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21+ Princess Bedroom Ideas for Both Kids and Adults

21+ Princess Bedroom Ideas for Both Kids and Adults

Princess bedroom ideas are one method to turn your girl’s room into a magical place. Having princess-themed decor allows you to tap into many aspects of your creative imagination and bring to life what can only be imagined in a fairytale.

Our thorough list of dream and fantasy design ideas will take a close look at how to decorate your walls and accessorize your bedroom’s space to create an enchanting atmosphere that is lovely, girly, and simply beautiful. 

Modern Princess Bedroom Decorating Ideas

1. Disney Princess Bedroom Ideas

Disney Princess Bedroom Ideas
(Source: TripAdvisor)

A Disney-themed princess bedroom is an enchanting design idea for any toddler or little girl. Decorate using a castle mural and cute hues including blue, white, and purple.

You can add touches of the Disney theme through the furniture pieces such as the headboard as well as other caricature fixtures that are framed and hung. 

2. Blue Princess Themed

Blue Princess Themed
(Source: Pinterest)

Besides the pink color, the princess bedroom can be set in a blue color scheme. You can combine blue curtains and gold ceiling to create a fantasy look, almost like an aqua kingdom.

These little details make the bedroom a perfect fit for the true teenage princess.

3. Pink princess bedroom ideas

 Pink Princess Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You can really bring out the fairytale enchantment using a pink design scheme that incorporates high ceiling curtains, a dream canopy draped over the bed, and girly frills and ruffles fit for any baby girl.

Pink should be the main color with different hues and floral prints to add as decor details. 

4. Sleeping with disney princess

Sleeping With Disney Princesses
(Source: teahub)

A Disney princess design that includes popular characters like Princess Jasmine and Princess Cinderella is the perfect decor theme for a charming bedroom.

Design using a themed bedding set, including customized pillow covers. Decals are another cute way to accessorize different parts of the room. 

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5. Teenage princess bedroom ideas

Teenage Princess Bedroom Ideas
(Source: amazon)

Unicorn-themed rooms are a fantastic, whimsical way to create an enchanting space that is perfect for a teenage girl’s room.

You can decorate using Nordic Unicorn-led wall lamps and pastel canvas designs that mimic the latest trend in the fantasy world. Glitter unicorn artwork is another must-have in this room for inspirational decor.

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6. Sleeping in your favorite fairy tale

Sleeping in your favorite fairy tale
(Source: alphadorable)

If you have a little girl, kid design themes like Princess Tiana and the Frog are a fun way to incorporate the princess theme with a hint of exploration and adventure.

This nature-centric theme uses a lot of green hues and you can even add planted ferns to mimic 3D art that comes to life. 

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7. Purple princess theme for toddler’s bedroom ideas 

Purple Princess Theme for Toddler's Bedroom Ideas 
(Source: Pinterest)

Purple is the go-to color for creating a lovely Princess Sofia-themed room. Decor ideas can include floor to ceiling purple drapery, hints of frozen blue and white hues, and of course plenty of doll characters including Sofia herself.

8. Put a bench at the end of the princess bed

Put A Bench at the End of the Princess Bed
(Source: bocadolobo)

The end bench is one of the pieces of furniture that can effectively enhance the luxury of a princess-style bedroom.

An end bench can provide a cozy seating area and a more gorgeous look if it’s put in a princess master bedroom. Additionally, an end bench will go well with a pair of square or roll pillows too.

If the bench is able to open up, it can be a great way to enhance the storage of bedding such as extra blankets and pillowcases. Personalize the style and design ideas to your liking!

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9. Little girl princess room design ideas

Little girl princess room design ideas
(Source: stayathomemum)

Try a castle bed with towers, stairs, and shelving systems if you want something a little more imposing and practical. This design can also be adapted for a play area on the top bunk and can also serve as the main attraction for the room.

For explorative children, a castle bed can serve as an interesting idea for anyone who wants to sleep inside a castle, like princesses.

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10. Light blue princess bedroom ideas

Light Blue Princess Bedroom Ideas
(Source: ebay)

Design your whole bedroom in light blue or pastel blue mixed with some little gold highlights, and enjoy the feeling of the colors brought to your princess bedroom.

Light blue is not only a color signifying security and calm, this hue will remind your little one of the gently rolling sea, beach, or even a beautiful swan lake as they doze off to sleep.

When it comes to fairy tales, this color can take you back to the feeling that your bedroom has transformed into a fairytale, complete with all the accessories fit for Princess Cinderella herself!

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11. Attic room design with full of light and air

Attic room design with full of light and air
(Source: housebeautiful)

Because the attic is usually a small and narrow space, choose neutral and pastel colors to brighten up your princess bedroom.

The unique design of an attic can create an almost vintage style feel because of the V-shaped design of most attics.

This kind of princess bedroom can be designed in a way that makes it perfect for twins or siblings who are close in age. 

12. Bring fairytale vibes

Bring fairytale vibes
(Source: architecturendesign)

A fairytale bedroom really does exist when you decorate using pretty fairy-themed decor laced with lots of charm, pretty colors, and enough touches of gold and silver hues.

Highlight different parts of the room like mold accents using glitter gold paint and you will have a room even adults will fall in love with.

13. Pumpkin carriage bed for your toddler

Pumpkin carriage bed for your toddler
(Source: Alibaba)

Princess-themed bedrooms are wonderful because you can get really creative with how you design them. This idea is all about creativity because you can design a little girl’s room, a toddler bed, or even nursery cribs using a charming pumpkin carriage canopy bed.

Use white tulle to drape around the bed for an enchanting look and play around with hues of white and gold. 

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14. Princesses Usually Sleep on A Canopy Bed 

Princesses Usually Sleep on A Canopy Bed 
(Source: Pinterest)

A princess canopy bed can play with a contemporary style as well. This drapery can create a royal-looking appeal that will turn any bedroom, especially a master room, into a luxurious suite fit for a princess of any age.

Darker tones like beige and grey can look great with this design theme.

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15. Chandelier for Your Little Princess’s Bedroom

Chandelier for Your Little Princess’s Bedroom
(Source: amazon)

A chandelier in your little girl’s room or your teenager girl’s room will certainly add charm and appeal. You can use a mounted ceiling chandelier that will certainly sparkle like the gems cascade down.

This fixture isn’t just for looks either, configure it to be the main lighting source of the room and you will have a centerpiece that literally dazzles. 

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16. Add A Bedside Table

(Source: theglampad)

A bedside table plays both functional and aesthetic roles in any bedroom. If you want to sit on your bed to read books or use your phone or laptop before sleeping, a bedside table can serve a much-needed functional purpose.

A table lamp can be put on the bedside table too if you need additional lighting. In addition, you can decorate your bedside table with many little things.

For example, a small vase of flowers, a personalized photo, desktop plaque, a bottle of your favorite perfumes or essential oils, etc.     

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17.  Bring cozy ambiance with a floor lamp 

Bring cozy ambiance with a floor lamp 
(Source: lauraashley)

Select a princess floor lamp to reinforce a princess-inspired bedroom’s existing decorating theme.

Place the floor lamp at a corner of the bedroom if you want it out of the way or beside a chair if you need light for reading that you do before going to bed.

You can choose floor lamps that are neutral in color or ones that are bedazzled with gems for an even more enchanted look.

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18. Place A Soft Rug

Place A Soft Rug
(Source: pt.quizur)

If you live in cold areas, the perfect rug can be a great idea for your princess bedroom decoration because it will serve as a decor item and will keep little feet nice and warm.

There are many styles and materials to choose from, but a soft, fluffy rug can partly bring out the princess feeling in your bedroom.

Find a great style that matches your room’s decor and enjoy lounging around on it during your many hours spent in the room. 

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19. Add a makeup vanity for princess bedroom

Add a makeup vanity for princess
(Source: projectnursery)

With a makeup vanity in the bedroom, both little girls and young women can have the feeling like they are queens and princesses as they gaze at their beautiful reflection.

The makeup table is the place that represents the femininity of girls, so it’s important to choose a makeup vanity wisely.

Aim for a light-colored vanity that has lots of storage space for all your makeup and other trinkets. 

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20. How About A Tea Table?

How About A Tea Table?
(Source: architecturaldigest)

Have you watched Alice in Wonderland? This next idea takes the theme of a tea party and incorporates it right into your pretty princess bedroom.

If you don’t want to put a bench at the end of your bed, you can consider putting a tea table set for a small tea party when it’s time to play pretend. You can also use it as a great storage space for small trinkets and other items. 

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21. Set up a swing bed for princess bedroom

Set up a swing bed for princess bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

A hanging bed or swing bed can be turned into a fun DIY project easily. All you need is a rope, string, and lots of creativity. The rope is connected to the ceiling by hooks and you can use plant string as decor.

For an even more enchanting feel, you can decorate using fairy lights or larger stringing lights. This design brings a nest-like and forest feeling to your princess bedroom that is enchanting and gorgeous. 


Princess bedroom ideas are one of the best ways to include a little bit of magic in your child’s bedroom. We hope our list has inspired you to decorate the way a princess would. Let us know in the comments section below what your favorite princess design ideas are!

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