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24+ Amazing Ideas to Decorate a Stunning Pink Bedroom Decor Theme

pink bedroom

A pink bedroom is one of the most gorgeous ways to decorate your sleeping space. This color has so much to offer that no matter who you are, you will find a design idea incorporating pink that you will absolutely love. Our extensive list of pink-themed bedrooms will center around different shades of this lovely color.

We will explore rose and light pink for more mature bedrooms and hot pink and patterns for more girly bedrooms. Read on to find a design idea using this lovely shade to inspire you for your next remodel.

1. Cherry Blossom Pink Bedroom with Gold Lines

Cherry Blossom Pink Bedroom with Gold Lines
(Source: Pinterest)

If you love this beautiful shade then an all-pink bedroom is a stunning aesthetic that is fun yet still modern. To pull this look off, start with a plain pink backdrop and incorporate all pink elements.

Even a little bit of a different color and throw this look off so make sure that every piece in the room is rooted in pink. The only colors that are not pink should be any personalized photographs that you hang up or display on your pink desk.

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2. Peachy Pink Bedroom Ideas

Peachy Pink Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

This light pink and the almost peachy pink coral color is delicate yet stunning and works great for a kid’s room or a nursery. Light pink peonies will be the focal point in this room and you can create it using large wall decals.

Display big blooms where you want the focal point in the room to be and smaller blooms all around. Don’t forget to add this floral peony pattern to any bedding like your pillows and linens too.

3.Paint the Wooden Floor

Paint the Wooden Floor
(Source: tendencee)

If it’s time to paint your wooden floor, consider painting a very light shade of salmon pink. This distinctive look can create a unique atmosphere in the room. Plus it serves as a great focal point to design around.

Incorporate wooden elements and white pieces of furniture to complement the floor. If you are going to hang up a special picture or artwork, cover it using a wooden frame to complement the pink wooden floor. 

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4.Bohemian Greenery for Pink Bedroom 

Bohemian Greenery for Pink Bedroom
(Source: tumblr)

The color green works especially well with the color pink. Pull together tropical yet boho chic bedroom for your teenage girl using a pink floral tropical theme. A wall mural with tropical elements like palm trees can be a great backdrop.

Add in a green throw blanket with tassels on the side to complement the mural. And of course, adding in potted indoor plants around your rattan bed will give the room a magical touch as well.

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5.Glamorous Patterns Everywhere

Glamorous Patterns Everywhere
(Source: melaniejadedesign)

A glamorous addition of a back panel against the red headboard of your bed made out of a delicate turquoise floral pattern that has a velvet look can be a glamorous way to dress up a room that uses pink tones.

Other patterns that work great with pink tones are leopard, brown, and red. The leopard can be incorporated in a throw blanket or decorative pillow and the red and brown can be incorporated through furniture pieces.

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6.Princess Themed for Pink Bedroom

Princess Themed for Pink Bedroom
(Source: inkxlenses)

The color pink is perfect for creating a dreamy tween bedroom that emulates a fairytale decor theme. Use a pink bed curtain around a pink bed frame to create the focal point of the room.

An accent wall behind the bed headboard can also serve as a great backdrop for the bed curtain too. Pair the pretty bed with two mirrored side tables for an even and refined look. 

7.Vintage Rug Ideas for Pink Bedroom

Vintage Rug Ideas for Pink Bedroom
(Source: cherishedbliss)

Vintage rugs like this mint pattern area rug really bring the room together because it plays up the light tones that exist in the room already.

Light tones in the pink curtains, baby pink bedding, and pillows are reflected lightly in the different specs of color on the area rug. If you have darker hues of pink throughout the bedroom, then a darker huge rug would be best.

8.Lovely Millennial Pink Accessories

Lovely Millennial Pink Accessories
(Source: Pinterest)

This trendy design is the perfect look for any millennial young adult because it plays up some cute accessories reminiscent of their generation. Start with a cute backdrop with essential summer elements like lemon pictures and floral prints.

Add in a small glass table to set your dome table lamp for you to store accessories and personal items. Top off the room with random accessories that fit the decor style well, for example, shell-shaped cushions that follow the bright color pattern.

9.French Shabby Chic Style for Large Pink Bedroom

French Shabby Chic Style for Large Pink Bedroom

Pink works great as a base color for a vintage French shabby chic style bedroom. Start by using a dark-colored wire framed poster bed then add in rustic pink bedding to complement the bed’s aged look.

If you have a large room, you can add in a chair and bench set made out of elegant beige upholstery. Tie the room together using antique decorative pieces that really pull together this French shabby chic room.

10.Pink Bedroom in Scandinavian Style 

Pink Bedroom in Scandinavian Style
(Source: thatscandinavianfeeling)

Scandinavian-style bedrooms are the perfect design themes for minimalists because decluttering and simplicity are at the heart of this design theme.

Ladies who want a bedroom that is for mature adults and reflective of a proper grown-up may want to incorporate elements of dusty pink. This will give off that no-nonsense look all while allowing you to have a little fun with this wonderful color.

11.French Royal Silver

French Royal Silver
(Source: becolorful.typepad)

A gorgeous look that any young lady will love is this elegant hot pink and silver royal look. Utilize a silver-framed bed set that is complemented by other silver framed furniture around the room.

Incorporate elements of pink upholstery through an accent chair or through decorative pillows. This fabulous design that uses lots of curly cues, elegant patterns, and silver will create a very fancy feel.

12.Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom Design

Boy and Girl Shared Bedroom Design
(Source: huntlancer)

If you have A twin boy and girl, then this interior design look is such a perfect one to go with. Start by splitting the room in half and using light pink for your daughter’s side and light blue for your son’s side.

Allow the color to be present in the backdrop behind their bed’s headrest. The rest of the room should be in bright colors in order to really pull off its distinctive look.

13.Striking Sea Island 

Striking Sea Island Themed for Pink Bedroom
(Source: southernhomemagazine)

Hot pink used alongside white and orange can create such a vibrant bedroom reminiscent of summer, childhood, and all things sweet.

Don’t use these colors in intricate patterns, rather use them in solid simple patterns. For example, incorporate a striped pink and white area rug and solid orange throw pillows.

If you’re really set on patterns, then one place where patterns would work well would be in the window valances. Lastly, pull this room together by using a golden urchin style lighting fixture.

14.Vibrant Contemporary

Vibrant Contemporary Bedroom
(Source: harpersbazaar)

Vibrant colors of different tones that compliment the color pink can be a really fun way to put together a colorful country bedroom.

The colors you use will be more rustic than they are vibrant and should include lots of opportunities for soft pink. Dark green pairs well with soft pink so feel free to have fun with these two color combinations.

15.Storage Pink Bedroom for Small Rooms

Storage Pink Bedroom for Small Rooms
(Source: Pinterest)

Keep your little girl well organized with this storage-inspired design bedroom. There are plenty of opportunities for keeping items safe and away through the many cabinets and drawers that can be found.

Incorporate a twin bed that has a drawer base perfect for keeping clothes and toys stored away. For the rest of the space, keep it open and airy. You can incorporate a small area rug and even a desk set up for your little one to create her masterpieces.

16.Stardust on Blush Pink   

Stardust on Blush Pink
(Source: homelava)

A little shimmer and shine go really well with pink, especially a blush pink theme. You can incorporate bits of glitter through a sparkly sheer curtain that overlaps the black-out curtains on the windows.

For more hints of magic, you can even decorate using hollow stars as well. LED light strings and fairy lights are a great way to help illuminate the room at night without needing to use an actual flashlight too.

Plus, they create the very magical feeling of sleeping amongst the twinkling stars.

17.Charm Vintage

Charm Vintage-Style Bedroom
(Source: notreloft)

Dark salmon pink goes exceptionally well with the rose gold because both these pink tones are much darker. Because rose gold can be a sophisticated color, use a sophisticated design theme like lots of geometric mirrors.

For a unique accessory, spray paint natural twigs and tree branches rose gold, and incorporate them into your bedroom’s design scheme. Top off the room with salmon pink bedding that is lightened up by throw pillows.

18.Pink Marble Bedroom Ceiling Design

Pink Marble Bedroom Ceiling Design
(Source: muralswallpaper)

Pink, white, and gray are the perfect color schemes for a big kid’s room, a toddler’s room, or even a nursery. You can create a beautiful pink marble bedroom ceiling using a little bit of paint and a lot of creativity.

If that is too difficult you can use these colors simply by using a gray rug, bright-colored bedding, and hints of pink through the curtains, decorative pillows, and even a throw blanket.

19.End of Bed Furnishing

End of Bed Furnishing
(Source: traveler)

End-of-the-bed furniture like a bench, chair, or ottoman, can be a really nice way to add functionality to the room that goes beyond just sleeping.

Whatever furnishing you choose, if you want it to stand out, consider using fuchsia as the main color in the bedroom furnishing. Fuschia can be complemented really well with the neutral colors and of course other shades of pink too, so have fun with it! 

20.Pink Pearl Mixed Champagne Tone

Pink Pearl Mixed Champagne Tone in Bedroom
(Source: homedit)

A pink pearl bedroom set can be a great inspiration for any little girl who loves the ocean and girly-inspired design themes. Start by using an oyster-shaped or circular-shaped bed frame. This round bed will serve as a cool and unique focal point of the room.

Complement the bed with additional furniture that plays up the underwater theme. A starfish-shaped bench and lots of underwater-inspired canvas paintings are all great elements to include too. 

21.Pink Bedroom with a Creative Quartz Furniture

Pink Bedroom with a Creative Quartz Furniture
(Source: theenglishroom)

Creative quartz furniture can be the perfect backdrop for a master bedroom that wants to incorporate elegance and comfort. You can incorporate the quarts furniture through a queen size bed or through the top of a bedroom desk.

Because quartz is such an elegant material, pair it with other light colors such as pastel color schemes. You can also add delicate accessories like a quartz chandelier and pink quartz-inspired wallpaper.

22.Animal Bedding Set

Animal Bedding Set
(Source: adairs)

A flamingo-inspired bedroom will use lots of pretty pink and plenty of tropical elements. Because flamingos are delicate, so should your design.

Don’t go overboard in tropical decorative mode, instead incorporate the tropics throughout the room in your blanket, decorative pillows, or an accent chair.

When it comes to the color pink, maintain lighter hues of the color in order to reflect the beautiful bird.

23.Paris Vibe in Pink Bedroom

Paris Vibe in Bedroom
(Source: amazon)

Create a Paris vibe bedroom design using the color hot pink and plenty of black and white accent design elements.

This design scheme is all about being bold so paint the walls a hot pink and complement them through black bedding, white pillows, and plenty of Parisian elements like decals of the Eiffel tower and artwork reminiscent of the region.

24.Pink Bedroom Zebra Pattern Play

Pink Bedroom Zebra Pattern Play
(Source: flickr)

A zebra print has always paired along very well with a hot pink color scheme. Because of this, it can work great as a bedroom decor idea too. Incorporate this bold pattern through large pieces of your bedroom.

This could be a zebra carpet, decorative pillows, a throw blanket, or a zebra-designed accent chair. Just be sure you don’t go overboard and use too much zebra print. Feel free to go overboard with the hot pink, however!

A pink bedroom can make a loud and bold statement or a delicate and muted one depending on how you use it to design. We hope our extensive list of fabulous ways to decorate your sleeping space has inspired you to play around with the color pink a little more.

Let us know in the comments section below which of these bedroom ideas was your favorite and why. Plus, don’t forget to share this article with someone who loves the color pink!

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