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25 Open Closet Ideas in Your Bedroom for More Space (2022)

open closet ideas

While most people may not have a vision for an open closet, it’s one of the best transformation ideas if you’re looking for creative bedroom storage solutions. With this option, you can transform the space to create a closet without doors. A doorless closet offers easy access to your outfit and shoes as everything is exposed, so when you walk in, you can already see what you want to wear. 

The armoire is a highly organized clothing storage option. Sometimes, the solution is simply removing closet doors for more space. This is an obvious choice if you live in a tiny home or a small apartment, but even if you have ample closet space, you can design an open closet. To make the closet feel more organized, you must embrace styling that blends with your home decor. Here are open closet ideas that will help you get started with your closet transformation project. 

Ideas For Closets Without Doors

1. Hanging and Floating

Hanging and Floating
(Source: gloria.fi)

This is a great idea if you want to design a closet for your industrial bedroom. You can use a hanging clothes holder for your closet, transforming the small space near your bed into a fully-functional closet.

The closet can be fixed into the concrete, or you can use a floating drawer if you want something unique that gives you more space. This idea is ideal for a minimalist design as you cannot hold too much with the closet style. 

2. Combine With a Workstation

Combine With a Workstation
(Source: Christina Wedge)

If you’re looking for ideas to blend a closet into your workspace, you should consider a cool integration that allows you to customize the space for versatility. Create a small dressing space with a mirror and a space where you can fit the desk inside.

This is a cool project for a kid’s bedroom as it does not require a lot of space. All you need is to repurpose already existing features. 

3. Open Wardrobe Behind Bed

Open Wardrobe Behind Bed
(Source: Italianbark)

The area behind the bed, depending on the placement of your bed, can be a good place to fix an open closet. This idea fits a modern closet design that you can walk into.

For the closet, no door is required, as the storage space is integrated right in the master bedroom next to the bed. This requires changing the layout for the placement of your bed to ensure the closet stands behind the headboard. 

4. Hide It 

alcove closet
(Source: Casa Vogue)

Another creative option is to integrate an alcove closet into your nook. In this space, you don’t need to fix a permanent closet as you can create a portable structure you can move around.

The closet design is ideal if you want storage space for clothes and shoes. You can also have a small space for some antiques or art pieces. This is a great idea if you have a small room.

5. Personal Style

Personal Style
(Source: lady.inspirasjonsblogg)

Create a personalized feel that will give you more space and improve the aesthetics of your bedroom storage. For this idea, you can use chests of drawers combined with scaffolding pipes.

You can also use nightstand alternatives for the project if you’re looking for a cost-effective option to transform your bedroom storage. The project allows you to build a functional space if you have a small bedroom and want spaces to store clothes in an organized way. 

6. Ikea Inspiration 

Ikea Inspiration
(Source: Tory Stender)

To transform a kid’s bedroom, you can work with different creative ideas to integrate storage options. This idea works perfectly in a small bedroom. You can build the closet in the corner, and you don’t need a lot of space to fix the closet.

The design can blend with the rest of the bedroom decor to ensure a continuous flow of ideas. This closet is good for some clothes, your art pieces, and there’s some space for shoes. 

Get the guidance on torystender.com

7. Open Dressing Room

Open Dressing Room
(Source: Notion of W)

To build a closet that gives you more space for clothes and shoes, you don’t need a massive space. A good idea would be to create a double clothing rack, which you can use to separate different types of clothes into categories.

Also, this is a doorless option, so you can quickly see which clothes are where, so it’s ideal if you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for what to wear. 

8. Place At Both Side of the Bedroom Door

Place At Both Side of the Be
(Source: designsetter)

This works perfectly in a minimalist space if you want to create room for more items. You can place freestanding partitions on both sides of your bedroom door, giving you a setup that mimics a walk-in closet. For lighting, you can use a sconce if you think the additional modifications can make your space feel cramped. 

9. Custom Height

exposed open closet that has compartments at different heights
(Source: Pinterest)

Sometimes, all you need to create a stylish bedroom is an open closet organizer that allows you to create compartments at different heights. This is an exposed open closet that makes it easy to integrate storage baskets and clothes hanging spaces.

You can also add decorations with some indoor plants. This is ideal if you want to display your cool outfit and organize the arrangement of your shoes. 

10. White Open Wardrobe

White Open Wardrobe
(Source: Olga Shatkovskaya)

When designing a wardrobe, color is not one of the most common things to have in mind. If your bedroom features a bright theme, you need to maintain this design language in your wardrobe transformation.

White creates the illusion of openness and can also fit into a small space in your apartment. It’s a simple touch that makes the difference in your bedroom look and feels. 

11. Clothing Rack and Shelves

Clothing Rack and Shelves
(Source: RackBuddy)

If you don’t want the closet to intrude into your spaces, you can design a floating shelf design that you can place in front of the bed. This idea is an aesthetic trick that will make your space look organized.

On one side of the rack, you can place your shoes, while in the middle, you can design hanging spaces for clothes. The design is also ideal if you want to include potted plants for that outdoor feel. 

Customize your own closet on rackbuddy.com

12. Multiple Function 

Multiple Function
(Source: Till Koenneker)

You don’t need to create an entirely new design for your open wardrobe. Sometimes, the fix you need is to repurpose an existing feature in your bedroom. This could be the space under your bed or the space below the TV stand. You can be creative with how you integrate storage spaces into the bedroom for your clothes and shoes. 

Designed by Till Koenneker

13. Wooden Weekend Project

DIY open wardrobe
(Source: A Beautiful Mess)

It’s easy to create a DIY open closet using simple tools at home. This is a budget-friendly approach to creating a wardrobe that gives you the space you need to organize your shoes and clothes.

You can embrace a creative approach to design something that fits into your preferences and also offers you storage options if you have small space in your bedroom. 

Get the tutorial on abeautifulmess.com

14. Maximize Vertical and Horizontal Space

Maximize Vertical and Horizontal Space
(Source: fwmadebycarli)

To ensure maximum utilization of space, you should use vertical and horizontal space available in your bedroom. Create cubbies for your folded clothes and spaces where you can hang others.

Also, design beautiful space for shoe display. This project requires your creativity to design a space that can hold your clothes while contributing to the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. 

15. Use A Peg Board

Use A Peg Board
(Source: reproduction)

One way to capture design and function is to embrace a pegboard for your open closet. This is an adaptable design that ensures excellent organization for your master bedroom.

It gives you open closet shelves and spaces you can use if you prefer to organize your clothes by hanging them in rows. You can customize the design to fit your needs and make your bedroom more aesthetically appealing. 

16. Recessed Open Closet

Recessed Open Closet
(Source: Emma Soderberg)

For the modern bedroom, you can create a stylish closet design that includes recessed features. Think about it like integrating a functional space that does not interfere with your bedroom styling.

The recessed closet fits into the wall opposite the entryway, and you can add a few drawers for more storage options. It fits a minimalist design and helps you maintain your bedroom decor. 

17. Open Closet As A Room Divider

Open Closet As A Room Divider
(Source: Casa e Jardim)

There are many ways to partition your bedroom if you’re looking for different functional spaces. One of the options you can explore is to build a walk-in closet without a door that functions as a room divider.

This does not have to look like another wall, but you can design a simple movable closet with spaces for clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories. 

18. Dark and Moody 

All Black Open Closet
(Source: delikatissen)

If your bedroom features a dark theme, you want to mirror the same feel in your closet design. You can integrate the closet on the feature wall and maintain the dark theme.

Create spaces for hanging your clothes, and also ensure there are drawers you can use to store personal items and accessories you don’t want to display. This design fits perfectly into your bedroom and works as a part of your decor. 

19. Leather Hanging Rail

Leather Hanging Rail
(Source: The Design Chaser)

Another way you can integrate an exposed closet rack is to design a hanging rail that you can use to store your clothes. This is a stylish integration for your bedroom if you want something different than the design ideas you see in most modern bedrooms. This is a less intrusive idea as you don’t need a lot of space to integrate it. 

20. Built-In Open Closet

Built-In Open Closet
(Source: Perfeita Ordem)

Create an open wall closet built into the wall. For this option, you can partition the space to include sections for different types of outfits and shoes.

The benefit of this idea is that you can maintain the color scheme you chose for the rest of your bedroom, so it looks like one complete piece that flows smoothly. Engage your creativity and imagination to design a functional and beautiful storage space. 

21. Corner Open Closet

(Source: Corner Open Closet)

If you have some space in the corner and want to build a small open closet, this is a great idea. This is a simple design that fits perfectly if you want something minimalist for storing a few clothes and your best shoes. Of course, you can use it as a supplement to your existing storage spaces in your bedroom. 

Shop this corner open closet on styledegree.sg

22. Display Beautiful Items

Display Beautiful Items
(Source: Pinterest)

The mid-century modern look is a great decor option when designing an open closet for your bedroom. This is an ideal choice if you want to display accessories and any item you value. It can be the perfect option for a lady with beautiful fashion accessories. 

23. Covered With Curtains

Covered With Curtains
(Source: Avenue Design Studio)

An open closet with curtains is the option you should consider if you want a closet without doors but still gives you a way to keep your clothes in a private space. For example, if your bedroom walls feature a white color scheme, white curtains for the closet can work perfectly. 

24. Use A Wallpaper

Use A Wallpaper
(Source: wallpapersales)

For your open closet system, you can use wallpaper for the base. This Tam Tam Moove Wallpaper By Caselio is a good idea if you’re also using the wardrobe space as the feature wall, especially if you have valuable accessories and trophies you would like to display. 

25. Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian-style open closet with copper pipes and some drawers
(Source: planete-deco)

The Scandinavian style is a staple for bedroom decor. To integrate a closet in this type of bedroom, you can design hanging spaces with copper pipes and also design some drawers for the open closet. It’s a simple design that fits into most modern bedrooms. 


Designing a bedroom closet includes working on your preferences and ensuring the space satisfies functional requirements. These open closet ideas are a good place to get started if you’re designing a bedroom to feature your best features. 


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