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31 Red Bedroom Ideas: Ways to Decorate Your Room With Red (2022)

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If you’re looking for the best colors for bedrooms to transform the space with an aesthetic decoration, a red bedroom is a place you will want to spend more time. Red is a warm, passionate, and vibrant color often used during the holiday season. So, if you want that festive mood throughout the year, you might want to use different shades of color to communicate a bold statement about your theme preferences. This is a rich color that you can use if you want to create a beautiful bedroom. 

Whether you want to use it as the primary color or have it as an accent color, red can be an ideal choice for a gorgeous bedroom. Through color, you can transform the mood in your bedroom. It creates energy and is consistently optimistic, and offers the power to make the mundane memorable. Here are some ideas you can explore if you want to incorporate red into your bedroom transformation. 

Best Red Bedroom Decor Ideas

1. Dramatic Red 

red bedroom decor
(Source: domino)

You can explore various styles using a bright hue to transform your bedroom. The deep red bathes the bedroom walls and is impactful on its own.

With some gold ornate photo frames, you can create a sophisticated scene, which combines a mix of drama and elegance. The result is a space that will instantly elevate your mood every time you walk in. This is a royal retreat that will calm you when you feel exhausted. 

2. Burgundy Red and Yellow

bedroom red and yellow wall color combination
(Source: AD Russia)

A color combination featuring burgundy and yellow will instantly make a style statement in your bedroom. You can use this color scheme if you want to create a calm space ideal for relaxation.

The style features colors many adults will enjoy, as it gives one a chance to explore their imagination. Break the rules and use different shades on the walls, your ceiling, and other accessories in the bedroom.

3. Add a Masculine Touch

romantic red and black bedroom decor
(Source: Elle Decor)

To create a masculine space that inspires you and highlights your strengths, you need to combine the right colors. In this case, black and red bedroom decor can transform your space.

All you need is the right bolster pillow and a blanket in a color that highlights the rustic elements you want for a masculine atmosphere. For the different shades, you can express your ideas through the walls, headrest, and touches on the floor. 

Shop bolster pillows at wayfair.com and blankets at 365canvas.com

4. Festive Mood

red and green bedroom
(Source: Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

If you’re customizing your bedroom to match the festive mood, you can explore the red and green bedroom decor options. For this type of idea, you can work with different items, including a Christmas tree on the corner to emphasize the festive element of your design. 

5. Textured Wall Design

red and brown bedroom ideas
(Source: Andrey Avdeenko)

Create an eye-catching space using textured patterns. A red and brown bedroom transformation idea is an ideal choice if you feel artistic and want to create an awe-inspiring space.

The texture element offers a rustic feel and can be a great way to build a masculine space. Also, you can connect with different shapes in nature when decorating a modern bedroom. Apply the touches on the accent wall, headrest, and things like the beddings. 

6. Autumn Mood

red and orange bedroom
(Source: The Design Chaser)

Autumn is the season of delicious, cozy, and wisdom-inducing rediscovery. One of the ways to implement the autumn feel in your bedroom is to introduce red and orange accents.

You can also work with small accessories that amplify this combination to give you the perfect outcome. Engage your creativity and explore ideas you believe can make your space unique and attractive, especially in the autumn season.

Shop more small decorative items for your bedroom at 365canvas.com

7. Eclectic Twist 

red and blue bedroom
(Source: Jeweled Interiors)

Embrace an eclectic twist to decorate your modern bedroom. For this project, you can find bright red and blue furniture, including a red bench or chair is an ideal selection. The transformation does not require much, as you can get started with a nice floor carpet with beautiful patterns. 

8. Red and Teal

teal and red bedroom ideas
(Source: Anna Abaieva)

To customize your master bedroom to feature elegant luxury elements, you can consider only finding the right colors for your walls and the ceiling.

Red and teal combine perfectly to create a calm space that is also vibrant in a subtle way. The secret is in finding the right shades and using the colors in the right spaces on your walls and around the bedroom. 

Designed by Anna Abaieva

9. Gold Touches

red and gold bedroom
(Source: David Cleveland)

Working with red and gold is one of the best experiences as you can create a grand atmosphere in the bedroom. This combination is an ideal option if you want to create a royal feel for your bedroom.

You can complement the design with a beautiful chandelier and accessories that match the different color accents used in the bedroom. Also, find a matching rug and combine the two colors on the beddings. 

10. Deep Tones

red bedroom aesthetic
(Source: pufikhomes)

A good mood is something you want to achieve when decorating your bedroom. Depending on the mood you prefer to induce in your bedroom, deep tones for interior design are the most effective choice.

For this project, deep red and yellow are colors that will introduce the right mood into your bedroom. You can use this combination to decorate a minimalist space that inspires you to relax. 

11. Red Toile

red toile bedroom
(Source: Nina Campbell)

Adding unique touches to your bedroom does not always mean you must explore a difficult process. Sometimes, all you need is a wallpaper for the right backdrop.

A red and cream wallpaper featuring patterns will complement your bedroom theme and is an ideal choice if you want an effect that makes the space look and feels royal. Add matching curtains to complete the bedroom transformation idea. 

Shop red toile wallpapers at etsy.com

12. Red Details

red and gray bedroom
(Source: Coco Lapine Design)

There are many ways to build a minimalist space, including finding the right bedding to match your thematic options. Red and gray are a powerful combination if you want to achieve a minimalist theme.

This will create a focal point without looking overwhelming. It’s the easiest way to create a calm space with vibrant touches. 

13. Express Artistic Side

purple and red bedroom
(Source: frommoontomoon)

Another way to create an inspiring red bedroom is to explore cheeky art pieces for your walls. You can also transform the ceiling with a matching color shade to maintain a uniform theme throughout the bedroom.

This idea helps you to express your artistic side, and you can find accessories that will help you communicate ideas better. Even the bedsheets should be a part of your transformation plan for the bedroom. 

14. Stylish Layering

red boho bedroom
(Source: Andrea Papini)

The boho bedroom idea incorporates a mix of patterns, colors, and textures. It’s an idea you can use to create a relaxed, global-inspired bedroom. The style bends traditional rules to offer a layered and personalized look.

For this, use the right bedding pieces and maintain the wall and ceiling decor of your bedroom. You can include some potted plants and other accessories to elevate your design preferences. 

15. Girly Look

red and pink bedroom
(Source: Decor Pad)

A pastel pink and red style is one of the best options if you want to create a girly look for a kid’s bedroom. This is considered the princess theme, and it’s easy to incorporate into the bedroom.

For the idea, you need to find the right curtains, and you can find beddings matching this color scheme. Also, you can paint the headrest one of the colors to emphasize the theme. 

16. Red Elegance of Gothic Style

gothic red bedroom - red bedroom ideas for adults
(Source: habituallychic)

The Victorian-style features gothic revival architecture like spires and buttresses. You can bring this theme into your bedroom for that classic design.

It’s one of the ideas you can explore if you want to create a romantic setup that couples would want to enjoy. For the complete Victorian transformation, add a few paintings featuring colors that contribute to your preferred theme. 

17. Salmon Paint

bedroom with salmon red wall
(Source: Country Living Magazine)

If you enjoy the coastal experience, you can bring this feeling into the bedroom. Start with finding fixtures that incorporate salmon-red into the bedroom.

The next step is to get nautical light fixture elements to brighten the space and create that outdoor feel. To emphasize the theme, you can include oars above the bed. Overall, it’s an inviting design theme that will get you in the mood to have fun. 

18. Go Half and Half

red bedroom paint ideas: half red and half white bedroom wall
(Source: Emily Henderson)

How about doing it half and a half? This bedroom design is a combination of calm and vibrant, giving you the opportunity to experience two worlds.

The theme is a good choice if you want to customize your bedroom uniquely, which allows you to personalize your decor. Explore your creativity and implement your imagination in applying the colors in the right places. 

Designed by Emily Henderson

19. Red Accent Pillow

red accent pillows - red bedroom accents
(Source: travelplusstyle)

Sometimes, a bedroom transformation project does not require a complete overhaul. Including a few pieces can make a difference. In this case, a red accent pillow is all you need to communicate the right message.

You can combine this with vintage pieces like a leather cushion. Some art on your walls can go a long way to making this design option stand out. 

Shop these leather pillows at etsy.com

20. Red Headboard

red headboard - red bedroom aesthetic
(Source: Davide Lovatti)

The bed frame is another space you can use to decorate your bedroom to achieve a theme that complements your design. You can extend the design to the headboard for a complete look.

Even with this small change, you can maintain the existing colors on your walls. Just ensure the shades you choose work in harmony to ensure a calm atmosphere that is not distracting. 

21. Use a Shaggy Rug

a round red shaggy rug under the bed
(Source: Ashley Capp)

Decorating a bedroom with a hint of red is easy as you can find beautiful pieces that you can add to the space without overhauling the space.

A red and beige scheme for the beddings and rug will help you achieve this effect. A good rug can add warmth to the bedroom, as you can place it strategically to act as a style statement and also provide a landing pad when you wake up. 

Designed by Esmé Stern

Shop these round shaggy rugs at homedepot.com

22. Red Wooden Dresser

decorate a bedroom with a red wooden dresser
(Source: Goodmoods)

Another option you can explore to decorate a red bedroom is to find the right dresser for the space. For the best decor statement, the dresser should contribute to the color scheme of the space.

Also, include a picture artwork above the dresser to add some interest to the space, especially if the walls are bare and you want to make the space more inspiring. 

Shop more picture artworks at 365canvas.com

23. Red Wardrobe Door

paint the wardrobe red to match your room theme and decor
(Source: The Socialite Family)

Your wardrobe is not only a good place to store your clothes and other items. Wardrobe doors are an opportunity to express your style.

For a bedroom, you can paint the wardrobe door red to match your room theme and decor. This can be a good idea if the walls feature a similar color shade and you want to make it consistent throughout the room. 

Designed by The Socialite Family

24. Design A Beautiful Nook

design a beautiful nook in red to display the accessories and art pieces in bedroom
(Source: Laskasas)

A nook is a space you can use to display the accessories and art pieces you love. This is a niche that designers explore using different ideas.

One of the ways to create a nook is to use a console table or a stool to optimize the space and make it ideal for storage. For the nook section, you can paint it a distinct color from the floor to the ceiling, separating the space from the rest of the bedroom. 

Shop this console table on houzz.com

25. Red Drapes Replace the Wall

Red Velvet Drapes Replace the Wall
(Source: Stephen Kent Johnson)

Your bedroom walls are the perfect place to incorporate unique design elements. To improve the look of this space, you can start with a curtain featuring red accents.

For the bed, you can be a little creative with a black and white look all around. This means the bedding and the headboard should have the same color combination, emphasizing your unique style.

26. Add Whimsical Accessories

add whimsical red accessories like an art print on a canvas
(Source: DigsDigs)

There are many options when it comes to decorating your bedroom. One of those options is to explore whimsical accessories like an art print on a canvas. You can also include an accent wall highlighting your style preferences.

You don’t need to go on a major bedroom overhaul for the right atmosphere. Even subtle elements, if placed in the right places, can do the job. 

Shop canvas prints at 365canvas.com

27. Circus Tent Ceiling

red bedroom ideas: Circus Tent Ceiling
(Source: House & Garden Magazine UK)

The ceiling is a perfect place in your bedroom for unique decorations. Besides holding lighting accessories, this is a space you can use to create an artistic display. For a small bedroom, you can use red paint to create a circus tent ceiling with a unique pattern.  

Designed by Farrow & Ball

28. Hidden Blazing Red

red bedroom furniture: paint the inside of the closet red
(Source: Elle Decor)

If you don’t want to keep the beautiful colors exposed all the time, you can find one of the ideas that allow you to customize a unique space.

For this idea, you can paint the inside of the closet red, so whenever you open the closet, you’re greeted with brilliance and beauty. This is an idea you can work with if the color palettes in the rest of the bedroom cannot accommodate a red shade. 

29. Red LED Light

red lighting for bedroom: transform the space with hidden lighting
(Source: Behance)

For a modern bedroom, you can transform the space with hidden lighting. This is one of the ways you can transform your space without touching other decor elements.

The room will always pop whenever you switch on the lights. This transformation can suit your needs whenever you want to have fun. It can work as a temporary transformation for your space. 

30. A Big Silver Mirror

Add A Large Silver Mirror in Red Bedroom
(Source: Interiors By Color)

Mirrors add a sense of depth, especially if you have a small bedroom and you want to make it feel bigger. For a maroon bedroom, the mirror will reflect the color and will make the space livelier. You can add a matching floor carpet to emphasize the theme.

31. Set Up a Full Red Home Office in Bedroom

Set Up A Glossy Home Office with all-red furnishing
(Source: Architectural Digest)

A home office is a space that allows you to be productive. You can transform this space with all-red furnishing. Then, add some accessories and art pieces to make the space more interesting and welcoming.  


If you want to decorate your bedroom creatively, you can explore these red bedroom ideas. Get started with simple touches like an accent wall or getting a pillow featuring the right colors. Also, combine your style with accessories and art pieces. 


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