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20+ Amazing Picture Wall Ideas to Spruce up Your Home in 2021

picture wall ideas to bright up your home

Are you looking for some amazing picture wall ideas to spruce up your home with? Bare walls, although empty, can dull the atmosphere of any home. Finding the right method to decorate your walls using pictures and artwork is one of the best ways to set the tone, mood, and atmosphere of your home. 

Whether you are looking to spruce up your living room, bedroom, home office, or just a blank wall in a random part of your home, we’ve got some simple and easy ideas on gallery walls, personalized artwork, and arrangement methods. The best part? our creative decor ideas are so simple and easy to pull off, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t spruced up your walls sooner!

1. Black and White Picture Wall Art Ideas For The Living Room

Black and White Picture Art Wall Ideas For The Living Room
(Source: AliExpress)

Playing with a monochromatic color scheme is a great way to organize eclectic artwork. This black and white color scheme can add a neutral feel to any space in your home and this wall art idea work in living rooms of all color schemes.

If you are going to go with a black and white wall art gallery for your living room, it’s best to work with larger images no smaller than 10 x 8 inches. 

2. Abstract Paintings Wall Ideas For The Bedroom

Abstract Paintings For The Bedroom
(Source: Duealberi)

Abstract art plays an important role in creating a perfect space where you can enjoy your dreamland.

It can be tricky decorating a blank wall, but using an abstract drawing is a great way to pull this off. Abstract art comes in all forms of color schemes so you can find one that compliments the colors in your bedroom.

If you have a simple bedroom, abstract art for your room is a great way to make space stand out.

Family Gallery Photos Wall Ideas In Dining Room
(Source: Kylie M Interiors)

One of the best ways to spruce up any blank wall in your dining room is by creating a gallery family photo wall.

Photos are a great way to display family memories, events, and snapshots that remind you and your family members of wonderful moments spent together.

You can have lots of fun with a family photo gallery wall because you can play with all types of sizes and you can arrange the photos any way you like. 

Hang A Cozy Gallery Wall Ideas For An Empty Hallway Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

Empty hallways are a great way to incorporate family photos and artwork into your home.

Blank hallways can make the space feel tight and by arranging images in specific ways, you can create the illusion of more space.

A hallway gallery wall using large lighter photos, with white open borders is another great way to brighten up space in your hallways too, especially if your hallways are coated with darker color paint. 

5. 3D Picture Wall Art Decor Ideas

3D Picture Wall Art Decor Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

3D picture wall art is a great way to decorate a large wall space because it can give the illusion of an interactive piece of artwork.

Your living room, dining room, or even kitchen is a great place to display 3D artwork because it can serve as a great talking piece. Overall, 3D wall decor is a fun picture idea that will breathe life into any room. 

6. Create A Fairy Lights Photo Wall

Create A Fairy Lights Photo Wall Ideas
(Source: Amazon)

A fairy lights photo wall is one of the best display picture wall ideas because the aesthetic picture setup commands attention.

You can display your wedding pictures, vintage pictures, nature pictures, or any other fun picture to share your memories and interests. This is one of the best picture wall ideas with lights to incorporate in a bedroom or even living space.

The display not only allows you to display your photos, but the fairy lights add a nice touch of brightness and even magic. Plus, it’s incredibly cheap and creative!

7. Attach A Custom Canvas Print

Attach A Custom Canvas Print as a picture wall ideas
(Source: 35canvas.com)

If you want to incorporate an accent wall into your home, using a customized canvas print is a great way to do that. Customized display picture wall ideas work best in bedrooms, a nursery, or a living space.

Your customized canvas gives insight to your guests about your home and what your family is all about. Plus, because of all the ways you can customize images and signage, you are sure to find an aesthetic picture that compliments your living space perfectly.

8. Led Picture Frame Light Up

Led Picture Frame Light Up for the wall in your room
( Source: Flair International)

Wall decoration for your home with picture lights will help create an impressive highlight for any empty wall in your home.

Canvases, artwork, and images that you use to decorate your home no longer have to be boring. With the LED picture frame light-ups and other images and canvases that incorporate LED lighting, you can create an awesome image display in any room of your home.

LED frames and light-up canvases can highlight special moments from your life or special pieces of artwork. Incorporating LED lighting in one form or another is certainly one of the best picture wall ideas with lights. 

9. Picture Wall Ideas With Shelves 

Picture Wall Ideas With Shelves
(Source: Pinterest)

If you are not sure how to arrange the images on your or maybe you don’t want to deal with hanging up images, then shelving can be a great solution to settle on.

Displaying picture wall ideas using shelving is simple, easy to do, and ever-changing. If you don’t like the way you have displayed your images or are tired of looking at the same display, shelves give you the flexibility to move things around. When using shelving, stick to neutral shelf colors including white or black. 

10.Design Your Wedding Anniversary Picture Wall Ideas

Design Your Wedding Anniversary Picture Wall
(Source: 365canvas.com)

Having a wedding anniversary picture wall is a great way to display one of your life’s most pivotal memories.

This wall can be personalized with elements of your big day including a framed wedding announcement, a beautiful wedding picture from the ceremony, or any other display that reminds you and your partner of your love.

A wedding anniversary picture wall can work in any space of your home and is perfect for customizing a small but blank space on your walls. 

11. Design A Photo Board

Design A Photo Board in your blank wall
(Source: Pinterest)

A display photo board is a perfect way to spruce up a blank wall, especially if you are a crafty person.

Twine and small wooden paper clips are a great way to display your family photos and most cherished memories. This DIY design can work well in any space in your home and it lends itself well to farmhouse-style homes and living spaces. 

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Heart- Shape Picture Gallery
(Source: Amazon)

For acute display in a girl’s room or baby girl nursery, a heart-shaped picture gallery is a great way to spruce up blank wall space.

What appears to be a complicated heart arrangement is actually an easy-to put together DIY project. Start by entering your largest images on the inside of the heart.

Then, working your way out, fill out the heart with a smaller-sized image and stick to a specific color scheme if possible. This heart-shaped picture gallery is a cool way to put on a display of images and messages for the ones you love. 

13. Create An Oversized Wall Clock From Your Timeline Photos

Create An Oversized Wall Clock From Your Timeline Photos
(Source: Pinterest)

Anything that looks beautiful and is also functional is a great way to utilize wall space.

An oversized wall clock with photos in place of the numbers does both. You can use wall clocks that fit with the style of your space’s decor.

This simple yet creative way to display the timeless moments in your life works great in living rooms or areas of the home that receive a lot of traffic.

14. Combine Tree Decals And Family Photos 

Combine Tree Decals And Family Photos
(Source: Amazon)

What better way to display your family tree than with an actual family tree. This lovely design idea can be painted onto your wall if you’re looking for a fun DIY project.

You can also purchase a large family tree wall decal that comes with spots where you can hang your images. Because this photo display is meant to be enjoyed, it works best in living rooms, playrooms, and even areas of the home that have large blank wall spaces.

15. Exhibit Your Beach Treasure Artworks

Exhibit Your Beach Treasure Artworks
(Source: Pinterest)

Beach lovers unit with a beach treasures wall display. Take a dominant wall in your home and decorate it with your favorite beach artifacts.

Shadow boxes with shells on display, large artwork that doubles as statement pieces, and artifacts like oversized anchors, paintings, and snapshots of the ocean all work great to tie the theme together. As you decorate, stick to teal, baby blue, and green to really pull off that beachy color scheme. 

16. Acrylic Picture  

Acrylic Picture ass an ideas to decor for your wall
(Source: West Elm)

An acrylic picture is a great way of expressing unique ideas to decorate a blank wall and show your personal style.

Acrylic pictures can center around a theme like nature pictures, farmhouse pictures, the beach, or the city. If you want to stick to one acrylic painting, then shop for one that does a good job making a statement about your personal style.

For multiple images, play with shapes and sizes to highlight the images that you enjoy the most or speak loudly about who you are. 

17. Halloween Theme Pictures Wall

Halloween Theme Pictures Wall
(Source: Authentics)

Halloween lovers will get a thrill out of a Halloween theme spooky gallery wall. Because of this theme, images with different hues of red do a great job conveying the level of creepiness for this wall decor.

If your home has a “man cave” then this could be a fun way to add spunk to a blank wall there. You can also line the entryway into your home with a spooky gallery wall during October to give trick-or-treaters a nice surprise when they knock on your door. 

18. Box Picture Frame Wall Art

Box Picture Frame Wall Art

Box picture frame art is a great way to make a statement about the moments that mean the most to you. This unique wall decor idea commands that guests look at the unique styling of the frames and the photos within them.

Some box picture frames come with glass or clear plastic inserts that allow them to convert into shadow boxes. Shadow boxes are a great way to put together different 3D objects and put them on display all while staying protected. 

19. A Fun Pictures Wall Corner For Your Kids   

A Fun Pictures Wall Corner For Your Kids
(Source: AliExpress)

A child’s bedroom is no exception to beautiful and fun wall decor. You can get an inspiring and fun picture wall corner for your children’s room through the use of large, colorful images that pop out.

For the most part, you can steer clear of too many family images because children will get more of a kick out of oversized and colorful wall decor. Illustrations of popular characters, vehicles, flowers, and animals are all great options to go with when decorating a child’s room. And when it comes to the frames, the more colorful they are, the better. 

20. Create A Wall Of Green Space With Pictures Of Nature

Create A Wall Of Green Space With Pictures Of Nature
(Source: Aliexpress)

Create a calm and refreshing living space by decorating your blank walls with images of greenery and nature.

Hanging green wall art makes your home feel cool and close to nature through images of plants, flowers, and the forest. These images can create a calming atmosphere that feels warm and inviting. To really bring the images to life, you can pair them up with living plants that you scatter around your living space as well. 

Grid Panel Gallery Wall Picture Without Frame
(Source: Amazon)

A grid panel is a great way to put together a photo wall without having to commit to specific photos or arrangements.

Grid panels require no frame or hardware installation (except for the grid, even then you can use an adhesive that doesn’t damage the wall), and best of all, this is a great way to display images on a blank wall if you are working with a small budget. 

Your Favorite Record Gallery Wall
(Source: AliExpress)

Music lovers will get a kick out of a record gallery wall. This can be a DIY project using your favorite record album photos, or you can purchase images on vinyl records if you’re not really a crafty person.

This is a fun way to spruce up a teen room or even an office space. Get your teenage kiddo involved and make a fun project out of this as you arrange and map out your vintage music wall art theme.  

23. Make A Flower Dorm Wall 

Make A Flower Dorm Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

A cute way to spruce up a blank wall in your dorm is by using a cute tapestry adorned with a floral pattern to create an attention-grabbing flower dorm wall.

The best types of floral patterns are large in design and have an almost abstract element to them. This wall decor idea can be used to create a dominating accent wall, or you can use it to cover up a blank space. Pull the room together by using matching floral accessories throughout the room. 

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24. Wooden Hanger Frames For Your Photos

Wooden Hanger Frames For Your Photos
(Source: The Navage Patch)

Wooden hanger frames for your photos are an adorable yet natural decorating method to liven up your bare walls.

The wooden accent gives a nice touch to homes that follow a modern, simplistic design scheme. You can decorate the blank wall in your office or your home entryway with delicate hanger frames to create an inviting welcome.  

25. Farmhouse Picture Ideas For Your Rustic Style

Farmhouse Picture Ideas For Your Rustic Style
(Source: Pinterest)

A farmhouse picture theme for a rustic style home has been one of the most trending design schemes that don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

When putting together your farmhouse picture theme, focus on wooden accents, wooden frames, inspirational or personal signage, and of course nice little touches of greenery with faux potted plants.

This design scheme is so versatile and can be used in your kitchen, living space, and even bathroom! 

26.Place Photo Collage Letters On A Classic Wall   

Place Photo Collage Letters On A Classic Wall
(Source: Pinterest)

A modern way to display your most favorite and memorable images is through a photo collage on letters.

Using a little mod podge, printed photos, and your favorite letters, you can have a modern and fun little DIY project that can be displayed in your home with pride. If you lack the crafty thumb, then you can order your premade photo collage letters for an equally beautiful look. 

Our picture wall ideas have a little something for everyone. Once you settle on an idea to spruce up your black walls, don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch through personalized signage, and picture arrangements. Let us know some of your favorite ways to decorate blank wall space! 

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