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Pink and Green Bedroom – 23 Decorating Ideas with Green and Pink (2022)

pink and green bedroom banner
(Source: Emily Henderson)

You can create a stunning pink and green bedroom that fits you and your personality like a glove. While these two colors may seem like traditional girly colors to go with, the reality is, that they are not. There are so many different ways that you can dress up a room using this spring-like color combination to bring in not only a youthful vibe but also retro vibes that remind you of the 70’s or 80’s.

Today, our list of fantastic ways to decorate with this color scheme will help inspire you. We will take a look at how to use these colors to create a bedroom that is not only beautiful but is relaxing and charming as well.

Along with pink and green bedroom ideas for adults or kids, we’ll take a look at some of the most beautiful mixes for bedrooms that compliment these popular hues. Read on to see how you can transform your bedroom into your dream sleeping space. 

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Charming Pink and Green Bedroom Designs

1. Tropical Reveal

tropical pink and green bedroom
(Source: Desire to Inspire)

Create a tropical bedroom using this calming color scheme. Pink and green things help set a tone synonymous with calm and relaxation.

To create this look, you’ll want to have a very distressed feel throughout the room. Pull this off by using some distressed furniture that will match your room’s color scheme. You can also use paint to create a distressed accent wall too.

Designed by Kingston Lafferty Design

2. Minimalist Style

pink and green bedroom ideas for adults
(Source: Homes To Love)

Create a really minimalist-themed bedroom by using light shades of this color combination. This white, pink, and green bedroom look lovely because the colors are very muted in an almost pastel shade.

Don’t use excessive bedroom decor when putting together this look. Instead, consider a singular large-scale artwork or picture that you can hang above the bed. Also, include a large potted plant in the corner of your room too for a nice air of freshness. 

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3. Gold Furniture

green and pink bedroom
(Source: Katerina Shahmanova)

Gold furnishings like a metal bed frame and a metal accent nightstand can really complement this type of bedroom color scheme. Gold helps to neutralize the vibrancy of pink and green.

Plus, it’s a really vibrant color that exudes charm and elegance. When you’re using the color gold, don’t go overboard. Instead, use it as a way to accentuate your bedroom’s main decor. For example, incorporating a gold frame mirror can really help you create an air of charm in the room.

Designed by Katerina Shahmanova

4. All About Pales

sage green and pink bedroom
(Source:Greenbank Interiors)

Exposed beams are a great way to give your bedroom a sense of personality and character. This is also a great place for painting over exposed wood with a pale green shade. Complement this dark hue by using a pastel pink on your bed.

Incorporate pastel blush through a throw blanket, or extra throw pillows. You can also use lots of white throughout the room to help brighten up the space if you need to. Otherwise, windows in your bedroom will help do this naturally for you.

5. Library Bedroom

dark green and pink bedroom
(Source: The Nordroom)

If you love books, then you can create an accent wall of bookshelves to help display your collection. This is also a great way to create an eclectic-themed bedroom that is simply divine.

Offset the dark tone by using a calming peach color that will help give your room a bit of a puppy town. Use the peach hue on pillows, blankets, and other furniture pieces in the room. 

6. Modern Look

modern green and pink bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Focus on bright lighting and bright tones to create a modern look in your bedroom. A large master bedroom with concrete elements can be a great way to style a dusky pink and green bedroom.

Use these dusky tones in your bedding and artwork. When it comes to the lighting and wall decor, stick with tones that accentuate the concrete elements. If you’re going to add metal fixtures into the room, use lots of silver. But, don’t be afraid to incorporate tons of gold as well.

7. Artwork Mural

pink and green bedroom decor
(Source: dropitmodern)

You can create a really charming kids’ bedroom by playing around with abstract wall decor. Give the room a really contemporary look by creating an abstract accent wall.

Use this color combination in the wall art too when you are putting together the wall. The hues lend themselves really well to both a boy’s and girl’s bedroom. It is also a great color scheme to use if you’re putting together a playroom too.

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8. Dusty Pink and Green Bedroom

Dusty Pink and Green Bedroom

Give your bedroom a really upscale and mature look by using darker tones to create a pink and green bedroom. An olive shade can work really well for a bedroom with a black accent wall.

Incorporate the olive through the bedding or through the bed frame. Help even out the tone in the room by using a bright rug or white bedding too. This will help balance out contrasting tones.

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9. Glam and Vintage

green and pink bedroom
(Source: Simon Brown)

Create a really glamorous vintage bedroom by using a vintage bed frame with a classic chic pattern blanket. There are many ways to pull together this look. If you don’t have a vintage bed frame, then you can use a vintage theme blanket and bedding set instead.

Incorporate different shades of pink through velvet linens to give off that dated look. You can even add in a velvet end of the bed bench that plays around with this theme. 

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10. Spring Reveal

mint green and pink bedroom
(Source: Homebuyers Centre Victoria)

This color combination is perfect for putting together a bright bedroom that uses elements of spring season decor. Use different floral elements together to create a teal, green, and pink bedroom.

One of the best ways to pull off the slope is by creating an accent wall that features a spring aesthetic. A bedroom like this is perfect for a young adult, a teenage girl, or even a little girl’s nursery.

11. Pink and Green Accents

pink and green bedding
(Source: These Three Rooms)

A green and pink palette is such a remarkable color to decorate with. You can create a look like this by using a powder pink and green bedding set in a floral print.

12. Cheeky Accessories

pink and green bedroom decor
(Source: Arianna Danielson)

Sometimes, the accessories you use for a stunning bedroom have to stand out on their own. In a bedroom like this, sticking with gold yellow decor elements like a mustard vase can lend really well to a mustard pink and green bedroom.

You can get a really fun eclectic design that is super feminine yet trendy. The point of a room like this is to have fun, so be spontaneous in your decor choices.

Designed by Arianna Danielson

13. Light Pink and Light Green

sage green and blush pink bedroom
(Source: ivd)

Create a really charming plush pink and green bedroom by using delicate decor accessories. Use elements like string and fairy lighting to brighten up the room.

Artwork that includes blush or rose floral decor will also work well. When you’re using this color combination, stick with plenty of light shades in order to pull off a bright and airy aesthetic.

14. Classic Touch

sage green and pink bedroom
(Source: Studio Peake)

Give your space a classic touch by creating a gray, pink, and green bedroom. The dominating feature of this room is the varying shades of gray. You can create a really stark statement in the room by using dark hues.

Or, if you prefer, you can use lighter shades to create a really nice brightness throughout the space. Some fun places to incorporate a classic touch are by using some drapery as a headboard. You can also use old furniture pieces that play around with this color scheme too.

Designed by Studio Peake

15. Sweet and Cool

pink and green bedroom
(Source: Hillarys)

Give your bedroom a nice fresh feeling by putting together light and airy aesthetic. This style blends really well for a mallow pink, light pink, and green bedroom. Use vibrant tones for curtains that frame windows.

Match the tone to the headboard and other furniture pieces in the room. You can tie in some bright bursts of plush through throw pillows and throw blankets. Use lots of white throughout the room to give the space a nice, fresh, and airy feel.

16. Arch Architecture

green and pink bedroom accent wall
(Source: Evening Standard)

A really great element of interior design is an arch. Arches in a bedroom can really give your space a mature sense of personality. A great way to incorporate arches is by putting one in place of the headboard.

A look like this lends especially well to a master bedroom as an arch commands attention and elegance. For a more dramatic effect, you can even add a mural or painted style inside the arch.

Designed by Aya AL-Mowafak

17. Elegant and Vibrant Shades

pink and green bedroom ideas for adults
(Source: Audenza)

Combining vibrant green and pink is such a charming way to put together a cute girl’s bedroom. When you use this color to dress up your walls, it creates the perfect backdrop for bedroom accessories.

Consider using a similar vibrant shade on throw blankets, bedroom decor, and even a lounge chair. Freshen up the space by using lots of greenery through decor items and even potted plants.

18. Green Accents

pink and green bedroom - green accents
(Source: Katie Considers)

Using accent pieces is one of the best ways to play up pale pink bedroom interior designs. A really neat way to pull off this look is by using a velvet olive end of the bed couch.

Layer curtains over the window that uses a similar hue to help tie the room together. The end result is a really vibrant bedroom that clearly accentuates the color green.

19. Art Deco Style

emerald green and pink bedroom
(Source: Paul McCredie)

Inspiring art is another great way to put together a stunning bedroom. You can use art that utilizes a pink and green color palette. This color combination will work really well with Art Deco style that you use for your bedroom.  

20. Eye-Catching Backdrop

pink and green bedroom backdrop
(Source: Behance)

Create an adult dream bedroom by using lush forest green items to decorate with. You can incorporate a potted tropical plant in a corner of your bedroom to help draw attention to this lovely theme.

Let your decor items stand out by using lots of light tones like blush pink throughout the rest of the room. A beautiful backdrop that incorporates elements like this can be stunning for all sorts of bedrooms. 

21. Luxury In Velvet 

jade green and pink bedroom
(Source: Cadence Architects)

Jade green is a stunning color to consider if you wanna create a really iconic bedroom. This velvet-toned decor element not only makes the room pop, but you can give your bedroom a really bold statement.

When you tie in different shades of blush, the brightness of the blush will complement the green. This will give you a really contrasting look that is also complementary.

Designed by Cadence Architects

22. Pastel Shades

pink and green bedroom ideas for adults
(Source: Paul Massey)

Pastel pink and green bedroom is such a charming aesthetic for creating a peaceful and relaxing sleeping space. Designate an area in the bedroom that incorporates a reading nook for you.

Fill the space with a comfy chair complete with a decorative pillow and throw a blanket. This area not only is charming, but the color combination will allow it to be one of the most comfortable spaces in your home. 

Designed by Virginia Howard

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23. Pastel Pink and Mint Green Color Palette

mint green and pink bedroom
(Source: ReutovDesign)

This amazing palette makes pop in this bedroom. It’s so inspiring by amazing interior and architectural design from ReutovDesign. A room with shelving units that resembles steps, while a small closet is located under the steps. Most of the elements in the room include a palette of mint green and pink.

Designed by ReutovDesign


A pink and green bedroom can take on so many different forms. We hope our extensive list of decor ideas using these color schemes has helped inspire you.

Which of these decor ideas has been your favorite? Be sure to share with us your thoughts in the comment section below. Do you know somebody who absolutely loves this color combination? Be sure to share this article with them as well!


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