space, you can hang up some of your favorite images on the walls or you can leave them blank. 

22.Rustic Enclosed Bed Design Ideas

Rustic Enclosed Bed Design Ideas
(Source: archzine)

A really unique way to design a small sleeping space is by creating a bedroom nook for you to put your bed in.

A bedroom nook is almost like a hidden box for you to tuck away into at the end of the day. You can relax in this unique sleeping space really well if you design it using cozy linens, throw blankets, and pillows.

If you have any additional space in the room, you can use it to create a nice seating area for you to stretch out in when you are not sleeping in your little nook. Relax away in this cute little rustic sleeping space and enjoy the comfortable warmth that it provides. 

23.Nature Friendly

Nature-Friendly Bedroom
(Source: Wattpad)

You can create a really beautiful nature-friendly bedroom with this outdoorsy style bedroom. If your bedroom is lucky enough to have a skylight in it, then allow the natural light that enters it to be a part of your bedroom’s design scheme.

Use a lot of potted plants throughout the room and even attach them to the ceiling where your skylight is.

You can also incorporate natural logs within the room to help play up this outdoorsy theme. Use lots of white throughout the room to help balance out the dark wood and you’ll have a beautiful rustic design scheme that is unforgettable. 

24.Design Steps Up To The Bed

Design Steps Up To The Bed
(Source: yatzer)

If you have a really unique bedroom to design, then pull in a vibrant rustic theme by using earthy materials like concrete, and grasscloth feeling, and even natural wood from the outdoors to put this room together.

A room like this will rely heavily on the natural tones found in the outdoors, so don’t be afraid to decorate with lots of dark hues including dark green, dark blue, and different shades of beige.

If you’re able to design steps made out of concrete leading up to the bed, this can be a really nice way to give your bedroom the feeling that it is really grounded with its surroundings. 

25.Rustic Bedroom Corner Stone Fireplace 

Rustic Bedroom Corner Stone Fireplace 
(Source: Pinterest)

One of the best rustic design elements is using natural stone from the outdoors to put your room together. When you pair natural stone with other design elements like wooden flooring, you can create a really vibrant rustic bedroom.

If you have a fireplace mantel made out of stone, then decorate above the fireplace using your favorite images and canvas prints reflecting the outdoors.

Decorate the rest of the room with some of your most favorite items but remember to play up the theme of the wild by using elements found outside. 

26.Rustic Bedroom Ideas with Bunk Beds

Rustic Bedroom Ideas with Bunk Beds
(Source: designboom)

Even in a bedroom with bunk beds, you can still pull off a beautiful rustic-inspired space that is cozy, inviting, and overly relaxing.

A look like this works really well in a dorm bedroom or in a bedroom that is shared by several siblings. Pull this look together by using staggered bunk beds with the bottom bunk being larger than the top bunk.

If you really want to go all out, you can hang the top bunk using a chain link that will support the bed, of course, the bed will also be supported by the bottom bunk too.

Use warm tones like brown, beige, and gold to highlight the rustic theme throughout the room.

27.Dualistic Elegance

Gray and White Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

You can use a rustic theme combined with lovely decor elements to create a really elegant bedroom. One great way to do this is by using metal pendant lighting as the main lighting fixture in your bedroom.

Pair the elegant lighting with rustic signs and canvas artwork that highlights undertones of the rustic design theme. Use mismatched bedside tables alongside your platform king bed to create a really beautiful bedroom design theme that is hard to ignore.

28.Mirrored Double Barn Door

Mirrored Double Barn Door
(Source: whiteshanty)

A really unique look that pays homage to a classic rustic design bedroom is a pair of double barn doors with mirrors on them. These sliding doors can be used to conceal your closet or they can be used to replace your bathroom door.

If you have a shared space in your bedroom, these doors can also designate where that shared space starts and ends. By using barn doors that have a rich reclaimed wooden frame, you can create a really beautiful country feel inside your sleeping space.

29.Add Industrial Elements In Rustic Bedroom

Add Industrial Elements In Rustic Bedroom
(Source: houseandgarden)

When you mix different design themes, you can create a lovely environment that is tailored to your own personal style. One great theme to combine with the rustic design scheme is an industrial-inspired look.

You can incorporate elements of the industrial design theme by using a stylish metal bed frame and pairing it with other metal accents that really lend well to the industrial look.

Use reclaimed wood on the walls or wooden nightstands to help pull in that cozy rustic element.

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Which of these beautiful rustic bedroom design themes was your favorite? With all the options available, we won’t be surprised if you’ve loved more than just one.

Let us know in the comments section below which design style you loved and why. Be sure to also share this article with someone you know who loves this design style as well. 

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