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28+ Aesthetic Purple Bedroom Ideas To Help You Design Your Room In 2022

Aesthetic Purple Bedroom Ideas To Help You Design Your Room In 2021
(Source: home-designing)

If you are playing around with different aesthetic bedroom color ideas, then purple should be on your list. Aesthetic purple bedroom ideas are a vibrant bedroom tone that is dramatic but makes a memorable experience. It’s also a hue that may be used in a variety of ways.

You can use violet to create a really cozy and romantic space. It’s also a great hue to consider if you want to create a darling space for your little one. 

Plus, this color moves from a feminine to a masculine space effortlessly.  If you are looking to create a purple bedroom, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to look at all the different ways you can use this color to style up your bedroom. 

Aesthetic Purple Bedroom Design ideas 

1.A Decadent Decor Look 

A Decadent Decor Look 
(Source: Vogue)

You can create a really colorful wall that is vibrant and energizing. Using purple floral wallpaper can be a great way to create fun energy in your bedroom. 

If you pair the look with traditional violet drapes, this can help accentuate the style too. Because this color violet can be overwhelming, be mindful of how you use it. For example, a look like this works really well in a large master bedroom. 

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2.Neon Light Purple Bedroom Ideas

Neon Light Purple Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a teenage bedroom that is to die for with this modern look. Using purple neon lights on an accent wall can create a really neat look. What makes this style so cool is how unique it is. You don’t have to go overboard with the neon. 

Instead, create a simple yet loud design with neon lighting. This will help you create a stunning, yet energizing statement in the room. 

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3.Incorporate White Stripes

Incorporate White Stripes
(Source: Decorpad)

You can create an absolutely elegant bedroom by using a light shade of purple. Create a magnificent violet bedroom wall by mixing together light purple and white. Use this color combination with stripes on the walls in order to create this stunning look. 

You can decorate all the walls in the room like this. But for maximum effect, this style works best as an accent wall. Accentuate the style by using bursts of deep red throughout the room as well. 

4.Shades of Purple in Crown Moulding

Shades of Purple in Crown Moulding
(Source: Home Design Lover)

This simple look is absolutely stunning because it uses the color lavender in a nice, elegant manner. You can use a light shade of violet throughout the whole room. But it is the molding that makes this look stand out. Accentuate the purple using bright molding. 

This is a simple yet vibrant treatment that will make your walls pop. Also, it will help illuminate any bright tones like personalized canvas artwork that you already have in the room. 

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5.Yellow Accents in Purple Bedroom

Yellow Accents
(Source: DigDigs)

Gold metal wall plaques against purple bedroom walls make for a really stunning bedroom decor theme. The bright reflection of the gold creates a really nice contrast against the purple. If you are someone who enjoys vibrant and eclectic colors, this style is for you. 

One of the best ways to add a touch of personality to the room is by using canvas print artwork that also incorporates gold and purple. 

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6.Abstract Pink Purple Gold Ideas

Abstract Pink Purple Gold Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a pretty wall in your teen girls’ bedroom by mixing together pink and lavender. This style looks beautiful because it creates a really neat marbled effect on your walls. 

If you want to use this style in a master bedroom, you could easily do that too. Create an air of elegance to this look by incorporating flecks of gold too. The gold will give the walls a really nice mature look. 

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7.Minimalist Look

Minimalist Look
(Source: Istock)

Dark violet is a fantastic color to use if you are looking for aesthetic dark purple bedroom ideas. This really muted look offers an air of luxury and maturity because it is very dark. 

With this look, you don’t want to add too many elements that will brighten up the space. Instead, if you want to contrast the dark violet, use light grey. This will help balance out the room and “lighten” it up a bit. 

8.Pretty Purple in Kids Bedroom

Pretty Purple in Kids Bedroom
(Source: Decoist)

Soft colors are the ideal way to go when you are putting together a child’s bedroom. One of the best shades of color to use for putting together a girl’s bedroom is the color lavender. This light lavender shade is darling, calming, and very cute. 

Add in other elements that use light grey and even pastel teal. These elements will all work in harmony with the light lavender. 

9.Lavender Lilac Gallery Wall Ideas

Lavender Lilac Gallery Wall Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Create amazing purple lavender wall decor by skipping the paint altogether. Instead, use personalized purple canvas artwork to create an amazing wall. Mix together artwork that plays with colors including purple, and grey. 

An easy way to do this is by using beautiful lilac artwork. Frame the artwork in silver frames for a really magnificent and relaxing look. 

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10.Purple and White Bedroom Ideas

Purple and White Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Lavender and white are marvelous hues to mix together. One of the best ways to create a magnificent and relaxing space is by using more light colors throughout the room than Lavender.  

Then, add in a lavender throw blanket that will help brighten up the space. You can also incorporate Lavender in pillows in your sitting area. If you have large windows, the natural light can help accentuate the light colors in the room too. 

11.Wood Tone

Wood Tone
(Source: Designing Idea)

Although unconventional, wooden furniture can look really well with a purple palette. 

To pull this look together, you will want to use a really light shade of wood on the hardwood floors. This will help balance out the intensity of the purple walls. If you have darker hardwood floors, then you can complement them using light purple on the walls. 

12.Gothic Black Ideas

Gothic Black Ideas
(Source: RenoGuide)

You can create a fantastic masculine bedroom that plays with black and purple. To really pull this look together, consider using purple LED lights. 

You can use the purple lighting as trim through the room. Install it underneath the bed, along the walls, and even on the ceiling. Through the rest of the room, use black on the bedding, walls, and even flooring. Balance out the space by using bright colors throughout the room too. 

13.Luxury Purple Bedding Sets

Luxury Purple Bedding Sets
(Source: Lusy Store)

Create an elegant master bedroom by using an upscale purple comforter. A purple comforter that is intertwined with gold, silver, and black can be such a stunning look to any bed. This look is very reminiscent of a victorian or royalty-themed look. 

To focus the attention on the bedding, don’t go overboard in the decor of the rest of the room. Instead, keep the rest of the room really muted with minimal decor. 

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14.Bohemian Inspired Designs

Bohemian Inspired Designs
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a really stunning violet boho bedroom that works even in a small bedroom. You can create this look by installing a sort of faux mosaic archway over top of a futon-style bed. Paint the frame a deep violet as a way to allow it to stand out. 

When it comes to the bed, play around with lots of metallic and golden color themes. For a look like this, gold, light wood, and eclectic colors all work great to create a bohemian style. 

15.Unique Geometric Backdrop

Unique Geometric Backdrop
(Source: Go Wallpaper)

You can create a really lovely aesthetic purple bedroom by playing around with geometric shapes. If you want a pop of glam, incorporate some gold over the geometric shapes. 

The gold will allow the look to really stand out. Overall, a style like this lends really well to creating a muted, yet stunning minimalist bedroom theme. 

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16.Burning Sun Tapestry

Burning Sun Tapestry
(Source: Pinterest)

Bohemian wall art like a purple burning sun tapestry can help you create a really harmonious look in your bedroom. 

If your goal is to create a boho-inspired look, then this can be a great element to start with. Plus, this easily removable look can be pulled down if you want to switch up the style of your bedroom. 

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17.Victorian Bedroom 

Victorian Bedroom 
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a really eye-catching bedroom by playing around with lots of white and Victorian-style furniture pieces. Incorporating a beautiful purple headboard is a fantastic way to incorporate this vibrant color. 

Accentuate the purple by using a lavender throw blanket. Throughout the rest of the room, however, use lots of light colors. Pull off the Victorian look by focusing on furniture pieces that reflect that style. 

18.Create a Mini Bedroom

Create a Mini Bedroom
(Source: Architecture& Interior Design)

Create a cute small purple bedroom that is cozy and inviting. This look works really well for putting together a girl’s room. Because the space is small, you don’t want to go overboard with the color purple. 

Instead, use lavender throughout the bedding, but focus on lighter shades like grey instead. A great way to create extra storage is by using floating shelves and a small-sized desk. Of course, accentuate light lavender with extra furniture pieces too. 

19.Modern Purple Closet Ideas

Modern Purple Closet Ideas
(Source: Twitter)

You can create a really stunning contemporary style using the color violet in your master bedroom. 

One of the best ways to do this is by using violet in your closet space. Swap out your closet doors with oversized violet sliding doors. Help accentuate this bold color by using yellow throughout the room. Incorporate yellow in light fixtures and hits on canvas artwork. 

20.Regal Bedroom Ideas

Regal Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create an absolutely elegant royal violet bedroom by playing around with violet and gold hues. This look works especially well in a master bedroom or a bedroom with lots of space to play with. 

Deep violet has such a stark element of luxury to it, you will feel like royalty in a space that uses it. When using this style, there is no such thing as “too much.” Have fun using lots of gold, curlicues, and elegant decor elements. 

21.Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants
(Source: Pinterest)

Indoor plants are one of the easiest ways to incorporate a pop of color into your room. One of the best ways to introduce this color into your bedroom is by using a lavender plant. Lavender can create a really refreshing aroma in your bedroom. 

Plus, it’s a simple way to incorporate some greenery into your room. If you prefer, you can also use an artificial lavender bouquet as well. Putting together a faux bouquet is also a fun DIY project as well. 

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22.Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

Teenage Girl’s Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a really pretty area for the little girl in your life to fall asleep in. One of the best color schemes to incorporate in a girl’s bedroom is a pastel color pallet. Create a pastel purple bedroom as the base. 

Then, incorporate other elements of pastels into the bedroom. Use a pastel teal desk, pastel pink chair, and a white framed bed decorated with pastel bedding. 

23.Galaxy Theme 

Galaxy Theme 
(Source: We Heart It)

You can put together a dreamy bedroom by using a stunning purple wall and bright violet neon lights. 

Playing around with these two colors can help you create a marvelous galaxy-inspired space. If you really want to commit to this look, you can even add in some copper fairy lights. The fairy lights can serve as “stars” and help to create that magical feel. 

24.Coastal Farmhouse Purple Bedroom

Coastal Farmhouse Bedroom
(Source: Kohl’s)

Blue and purple can serve as a neat two-color combination for a farmhouse-inspired bedroom. To create this look, you will want to use a lavender color as the purplish hue in the room. You can incorporate lavender on the bedding or even furniture pieces. 

Compliment the lavender by using hints of baby blue. You can incorporate the blue in any canvas print artwork you hang up as well. 

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25.Botany Tropical Vivid Violet

Botany Tropical Vivid Violet
(Source: Pinterest)

Give your bedroom a fresh and classic look by using a tropical vivid violet theme. You can create this look by using a botanical violet wall mural that incorporates violet blooms. 

Because this look can be a bit overbearing, limit the violet to the walls. For the rest of the room use lots of white and grey hues. These lighter shades will help to brighten up the space and offset the vibrant violet. 

26.Purple Bedroom Bench

Purple Bedroom Bench
(Source: Homedit)

Add a pop of color to your room by using a purple end of the bed bench. This bench works really great for a bedroom that has a monochromatic style to it. When you enter the room, the bench will really pop out as the focal point of the room. 

For an added touch, you can even incorporate matching drapes into your room too. Be careful not to go overboard in order for your room to maintain that monochromatic, elegant style. 

27.Purple Curtains

Purple Curtains
(Source: Home Stratosphere)

Purple curtains can help you put together a really beautiful and romantic-style bedroom. You can use deep violet curtains to create a really cozy atmosphere in your space. Also, the deep violet lends well to help you put together a violet bedroom. 

For a bedroom like this, you really want to rely on darker hues. Because of this, stay away from using shades like white and light grey. Instead, opt for darker grays if you want some brightness. 

28.Fancy Sleeping Space

Fancy Sleeping Space
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a fancy sleeping space by using a stunning silver chandelier above your bed. This is one of the best aesthetic purple designs if you are looking to put together a masculine or mature style bedroom. 

For that masculine look, you can even incorporate a leather purple headboard. The black leather will create a really nice manly and mature feel to the room. 


It’s easy to see why this stunning hue is such a popular yet underrated color to use in your bedroom. We hope our list of extensive purple bedroom ideas has inspired you. 

Be sure to share with us in the comments section below which of these have been your favorite style! Know someone who loves the color purple? Be sure to share this article with them as well! 

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