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23+ Beautiful Neutral Bedroom Ideas to Decorate and Design Your Oasis (2022)

neutral bedroom ideas
(Source: TLC Interiors)

A neutral bedroom can be such a calming and comfortable aesthetic. Neutral colors and solid tones can help relax your brain after a stressful day and will allow you to drift into a deeper, relaxing sleep.

If you want to transform your sleeping space into a restful retreat, then our aesthetic bedroom color ideas will help inspire you to do just that. Play around with warm color palettes, cool design themes, and even fun and eclectic vibes like the ones found on our list.

Read on to take a look at some amazing ways to use different tones of color to create a neutral environment you will simply love.

1. Contemporary Neutral Bedroom Mixed Gold Details 

Contemporary Neutral Bedroom Mixed Gold Details
(Source: covethouse)

This modern-looking bedroom relies heavily on the color beige to give it an open and airy look. Start with a herringbone wood floor in the master bedroom as it can be such a focal point, even if it is slightly covered up by an area rug.

A brass abstract light fixture over the bed can be a nice contrast to the herringbone floor. If you have high ceilings, then high curtains can also help pull this look together.

2. Mirror Shelves

Mirror Shelves Neutral Bedroom Ideas
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a small bedroom or in an apartment, you can pull together this neutral industrial city bedroom. A focal point of this room is the mirrored shelves.

They are a perfect place to display photo plaques, awards, and any other personal memorabilia. The setup of this bedroom is super cozy because of the light colors that are reflected from the bedside windows.

This design aesthetic can be great for couples or for a teenager looking to freshen up their space. 

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3. Minimalist Neutral Bedroom Style 

Minimalist Neutral Bedroom Style
(Source: cocolapinedesign)

White and black can be a really stark contrast color combination. If you want something a little bit more muted and streamlined, beige and black can be a great way to go.

Because black can be overpowering, using it sparingly can help take away some of its heaviness. Ways to incorporate black can be through simple shelves and framed images.

Also, incorporate the beige through the bedding, the pillows, or even the wall color. Your end result is a light and airy look with sprinkles of sharp sophistication through the black. 

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4. Discreet Storing and Displaying Functions

Discreet Storing and Displaying Functions
(Source: style-files)

A hidden storage compartment in the wall can make for a really discreet yet decorative method for putting away your items. If you have built-in shelves in your wall, whether it be big or small, display your accessories so that they also serve as design elements.

You can also mix in plants growing in cute mugs or small succulents to store on the shelves too. If you have space, you can even put up artwork too. 

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5. Neutral Bedroom Ideas with Dark Furniture 

Neutral Bedroom Ideas with Dark Furniture
(Source: amazon)

Dark furniture can work really well in a baby’s room because it helps certain items stand out more than others. For older individuals, an iron bed is a great way to bring dark furniture into the room.

If you have teenage boys, then a black bed frame might be a better way to go. Therefore, allow the furniture to be the only dark element and help brighten it up by using light-colored bedding.

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6. Neutral Bedroom Decor Ideas with Stockholm Knot Cushion

Neutral Bedroom Decor Ideas with Stockholm Knot Cushion
(Source: thehomedepot)

One of the most trending items this season has been a Stockholm knot cushion and a knotted blanket. These cute items are incredibly unique and irresistibly comfortable.

Thus, having one in a monochromatic gray or a darker hue can pair really nicely with a beige bedroom design idea.

To play up the dark gray of the pillow a little bit more, you can even use dark gray paint to help enhance the look of your room. If you have a larger bedroom, then dark gray paint can work really well. 

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7. Outdoor View Through a Frame

Outdoor View Through a Frame
(Source: Pinterest)

If you have a large glass window that allows ample natural light into your bedroom, then you can absolutely design around this natural light using a bright tone.

Allow your bed to be where the light source floods in so that it can reflect off and brighten up the room that much more.

If you want to add a little contrast to the room, you can use dark-color pillows and bed sets or even incorporate potted plants for a natural feel.

8. Neutral Brown Color Palette Accessories

Neutral Brown Color Palette Accessories
(Source: Etsy)

Light brown can be a fantastic color to incorporate into a neutral color scheme.

You can pull off this contemporary look by using an abstract triangle art print framed. You can also incorporate a unique brown-toned lantern as your light fixture.

If you are going to use a brown color through your bedside and furniture, complement it with cream linens and a chocolate brown throw blanket.

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9. Timeless Neutral Bedroom Ideas for Couples

Timeless Neutral Bedroom Ideas for Couples
(Source: buyerselect)

A romantic yet modern design idea for a couple’s bedroom revolves around a poster bed and a rustic design theme that plays with beige and gray wooden elements.

Create a classy and glam yet tranquil sleeping space by allowing any exposed wood to be a part of your design theme.

If you have a small space, you can brighten it up by using a mirrored poster bed that helps reflect the light. A soft sofa at the foot of your bed can also be a nice addition

10. Fishes Display for Neutral Bedroom Ideas

Fishes Display for Neutral Bedroom Ideas
(Source: oheightohnine)

Adding a pop of muted color with this unique coastal theme is perfect for a kid’s room. This theme plays with a lot of navy blue, navy green, and other darker hues that have been lightened a bit.

Use a coastal framed image over top of your bed that serves as the focal point of your room. If you have a little kid, you can incorporate cute little sharks in the bedding along with linens to help brighten up the room.

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11. Monochrome Theme

Monochrome Themed Bedroom
(Source: queenslandhomes)

Black and white can be a really contemporary and modern way to put together a unisex room that works for all ages and all genders.

If you have a lot of books and have space by the window, you can create a really cute reading nook and use your books as accessories.

Incorporate the color brown by scattering it through decorative pillows, cushions on top of your reading nook, and even a small throw blanket. Overall keep the room light and airy by using black and white neutral tones. 

12. Embrace Natural Textures

Natural Textures in Bedroom
(Source: luluandgeorgia)

Natural textures and earth tones go hand in hand with this rustic design theme.

If you have natural elements like wood that are visible through exposed beams, then use them to help you create a warm environment. Pair alongside the exposed wood with a dark neutral-colored bed set or a wooden nightstand.

Using unique textures through the carpet, sitting benches and other elements in the room can be another great way to incorporate natural materials into your sleeping space.

13. Neutral Beach Bedroom Decor Ideas

Neutral Beach Bedroom Decor Ideas
(Source: thelilypadcottage)

A beach theme bedroom can be incredibly relaxing and calming. Put together this stunning beach bedroom by using pale shades of turquoise.

Incorporate a large painting of sailboats that utilize a light turquoise and display it over a bed that has turquoise used through the linens.

A dark ocean blue throw blanket can also be a really great way to help emphasize this coastal color. Your end result is an incredibly relaxing and calming sleeping space.

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14. Luxurious Neutral Bedroom Design Ideas with Gray and Cream

Luxurious Neutral Bedroom Design Ideas with Gray and Cream
(Source: fabricsandpapers)

Gray is such a neutral and chic color that plays well into any design theme, whether it be a farmhouse, vintage, or even rustic.

To put together this wonderful look use dark upholstered furniture that has an antique edge to it. Use a dark iron or a golden light fixture to help complement the dark furniture in the room.

Brighten up space by using lots of bright and neutral tones too. This will help calm down the darkness that dark color can bring on.

15. Pops of Pink

Bedroom Decorated with Pops of Pink
(Source: poshnebraska)

A really nice neutral tone bedroom for little girls is this coral bedroom that uses plenty of white, yellow, and pink tones to help brighten it up.

Use bright-color bedding but incorporate a coral throw blanket to help sweeten the decor. A nice touch of childhood decor for a little girl’s room is a unicorn accessory that hangs up over the top of the bed.

Help tie together the room by using a dark shade of mustard in the window curtains and a bright shade of mustard yellow on the throw pillows.

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16. Fragile Vibe in Neutral Master Bedroom

Fragile Vibe in Neutral Master Bedroom
(Source: seatribe)

This frail and calming design pattern relies heavily on a white color palette to put together. Use plenty of white and tan tones in the bedding, the furniture, and the walls.

You can cover up the windows using dark beige black-out curtains alongside sheer curtains. The end result is a stunning bedroom that exudes peace and relaxation.

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17. Rock-N-Roll Nursery Ideas 

Rock-N-Roll Nursery Ideas
(Source: lonny)

Rock and roll-themed nurseries are not only gender-neutral but an incredibly fun environment for any baby to grow up in. Use light wooden elements in the baby bassinet and in the window blinds.

Pair this with a dark dot grid on the wall. Swap out adorable baby artwork and imagery with a gold glowing rock ‘n’ roll neon sign.

Rock ‘n’ roll-themed bedrooms can get out of control but when you use a calm color scheme like this, you can create something really beautiful.

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18. Neutral Bedroom Decorating Ideas in Mid-Century Style

Neutral Bedroom Decorating Ideas in Mid-Century Style
(Source: poshnebraska)

You can create a beautiful mid-century theme by using the color red as your accent color. Incorporate a redwood bed frame and match it to redwood floating shelves.

You can incorporate other elements of red in the interior of your room by using a throw blanket, an end of bed bench, and boho-chic artwork that emphasizes this beautiful tone. Don’t forget to use plenty of bright colors to help brighten up what can be a really bold color.

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19. Leather Trunk Placed As a Bed Bench

Leather Trunk Placed As a Bed Bench
(Source: Pinterest)

A leather trunk that is used as a bed bench can be a wonderful focal point in any room. Aim for a dark-colored trunk that has lots of brown leather accents to it.

This piece will be the most eclectic in the room because everything else will be more neutral and along with a lighter color scheme.

Because the trunk will be the most eclectic part of your room, try to keep the other design elements in the room like artwork, mirrors, and even nightstands subtle and simple.

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20. Storage for Small Rooms

Storage Neutral Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms
(Source: smallrooms.tumblr)

Storage can always be an issue in small bedrooms. One of the best ways to solve this is by using a storage bed.

A storage bed works great in a small space like an attic bedroom and can be a great design item, especially when putting together a bedroom for the young men in your life. Highlight the storage aspect of the bedroom by allowing it to pop out through a dark color.

Brighten up the room and keep the neutral tone going by using plenty of white tones in the bedding and the walls. If you want to add an element of decorative lighting, you can also use string fixtures.

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21. Green Accent in Beige Background

Green Accent in Beige Bedroom
(Source: homedit)

Neutral bedrooms are wonderful, but when you incorporate a pattern into them, you can help enhance a beautiful space. Use a soft wallpaper to establish the neutral tones and pair them to a light and airy bed set.

Then, at the foot of your bed, set up a bed bench with a unique pattern print on it. Add in bold colors like this forest green bench to help draw attention to this unique focal point.

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22. Dynamic Look with Yellow Accent 

(Source: sleepdelivered)

Industrial themed bedrooms can be hard to put together but one of the best rules to follow is sticking with one color. A great color to use in an industrial-themed bedroom is yellow.

Using accents in your chairs, posters, or even a bicycle that you store in your apartment can help create a really dynamic environment in what is often a chaotic setting.

If you have a sitting area in your bedroom, you can also accentuate it by using yellow poufs. If your bedroom is naturally dark because of the industrial design, brighten up the space using plenty of bright-colored elements. 

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23. Neutral Bedroom Decorated with a Striking Rug

Neutral Bedroom Decorated with a Striking Rug
(Source: maisondepax)

Putting together can create a calm and relaxing environment. When you pair that bedroom with striking elements such as a navy blue striped rug, you can really focus the attention on a specific part of your room.

This decorative element lends itself really well to a country-inspired bedroom. If you need, you can incorporate potted plants for an added touch of the outdoors as well. 

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We hope our list of neutral bedroom design ideas has helped inspire you to transform your sleeping space into a relaxing retreat. Let us know in the comments section below which of these design themes were your favorite and why.

If you know someone who loves a neutral color palette, be sure to share this list with them as well!

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