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21 Elegant Red and Black Bedroom Design Ideas You’ll Love (2022)

red and black bedroom ideas

Red and black bedroom ideas are very popular right now for many individuals. More people are turning to bold bedroom decor that fulfills all their aesthetic visions. Red and black is a wonderful mix of color for bedrooms since the two blend perfectly with other neutral colors to create an elegant look.

If you are stuck with decorating your bedroom, this article will inspire you to choose the perfect color for your bedroom. You will also find out how to incorporate dramatic elements for a unique bedroom look. 

Looking for some ideas for a traditional or modern black and red bedroom? Get sophisticated ideas and inspiration below.

Black and Red Bedroom Ideas

1. Sleek and Sexy 

black and red bedroom ideas: traditional bedroom with a black four poster bed
(Source: Houzz)

Who said that a traditional bedroom needs to be boring and reserved? Try implementing a touch of luxurious style to your traditional bedroom by incorporating some classic touches.

The elegance derived from the decorations doesn’t have to be expensive. For instance, you can enclose the head of your bed with drapes instead of normal curtains for a sleek and sexy look.

2. Red Accents 

modern black and red bedroom with red accents
(Source: Design Milk)

Designed by studio Loft Buro

Red accents are a fun and appealing way to incorporate cozy colors for a contemporary room. The color is a fantastic choice for parents who want to create a contemporary boys’ bedroom for their kin.

As you probably know, most boys will prefer a cool and energized room, which red accents easily provide. The red accents blend in perfectly with neutral colors to create a vibrant bedroom.

3. Combine with Green and Mustard 

black and red bedroom design by incorporating green and mustard colors
(Source: Emil Aliyev)

Designed by Emil Aliyev

It would help if you had a keen eye for sophisticated designs to think about combining various color schemes perfectly. For instance, you can neutralize your black and red bedroom design by incorporating green and mustard colors.

Introduce the colors as a backdrop in either the flooring or the furniture. Then, have some hints of the primary colors to blend with the green and mustard, creating a glamorous yet serene bedroom.

4. Exposed Red Brick Wall 

red and black bedroom design: exposed red brick wall
(Source: AD Russia)

These days, people are warming up to exposed brick walls as a unique way of incorporating natural beauty and warmth into their bedrooms. There are various ways of decorating an exposed red brick wall while maintaining the style.

One way of decorating is by highlighting the exposed brick wall with beautiful layer curtains. Layering the wall with different colors or textures will transform your bedroom into a chic, bohemian style.

5. Romantic Feeling 

floral wallpaper adds a romantic feeling to a modern black and red bedroom
(Source: pinwin)

Nothing creates a romantic feeling in a bedroom more than a black and red wall design featuring floral wallpaper. And not just a couple of tacky wallpaper designs on your accent walls-those will bore you quickly.

Have an elegant combination of interesting patterns that follow a specific color scheme, preventing the room from looking too busy. A good floral wallpaper adds a feminine touch to a modern bedroom.

6. Statement Headboard 

red and black bedroom: A statement backdrop and glossy headboard
(Source: Interior)

The headboard is the focal point of any bedroom as it immediately attracts a person’s attention walking into the room. Therefore, it should stand out in a red, black, and white bedroom to be the center of attraction. A statement headboard should be glossy or colorful to grab the spotlight as the brightest feature in a bedroom.

7. Red, Black, and Gold Palette

modern black and red bedroom
(Source: LESH Studio)

Designed by LESH Studio

A modern bedroom should have smart lighting fixtures to re-energize the space and make it more appealing. Introduce decorative lighting to a red, black, and gold bedroom for better aesthetics.

You can obtain good lighting from a statement chandelier and other adjustable lighting fixtures that instantly brighten a room. Lighting fixtures act as decorations besides being secondary sources of light in a bedroom.

8. Add Glamorous Pieces

black bedroom with red LED light above the bed
(Source: Pinterest)

Apart from your bed, your bedroom needs other pieces of essential furniture that prevent it from looking plain. The bedroom will often lack some features and maintain an ordinary look until you introduce functional accessories.

Accessories range from area rugs to toss pillows, artwork, house plants, and adjustable light sources. The extra features can transform your plain bedroom into an inviting and attractive space.

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9. Variety of Materials and Textures 

red and black bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Designed by Kelly Wearstler

Bold statements add to the glamorous appeal of a black and red bedroom. Incorporate comfortable bedding and other materials or textures into a room for added prestige and comfort.

For example, you can introduce a signature leather sofa or other furniture for a stylish balance within the room. The comfort associated with the room will have you excited to spend time in your bedroom like a teenage girl.

10. Moroccan Decorations 

romantic red and black bedroom
(Source: Idei)

Ever heard of Moroccan-style decor? This decor is an elegant and mysterious interior design that creates a special ambiance in your bedroom.

Moroccan designs are exotic yet stylish, and they include a vast assortment of colors and patterns. You will be blown away by how a Moroccan theme effortlessly incorporates skillful patterns to make a stylish red and black bedroom interior.

11. Muted Background 

decorating ideas with accent pillow
(Source: pufikhomes)

Designed by Lashmanova

A muted background allows for some features within the bedroom to stand out. It is easy to achieve sophistication in a black, gray, and red bedroom by introducing a muted color palette.

Create a beautiful contrast by matching the muted walls or the canopy with the well-placed pillows within the room. If your bedroom is small, place small articulated sconces to give the illusion of extra space.

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12. Zebra Theme 

zebra-themed bedroom with red and black
(Source: Katie Scott Design)

Designed by Katie Scott Design

A zebra theme may seem overwhelming if you think about it, but seeing it proves otherwise. Tasteful features of this theme include a zebra print-painted wall. However, do not plaster the print everywhere as it can ruin the elegance you intend to achieve. You can incorporate the print on some furniture like the chairs in your room or the bed frame.

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13. Communicate Your Personality and Style 

large-scale art above the bed
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have decorated your room but still feel like something is missing, try having wall art in your bedroom. Wall art in your bedroom communicates your personality and style.

You should dress up your wall with large-scale art and place it strategically where it is easily noticeable. Also, choose the right art that blends with the distinct color palette of your room for a stylish appeal.

14. Red and Black Accent Wall 

two-toned design featuring a red and black accent wall
(Source: Ashiesh Shah)

Designed by Ashiesh Shah

A bold wall color or a patterned wallpaper doesn’t appeal to everyone; that’s why accent walls exist. Accent walls are easy to implement, as you can choose a specific pattern from a feature in your room as inspiration for the art.

You can also choose a favorite accent wall design; either nature-inspired, rustic, or dramatic forms. Also, you can go for a two-toned design featuring a red and black accent wall.

15. Glam in Gothic Style 

gothic red and black bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

If you are obsessed with old luxury vampire narratives, glam in gothic style is the perfect interior design for your bedroom. The gothic style mostly features dark, red, purple, and black bedroom designs.

You may include other vampire-like touches like a dark bed, crimson beddings, and a black area rug. Gothic designs don’t have to be all black; you can incorporate gray, red, and blue colors.

16. Black, White, and Maroon Bedroom 

red black and white bedroom
(Source: Behance)

Designed by Multiple Owners

Black, white and maroon are colors that blend well when used in the right proportions. White looks clean and inviting, while black is the epitome of chic and stylish taste. Maroon is bold and elegant, making it the perfect color for an accent wall in a black and white twin bedroom.

17. Paris-Themed Bedroom 

black white and red bedroom
(Source: Suitcase Magazine)

Parisian bedrooms are best described as classic, effortless, and chic. To incorporate a Parisian theme into your bedroom, don’t shy away from incorporating some hints of color.

You can try having a black and white bedroom with red accents or whatever neutral colors you desire. Do not forget to include classic pieces or vintage furniture for added elegance.

18. Focus on Sleeping Area

black and burgundy bedroom
(Source: Lisa Russman)

The romantic interior design trend is a fairly new trend that features attractive artwork as part of a black and red room’s decor. Some people are especially drawn to images with dark, moody, and rich color palettes.

One popular romance interior design is the black and burgundy bedroom form. Black and burgundy colors blend well with lighter backdrops, perfect for people who dislike overly dark rooms.

19. Bold Shades 

red ceiling and large glass window wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Bold and dark color palettes are a favorite, especially among men. Men like such colors because they are presumed to be masculine, hence a perfect bedroom design theme.

If you love bold shades, incorporate features such as a black textured ceiling or dark walls in your bedroom. Also, add some unique pieces like antique window frames for a bold and classic look.

20. Red LED Light in Black Bedroom 

Red LED Light in Black Bedroom
(Source: yk3h)

Designed by yk3h

Red is a romantic color, making a red LED light the perfect light source in a black master bedroom. Strip lights, combined with sheer fabric draped over the canopy of a bed, create a warm and relaxing environment. Under an LED light, you will sleep better and more peacefully, as it doesn’t irritate your eyes.

21. Red and Black Soft Furnishings 

Red and Black Soft Furnishings 
(Source: Idei)

Red and black soft furnishings improve the aesthetics of a bedroom and also make it warm and inviting. Some of the soft furnishings you can include in your bedroom include cushions. Cushions garnish chairs in your room for extra comfort and style.

Consider matching the curtains to the cushions for a synchronized look. Another furnishing that warms up a room is a colorful blanket draped elegantly over a chair in the bedroom.

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The above are bedroom ideas you can use to design your red and black bedroom. The designs offer useful insights on how you can decorate your bedroom to suit your style. If you are into various design themes, including gothic, Paris, or zebra, all the inspiration you need is right within the article.


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