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27+ Nightstand Ideas And How To Style It

white bedroom with black nightstand

One of the best ways to pull a bedroom together is by using a bedside table or nightstand. While the two terms are rather interchangeable, some may be quick to point out a not-so-subtle difference. 

Some design experts consider a bedside table to be a piece of furniture that has at least one drawer. While a nightstand is a small table with no drawers. Either way, both a nightstand and bedside table are designed to offer you a place to put belongings away at the end of the night. 

So how exactly do you choose the best nightstand for your bedroom? Many bedroom furniture sets come with matching bedside tables. However, there is always the option to choose a table that helps to capture your own personal sense of style. 

Today, we are going to take a look at some great nightstand ideas to consider. We’ll also dive into different nightstand alternatives that you can opt for instead. Our extensive list is sure to inspire you so that you can create a harmonious, comfortable, and personalize sleeping space. 

Nightstand Design Ideas

1. Small Nightstand Ideas

Small Floating Nightstand
(Source: Etsy)

If you’re in need of some nightstand ideas for small spaces, then a wall-mounted option might be for you. Having a nightstand mounted on the wall can be a great way to reduce clutter.

The lack of table legs can give you a streamlined modern look that helps open up your bedroom’s aesthetic. Floating nightstands are great options for contemporary, modern, and minimalist-inspired bedrooms. 

2. Industrial Style With A Locker Nightstand 

Industrial Style With A Locker Nightstand
(Source: Pottery Barn Teen)

A really neat way to dress up in an industrial-style bedroom is by using a locker-style nightstand.

A nightstand made out of metal with a locker-style drawer can serve as a really cool nightstand and statement piece. If you have a top shelf on the nightstand, it can also serve as a great nightstand with book storage capabilities as well. 

3. Mismatched Nightstand Ideas

Mismatched Nightstand
(Source: Toronto designers)

Add some eclectic charm to your bedroom by using two different bedside tables with different styles. This type of look works really well in a bedroom that has furniture that follows a mix and matches the design scheme.

You can create a really nice aesthetic by using a nightstand that has drawers and a bedside table. You can keep harmony in the room by using matching table lamps on both the nightstand and bedside table. 

4. Nightstand Ideas With A Bit Of Color

Nightstand with cane webbing style
(Source: IKEA)

A nightstand can be a great place to add a pop of color. A really modern nightstand like this one that features cane webbing is a really nice way to add a stylish element to your room. You can even opt for a nightstand where the drawers have fun shades to them.

Adding a nightstand that has color to it can be a great way to dress up a bedroom that has an all-white aesthetic. The less color there is in the room, the more your unique nightstand will stand out.

5. Nightstand And Lamp In One

Nightstand And Lamp In One
(Source: Etsy)

A really modern and stylish look to consider is floating shelves that have lighting incorporated into them. Floating nightstand ideas work really well in contemporary and modern-style bedrooms.

You can use different colored shelving to compliment your bedroom’s current aesthetic. If you want the shelves to stand out, you can even use different pops of color too. 

6. Nightstand Ideas With Classic Style

Nightstand Ideas With Classic Style
(Source: HGTV Photo Library)

Go traditional with a contemporary-styled nightstand. Contemporary style nightstands are usually made out of some sort of wood like oak or mahogany. They will include two or three drawers and very traditional handles.

These types of traditional nightstands work really well with classic even-toned bedrooms. Farmhouse-themed bedrooms are also great design aesthetics that work well with this type of nightstand.

7. Tall Narrow Nightstand Ideas

Tall Narrow Nightstand Ideas
(Source: White Lighthouse)

If you have a really tall bed, then nightstand ideas for tall beds include slim nightstands. A really tall nightstand works great for a small bedroom as well. You can put one on either side of the bed and they won’t take up a lot of space.

The downside is you won’t have a lot of tabletop room to put your belongings in. However, a nightstand like this will typically have plenty of drawers for you to put your belongings away in.

8. Nightstand Ideas With Bone Inlay Style

Bone Inlay Nightstand
(Source: ShopStyle)

You can create a really neat look with a bone inlay nightstand. This specific design structure lends itself really well to a boho chic bedroom.

Using distressed bone inlay makes for one of the best boho nightstand ideas because the pattern is subtle yet unique. This look also works really well if you’re putting together a room that plays around with different types of patterns and textures.

9. Oversized Nightstand Ideas for Master Bedroom

Nightstand with Staggered Drawvers
(Source: Essential Home)

If you want to have a statement nightstand, then you may want to consider an oversized nightstand. Creative nightstand ideas like this one play around with staggered drawers and different natural-toned hues.

A design theme like this works especially well in a master bedroom. This is because you will have lots of room to play around with oversized furniture. It’s also a great piece to include for putting together a masculine bedroom as well. 

10. Cabinet Nightstand Ideas

Cabinet Nightstand
(Source: rugsusa)

You don’t have to stick to your traditional bedroom nightstand in order to create a space for you to put your belongings in. Instead, consider swapping out the nightstand altogether for a cabinet nightstand instead.

A cabinet can be a functional piece of furniture to use if you are limited on space. You can set up the cabinet on one side of the bed while you push the bed alongside the wall on the other end. Create even more of a statement piece by hanging up a piece of canvas artwork over the cabinet.

11. Letter U Reversed 

Traditional U-shaped Nightstand
(Source: Target)

This distinct nightstand takes a unique stand on a traditional nightstand. You’ll find all the elements of a traditional nightstand including traditional hardware and strong wooden material.

However, traditional legs are swapped out for a U shape footing instead. This gives you a nice drawer on top and plenty of room on the bottom. The cavity and the bottom can be a great place to tuck in a storage basket or other bin. 

12. Multipurpose

Ladder Shelf with a Drawer as a Nightstand
(Source: Etsy)

Swap out your nightstand altogether for a bedside shelf instead. A bedside shelf should be small enough to tuck into one side of your bed yet big enough that it makes a statement piece.

Using a multi-purpose shelf like this one can be a great option for someone who has a lot of belongings. You can use the shelves to display some of your most favorite pictures. Use the middle shelves to house some of the commonly reached items that you used before bed. 

13. Nightstand Ideas with Distressed Drawers

Nightstand Ideas with Distressed Drawers
(Source: desiretoinspire)

Create a really beautiful and personalized nightstand by removing the drawers and giving them a rustic makeover. This can be a really fun DIY project to do on an old nightstand that needs some TLC.

If you want to make the nightstand movable, you can even attach roller wheels on the bottom. This will allow you to move the nightstand around as you see fit. A rustic nightstand like this works great in a rustic bedroom, a boho-chic space, and an eclectic bedroom. 

14. Espresso Nightstand

C-shaped nightstand
(Source: EmDecorel)

One of the best nightstand ideas for low bed frames is a C-shaped or espresso nightstand. A C-shaped nightstand tends to be a lot wider than a traditional nightstand.

The top of the nightstand will typically feature a drawer, while the bottom of the nightstand serves as a shelf.

With a more modern C-shaped nightstand, you might even find that there is an LED light installed underneath the drawer. This will allow you to illuminate the need for a table lamp. 

15. Nightstand With A Slatted Door With A 180-Degree Hinge

modern nightstand incorporates a slatted door on the side
(Source: Cliff Young Design)

This take on a modern nightstand incorporates a slatted door on the side. Depending on how the nightstand is constructed, this hidden compartment can be a great place to hide away personal belongings or valuables.

The slatted design also gives the nightstand a really nice feature. This feature lends well to a modern,  contemporary, or even modern bedroom that depends on textures and patterns. 

16. Refurbished Nightstand

DIY nightstand using patterns and floral stencils
(Source: Martha Stewart Living)

If you have an old nightstand, especially if it’s a small nightstand, then it’s the perfect piece of furniture for a DIY project. You can create a DIY nightstand using some paint, some stencils, or even fabric and Mod Podge.

Create a design piece that stands out using patterns and floral stencils. For more detailed patterns, you can use wallpaper or wrapping paper that you can Mod Podge right on.

17. T-Shaped Nightstand

 T-shaped nightstand
(Source: Archiproducts)

A really unique nightstand idea is a T-shaped nightstand. This type of design is not very common, making it a great choice for a contemporary bedroom.

If you are putting together a masculine-themed bedroom, this may be a great piece to incorporate as well. The unique design also lends really well to luxurious themed bedrooms as well.

18. Minimalist Nightstand With Rattan Woven

Minimalist Nightstand With Rattan Woven
(Source: Homary)

Go simplistic with a modern minimal nightstand. This simply constructed design lends itself really well to a minimalist bedroom.

The nice mixture of natural rattan texture and solid wood play off of each other nicely. This harmony is what lends itself well to a simply constructed bedroom aesthetic. 

19. Concrete Nightstand

Concrete Floating Nightstand
(Source: CRDorset)

You can make a really bold statement by incorporating a concrete nightstand beside your bed. A concrete floating shelf nightstand can be a really great way to modernize this really industrial material. 

This very bold look works really well in an all-white bedroom and in an industrial-themed sleeping space too. If you’re using lots of natural earthy tones, incorporating a concrete bedroom can be a great way to decorate as well. 

20. Brass-Finished Nightstand 

 Brass-Finished Nightstand with Hairpin Legs
(Source: High Fashion Home)

A brass-finished nightstand is such an upscale furniture piece to include in your bedroom. This unique texture works especially well in a bedroom that uses darker tones.

Create an air of luxury and elegance by using a brass-styled nightstand that sits on hairpin legs. Decorate the top with minimal effort so that the brass in the nightstand can be on full display.

21. Carved Nightstand

Carved Nightstand
(Source: atkinandthyme)

Having a carved nightstand can be a really fun way to add some personality to your bedroom. There are all different types of textures and patterns you can shop for.

For example, if you are creating a Moroccan-themed bedroom, then a carved nightstand with geometric shapes would be a great fit. On the other hand, carved floral patterns can add a really harmonious style to a girly bedroom as well.

22. Moroccan Gold Mirrored Nightstand

Moroccan Gold Mirrored Nightstand
(Source: Picture Perfect Home)

Transform your bedroom into a modern Moroccan oasis by using a beautifully crafted Moroccan nightstand.

Moroccan decor is consistent with elegance and culture, and the nightstand can be a great way to reflect this. Opt for a gold mirrored nightstand that has diamonds as hardware fixtures. This will help you create a really elegant feel for your bedroom.

23. Nightstand Ideas With Mid-Century Style

Nightstand Ideas With Mid-Century Style
(Source: Curated Interior)

If you’re putting together a mid-century modern bedroom, then consider opting for some traditional wood for your nightstand.

Classic wooden materials like oak and mahogany can be really good options to go with. They will create a traditional nightstand that adds a nice warmth to the bedroom that is consistent with mid-century decor.

24. Nightstand Ideas With Natural Material 

Nightstand Ideas With Natural Material
(Source: urbanoutfitters)

Using natural materials can be a great way to put together a kid’s room. This rings especially true if you want to create a nice kid’s nightstand. A nightstand made of bamboo or rattan can be a fun way to add texture to your child’s room.

Fun compartments like an open drawer can also be great for little ones too. There isn’t any cumbersome hardware to deal with. Your children will be able to store away and pull out their belongings easily whenever they need them. 

25. A Dresser Serves As A Nightstand

A Dresser Serves As A Nightstand
(Source: Little Miss Momma)

If you want some practical repurposed nightstand ideas, then consider repurposing a dresser. A small dresser can be a great alternative for a nightstand.

Dressers typically have several drawers, allowing you plenty of space to store away all your belongings. Plus, you will also have plenty of tabletop space where you can put other belongings like photos, lamps, and plaques on display. 

26. A Vanity Instead Of Nightstand

A Vanity Instead Of Nightstand
(Source: Driven by Decor)

If you are putting together a girly bedroom, then one of the best nightstand alternatives is vanity. A darling vanity can offer such a charming appeal to your bed’s side space. Incorporating a vanity is the perfect option to go with if you are putting together a rather smaller space as well. 

27. Double Duty 

home office as a nightstand
(Source: Elle Decor)

Allow your nightstand to work double duty by swapping it out with a desk instead. If you are short on space, having a small desk and chair by your bedside can be a great way to put together an intimate home office.

Decorate the tabletop with essential elements like your laptop and lamp. But feel free to use it to store other commonly used items before bed as well. 

How To Decorate A Nightstand

Layering Artworks

nightstand decor: Layering Artworks
(Source: Pinterest)

Layering artwork on the top of your nightstand can be a great way to dress up the area. Skip hanging the artwork and consider leaning it against the wall instead. Use the collection of your favorite canvas artwork and arrange it in a way where larger artwork is in the back. 

Use Books As A Pedestal

nightstand decor: Use Books As A Pedestal
(Source: InteriorDesignInfo)

Books can be great pedestals to display other smaller decor elements. When you stack books, limit it to two or three books. This will allow you to avoid clutter. 

A Desktop Plaque and A Small Clock

nightstand decor: A Desktop Plaque and A Small Clock
(Source: Blesser House)

Sometimes simple is best. Consider limiting the decor on your tabletop to a small clock and personalized desktop plaque. This is another great way to play with different metals and textures. 

Desktop Fan And A Flower Vase

nightstand decor: Desktop Fan And A Flower Vase

(Source: Style Motivation)

Cute decorations including a desktop fan and a small flower vase can do wonders in a room. These design elements are especially great for putting together a girly, farmhouse, or shabby chic bedroom. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp

nightstand decor: Himalayan Salt Lamp
(Source: 6 Lynx)

Himalayan salt lamps can create a really calming aesthetic in your bedroom. Plus, they serve as really beautiful decorative lighting fixtures too!

Mirror Behind Nightstand Decorating Ideas

Mirror Behind Nightstand Decorating Ideas
(Source: A Blissful Nest)

Create an Asian-inspired bedroom by incorporating an oriental mirror over your nightstand. This element can really brighten up a small bedroom as well. 

Autumn Decor

nightstand decor with pumpkin
(Source: Sage to Silver)

Get in the Halloween spirit by adding in a faux pumpkin on your nightstand. You can even add a cute natural small pumpkin for a more outdoorsy vibe too!

Greenery Decor

small Christmas tree on nightstand
(Source: Liz Marie Blog)

A small little potted plant can serve as great Christmas decor. This burst of green will freshen up your bedroom, giving an air of vibrancy. 

A Diffuser With A Glass Vase 

nightstand decor: A Diffuser With A Glass Vase 
(Source: Sparia)

Spruce up a contemporary bedroom by using a diffuser with a glass vase. This upscale look will give your room a nice air of maturity. 

Place A Decorative Drinkware

Place A Decorative Mug on Nightstand
(Source: avenuelifestyle)

Decorative drinkware like a pretty mug can also serve an aesthetic purpose too. This can also offer a functional purpose as this can be a great way to get a glass of water every morning. 

Place A Charging Station

Place A Charging Station on Nightstand
(Source: Etsy)

A nightstand organizer like a charging port can help you get all your electronics charged up. This is also great nightstand decor for a man who wants to beautifully organize his life. 

A Basket Below

A Basket Below Nightstand
(Source: Design Swan)

A woven basket below your nightstand is a perfect way to put away miscellaneous items. Put books, chargers, and even throw blankets in this little nook. 

Decorate Your Nightstand With A Small Figurine

Decorate Your Nightstand With A Small Figurine
(Source: The Tao of Dana)

A cute little figurine can be a charming way to dress up your nightstand. You can use a figurine of your favorite animal, flower, or other objects. 

Hang An Artwork Above with A Spotlight

Hang An Artwork Above Nightstand with A Spotlight
(Source: Room For Tuesday)

Picture art or a favorite canvas can serve as great over the nightstand decor. To highlight the artwork even more. You can also use a spotlight to help illuminate it. 

We hope our detailed list of different nightstand ideas has helped inspire you. Above all, we hope it’s helped you tap into your creativity so that you can decorate outside the box. Which of these decorative ideas has been your favorite? Be sure to let us in the comments section below! 

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