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21+ Pink and Gray Bedroom Ideas To Brighten Up Your Bedroom (2021)

pink and gray bedroom
(Source: Awesome Decors)

Besides pink bedrooms, one of the most charming bedroom styles to consider is a pink and gray bedroom. With this simple color combination, you’ll be surprised at how much versatility they offer. Not only that, but they have absolutely withstood the test of time.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the best design ideas for playing around with these two colors. Not only that but will explore other colors that go with pink and gray. Whether you’re trying to put together a feminine, masculine, or child’s bedroom, you’ll be surprised with what these designs can offer. Read on to see which style you will fall in love with!

1. Dynamic Look

dark gray bedroom with pink ceiling
(Source: Behance)

A really muted gray alongside a millennial pink can create such an elegant look. This is also a really great contemporary decor theme if you like that style.

One of the ways to add some personality to the room is by using a dramatic chandelier. Dramatic light fixtures direct the attention to them. Plus the fixture can really help set the tone of the room. 

2. Pink and Gray Bedding Ideas

pink and gray bedding set
(Source: Pinterest)

Pink and gray go very well together as color combinations for bedding sets. One really beautiful way to pull this look together is by using all gray bedding. Then, add touches of paint through a throw blanket, or throw pillow.

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3. Saturated Space

vibrant blue, gray, and pink bedroom
(Source: Kati Curtis Design)

This next look takes a corner of your room and really saturates it with warm tones. A blue, gray, and pink bedroom can be such a stunning look for a master bedroom. If you have a large room, this style will work especially well.

While one corner of your room plays around with colors, the other should use patterns. Use a simple pattern tinted in blue throughout the rest of this open space. This will create a really neat “pop” effect

4. Dusty Pink, Black and Gray Bedroom

Dusty Pink, Black and Gray Bedroom
(Source: duluxvalentine)

Consider using a dusty shade of pink to create a stunning look against a gray bedroom. Some bedroom paint ideas include using a dusty pink on the walls. For the rest of the room, focus on the colors gray, white, and even black.

5. Go Miniature 

bedroom with small sized furniture
(Source: PUFIK Interiors & Inspirations) 

This style works exceptionally well for a teen girl’s bedroom. Incorporate small furniture Instead of larger bulky furniture. By going miniature, you’ll create lots of additional space in your bedroom. Even if you have a modest size bedroom, you’ll still be able to create a sitting area in your space.

6. Blush and Gray Bedroom Ideas with Ocean Theme

Blush and Gray Bedroom Ideas with Ocean Theme
(Source:  Solteiras Noivas Casadas)

You can give your bedroom a bit of a coastal feel by adding blue. Blush pink and gray bedroom is gorgeous, but blue will help you transform and give it a cool pop of freshness. Add this fresh tone through the throw pillows. You can even do so through furniture pieces like the end of the bed bench.

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7. Display Artworks

display artworks over the bed
(Source: Behance)

Display your favorite or personalized artwork around the room to help compliment the pastel pink and gray theme. Don’t just display the artwork in any old frames, however. Use frames to accentuate your wall art. You can even use vintage brass frames that will allow the artwork to pop.

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8. Brass Furniture

bedroom with brass mirror over the bed, brass potted plants, and small brass nightstand
(Source: GieraDesign)

Brass furniture does a fantastic job of complimenting the color pink and gray. Brass will also help you create a really nice gray and rose bedroom. One of the easiest ways to include brass is by using it in your furniture’s hardware.

Some other easy ways to include it are through a brass mirror and brass light fixtures. Using brass potted plants, and even a small brass nightstand are other ways to play up this theme.

9. Vibrant Pink Accent

A gray room with a pink accent wall
(Source: Behance)

A gray room with an accent wall is a great way to create a space seeping with luxury. If you’re looking for darker tones, this is also a neat way to create a dark gray and pink bedroom. Focus on using darker shades of gray and incorporate them on the bed and furniture. To help balance out the darkness, use light gray and white sparingly too.

10. Use Pink Curtains As A Room Divider

using curtains as bedroom divider
(Source: HomeAdor

Make the most of your bedroom space by using curtains. Curtains are a really fun way to help divide your room up. This look is one of the latest trending bedroom designs to help you have control over your bedroom space. If you want to keep it open, simply draw the curtains open. Plus, the curtains offer a really charming look to the room overall.

11. Add A Navy Rug

navy, pink and gray bedroom
(Source: Awesome Decors)

Navy blue has likely popped up as an idea if you’ve ever considered what colors go with. It really helps to bring a masculine element to what is often a feminine color. One of the best ways to create a navy, pink and gray bedroom is by using a rug. A solid-toned navy rug can really help set a commanding tone to the bedroom.

12. Bright and Airy

pink and gray boho bedroom
(Source: weheartit)

Keep things bright and airy by creating a boho bedroom theme that is laced in your cozy bedroom. Lots of white and boho chic styles can really make the bedroom feel light and airy. If you have natural light that filters into the room, this can also help as well. Have fun with this style by using different shades of light pink throughout the room as well.

13. Rustic-Style Design

Light pink and gray bedroom
(Source: The Greenspring Home)

Light pink and gray bedroom ideas also work really well for putting together a girl’s bedroom. You can start this look off by using an upholstered bed frame. Throughout the rest of the room, use lots of white and beige tones.

This style works really well for creating a farmhouse feel in your sleeping space. It’s also great for a shabby chic style or a boho-chic style too.

14. Glam and Girly 

baby pink and gray bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a teenage girl’s dream space by putting together a baby pink and gray bedroom. It will really help give the bedroom a feminine touch. Use an all-pink bed set for your bed. Offset the pink by using a gray bed frame. throughout the rest of the room, play around with light shades of gray. This will help you to create that really girly feel.

15. Pale Pink and Gray Bedroom Accessories

Pale Pink and Gray Bedroom Accessories
(Source: The Inspired Room)

Pale pink is another fabulous color for putting together a girl’s bedroom that feels a bit more mature. Throw pillows, and a chunky knit blanket are a great way to decorate. Consider setting up a flower vase on your bedside table too. This way, you can showcase flowers like peonies and roses. 

16. Industrial Decor

Industrial Pink and Gray Decor in Bedroom
(Source: HomeAdore)

A white, pink, and gray bedroom aesthetic can be a fabulous way to put together an industrial bedroom. This industrial-style aesthetic works really well as a feminine space too. Be sure to play around with a lot of shades of gray to help highlight the industrial feel as well. 

17. Dusky Pink and Gray Bedroom

Dusky Pink and Gray Bedroom
(Source: hearthomemag)

A really dusty rose pink is a great way to give your bedroom a mature aesthetic. You don’t want to go overboard with the dusty rose. Instead, incorporate it through an accent wall or through your bed frame.

Focus on using dark shades of gray on your bed, floor, and even furniture. Of course, you can always brighten up the space by using light shades of gray too.

18. Bring In Natural Pink Elements in Gray Bedroom

a potted flower beside bed
(Source: trendir)

A natural gray and pink color scheme works really well alongside natural elements. Natural elements including wooden plant fixtures, greenery, flowers, and even hardwood floors will all compliment this style.

It’s important to choose the colors carefully because it will set the tone of the room. Use darker tones if you want a more muted, darker room. Or, you can use lighter tones to create a more vibrant airy feel to your space. 

19. Kid-Friendly Pink and Gray Bedroom

gray and peach bedroom
(Source: Crate and Bar)

Swap out the pink for a peach color instead. A gray and peach bedroom is a fabulous way to put together a girl’s room. This peach color gives the room a real vintage aesthetic that is absolutely charming. Pair the peach alongside lots of beige tones. This will help you create a really nice warmth throughout the room as well.

20. Contrastive Looking

black, pink, and gray bedroom
(Source: Decoholic)

One of the more contemporary styles to consider is a black, pink, and gray bedroom that plays with a lot of black tones. This interior design style can really help you put together a mature and contemporary style bedroom.

21. Hot Pink and Silver Details 

Hot Pink and Silver Details in Gray-Paint Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

You can create a really vibrant and eclectic bedroom by using pink and silver bedroom decor. This decor style is also a fun way to create a really feminine space. Pay attention to the details of the room. Whenever possible, use silver, diamond accents, and even bedazzled trim. 

22. Add A Monochromatic Picture Frame

Add A Monochromatic Picture Frame in Light Pink Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

Your pink and gray bedroom aesthetic is only as lovely as the decorative objects you put into it. A really classic idea to consider is a monochromatic photo. You can hang this photo above your bed frame or on an accent wall.

To give your bedroom a real sense of personality, you can even use a custom photo. This look is absolutely stunning and can reflect your personal style. 

It’s easy to see why a pink and gray bedroom can be such a charming style for your sleeping space. These two colors have a really calming sense about them that can really set the tone of a bedroom. We hope our list has helped inspire you.

Which of these bedroom decor ideas has been your favorite? Be sure to share with us your thoughts in the comments section below! Know someone who absolutely loves this combination? Be sure to share this article with them as well. Happy decorating!


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