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21+ Pretty Pink and Blue Bedroom Design Ideas in 2022

Pretty Pink and Blue Bedroom Design Ideas in 2021
(Source: The Habitat)

What comes to your mind when you think about the colors pink and blue? Many people would say, babies, as these colors are traditionally baby colors. However, you can create a pink and blue bedroom that matches your preferences. 

How to blend pink and blue in a bedroom? This is also a question you might have if you want to personalize your space. The idea is to incorporate different bedroom colors, especially when customizing a girl’s bedroom.

These colors can offer a good combination to create a pretty space. All you need is to understand how to blend different shades of these colors. 

For example, navy gives pink some solemnity, while pink prevents itself from becoming too boring. You can capture different emotions with colors. They’re effective tools when you want to achieve the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom. Here are some ideas you can borrow from to get started.

1. Pink and blue bedding Ideas

Pink and blue bedding Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

To customize a girl’s bedroom, you need colors like pink. This is also a color you can use in your master bedroom to introduce a calm atmosphere. The best way to introduce these colors in your bedroom is through the beddings. 

In a white bedroom, you can dress the bed in blush beddings. For some contrast, you can add tufted storage benches of the same shade at the foot of the bed.

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2.Pretty Pink Geometric Roman Shades

Pretty Pink Geometric Roman Shades
(Source: Decorpad)

There are many ways to include color in your bedroom design. One of the options is to add a blue botanical accent wall, which can be adorned with interesting patterns on a white background. 

Geometric shapes add a sense of depth, and this can be a good idea if you’re customizing a small bedroom. Add touches of blush on the bedding and the curtain to complete the setup.

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3.Pink Bunk Bed Ideas

Pink Bunk Bed Ideas
(Source: Decor Pad)

When it comes to a teenager’s bedroom, there are different customization options you can explore. These include adding a custom picture featuring accents. 

For the rest of the bedroom, you can maintain blue shades, which can go on the walls and the bedding. The pink is a welcoming shade, and the blues add some calming sensation, which welcomes you to embrace the space and relax when you need it most.

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3.Pink Flamingo and Palm Leaves

Pink Flamingo and Palm Leaves
(Source: Pinterest)

Create a colorful bedroom without overloading the space with colors. This is an opportunity to engage your creativity and explore different ideas in your primary bedroom. You can blend colors with a beautiful wallpaper featuring pink and blue shades. 

Also, a painting with these colors can complement the design if you want to maintain the key theme all across the room. Get beddings that also contribute to the flow of your décor choice.

5.Navy and Blush Bedroom Ideas

Navy and Blush Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Fabulousandbaroque)

Navy is one of the best colors you can use in a modern bedroom. If you want something contemporary without overloading the room with multiple colors, you can use pink as one of your soft velvet color options. 

This can serve as the base color, so you can use blush pillows for the contrast to make everything more interesting. A calm shade of navy on the walls and a painting with both pink and blue can finish the transformation.

6.Pink, Blue, and White Bedroom Designs

Pink, Blue, and White Bedroom Designs
(Source: Pinterest)

If you want to build a pretty room with bright colors, pink can be a good color for the base of your décor. This means you should use a bright color on the walls and find a matching shade for the curtains. 

You can keep the ceiling white and use a cream white carpet to go with the colors. Blue can feature in subtle ways on the bed sheets or pillows.

7.Muslin Sky Blue Canopy and Pink Accessories

Muslin Sky Blue Canopy and Pink Accessories
(Source: HappySpaces)

To customize a kid’s bedroom, you can draw inspiration from different ideas. Find the things your kids enjoy and try to replicate the arrangement in the bedroom. 

It can be a minimal arrangement with beautiful colors featuring blue and pink. This includes your choice of toys and other items to include in the kid’s bedroom. A white star pillow can be a good idea if you want to create a small universe for your little ones.

8.Blush Pink Velvet Bench

Blush Pink Velvet Bench
(Source: Made.com)

You can also feature blue and pink when designing a minimalist bedroom. For this design, you need to explore different ideas, including finding white and blush pillows or a bedsheet. You can add an aqua duvet to the mix to make it more interesting. 

For the floor, a blue run would complement your design to make the room more in synch with the theme. You don’t need to change the wall colors for this transformation as you can keep them cream white.

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9.Half and Half

Half and Half
(Source: Flamingo Cocktail)

There are many ways to create inspirational pink and navy interiors. One of the ideas is to let the colors speak. While keeping the rest of the room, you can create an accent wall adorned in blue. 

Create a half and half scenario where both colors are presented in different areas of the room. For the bed, you can keep the headboard pink, the pillows can also share the color, but you can use beautiful bedsheets and duvet.

10.Pink and Blue Bedroom with Abstract Posters 

Pink and Blue Bedroom with Abstract Posters 
(Source: AliExpress)

When transforming your bedroom, you also want to be stylish and unique. You can incorporate the Scandinavian style in your bedroom decor options. This is a style that works perfectly with pink and blue. 

You can use these colors to customize a space that will always make you appreciate the calmness. To make it work perfectly, add whites through the bed sheets and pillows.

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11.Incorporate Bathroom Inside

Incorporate Bathroom Inside
(Source: Houzz)

To design a contemporary bedroom, you want to ensure your style extends to other parts like the bathroom. A mix of plain blue and plain blush walls would be a good foundation for the room. 

You can add paintings on the walls to make it more interesting. For the bathroom, pink tiles on the walls can brighten the space and create a welcoming atmosphere. Don’t forget the beddings and some rugs to complete the bedroom customization.

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12.Perfect Pink and Blue Bedroom Painted Walls

Perfect Pink and Blue Bedroom Painted Walls
(Source: Pinterest)

If your bedroom features a white profile on the walls and ceiling, you can break the monotony by painting the accent wall blue. 

Above the walls, you can paint a strip of pink running all around the room. You can maintain white on the bed but throw in some bright pillows. Also, a carpet with shades of blush will help you highlight your color choices more naturally. 

13.Aesthetic Neon Bedroom Design Ideas

Aesthetic Neon Bedroom Design Ideas
(Source: Decoist)

It’s also easy to create a cool teenager’s bedroom featuring aesthetic neon décor. For the walls and the ceiling, you can keep it pink. On the headboard, you can use a darker shade of color.

This is a predominantly design, which extends to the pillows and bedsheets. A creative way to include blues is through unique lighting, which you can install above the headboard.

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14.Color Blocking Walls and Doors

Color Blocking Walls and Doors
(Source: home-designing)

Color blocking is a creative technique you can use to customize your small pink and blue bedroom. It gives you an amazing design as you can use color to partition the different areas in your bedroom. 

Stage different parts of the room by color blocking doors and walls and sectioning up the ceiling space. You can also use white among the colors if you want more choices to make your space unique.

15.Pretty Blush Ceiling and Navy Walls 

Pretty Blush Ceiling and Navy Walls 
(Source: HGTV Photo Library)

Customizing a girl’s room gives you a big opportunity to express yourself. You can apply several shades of pink and blue to achieve a unique effect matching the occupant’s preferences. 

One of the sections of the bedroom you must focus on is the ceiling, which you can paint pink. For the walls, navy is a brilliant choice to match the ceiling and personalized pictures on the walls.

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16.Gorgeous Pink and Blue Bedroom Ideas for Adults

Gorgeous Pink and Blue Bedroom Ideas for Adults
(Source: Pinterest)

Pink is not only the perfect color for kids’ bedrooms. You can also customize the space for adults, especially if you want to transform your master bedroom. 

This color can be a good choice in a room with a vaulted ceiling. You can also use pink flooring if you’re confident and can incorporate the color in a way that does not drown other unique features.

17.Tiffany Blue Aqua and Pink Girls Bedroom

Tiffany Blue Aqua and Pink Girls Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

Other options you can use for the customization of your bedroom include using tiffany blue aqua with pink accents. 

A four-poster bed painted this color will define the scene as you can add an accent wall with tiffany aqua and create unique patterns. This is an artistic space that will capture people’s attention when they first enter the bedroom. For the rest of the bedroom, you can retain blush as the primary color, but the ceiling will look good in pure white.

18.Pink Navy Purple Fairy Lights

Pink Navy Purple Fairy Lights
(Source: ubuy)

Blue gives you the opportunity to create a dreamy bedroom with creative colors. For cozy vibes, you can add some pink accents through the lighting. 

This is a transformation that will get you in the mood to chill or have fun when the situation calls. To reflect the colors, keep the bed clean white.

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19.Pastel Pink Blue Bedroom Design

Pastel Pink Blue Bedroom Design
(Source: eBay)

If you want to build a princess bedroom for your toddler, a pastel pink navy space will embrace your kids warmly. The walls will look attractive in blush, and you can add blue decorations highlighting Disney-like transformations. 

On the floor, you can add a wall-to-wall carpet, and the beds will look good in pink. Explore your creativity and find things that can blend in this space and make the toddler happy.

20.Nordic Pink Blue Cloth Curtains

Nordic Pink Blue Cloth Curtains
(Source: AliExpress)

The curtains are also an accessory that can transform your bedroom décor but in this section, can you mix navy and pink together? 

Indeed, you can use these colors, keeping blush in the middle with blue flanking on the outer edges. To match the décor choice, you can get pretty pillows for the bed.

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21.Luxury Waves Marble Wallpaper 

Luxury Waves Marble Wallpaper 
(Source: Pinterest)

Through pink and blue bedroom walls, you can build your bedroom into an elegant cocoon. All you need is to understand how to effectively play with the colors to achieve the right effect. You can include them in artistic form through a creative wallpaper.

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To get started with pink and blue bedroom design ideas, find something that appeals the most to you. If you want some ideas to get started, we have highlighted some of the tips you can consider for this project.

Some of these don’t require a major overhaul, as you can start with steps like changing your curtains and beddings.

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