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21+ Romantic Bedroom Ideas That Will Surely Fall in Love With (2021)

(Source: HomeLane)

One of the best bedroom design themes to consider is a romantic bedroom. A romantic-inspired bedroom as your main bedroom is perfect for putting together a sleeping space full of love and relaxation. 

What makes a romantic-inspired bedroom such a great design theme as well as the level of personability that goes into a room like this. First aesthetic purposes, you can create some personalized pieces that also serve as romantic or elements. 

Today we’re going to take a look at how to transform your sleeping space into the perfect area for couples and lovers alike to enjoy. 

We will look at some great ways to create romantic vibes that are not only dreamy, but relaxing, cozy, and of course, romantic.

1.Romantic Bedroom with Open Air

Romantic Bedroom with Open Air
(Source: The Boutique Handbook)

Having a bedroom that has an open feel to it is relaxing and romantic. If you have a large window overlooking a beautiful view, this can be an amazing way to create the romance factor in your bedroom. 

To create this atmosphere in your sleeping space, use lots of light and airy colors that will reflect the beauty of the outdoors. 

If your room is large enough that you can fit a luxury bathtub in the front of your large window, then go for it and decorate the room with the color of the tub in mind. The color palette you should be working with includes one with lots of white, grey, navy blue, navy green, and beige hues. 

A modern bedroom is another fantastic topic for you to consider for your bedroom.

2.Bedroom with A Romantic Atmosphere and A Vintage Vibe

Bedroom with A Romantic Atmosphere and A Vintage Vibe
(Source: HGTV)

This vintage-inspired bedroom has a romantic atmosphere thanks to the 1970s theme that incorporates lots of vintage colors and timeless decor pieces. 

You can create a look like this by using special lighting including vintage light sconces and a beautiful chandelier. 

Use a color scheme that has lots of earthy tones to it as well. This will help you create a romantic master bedroom that is also very warm and inviting. Have fun with decorating using objects from this fun period including retro colors, vintage rotary phones, and classic artwork from the period. 

3.Light Gray Color Bring A Romantic Feeling

Light Gray Color Bring A Romantic Feeling
(Source: Next Luxury)

Light gray can be such a charming hue to use when looking for a nice romantic bedroom color scheme. You can use gray in all sorts of ways including painting a marbled gray wall with a matching distressed gray small nightstand

Highlight the headboard by including some beautiful dream catchers that are illuminated by copper fairy lights as well. 

Balance out the gray hues by using plenty of light and airy colors as well. You can do this by using white bed linens, a white striped area rug, and even some white canvas artwork hung on either side of the bed. 

4.Floral Theme

Floral Theme
(Source: Pinterest)

Having romantic flowers on your wallpaper can serve as a great way to create a floral-inspired romantic sleeping space. Pull this look together by using romantic flowers on wallpaper including peonies, roses, and daisies. 

Because these cute flowers can be overpowering in a bedroom’s decor, it’s best to limit your floral mural onto one wall that serves as the accent wall. Decorate the rest of the room using similar colors including light pink, yellow, white, and even red. 

If you decorate with just a few elements, this powerful look can blend well in a minimalist bedroom too. 

5.Ballon Lighting Ideas

Ballon Lighting Ideas
(Source: House Beautiful)

Balloon lighting fixtures are such a cute design element for creating a romantic bedroom for you to enjoy. While there are a variety of colors you can use, white can be the most charming. 

This pretty lighting works in a variety of bedrooms but lends itself especially well to a black and white bedroom. If you are using white balloon lighting fixtures, you can create an atmosphere that is fun, bubbly, and vibrant. 

Decorate the rest of the room with matching elements that are consistent with this white balloon theme. You can consider including a nice vase of white and light pink peonies on the nightstand that help accentuate the pretty lighting fixture up top. Because you want this lighting fixture to pop out, use very muted solid colors throughout the rest of the room.

6.Romantic Bedroom with Canopy Bed

Romantic Bedroom with Canopy Bed
(Source: Residence Style)

One of the most romantic design themes to incorporate in any master bedroom is a canopy bed curtain. A canopy bed exudes romance and can be a great way to put together a stunning atmosphere that is calm and inviting. 

Different bedding sets lend themselves to a canopy bed, however, if you want to go a DIY route, simply match the curtain you use in the canopy to the bedding. Some great color schemes to stick with to pull off a romantic look is any hue of a brown color. 

White can also be super romantic and so can shades of light pink and coral. Whichever color you use, you want to be consistent with that throughout the rest of the room.

7.Romantic Small Bedroom Ideas 

Romantic Small Bedroom Ideas 
(Source: Residence Style)

Even if you have a small bedroom, you can still design it to create a romantic and inviting atmosphere. A great design scheme to start with is an all-white tone color palette. By using all white, you can create the illusion that the room is bigger than it is. 

If you have a window in your small bedroom, then dress it up with a white curtain as well. White curtains will help illuminate the bedroom when the natural light outside streams in. A perfect way to create a magical feel to the bedroom is by using white string fairy lights as well. 

Don’t forget to decorate the room with plenty of personalized photos to create an intimate feel throughout the room as well.

8.Create a Sitting Area

Create a Sitting Area
(Source: The House of Grace)

Adding a sitting area in your bedroom can create a nice romantic vibe to it. A sitting area works especially well if you have a large space and can add in a couple of other furniture pieces. Some pieces to consider include a small coffee table and an armchair or two. 

To keep the room feeling organized and clutter-free, stick with a nice neutral color like white, beige, or brown, and decorate both your sleeping space and sitting area with it. 

You can also create the illusion that there is a separation in the room by using a different color scheme for your bed and your seating area furniture. 

Either way, by sticking with neutral tones, you can create a relaxing and vibrant bedroom theme that has undertones of romance and solitude.

9.A Cozy Romantic Bedroom with Fireplace

A Cozy Romantic Bedroom with Fireplace
(Source: Architectural Digest)

One of the best features of any bedroom to pull off a romantic vibe is a fireplace. Not only that, but if you have a fireplace, you can pull together a stunning rustic bedroom design theme. For bedrooms like these, you’ll want to play around with lots of different wood fixtures. 

This means using a wood-framed bed, some wood up on the ceiling, or an accent wall with wood planks. You can also use wood-tone fabrics throughout the room as well. 

If you have a beach view outside, use light shades of wood to create an airy environment. If your bedroom view is more industrial, then darker shades of wood would be the best way to go. Either way, the fireplace should be the center of the bedroom for you to create a nice and relaxing atmosphere.

10.A Romantic Bedroom Outdoor Balcony

A Romantic Bedroom Outdoor Balcony
(Source: That Scandinavian Feeling)

If you have a little balcony area that you can transform into a sleeping area, you can create a romantic space for you to enjoy on special occasions including anniversaries and even Valentine’s Day. 

An outdoor-inspired design like this has a very strong Scandinavian feeling to it because you’ll have a mixture of farmhouse decor, rustic decor, and minimalistic style. Start by setting out intentionally placed candles to create a cozy and comfortable environment. 

Then add in plenty of copper string lights throughout the walls and over top of the bed to create a nice intimate vibe. For the bedding, you want to use plenty of white tones to help it pop out. Finish it off by adding in any other elements that help you personalize the space.

11.Make A Romantic Cocoon Bedroom

Make A Romantic Cocoon Bedroom
(Source: Oyster Hotel Reviews)

Put together a little cocoon bed for a unique and romantic vibe in your bedroom. A look like this works well in a small bedroom because you will use lots of minimalistic decor elements to create a cozy atmosphere that is warm, inviting, and not cluttered. 

Seek out lots of cool colors that will help create a nice airy vibe for the room. Compliment the white hue by including white bed linens and a white or beige nightstand. 

You can add accents of a darker color like a deep navy gray as a throw blanket, but you’ll want to stay consistent with white throughout the room.

12.Canopy Bed Ideas for Romantic Bedroom

Canopy Bed Ideas for Romantic Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a glamorous and sexy bedroom canopy bed using lots of light and dark colors and string lights. When you mix these two design elements, you can create a really beautiful sleeping space that is oozing with intimacy and romance. Create this look by playing around with dark hues including dark grey. 

Work in an almost sort of gradient as you use darker colors in the top of the bedroom and work your way down the bedroom design using a lighter shade. 

Adding in dark gray canopy curtains with string lights can be a great way to start, then, use a  mixture of light gray and white on the bedding. 

Finally, pull this look together by using a shabby chic white rug underneath the bed frame to help add some brightness to the bedroom.

13.Plants Give You a Real Feeling

Plants Give You a Real Feeling
(Source: Balcony Garden Web)

Adding plants into your bedroom can be a great way to create a cheery and romantic nature-inspired sleeping space. 

Because flowers and greenery are such a critical piece to any romantic vibe, you can easily pull together this look in your bedroom. Start by creating a simple-looking garden in your bedroom. 

Display several oversized plants that hang right above your bed to create a refreshing and inviting sleeping space. If you want to add potted plants with flower blooms in the room, you can do that as well. 

By creating a vibrant and lovely open space that has natural elements including indoor plants and some of your lady’s favorite flowers, you will be on your way to implementing one of the most romantic ideas for her that she will never forget. 

14.Create A Romantic Headboard

Create A Romantic Headboard
(Source: Wall Sticker)

If you want a fun DIY project to put together your romantic bedroom, then consider starting with a DIY headboard that gets your point across. 

A look like this is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on redecorating the room and wants to maintain that minimalist design theme. 

This simple headboard is easy to put together, all you need is a romantic sticker like this one. You can get all sorts of customized wall stickers, but a wall decal is best when it is short and sweet and gets your point across. These sweet messages will always work best. 

15.Display Your Personalized Art

Display Your Personalized Art
(Source: 365canvas.com)

One of the best romantic bedroom ideas for couples is a personalized piece of art that is displayed on the canvas artwork in your bedroom. 

The personalized piece of art can be anything including a song lyrics canvas print, an anniversary photo canvas print, or even a copy of a personalized print of the vows that you recited on your wedding day. 

When you personalize a piece of work and turn it into a canvas print, you can create a nice gift for you and your loved one to enjoy. Not only does a design element like this serve as a beautiful piece of wall decor for your sleeping space. But it can be the perfect gift to give on special days including your anniversary or Valentine’s Day. 

With an endless list of possibilities of personalized items into a canvas print, you should have fun with this design element as you find the perfect canvas for you and your loved one.

16.Heart Led Ceiling makes Your Bedroom More Romantic

Heart Led Ceiling makes Your Bedroom More Romantic
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a stand-out and vibrant romantic bedroom by using a unique heart-shaped chandelier. Cozy chandeliers like this one can set the tone for a romantic atmosphere. 

If you’re out on a romantic night or have completed a day of romantic evening ideas, coming home to a cute room like this can be a great way to end the night off. 

Because you want this unique chandelier to stand out, You’ll want to decorate the rest of the room using neutral colors like black and white. You can use a matching red throw pillow to help accentuate this chandelier as well.

17.Natural Light for Romantic Bedroom

Natural Light for Romantic Bedroom
(Source: SA Home Owner)

One of the best ways to create a romantic and calm bedroom is by using glass walls in the main bedroom. Doing this will help pull the relaxing nature of the outdoors inside. 

If you have a bedroom that overlooks a beautiful view, then having a large window that opens up to the outdoors can be a fresh way to help create that intimate atmosphere. 

For a look like this, you will want to decorate with colors that match the outdoors. Use plenty of white throughout the bedding, but also incorporate dark hues like brown and navy green as well. 

You can incorporate wooden elements as well through dark wood flooring, and dark wood light fixtures and molding. For the rest of the room, keep the bedroom light and airy by using lots of white-toned hues.

18.Four Poster Bed in Romantic White Bedroom

Four Poster Bed in Romantic White Bedroom
(Source: Decorators)

A beautiful and easy look to put together in your bedroom can also double up as a great minimalist bedroom idea to consider. You can pull this look together by using a reclaimed wood four-poster all-white simply stunning and really relaxing environment. 

To add a little romance to it, drape a white curtain over the top of the poster bed. Use lots of white throughout the room to create this minimalistic look. However, by choosing wooden furniture items that are complimented by light brown throw blankets, cushions, and other design components. You may include natural reclaimed wood features throughout the space.

19.Lavender Hue is a Symbol of Love

Lavender Hue is a Symbol of Love
(Source: Pinterest)

Lavender is such a beautiful color to use if you want to create a luxurious one. And a gorgeous bedroom that is oozing with glamour, comfort, and romantic vibes. A bedroom that uses plenty of lavender can be a great way to create a sexy bedroom perfect for married couples. 

Pull together this look by using a light shade of lavender on the bedding. Accentuate the bedding by using a deeper shade of lavender on the bed’s extra pillows, a throw blanket, and other linens you use on the bed. 

For the rest of the room, use a deep lavender on the curtains and even incorporate it through wall art, furniture pieces, and other elements of your bedroom. Use varying shades of lavender to create a nice balance of this color. 

20.Romantic Candle Lights

Romantic Candle Lights
(Source: Pinterest)

Romantic candle lights can be such a traditional way to create a beautiful sleeping space. It’s also a great decor element to use when creating romantic night ideas in the bedroom. 

You can get creative with the types of candles you use because there are so many types of candles to choose from. There are scented candles, decor candles, and candles of specific colors. 

You can go traditional or get creative with the way you design your bedroom with candles. If you don’t like the smell of candles, then you can always decorate using faux candles to help set the ambiance as well. Either way, you’ll have a really romantic bedroom to end the evening in.

21.Romantic Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas

Romantic Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

A romantic Bohemian design theme can be such a charming and romantic way to decorate your sleeping space. A Bohemian theme using lots of Bohemian decor elements including rattan and beaded and knotted artwork with lots of white can be a great way to start. 

Combine these all-white elements with country-inspired elements to create a really inspiring and cozy space. 

To pull off this romantic atmosphere, you will want to use lots of white throughout the room. By creating an all-white bedroom, you can create a really relaxing environment that is simply stunning.

It’s easy to see why having a romantic bedroom design theme can be such a great way to decorate your sleeping space. While a sleeping space like this is simply stunning, it’s also incredibly wonderful if you want to share it with someone special in your life. 

Which of these beautiful decor ideas was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below. Be sure to share this article with someone you know who loves a beautiful romantic-themed bedroom as well.

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