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21+ Pink Nursery Ideas to Brighten Up Your Child’s Nursery

pink nursery banner
(Source: David Casas)

One of the best ways to dress up a nursery is by using lovely shades of pink throughout the room. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the best pink nursery ideas that will help you do just that. This is hands down the easiest way to transform a nursery into a charming space. Your little princess will absolutely fall in love with this shade and the comfort it offers. From decorating the walls to decor items to accent pieces, we’ll cover it all. Read on to see what some of the most trending design themes with this color are. Let’s get started!

Gorgeous Pink Nursery Design and Decorating Ideas

1. Pink Palm Nursery Ideas

pink baby girl room ideas
(Source: palmbeachlately)

Add a pink palm tree wall mural to your little one’s nursery for a touch of charm. This look is really quaint and cute. Plus, it’s the perfect way to create an inviting atmosphere in your little one’s bedroom.

Keep the tones in the room nice and bright and use plenty of light pink and white. Incorporate hints of light green too in order to accent the palm tree theme. 

2. Pink Accent Wall

pink accent wall nursery
(Source: Dani Austin)

A pink accent wall is always a great way to go when you’re creating a unique bedroom. You can create an accent wall in several different ways. One of the easiest however is by using a contemporary nursery design theme. Do this easily by painting it directly onto the wall. You can even use a tufted headboard that is attached to the wall as well. Use plenty of eye-catching decors to bring this look to life. 

3. Blush Canopy Bed for Your Baby Girl’s Room

blush pink nursery
(Source: Tim Williams)

Create a light and dreamy atmosphere by incorporating a blush canopy over the crib. A dreamy canopy like this is a perfect way to create a charming atmosphere.

Your little one will love this room because this design element serves as a little hiding place. Your child can cuddle up here for a good book to read during the day. During the nighttime, it serves the practical purpose of darkening the room as well.

4. Boho Theme

pink boho nursery
(Source: Pinterest)

A Bohemian pink nursery is such a charming way to create a lovely atmosphere in a bedroom. Putting this look together is easier than you might think. Start by putting together a patterned pink wall.

Then, add in a blush rug that complements the wall.  natural textures and macrame decor is also a nice accent to corporate into the room. The end result is a very vibrant yet calming atmosphere you and your little one will love. 

5. Modern Glam Pink Nursery Ideas

pink and gold nursery
(Source: The Double Take Girls)

This season it’s all about glam decor. What better way to incorporate glam into your home than through a light pink nursery. To pull this look together you’ll want to use lots of elements that have rosy pink to them.

Add in touches of gold and other elegant pieces to make the room stand out. House plants and corner trees are also a nice way to freshen up the space. As with any glam room, the key is to have fun and express your sense of style.  

6. Gray and Pink Nursery Ideas

pink and gray nursery
(Source: The DOM Family)

One of the best colors that compliment light pink is light gray. When you use these two tones together, you can create a really sweet atmosphere that is absolutely charming.

Start by using all gray furniture. Then incorporate blush curtains with matching blush accents. You’ll have a really sophisticated yet charming nursery. This will certainly be a place your little one will enjoy spending time in.  

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7. Floral Nursery Ideas

pink floral nursery
(Source: Kristen Browning Photography)

You can never go wrong with using florals to create a really girly space. Using light floral pink wallpaper is the easiest way to dress up a bedroom. Because this wallpaper can be overbearing, the rest of the bedroom should be rather minimalistic.

Use solid color tones and lots of neutral to help balance out the space. Gold and diamond accents are another way to help gamify the room as well.

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8. Black and Pink Nursery Ideas

pink and black baby nursery ideas
(Source: Decorpad)

Even by using blush and light pink tones, you can still create a gender-neutral bedroom. This type of bedroom features a very traditional look. Dusty rose pink can be used as the primary paint color. Animal print, animal decor, and wooden toys are all ways to dress up the room too. A design theme like this offers plenty of opportunities to have fun. 

9. Pink Nursery Light Ideas

Pink Nursery Lighting Ideas: mount a pink wall lamp
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a really pretty pink nursery by using these rosy-toned star night lights. These LED wall lights can attach nicely to any part of the bedroom. It’s a great way to incorporate bedroom decor that has a practical purpose.

At night, when you turn on the light, it will give your baby a sense of calm and relief. Decorations like this that feature both a decorative and practical purpose are always the best.

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10. Gorgeous Pink Curtain for Nursery

pink curtains for nursery
(Source: Decoist)

If you have a large baby room, then floor-to-ceiling window curtains can be such a stunning look to add. This is one of the best nursery decor ideas that will make the room feel charming, spacious, and oh so elegant!

Use a pink and white striped curtain as the statement piece. Along with the backdrop of a black wall, you’ll have a really elegant look.

11. Dusty Pink Nursery Ideas

dusty pink nursery
(Source: Pinterest)

A dusty pink nursery is a really lovely tone if you want to create a charming baby room. This type of tone is great for giving a bedroom that warm feeling, something babies are sure to love.

Use earthy hues to complement the overall feel in the bedroom. Warm colors like beige and light green are the perfect way to help tie the room together. 

12. Pink and Blue

aqua blue and pink nursery
(Source: Decorpad)

Create a marvelous bedroom by mixing this classic girly tone with aqua blue. The end result is a very inviting bedroom that has almost a beach-like theme.

These two color tones playing together give off a fun and creative feeling. It’s almost like you’re in a cotton candy bedroom with tones like this. Decorate the rest of the room using blue accessories and you’ll have a marvelous space. 

13. Go Half and Half

haft and haft pink paint for nursery
(Source: kristinalynne)

Create a really nice atmosphere by going half and half on your decor tones. This look is very upscale, modern, and oh so inviting. To put this pink and white nursery together, you want to paint the bottom half of the room with a lovely blush shade.

With the top of the room, you’ll want to keep it all white. The end result is a really vibrant yet contemporary styled bedroom. 

14. Pink Elephant Family Wall Art

pink elephant baby nursery
(Source: DHgate)

Pink elephant wall art is a really pretty Nursery Decor theme to go with. This style is very quaint, charming, and inviting. It looks like this is really simple to do.

All you need are some pink elephant family canvases. Arrange these canvases over the crib or on an accent wall. It will give your bedroom a really personalized, thematic touch. Have fun with a worm-like this.

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15. Cute Pink Nursery Bedding Ideas

pink nursery bedding
(Source: Pinterest)

Sometimes, the best way to incorporate this lovely tone in a nursery is through the bedding. Blush pink bedding has such a magical way of transforming a bedroom space.

If you’re putting together a princess-themed bedroom, then this is the type of bedding you should absolutely opt for. You can find different themes, styles, and prints to choose from.

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16. Green and Pink

green and pink nursery
(Source: Sherwin-Williams)

These two colors are the perfect combination for creating a warm and inviting bedroom space. You can easily put these looks together to create a contemporary and upscale design theme.

Start by incorporating a sage green wall design that takes up the upper portion of the walls. Throughout the rest of the room, utilize lovely pink accents to help color up the space. The end result is a really beautiful bedroom.

17. Pale Pink and Teal Nursery

teal and pink nursery
(Source: SEDIA)

If you like playing around with lighter shades, then a pink and teal bedroom is the way to go. Both of these colors offer a bright and airy feel to the space. One way you can accentuate the brightness is by using teal curtains. As the light filters in, the room will illuminate with the teal casting a lovely glow. 

18. Modern Pastel Pink Nursery 

modern pastel pink nursery
(Source: Pinterest)

It’s easy to create a modern pastel pink nursery using simple decor elements. Start by creating a pink pattern wall. This wall can feature a simple or more elegant pattern. Patterns made with wall molding work just as well too.

Next, add in decor elements like gold sconces and gold-rimmed mirrors. This will have to give the room that classic girl’s nursery aesthetic. Remember to have fun and add in touches of your own personalization too. 

19. Coral Nursery

coral pink nursery wallpaper
(Source: Decorpad)

If pink is too strong a color for you, then coral is a refreshing shade to go with instead. You can recreate this tropical pink bedroom without much effort. You’ll need to start with a palm tree coral wallpaper or mural that you can apply to the wall.

Then, accent the wall using brighter shades of pink. Be sure to keep the furniture white so that you can even out the bold tones throughout the room. 

20. Navy Blue and Pink

navy blue and pink nursery decor
(Source: Houzz)

Two colors that work really well together are navy and pink. You can easily create this design theme by using a floral accent wall that uses both hues. Depending on the style you have going on, you can use a wrought iron crib. A look like this is a fun take on a traditional nursery.

21. Pretty Pink Chandelier for Your Nursery

baby nursery pink chandelier
(Source: Pinterest)

A pretty pink chandelier with cartoon decor is a charming way to dress a room. This unique unicorn chandelier is a great way to add some childish fun-loving vibes to the room. It’s really delicate, cute, and of course decorative.

You can use a similar type of cartoon pendant lights in the room as well. Incorporate cartoon characters that complement the theme in the room. 

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It’s easy to see why putting together a bedroom theme like this is such a fun way to dress up a space. We hope that our list of pink nursery ideas has inspired you. This town is so calming, relaxing, and inviting. There are so many different ways you can incorporate it into a bedroom.

Be sure to share with us in the comments section below which of these decor elements were your favorite. Don’t forget to also share this article with a friend who would love to transform their little one’s space too!

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