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21+ Red and Gray Bedroom Ideas That Will Transform Your Sleeping Space (2021)

red and gray bedroom ideas

One of the best bedroom color combinations is a red and gray bedroom decor theme. What makes these some of the best colors for bedrooms is the fact that there are so many different ways you can use them. These two shades are some of the best color combinations if you want to put together a masculine or boy-themed bedroom. 

Today, we’re going to look at some of the best ways to use this dark color combination. We’ll take a look at how you can incorporate these colors in artwork, furniture, and paint ideas. We hope our list of fun decor using these popular colors will help inspire you. Let’s get started!

Best Red and Gray Bedroom Ideas

1. Modern and Romantic

modern and romantic bedroom
(Source: Behance)

Red can be a really great statement color to use in a room where there is a gray backdrop. You can incorporate red through the headboard, or even a single curtain on the window. By playing around with these two colors you can create a really romantic space. So use touches of red here and there to help you play up that romance vibe. 

2. Dark Tones

Dark red and gray bedroom
(Source: PUFIK Interiors & Inspirations)

You can create a really mature bedroom aesthetic by using darker shades. Stick to darker shades of grayish tones and dark shades of rouge in order to play up the mature vibe. If you really like the pop of red, you can go a little bit redder than you do with the dark gray. 

3. Interchangeable Red 

Charming bedroom with canvas art and decorative items
(Source: House & Garden Magazine)

Even with such a dull and darker color, you can still create a really charming bedroom. Playing around with a gray, yellow, and red bedroom is a fun way to create a playful space.

Consider using these pops of color through decorative items like wall art and pillows. This gives you a really easy way to change up the colors in the room whenever you want to.

Designed by Barlow & Barlow

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4. Red Ceiling, Gray Floor

red and gray bedroom: red ceiling, gray floor
(Source: Decoist)

Give your master bedroom a really bold statement piece. One way to sway from tradition is by creating an all-red ceiling with a complimentary gray floor. This type of look is really bold because the colors will dominate the room.

Throughout the rest of the room, keep things nice and even by using lots of white. You can even add in a potted plant too. The plant will complement the pop of color on the ceiling.

Design by Studio Laas

5. Pops of Red in Gray Bedroom

red bedding and pillows with different patterns
(Source: Benjamin Moore)

You can create a really charming look by incorporating bursts of red. If you have a bedroom that has greyish tones, consider using red accent pillows to highlight the space.

Stick with light shades of the colors you use to give the room a bright and airy look. For added brightness, you can even incorporate white through the bedding and headboard as well. 

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6. Eclectic Interior Design 

eclectic bedroom design with red and gray colors
(Source: Clem Around The Corner)

If you like eclectic decor then play around with different shades of reddish tones. Light shades of this hue and even dark maroon can all blend together really well. Use different textures, patterns, and styles to pull these looks together. Be sure to do the same with the color gray if you want these two colors to blend with one another. 

Designed by Daria Zinovatnaya

7. Gray Accents

painting wall art behind bed
(Source: Home Designing)

You can keep the decor in your bedroom really muted by sticking with accents of this color combination.

If you have a bedroom with gray accent wall decor, then complement it with a red rug. You can even use a bold-colored sofa in the same hue instead if you prefer. Either way, your goal is to allow your accent wall to stand out and dominate the space. 

Designed by Iqosa

8. Mix Patterns

mix and match patterns and textures in bedroom
(Source: Society6)

Mix and match patterns to play around with this fun color combination. Some easy places to start are on your bedding.

Create an alternating pattern by using a duvet cover and a bed sheet that alternates different shades of the same hue. The type of colors you use is up to you. Generally, however, you’ll want to stick with a color that is contrasting to your walls.

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9. Paint Half of the Wall

Paint Half of the Bedroom Wall
(Source: Rina Lovko)

Paint colors are a great way to incorporate a little bit of personality into your bedroom. If you are playing around with the color red and gray, paint is the perfect way to do this. Consider painting a third of your wall from the bottom up with one color. Then, for the rest of the wall, leave it a nice light tone of the other color. 

Designed by Rina Lovko

10. Two-Tone Ceiling

two tone- ceiling in bedroom
(Source: AD Russia)

A two-tone ceiling is another fun way to dress up your bedroom. You can use red and gray bedroom paint to create decorative patterns or designs on your walls. If you have a large bedroom space with large windows, consider using a dark maroon on the wall. This will help to brighten up the space, giving it a much larger appeal.

11. Light Gray and Red 

Light Gray and Red Bedroom
(Source: Blue Ocean Design)

A color combination of light gray and red can be a really charming way to put together a cute bedroom. There are all sorts of ways you can pull this look together.

Use red pillows, blankets, and other decorative accessories that you want to stand out. For the rest of the room, use lots of light grayish tones. You can even use a light-colored striped rug to really bring this look together.

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12. Red, Black and Gray

(Source: Etsy)

Whether it’s a kid’s bedroom, a boy’s bedroom, or a fun playroom. Mixing together red, black, and gray tones can be a really fun way to pull together a vibrant space. The dark tones really lend well to a young boy or teenage boy’s bedroom. However, if you go easy on the black and use more white then you quickly have a girl’s bedroom too. 

13. Red, Black, White and Gray

red headboard and artwork frames over the bed
(Source: Polly Wreford)

Create a really charming space by setting up a red bed frame. Then, decorate the rest of the room using lots of light tones like light gray, white, and even beige. To give the room a touch of boldness, you can even include black through thick-rimmed picture frames. This can be a great way to create a stand-out gallery wall as well.

14. White, Gray and Red

gray bedroom with fluted red backdrop
(Source: Everypixel)

Keep your interiors sleek and stylish by settling on a contemporary style that uses this color combination. Use all white furniture to accentuate the space in the room.

Then, decorate the space using red and gray throughout the walls and lounge furniture. A greyish-toned sofa can be a calm way to pull the room together. On the other hand, using a maroon accent wall will give your space a little bit of boldness.

15. Gray and Red Window Treatment

red window frame in bedroom
(Source: copycatchic)

Your window frame can be a focal point in the room if you want to play around with gray and white accents. Consider using a dark grayish roll-up curtain that gives way to a red-toned frame window. To really bask in the beauty, you can even set up a bench alongside the windows so that you can enjoy the view. 

16. Red Corridor

bedroom with red corridor
(Source: Interior Design Ideas)

If your bedroom has an entryway, then you can transform it by setting up a red corridor. Paint your bedroom door with this bold shade and then paint the wall adjacent to the door with the same or lighter shade.

For the rest of the room, use lots of white tones or light gray if you prefer. The bold corridor will be a really stand-out piece in your bedroom. Plus, it works really well for making smaller rooms look a lot larger. 

17. Blazing Red and Silver 

blazing red and silver bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Add a little sparkle to your bedroom by installing a stunning chandelier. A glass chandelier can complement a dark gray and bedroom really well. Especially if the red is a bright shade. When you incorporate this bold color, limit it to just one accent wall. You can even incorporate decorative accent pieces throughout the room as well. 

18. Gold Touches

gold wall shelves in bedroom
(Source: digsdigs)

Gold can be a really beautiful accent to a burgundy-toned wall. This can also be a great way to create a statement wall as well. You can use gold accent shelves or picture frames. You can even use seasonal gold decor as well.  This will help you if you want to put together a fall color-inspired bedroom.

19. Add An Outstanding Lantern

Outstanding Lantern in bedroom
(Source: historiskahem) 

Even if you have a small space, you can create a really charming small red and gray bedroom. A really fun way to do this is by installing a bold reddish toned lantern on your ceiling. For the rest of the room, you should play around with lots of white and light grayish tones. The light shades will help to brighten up the space.

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20. Add Red to Bedside Table

glossy red bedside table
(Source: Essência Móveis de Design)

Add some contemporary charm to your sleeping space by using some red accessories for bedrooms. A really easy way to do this is by installing a red bedside table.

Choose a bedside table that complements the current theme and style of your bedroom. Allow this table to really stand out by limiting the amount of color you use throughout the rest of the room.

21. Cool Neon Sign

Cool Neon Sign over the Bed
(Source: Etsy)

Make the space stand out by installing a really cool neon sign over the bed. Accessories like this can really give your bedroom a bold statement as far as decor goes. This is a really fun way to incorporate a reddish tone in your room as well. Stick with a neon sign that incorporates lots of reddish tones and even pops of yellow and white. 

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22. Marvel Theme

Iron Man canvas over the bed as a focal point
(Source: Behance) 

Artwork in your bedroom is a really great way to create a focal point in your sleeping space. A fun type of artwork that usually deals with this color combination is a Marvel-themed canvas. Marvel superheroes play around with lots of reddish and dark tones.

Because of this, they are the perfect addition to rooms that play sound with this color combination. Consider this style if you are putting together a masculine-themed bedroom or a teenage boy’s bedroom. 

Designed by Cartelle Design


For two colors that might seem inconspicuous, there are certainly lots of different ways you can use them. We hope our extensive list of red and gray bedroom ideas has helped inspire you. We especially hope that you have found some fun ways to incorporate the style in your own home.

If you love this bold color combination, let us know in the comments section below how you love to use it. Don’t forget to share this article with someone who loves these hues as well. 


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