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21+ Rose Gold Bedroom Ideas to Add Feminine Touches to Your Sleeping Space (2021)

rose gold bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

When it comes to bedroom decoration, color is a key part of the process if you want to personalize and customize your bedroom. Color trends change constantly, but you can find ideas that give your bedroom a timeless outlook. One of the options you could explore today includes rose gold bedroom ideas.

These bedroom colors are ideal if you want to design a bedroom that features a feminine touch and also appeals to a masculine preference. Rose gold decor for the bedroom is one of the most recent trends, which you can find on social media and home improvement magazines. It’s a beautiful color that will make the bedroom fascinating.  

The key characteristic of these bedroom accessories is girly, glamour, and warmth, which makes this work perfectly in creating a comforting bedroom. This is the color scheme to choose if you want to create a space you would want to stay around and amaze your incoming guests. 

1. Modern Rose Gold Bedroom

Modern Bedroom
(Source: hairstylesbeauty)

To decorate a master bedroom, you don’t need many accessories to get started. A few accessories are enough to transform the space and give it the glamor you wish to enjoy every time you walk in.

This bedroom is easy to customize as you need to include rich materials and find the color scheme that perfectly captures your theme preferences. This helps you create a space that complements your preferences. 

2. Pink and Rose Gold Bedroom

Pink and Rose Gold Bedroom
(Source: the-sun)

When designing a room, color creates personality. If you’re decorating a girl’s bedroom, you cannot go wrong with a pink and rose color combination. Blush pink walls with white woodwork and trim will help you to create a charming bedroom.

If you want to make the space a bit lavish, you can play around with gold accents and rich fabrics. These options add some glamor to the space and allow you the freedom to express yourself passionately. 

3. Minimalist Never Go Out Of Style

Black bedroom with pink and gray bedding
(Source: evermotion)

If you’re considering black and rose gold bedroom ideas, a minimalist theme is something to consider if you want to transform your space. Stark white walls offer a crisp canvas for furniture and accessories in a modern bedroom.

To complete the setup, you can add a painting or simple accessories that amplify the design language. It’s the simplicity that makes the space feel so welcoming and neat. 

4. Scandinavian Concept in Rose Gold

Scandinavian bedroom Concept
(Source: Behance)

The Scandinavian decor option is one of the most recommended if you want to customize your space with unique elements. This interior design will pop if you add some feminine touches through accessories. It works perfectly in an arched design, so you can feature an arched headboard to contribute to the dominant theme.

5. White and Rose Gold Bedroom

Artwork Over the White Upholstered Bed
(Source: sidneymarieduke)

For a teenage girl, you can be more creative with the colors. To make the bedroom bright while using colors that complement the design, you can use white and rose gold. In addition, you can place artwork at the ideal spots in the bedroom. These color options allow you to express yourself creatively and you can include them in different patterns.

6. Rose Gold and Gray Bedroom

Rose Gold and Gray Bedroom
(Source: Kashouli)

There are many gray and rose gold bedroom ideas you can use if you want to customize your space. While these can be the primary colors for your bedroom, you should be careful not to overuse the colors as that could make the room feel unnatural. For additional lighting, a floor lamp can do, and it can also add some aesthetic value. 

7. Rose Gold Bedroom Ideas in French Style

Rose Gold Bedroom Ideas in French Style
(Source: The Venue Report)

If you’re looking for something that leans towards a French style, you can work with different bedroom color schemes. A French-inspired aesthetic is easy to implement following simple steps.

Set the tone with a French bed featuring a vintage-style frame with lavish treatment like deep-buttoned upholstery. You can highlight the rose gold accents on the fabric. For a heavenly space, adorn the walls and floors in cream, white, or soft pastel shades. 

8. Navy Blue and Rose Gold Bedroom Ideas

Navy Blue and Rose Gold Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Gold rose is a royal choice that can work with a multitude of color options, including navy blue. For this decoration, you can include touches of color on the bedding. A navy blue throw blanket can offer the right combination for a bedroom. 

9. Rose Gold and Brown Decor

Rose Gold and Brown Decor
(Source: Etsy)

Brown is another color that blends seamlessly with rose gold. If you want to include this as your dominant theme, you can feature the different colors in elements like a pillow.

Also, find 3 pieces of wall art that complete the style with the right color choices. It’s about your placement and the overall design of the room that will bring out the effect you want.

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10. Rose Gold Glitter Bedroom Accessories

Rose Gold Glitter Bedroom Accessories
(Source: Interior Design Ideas)

While a good bedroom design and the right colors will do the work to create a beautiful theme, you also need to think about how to include the right accessories. This includes finding pillows that can create a focal point.

Rose gold glitter accessories are a good choice if you want to switch attention to some parts of the bedroom. Also, a canvas print featuring rose gold will be a good fit in this setup. 

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11. Rose Gold and Teal Bedroom

Rose Gold and Teal Bedroom
(Source: schmooks)

Teal is another option you can use if you want to decorate your bedroom with rose gold accents. It’s an ideal option if you’re decorating a kid’s room or a nursery. You can incorporate the color through canopy elements around the bed. If teal is the primary color, rose gold pillows and accessories can blend in smoothly. 

12. Abstract Silver Rose Gold Artwork

Abstract Silver Rose Gold Artwork Over the Bed
(Source: Etsy)

Art is a great option if you want to personalize your bedroom with unique elements. If you’re looking for silver and rose gold bedroom ideas, you can incorporate abstract artwork to customize your bedroom. The space above the headboard is a good place for some artwork. Use it to customize your bedroom with an abstract art piece. 

13. Rose Gold and Marble Bedroom

Rose Gold and Marble Bedroom
(Source: TLC Interiors) 

A good wallpaper can get the job done when decorating a bedroom. It’s one of the decorative items you can include in the bedroom if you want to customize the space to feature a theme you love.

Rose Gold and Marble Bedroom
(Source: Michelle Halford)

In addition to beautiful wallpaper, you can also consider adding some bedside table decor featuring marble decorations.  

14. Rose Gold Accent Wall

Rose Gold Accent Wall in Bedroom
(Source: L’Essenziale)

While many people like to include rose gold in small touches, you can use the color on an accent wall. This is one of the rose gold bedroom ideas that will add some unique style into the bedroom as it’s an unusual option.

Rose gold bedroom walls offer you an opportunity to up your bedroom’s pizzazz. You can use slats to create a tropical rainforest or pick oscillating colors for a pastel rainbow. If you’re on a budget, a piece of art can bring your wall décor to a new level.  

15. Rose Gold Fluted Bedhead

Fluted Bedhead
(Source: Trendy Mood)

These incredible headboard ideas work perfectly for the bold. From headboard designs that run wall-to-wall to those that reach your ceiling, you can play around with fluted bedhead ideas.

Rose gold is a good color if you’re working with unusual materials as it reinforces the uniqueness. Graphic fabrics with a few clashing colors will help to make the setup quite modern. You can also have autumn hues, as these work well with gold accents.

16. Rose Gold Accent Pillow

Gray Bedroom with Rose Gold Accent Pillow
(Source: Luxe Interiors + Design)

One of the rose gold decor ideas you can implement quickly is to find a pillow that will match perfectly with the colors on your beddings.

A white bedroom with white beddings can work with an accent pillow. This can be the ideal option if you want to create a focal point to break the monotony of a single color scheme. 

17. Rose Gold Mirror Lips

bedroom decor with Mirror Lips
(Source: VividEditions)

For a bedroom featuring colors like navy blue or white, having rose gold stuff can transform your space without doing too much.

This is an absolutely beautiful touch that will introduce some personality into the bedroom, making this the space you want to spend most of your time in. 

18. Add A Rose Gold Record Player

bedroom decor: a Record Player
(Source: Urban Outfitters)

Some techie stuff in the bedroom, especially retro-style gadgets, can transform your style.

If you’re looking for unique decoration, a portable vintage-inspired turntable with gold accents is a good fit for your bedroom. You can find an entry-level player that offers Bluetooth compatibility if you want something a bit modern. 

19. Gorgeous Rose Gold Bed Frame and Pendant Lights

Gorgeous Rose Gold Bed Frame and Pendant Lights
(Source: Fenton & Fenton)

Another way to include rose gold stuff for the bedroom is using metallic items like a bed frame or pendant lights.

A traditional design can offer a glamorous update to your bedroom, so a panel bed can be a perfect way to add a unique touch to the bedroom.

20. Rose Gold Bedroom Ideas with Metal Table Lamps

Rose Gold Bedroom Ideas with Metal Table Lamps
(Source: Houzz)

Table lamps come in different styles and colors. When decorating your bedroom, it’s important to consider lighting as a part of the project.

A rose gold reading lamp can give your space a unique facelift if you want to add some unique elements. 

21. Rose Gold Bedroom Curtain

Rose Gold Bedroom Curtain
(Source: Pinterest)

The curtains are another opportunity to incorporate unique elements into your bedroom decor.

This is a bold idea if all the other parts of the bedroom feature other colors. It’s one of the easiest rose gold bedroom ideas you can implement quickly.

22. Rose Gold Upholstered Bed Frame

Rose Gold Upholstered Bed Frame
(Source: Callum Peck)

An upholstered bed frame looks excellent if it comes in a color scheme that matches your bedroom interior decor style. This is one of the bedroom furniture elements you can decorate to match your style or create a dramatic effect and a calming atmosphere. 

If you’re looking for rose gold bedroom ideas, there are many options you can use to get started. From curtains to lighting setups, there’s a lot you can choose to customize your bedroom. These are among the ideas you can explore to get started. 


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