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26+ Best Orange Bedroom Ideas To Transform Your Space in 2022

Best Orange Bedroom Ideas To Transform Your Space in 2021
(Source: kasaustralia.com)

If you’re looking for the most beautiful bedroom colors, orange is among the liveliest colors you can use to decorate your bedroom. An orange bedroom features a trendy color that adds some excitement and fun to the bedroom. 

While customizing your bedroom, you can use orange as the main color or as an accent color. This is a versatile color that can fit into different spaces, including the ceiling, walls, and items like pillows. If you enjoy adventure and vacations, you would definitely want to experiment with burnt orange as one of your hues for the bedroom. 

The color is especially popular because it adds some playfulness to the design of the bedroom. It offers a mix of warm and fiery red with some upbeat yellow vibes, so it’s a color that signifies warmth, bliss, and enthusiasm. If you’re still asking, “Is orange color good for bedroom?”, here are examples of how you can include the color into your bedroom décor. 

Awesome Orange Bedroom Design Ideas

1.Bold Orange bedroom

Bold Orange bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

If you love orange and would prefer to have as much of the color as possible to decorate a modern space, then you should embrace it and own it. You can go with warm tones or choose bright and vibrant hues. 

Some brilliant white will help the color pop more. On your furniture, you can maintain the natural wood colors to ensure the space does not feel overwhelmed. Use orange to achieve a bright and energizing vibe throughout your bedroom. 

2.Light Tones

Light Tones
(Source: Pinterest)

For a minimalist bedroom style featuring modern décor, you would want to try light orange bedroom walls. The idea is to maintain soft color choices throughout the bedroom. If you go for this option, some cream or light grey can complement your design. 

You can include the orange colors subtly on your bedsheets and duvets, or you can paint it on the walls and use different calm colors on your beddings and other items. 

3.Burnt Orange interior design ideas

Burnt Orange interior design ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Another creative way to embrace orange is by using burnt orange on different items around your bedroom. A good way to highlight the color is through your beddings, particularly the blanket. 

To ensure a balanced highlight of the color, you can use other vibrant colors like white. The dresser can also feature the orange palette you choose for decorations. The idea is to ensure the color blends seamlessly with your bedroom décor, as you’re trying to create a peaceful space that’s not distracting. 

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4.Go with Neutrals

Go with Neutrals
(Source: Pinterest)

As a designer for your bedroom, you can take different approaches to achieve excellent results. One option would be to include neutral furniture to complement your orange tones. 

Even the canvas print on your wall should feature neutral tones as you don’t want it stealing the spotlight. This is the best way to introduce zen vibes into your bedroom without doing much. Bathe the room in orange through an accent wall and the window curtains.  

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5.Favorite color schemes for boys bedroom

Favorite color schemes for boys bedroom
(Source: Welsh Design Studio)

Decorating a boy’s bedroom must not feel complicated as you only need simple alterations to transform the space. The idea is to ensure this is a cozy place a boy would love to spend time. Some options you can explore include having an orange and gray color scheme. 

A custom pillow in those colors plus a blanket in orange can complete the setup for an excellent transformation. Keep the walls gray and use rustic ideas for the masculine vibe. 

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6.Bohemian style ideas

Bohemian style ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

 Create a beautiful space using burnt orange and other décor pieces that blend seamlessly with the color. For this style, you can choose the walls as the focal point for the orange color. 

A potted plant and some paintings on the walls will transform the space into the cocoon you always dreamt about. For the floor, consider a carpet with nice pattern prints to highlight your style. You can also add some gray touches through the pillows. 

7.Pretty Orange and Pink Color ideas

Pretty Orange and Pink Color ideas
(Source: Decor Pad)

Adding a pop of pink is an excellent example of how you can use bright colors on your bedroom décor. This can work perfectly if you have a canopy bed, as you can blend the two colors to create a cheerful space that flows from the floor to the ceiling. 

If you want an easier way to implement this idea, you can use a wallpaper featuring the color combination.  

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8.Orange bedroom paint

Orange bedroom paint
(Source: Houzz)

Embrace the boho-chic design language with this colorful bedroom décor option. You need to be creative to implement this idea, as you don’t want the space to feel overwhelmed with the colors.

To add some perspective, you can start with painting the walls orange and adding a mixture of bright colors on the ceiling. Maintain white bedsheets and an orange blanket with orange pillows to complete the bedroom transformation. 

9.Tangerine Curtain ideas

Tangerine Curtain ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

The curtains are a good option if you want to create a focal point in your bedroom. You don’t need to dominate the bedroom with orange as you can use only two orange curtains on your bedroom window. 

For the walls, you can maintain the white or blue tones. Also, you don’t need to make big changes to the beddings if you have a bright white theme for the bedroom. 

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10.Awesome color for Toddler rooms

Awesome color for Toddler rooms
(Source: Stickerspace)

There are different ways to decorate a toddler’s room. For the main color, you want something bright like white, then you can add orange fox and arrow wall stickers, which would stand out in the white background. 

You don’t need to do much for the beddings, but you can include some chairs with a pink hue to highlight the unique style. A natural wood cottage would also be a perfect fit for this space. 

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11.Deep Orange bedroom ideas

Deep Orange
(Source: Sherwin Williams)

One of the colors you can use to decorate a teenage space is deep orange. In this case, you’re not looking for a dull color, nor do you want to use something too bright. You can use the color on an accent wall and maintain the rest of the room in the other colors you choose. 

For the beddings, gray and white are a good option. You also want to add some white rag or carpet, especially if you have a light brown wooden floor.  

12.Countryside Vibes

Countryside Vibes
(Source: living4media)

Bring the countryside into the bedroom with this crazy farmhouse bedroom idea. For the rustic orange house, you can choose exposed wood beams and a ceiling for the bedroom. 

On the walls, you can lighten things up with orange accents on a print wallpaper with unique patterns and shapes. Blend this with white, and you have a beautiful space that is both rustic and contemporary. 

13.Contemporary Black and Orange bedroom ideas

Contemporary Orange and Black bedroom ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

For a contemporary boy bedroom design, you don’t need a lot of oranges, so you can include the color through an accent wall. This creates a focal point and helps to highlight special features like paintings on the wall or framed pictures. 

For the bedding, you can go with a black and white color combination, which offers a timeless appeal. This is also a good idea for the rest of the walls and floor. 

14.Add Complementary Blue Colors

Add Complementary Blue Colors
(Source: Interior Design)

Complimentary colors on the bedroom add a stunning décor feel. If your bedroom features navy and orange, you can add complementary blue through a blue headboard, a bedside rug, and pillows. To find the right hues for this décor idea, use a color wheel chart. 

A complimentary color features the opposite on the color wheel.  These are dynamic colors that offer a great design choice if included creatively in a bedroom. 

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15.Summer Pastel Orange for Kid’s Room

Summer Pastel Orange for Kid’s Room
(Source: Kids Interiors)

Implement a summer vibe into the bedroom with simple ideas. This idea is ideal for a kid’s bedroom, so you can add an inspirational vibe with orange star pillows, a white teddy bear, and beautiful beddings featuring orange and white. 

Some woven baskets and a woven bedside table are also a good addition to the space. Maintain the design language throughout the room, including the walls. 

16.Minimalist Style

Minimalist Style
(Source: Good Housekeeping)

If you enjoy the simplicity of design, the minimalist style offering a modern look is easy to implement. This means you can use striking orange and white as your main colors for the bedroom.

If white is the dominant color, you can add traces of orange through a beautiful blanket and pillows. As for the rest of the room, maintain the same white color to minimize distractions. This gives you an excellent outcome for a modern bedroom. 

17.Orange and Earthy tones

Orange and Earthy tones
(Source: Hommes Studio)

Orange workers perfectly if used together with earthy tones. It’s among the best ways to create a calm space that invites you to relax. For this project, start with a brown headboard, then paint the accent wall an orange color that matches the brown to create a cozy bedroom. 

A wooden floor blends in perfectly, and for some excitement, you can keep the beddings clean white. 

18.Hanging a Tapestry

Hanging a Tapestry
(Source: Pinterest)

A bedroom transformation project should not always mean a complete overhaul of the space. You can highlight special features with a simple fix, like hanging a tapestry on the accent wall. 

This is a recommended upgrade for a small bedroom. You can also throw in a pink pillow and a light pink duvet to maintain consistency in your style. This would work best if the floor features a bright tone, like cream or white. 

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19.Gorgeous Orange stripes ceiling 

Gorgeous Orange stripes ceiling 
(Source: Pinterest)

Create an eye-catching bedroom through decorative stripes. This is an idea you would consider if you’re looking for orange kid’s room tips. Place the stripes on the ceiling. 

This can work with light blue and white in the bedroom. A circular rug at the center of the bedroom to mirror the ceiling decorations would be a creative way to customize the bedroom. 

20.Tropical vibes 

Tropical vibes 
(Source: Daily Dream Decor)

For people who enjoy the tropical environment, the bedroom is an opportunity to explore the vibe throughout the year. This transformation begins with an accent wall for that boho-chic style. 

The wall should be plain orange, then you can add some greenery to complete the tropical theme for the bedroom. This will work even when you maintain a white theme throughout the rest of the room. 

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21.Abstract Orange Geometric Design Ideas

Abstract Orange Geometric Design Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

To create an aesthetic master bedroom, you can combine abstract orange with geometric designs. This is an awesome design you can implement without changing a lot of things, as you can find wallpapers with creative patterns that would make the bedroom look much better. 

The idea will be a perfect fit if you want to highlight the design through the accent wall. It’s easy to do it with white and orange forming unique patterns and shapes. 

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22.A Terra-cotta shade of Orange Bedroom

A Terra-cotta shade of Orange Bedroom
(Source: Pinterest)

Explore the southwestern vibe with this unique bedroom transformation idea. It requires using some rustic elements in the bedroom, like a wooden ceiling with natural wood accents. 

Also, the walls can feature leather brown, and for the beddings, white can be a good choice to complement the calm tones on the rest of the bedroom. You can then include a carpet or bedside rug with orange accents. 

23.Bright Orange bedding sets

Bright Orange bedding sets
(Source: AliExpress)

Use color to create a focal point. Bright orange is a great color for this project as it pops and can be the first thing you land your eyes on when you step into the bedroom. 

If you’re wondering where to include the color, the duvet is a great option. You could also decorate an accent wall with this color if your bedroom features a predominantly neutral tone like grey. 

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24.Reddish- Orange bedroom design ideas

Reddish- Orange bedroom design ideas
(Source: WallpaperSafari)

Embrace warm hues for the bedroom with this farmhouse-style bedroom décor option. It features a reddish-orange accent wall, which extends into adjacent walls to harmonize the flow. 

Maintain a white ceiling for the bright element, and get a striped carpet with several colors, among them red, orange, and yellow. 

25.Autumn Bedroom Decor ideas

Autumn Bedroom Decor ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

Enjoy the autumn even before the season begins by adding some orange accessories to your bedroom. This includes some maple leaves decorations on your headboard. 

Add pillows featuring different shades of orange to emphasize the theme. The duvet and blanket are another option to highlight some orange accents. 

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26.A Large Pattern Rug

A Large Pattern Rug
(Source: Pinterest)

A rug is a perfect way to customize your bedroom if you don’t want to change a lot of things. For this idea, you can use a burnt orange rug for the master bedroom. 

This could be the only change you need to make to improve the look and feel of the bedroom, especially if your style features a single palette. 

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There are different ways to customize your bedroom to feature an orange theme. These orange bedroom ideas are easy to implement and can help you to transform your space into a comfortable cocoon. 

Get started with the ideas you find most suitable for your space. 

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