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Orange Bedroom Ideas 2022: 25 Ways to Use Orange in Bedrooms

orange bedroom - featured image
(Source: Virtual Studio Innovations)

If you’re looking for the most beautiful bedroom color palettes, orange is among the liveliest colors you can use to decorate your bedroom. An orange bedroom features a trendy color that adds some excitement and fun to the bedroom. 

Besides the most popular palettes with grays, whites, blues, and greens, think out of the box about an inviting orange. You can paint your bedroom orange or add some elegant orangeish details to make the orange stand out.

Also, using flexibly light and bold shades is a way to showcase a subtle and unique combination. You can use a light orange as the main color or use a bold orange as an accent color in your bedroom. This is a versatile color that can fit into different spaces, including the ceiling, walls, and items like throws and pillows. If you enjoy adventure and vacations, you would want to experiment with burnt orange bedroom ideas for the deep and trendy look. 

The color is especially popular because it adds some playfulness to the design of the bedroom. It offers a mix of warm and fiery red with some upbeat yellow vibes, so it’s a color that signifies warmth, bliss, and enthusiasm. If you’re still asking, “Is orange color good for bedrooms?”, here are examples of how you can include the color into your bedroom decor. 

Awesome Orange Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

1. Bold Orange

Modern Bedroom with Orange Wall Panels
(Source: Photography by CCD)

If you love orange and would prefer to have as much of the color as possible to decorate a modern space, then you should embrace it and own it. You can go with warm tones or choose bright and vibrant hues. 

Some brilliant white will help the color pop more. On your furniture, you can maintain the natural wood colors to ensure the space does not feel overwhelmed. Use orange to achieve a bright and energizing vibe throughout your bedroom. 

2. Light Orange

Light Orange Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

For a minimalist bedroom style featuring modern décor, you would want to try light orange bedroom walls. The idea is to maintain soft color choices throughout the bedroom. If you go for this option, some cream or light grey can complement your design. 

You can include the orange colors subtly on your bedsheets and duvets, or you can paint it on the walls and use different calm colors on your beddings and other items. 

3. Burnt Orange and Gray

Burnt Orange and Gray Bedroom
(Source: F&B Interiors)

Another creative way to embrace orange is by using burnt orange on the backdrop and the different items around your bedroom. A good way to highlight the color is through your beddings, particularly the blanket. Keep the rest of the room gray.

A custom pillow in those colors plus a blanket in orange can complete the setup for an excellent transformation. For a masculine vibe, use some patterns or decorative items in a wild and rustic style. 

4. Combine Blue with Orange

Combine Blue with Orange in Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

Add a stunning look to your bedroom with a striking navy and orange palette. If your bedroom features navy and orange, with this kind of decoration, each color will stand out instead of just one of them.

5. Combine with Wood

Orange Bedroom Combined with Wood
(Source: Laure Joliet)

Cohen your orange bedroom by combining it with hardwood furniture such as a hardwood floor. Reduce the heaviness of wooden furniture with a large window or glass wall that allows the natural light to come into.

6. Pink and Orange

Pink and Orange Bedroom
(Source: Meg Braff Designs)

Adding a pop of pink is an excellent example of how you can use bright colors on your bedroom décor. This can work perfectly if you have a canopy bed, as you can blend the two colors to create a cheerful space that flows from the floor to the ceiling. 

If you want an easier way to implement this idea, you can use a wallpaper featuring the color combination.

7. Go with Neutrals

Orange bedroom with neutral tones
(Source: Pinterest)

As a designer for your bedroom, you can take different approaches to achieve excellent results. One option would be to include neutral furniture to complement your orange tones. 

Even the canvas print on your wall should feature neutral tones as you don’t want it stealing the spotlight. This is the best way to introduce zen vibes into your bedroom without doing much. Bathe the room in orange through an accent wall and the window curtains.

8. Paint All the Walls

Paint All the Walls of Bedroom in Orange
(Source: Virtual Studio Innovations)

Someone believes that using a plain color for an entire bedroom is so boring. Just take a look at this bedroom design. The designer of this room chooses the milky orange tone that’s so chic. Add trims or molding between the layers to make it edgier. The highest part of the tray ceiling is a great accompaniment with white to create a vibrant contrast.

9. Tangerine Curtains

Tangerine Curtains for Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

The curtains are a good option if you want to create a focal point in your bedroom. You don’t need to dominate the bedroom with orange as you can use only two orange curtains on your bedroom window. 

Also, you don’t need to make big changes to the beddings if you have a white theme for the bedroom. 

10. Wallpaper Expression

Orange Bedroom Wallpaper
(Source: Walls Republic)

One of the best ways to add your style to the bedroom is using wallpaper. You can find any themed wallpaper from animal, floral, celestial, sport, or even something abstract like this room design. So does this orange wallpaper, whether you use it as an accent wallpaper or put it on entire room walls, it will say your taste and your gout.

Shop this abstract wallpaper below:

11. A Cozy Fall

fall bedroom in orange
(Source: athomeinthewildwood)

Enjoy the autumn even before the season begins by adding some orange accessories to your bedroom. This includes some fall or Halloween decorations on your bed and headboard or above the bed. 

Add pillows featuring different shades of orange to emphasize the theme. The duvet and blanket are another option to highlight some orange accents.

12. Freestyle Painting

bedroom with orange Freestyle Painting
(Source: Christin Haussmann)

There are many ways that you can play with colors in the bedroom. Painting is one of the easy ones but brings lots of effect to the room. You can use a bold orange to create an orange-painted mountain theme in your bedroom. Highlight the ceiling fan with orange. This is a great project that you can do yourself at home.

13. Orange Accents

Teal Bedrom with Orange Accents
(Source: Dreaming Loud)

Another way to highlight orange is by adding orange accents with wall hangings, bedding accessories, and string lights. For this look, you can add an orange tapestry with some pictures and string lights above the bed. Add some scented candles that create an orange effect to your bedroom.

14. Black and Orange

Black and Orange Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

For a contemporary boy bedroom design, you don’t need a lot of oranges, so you can include the color through an accent wall. This creates a focal point and helps to highlight special features like paintings on the wall or framed pictures. 

You can go orange with black, which offers a timeless appeal like this room.

15. Minimalist Style

Minimalist Bedroom with orange
(Source: Houzz)

If you enjoy the simplicity of design, the minimalist style offering a modern look is easy to implement. This means you can use striking orange and white as your main colors for the bedroom.

If white is the dominant color, you can add a little trace of orange through the headboard wall or inside the shelves. As for the rest of the room, maintain the same white color to minimize distractions. This gives you an excellent outcome for a modern bedroom.

16. Teal and Orange

Teal and Orange Bedroom
(Source: Houzz)

Complimentary colors on the bedroom add a stunning décor feel. If your bedroom features a bright orange, you can add some shades of teal in half-and-half style through a teal headboard, an area rug, and pillows.

These are dynamic colors that offer a great design choice if included creatively in a bedroom. 

17. Summer Vibe with Pastel

Summer Vibe with Pastel Orange Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Implement a summer vibe into the bedroom with simple ideas. This idea is ideal for a kid’s bedroom. You can add an inspirational vibe with orange throws, pillows, and beautiful beddings featuring shades of orange. 

A lazy sitting area is also a good addition to the space. Maintain the design language throughout the room, including the walls.

18. Orange and Earthy Tones

Bedroom with Orange and Earthy Tones
(Source: JC Design)

Orange workers perfectly if used together with earthy tones. It’s among the best ways to create a calm space that invites you to relax. The combination of orange and beige is a calming color palette you can try for your room. For this look, you can mix these two colors while orange is the main color to create a relaxing bedroom.

19. Focus on the Bed 

Orange Bed Make a Focal Point in Bedroom
(Source: jean stoffer design)

There are lots of ideas to display orange in bedrooms, besides the walls, ceiling, and floor, you can add orange through bedroom furniture or accessories. Like this bedroom, the bed frame is matched with an accent pillow in orange, creating a subtle focal point for the room.  

20. Bring in Some Green

Orange bedroom in tropical and boho style
(Source: Pinterest)

For people who enjoy the tropical environment, the bedroom is an opportunity to explore the vibe throughout the year. This transformation begins with some rattan or wicker items and macramé for a boho-chic look. 

The wall can be plain orange if you want, then you can add some greenery to complete the tropical theme for the bedroom. The orange can be dressed on your bedspread too.

21. Abstract Geometric Wall Design

Orange Abstract Geometric Wall Design
(Source: Pinterest)

To create an aesthetic master bedroom, you can combine abstract orange with geometric designs. This is an awesome design you can implement without changing a lot of things, as you can find wallpapers with creative patterns that would make the bedroom look much better. 

The idea will be a perfect fit if you want to highlight the design through the accent wall. It’s easy to do it with white and orange forming unique patterns and shapes. 

22. Energetic Terracotta 

Energetic Terracotta Bedroom
(Source: The Home Depot)

Explore the southwestern vibe with this unique bedroom transformation idea. Mix it with some dark gold furniture and interiors such as pendant lights, mirrors, or a table

Also, the walls can feature a terracotta arch, and for the beddings, white and terracotta orange can be a good choice to complement the calm tones of the rest of the bedroom.

Shop the mirror and table below:

23. Play with Patterns

Play with Orange Patterns
(Source: Houzz)

Are you interested in mixing patterns and textures? This decoration will satisfy you. Together this pairing can create a vibrant and energized look. Have fun with an orange bedroom filled with rich patterns and textures. 

24. Use a Little Orange

Use an Orange Rug
(Source: Urban Outfitters)

A rug is a perfect way to customize your bedroom if you don’t want to change a lot of things. For this idea, you can use a burnt orange rug for the bedroom as a little accent piece. 

This could be the only change you need to make to improve the look and feel of the bedroom, especially if your style features a single palette. 

25. Add Touches of Brass

Add Touches of Brass
(Source: ToTaste.studio)

Another way to pair with the orange decoration is adding some orangish such as brass decor to your bedroom. This way can create an elegant effect that combines glossy orange and matte orange finish in your bedroom.


There are different ways to customize your bedroom to feature an orange theme. These orange bedroom ideas are easy to implement and can help you to transform your space into a comfortable cocoon. 

Get started with the ideas you find most suitable for your space. 

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