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21+ Modern Pink and Black Bedroom Design Ideas To Transform Your Space in 2022

21+ Modern Pink and Black Bedroom Design Ideas To Transform Your Space in 2021
(Source: Pinterest)

Modern black and pink bedroom ideas are the right balance of light and dark tones. This is a lovely shade that is ideal for decorating and designing feminine environments. If you want to turn a boring room into something spectacular, our suggestions will help you.

Our list of ideas will remove the stigma that is often associated with this feminine color bedroom combination. Instead, you will be left with ideas that are simply amazing.

Read on to see how you can transform your sleeping space using these contrasting and bold colors. Some ideas we will explore include creating a masculine space and a feminine space. 

We will also take a look at how to use these tones in a children’s bedroom and a teenager’s bedroom. Read on to find inspiration that will simply change your perception of these two colors. 

What Color is Pink and Black Mixed?

Pink and black color sheme

Modern black and pink bedroom decor ideas

1. All-Black bedroom with Pink focal point

All-Black bedroom with Pink focal point

You can create a really elegant design theme using this color combination. Put together an elegant black accent wall that has molding of the same shade. 

Then, incorporate a black rose canvas print that gives your space a touch of feminine appeal. This will create a really sophisticated style that is undeniably beautiful.

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2. Contemporary Girl’s Bedroom Ideas

Contemporary Girl's Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Decor Pad)

A really neat design element is an aesthetic pink and black ceiling. Give this stunning look a touch of modern decor by incorporating a beautiful glass chandelier as well. 

Throughout the rest of the room, alternate this color combination by using different patterns that use shades of both. This look is fabulous because the two tones will help complement the floral decor on the ceiling.

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3. Shabby Chic Styles

Shabby Chic Styles
(Source: Decorpad)

If you have a small room, use this pretty decor to pull off a shabby chic style that is light and airy. Alternate using vertical patterns of this color combination to give the room an effect of a tall ceiling. 

Throughout the rest of the room, complement the walls with similar toned furniture and accent pieces. Make the room appear larger by incorporating a large gold framed mirror on your bedroom wall as well.

4. Elegant Pink and Black French Bedroom

Elegant Pink and Black French Bedroom
(Source: Decorpad)

This color combination is often synonymous with French decor. To pull off this stunning look, you’ll want to incorporate dark-toned curtains. Use these curtains in your master bedroom to close off the bed. 

Floor-to-ceiling curtains are the best way to create a really dramatic and spacious effect as well. For windows throughout the room, you can use a similar style curtain too.

5. Pink and Black Bedroom Ideas for Adults

Pink and Black Bedroom Ideas for Adults
(Source: Pinterest)

A muted and simple four-poster bed can be a great centerpiece for a primary bedroom that uses this color combination. A really darling way to pull this look together is by using plush blankets. Plush throw blankets that are fuzzy and soft can complete a look of comfort and relaxation. 

Throughout the rest of the room use dark tones on areas that you want to stand out. Be sure to brighten up the space by using white throughout your bedroom as well. 

6. Zebra Girl’s Bedroom

Zebra Girl’s Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

The color hot pink with the color black is a great way to create a dramatic look in your bedroom. Use them together in a pattern combination to create cozy vibes. It’s also a great color combination to use for creating zebra stripes and other animal print designs. 

This looks works well in a variety of bedrooms, but especially well for a teenage girl’s bedroom. If you have a smaller size bedroom, incorporating a mirror will also make your space look bigger too. 

7. Beautiful Black wall paneling Ideas

Beautiful Black wall paneling Ideas
(Source: Houzz)

Use a combination of a black accent wall and pale pink to create a modern vibe throughout your sleeping space. Keep your accent wall muted by using only a portion of the wall as a centerpiece. You can even frame your accent wall with a gold border to make it stand out. 

Light tones and blush hues can give the bedroom a really feminine effect as well. If you want to have more masculine tones, then consider hues like gray, navy blue, and lots of white.

8. Blush Led Neon Signs

Blush Led Neon Signs
(Source: Pinterest)

A really eye-catching design element to consider is neon lighting. Customized neon lighting is a great way to personalize your bedroom. If you’re putting together a couple’s bedroom, this can also be a great way to set the tone throughout your space. 

Neon lighting has a tendency to stand out in darker hues, so don’t be afraid to play around with the color black. Navy gray and dark lavender and dark pink can also be good tones to use as well.

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9. Modern Black Closet Ideas

Modern Black Closet Ideas
(Source: Home- designing)

Create a really masculine theme bedroom by using a modern layout. Your closet space can accentuate the modern layout by using glass sliding doors. If you have large windows in the bedroom, then dusky pink curtains are a great way to frame them. 

Using lots of dark tones like charcoal gray can accentuate certain parts of the room. Plus, even though blush is a feminine color, this can be a great way to make a masculine statement in the room.

10. Light Pink and Black Bedroom Ideas

Light Pink and Black Bedroom Ideas
(Source: home- designing)

Pale pink can be a great basis for creating a charming color scheme in your bedroom. If you want to play around with dark hues like charcoal gray and black, pale pink can help. This shade is great because it works to brighten up the room. 

Use these light tones throughout your bedroom in a balanced, contrasting way. Incorporate them on accent walls, canvas prints, and other design elements. Throughout the room, use dark tones on the linens like your bed sheets and curtains.

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11. Pink Farmhouse bedroom ideas

Pink Farmhouse bedroom ideas
(Source: Trendecors)

Create a charming teenager’s bedroom by playing around with a farmhouse aesthetic. Beautiful Black bedroom accessories are a great way to pull together a farmhouse look. Some common elements to use are dark wooden letters that double up as wall art. 

Use white in the furniture and linens to help brighten up the bedroom. You can even incorporate a glass chandelier for touches of elegance too.

12. Pink and Black Room paint ideas

Pink and Black Room paint ideas
(Source: Apartment Therapy)

Some of the best bedrooms are filled with DIY decor elements. One great element to consider is an interactive chalkboard wall. The chalkboard will create a really nice contrast against the blush tones throughout the room. 

To keep the room nice and bright and airy, use lots of white throughout the room. However, limit the dark tones to be chalkboard walls alone.

13. Color-Blocked Walls 

Color-Blocked Walls 
(Source: Hey, Djangles)

You can create a really minimalistic style bedroom using this color combination by following this trend. Incorporate a dark headboard that also serves as a shelf. Then throughout the rest of the room, use a rosy blush pink. 

Using accent shades like gold throughout the rest of the room can help add some charm. For small rooms, you can also hang up cute mirrors to make the space appear larger than it actually is.

14. Eclectic Cottage Bedroom Ideas

Eclectic Cottage Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Homedit)

A really vibrant color pattern is a countryside aesthetic that uses different patterns and country theme decor elements. Consider using a checkered black and white rug on the floor. 

Complement this rug by using a similar pattern bed set with matching bed pillows. Use lots of blush tones throughout the room in order to create a really charming feel.

15. Romantic Pink and Black Bedroom for Couples

Romantic Pink and Black Bedroom for Couples
(Source: Pinterest)

Spruce up your bedroom just in time for Valentine’s Day by using lots of quaint decor elements. One popular style to consider is some copper wire string lights. 

If you have a white tufted headboard, white accent walls, and white bed linens, this can be a great way to create a romantic vibe as well. Exude romance by sticking to light blush shades as opposed to more vibrant hues. 

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16. Beautiful Fashion Gallery Wall

Beautiful Fashion Gallery Wall
(Source: poster store)

Pastel pink is a fantastic color to use as a base shade for any bedroom. This is especially a great color theme to use if you want to create a pretty girls’ room. Create a stunning gallery wall made out of black and white pictures. 

You can hang up this gallery wall right above your bed. To give your bedroom even more charm, you can even incorporate frames that are gold-trimmed. 

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17. Cute Bedroom Design Ideas

Cute Bedroom Design Ideas
(Source: Cute Decor Online)

You can create a really lovely girl’s bedroom by using a striped pattern using this color combination. When it comes to the color pink, stick with a nice light shade. 

Personalize your bedroom by creating a large custom picture or custom canvas that you hang right above your bed. Use string lighting to help complement the theme in your bedroom.

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18. Classy Bedroom Designs

Classy Bedroom Designs
(Source: Houzz)

Create a bold statement in your sleeping space by putting together a blush and black master bedroom. To pull up this look, you’ll want to use really dramatic shades of this color combination. 

You can also incorporate dramatic statement pieces like a gem-encrusted piece of wall art. Using lighting strategically can also help you complete this look. For example, use bold bedside table lamps and avoid overhead light fixtures. 

19. Pretty Black and pink bedding sets

Pretty Black and pink bedding sets
(Source: Pinterest)

You can create a lovely modern bedroom by playing around with any decor element that uses black and pink. This cute bedspread plays around with a constellation theme all while incorporating this darling color combination. 

This type of look works well in a variety of themed bedrooms. It’s about finding the right bedding sets that help you pull this look together. 

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20. Funny Rug Ideas

Funny Rug Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

You can also create a lovely bedroom by using fun rugs that complement your kids’ style. You can use all sorts of fun rugs to put together your teenager’s bedroom. 

If you have a little kid, use darling little designs that complement the bedroom’s current aesthetic. Your floor space is another great area to help you focus on your room’s theme. 

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21. Blush and Black Marble Wall Art

Blush and Black Marble Wall Art
(Source: wall murals)

This really amazing bedroom design revolves around marble wallpaper that is made to transform the look of your room. 

This look is great for putting together a bedroom fit for young adults. Using this color combination to pull together a marble look can be really elegant. You can even incorporate touches of gold that will blend really well with pink and black. 

For the best effect, Incorporated this design only on one accent wall. Paint the other walls a light tone like blush or even white

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We hope our list of pink and black bedroom decor ideas has helped inspire you. Even more so, we hope that these two color combinations have helped you find some new ways to use these often boldly used colors. 

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below which of these ideas were your favorite. Know someone who loves these two colors as well? Then, be sure to pass along this article to help inspire them as well! 

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