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21+ Soothing Pastel Bedroom Ideas That Are Pretty and Aesthetic in 2022

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There are different color schemes you can work with for your bedroom decoration project. A pastel bedroom offers a theme that features cheerful hues. This aesthetic transformation is easy to integrate as you can find ideas that don’t require the complete renovation of your bedroom decor.

Besides light green, yellow, pink, or something else, pastel colors help you create a soothing setup, which is an important integration if you want to create a soothing and kawaii sleeping space. Get that warm, soft, and Danish pastel transformation with simple fixes like

1. Multi-Colored

pastel bedroom
(Source: Ottiu)

Play around with multiple pastel colors for rooms that will always embrace you and get you in a happy mood. For the integration, you can focus on different items, including furniture and the bed frame.

Get started with the walls as your foundation for the project, then find a soft hue like pink that complement this design style. The colors should flow from the ceiling through the floor to create a complete setup. 

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2. Paint Your Walls

pastel aesthetic bedroom
(Source: tiaborgsmidt)

The walls are like a canvas, so you can use these surfaces as the foundation for your bedroom decoration. If you want to create a unisex style, a bright bedroom style would be the go-to option.

Combine white with soft grays and include hints of pastel through the beddings. For some outdoor feel, you can add a potted plant, which you can place by the window. 

3. Arrange Your Bed

pastel kawaii bedroom
(Source: yungvodka)

You can also customize the pastel bedroom by embracing different shapes, textures, and colors for the bed. For example, choose a color palette that blends with pastel. Include the different colors through bed decor.

Get a pillow of each color you feel would work perfectly to communicate your ideas and create a cozy space. The duvet and other beddings are an opportunity to express yourself creatively. 

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4. Pastel Details

pastel pink bedroom
(Source: VT Wonen)

To create a pastel pink and white bedroom, you need to embrace interior design that provides hints of your preferred color without overwhelming the room. A dominant white for all the walls and ceilings can form the base for your design.

You can include a painting over the bed. This idea also works on your beddings through the duvet and pillows. The result is a calm atmosphere that invites you to calm down. 

5. Good Summer Life

pastel blue bedroom
(Source: Line Hyldgaards)

Embrace a minimalist approach with the bedroom decor option. A pastel blue and white bedroom allows you to bring this idea to life. This will work perfectly in your bedroom featuring white and light gray on the walls and the floor.

You can also add a little color to the curtains. To break the monotony on the walls, consider some framed photos or a painting that blends seamlessly with your bedroom décor. 

Designed by Line Hyldgaards

6. A Hint of Boho

pastel boho bedroom
(Source: bintihomeblog)

Transform your bedroom into a warm cocoon with this Boho style. For the project, you can start with a white background through the walls, a bedside rug, and the ceiling. For your beddings, you can highlight a few pastel colors, including pastel orange.

Use the colors on the headboard ad the pillows to enhance your design language. A mix of orange and cream would fit perfectly into this bedroom style. 

7. Paint the Ceiling

aesthetic pastel bedroom
(Source: Sugar & Cloth)

When working on a DIY project to transform your bedroom, you should also keep in mind the ceiling is a big opportunity to express yourself. You can deviate from the norm and find a good pastel for the ceiling, especially if the rest of the bedroom features bright colors.  

8. Pastel Accessories

modern pastel bedroom
(Source: Inmyroom)

Accessories are an important part of pastel bedroom decoration that will help you contribute to your theme. Some of the accessories you can try out, in this case, including wall art, should blend seamlessly into your design.

A canvas print would be the simplest way to integrate this into your room. White beddings with gray blankets will complement the decor on your walls and make it easy to integrate accessories.

9. Soothing Escape 

pastel blue bedroom
(Source: Angus Fergusson)

A soothing space is something that will calm you whenever you enter the bedroom. You can also implement this through decorative items featuring pink, blue, and yellow pastels.

The bedding is an ideal place to start the integration of these colors for a cute result. The idea is to maintain a calming effect throughout the room. For this to work perfectly, also ensure you have excellent lighting. 

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10. Pastel Beige

pastel bedroom - monochromatic retreat
(Source: CJH Studio)

Designed by CJH Studio

Build a monochromatic retreat with this vintage bedroom transformation idea. This idea works perfectly if you have a small space and would like to express yourself with unique design elements.

Communicate through beddings and add a pillow that stands out to spice things up a bit. Add good natural lighting and bedside lamps to ensure the space does not feel too small. Pastel is the best color choice if you want to make your bedroom feel more open and spacious. 

11. Sweet Dream

pastel kawaii bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Highlight a continuous color flow with solid pretty pastel colors. These create an adorable space that is also calming. For a pastel Kawaii bedroom, you can work with bold pinks and add some greens through a potted plant and some beautiful prints on your accent wall.

12. Plant and Vegetable Theme

pastel green bedroom
(Source: digsdigs)

For the lover of the outdoors and nature who wants to bring this feeling into a modern bedroom, a pastel green transformation is ideal. This is a creative project you can use to design a beautiful space.

Integrating the color through pastel green and gray will be perfect as it does not create a distraction. 

13. Sweet and Modern 

modern pastel bedroom
(Source: Wattpad)

A modern master bedroom style is simple and minimalist with an open design that marries the indoors with the outdoors. For this project, you can work with different colors to create a pastel pink and gray bedroom.

The idea starts with an overhaul of the walls to feature pastel gray, then you can highlight pastel pink on your beddings and the headboard. This is a minimal setup that does not require many integrations. 

14. Pastel Pink and Yellow Bedroom

pastel yellow bedroom
(Source: Stylist)

Decorating a girl’s bedroom is a fun project as you can play around with beautiful colors. Pastel colors especially allow you to transform the space for an outstanding theme.

To get started with the project, add a pastel pink pillow and pastel yellow bed sheets. Pick one of these colors to use on the accent wall, while the other can be included in bits through the carpet or bedside rug. 

15. Accent Wall 

pastel aesthetic bedroom
(Source: Lottie Of London Statement Jewellery)

An accent wall is the first feature to welcome you into the bedroom, so you need to get the decoration on this space right. It’s not a difficult project as you can use wallpaper with oriental elements to stand out. Add beddings that blend into this design language and consider some accessories like a painting to add spice to your walls. 

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16. Pastel Gray Base

pastel bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Gray is an interesting color, one of the most popular options for people who want to create a minimalist, calm space. There are different ways to integrate pastel gray, including through the walls and beddings.

To ensure the setup is not boring, you can add a picture frame or several pictures to make the space more interesting. For this setup, you can go with pastel brown and white pillows and duvets. 

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17. Pastel Headboard Wall

pastel purple bedroom
(Source: Trendir)

The headboard is an excellent place to place pastel purple as it forms a highlight that ushers you into the bedroom.

In this bedroom transformation, you can add a beautiful plant by the bedside, adding that natural feel to the modern bedroom. Lilac beddings are a good fit for this design, and you can play around with different colors for the pillows. 

18. Pastel Peach 

pastel bedroom colors - peach pastel
(Source: Casa)

When designing a pastel bedroom, you need to pay attention to the wall colors. Pastel peach is a good option if you want to form the base for your bedroom transformation project.

Be creative with the accent wall, as you can include black and white patterns above the headboard. Some framed photos would also add to this design, and you can make the space pop with a throw blanket. 

19. Bedside Decorations

bedside table decorations with pastels
(Source: VT Wonen)

When done decorating the walls, ceiling, and beddings, you also need to embrace a few accessories. The bedside is the best place for this transformation as you just need a simple stool, which should hold your accessories, including some plants. The holding containers can be painted in your favorite colors to match the rest of the bedroom. 

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20. Rainbow Pastel Decor

pastel rainbow bedroom
(Source: IG_Amina Mucciolo)

Decorating a room for a little girl is easy if you understand how to work with a pastel rainbow. Explore your creativity by decorating the walls and highlighting your ideas through the beddings. Have fun with a lot of pink and add some yellow accents through a pillow or some curtains. 

21. Bright Pastel Tones

pastel themed bedroom
(Source: circu)

A bedroom that functions as a playroom gives you the room to try out different ideas. In a kid’s room, you can work with pastel yellow and gray. Section the bedroom using these colors to create a special space for the kid to have fun. 

22. Wave and Check

aesthetic cute pastel bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Patterns are a great way to be artistic in your pastel bedroom transformation. You can express yourself through some window frame decor or a rug featuring black and white patterns. To add the illusion of space, a mirror on the wall next to the bed will do the job.  


Transform your bedroom with unique decor elements. Pastel colors are an ideal option if you want to create a spacious and calm space. Get started with these pastel bedroom ideas, which don’t require a major overhaul to make your bedroom the space you always dream about. 



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